Subject: Mischievous eyes – Chapter 3 – SEE YOU WITH NOTHING ON. Chapter 3 – SEE YOU WITH NOTHING ON. Nifty is the constant source of all your erotic dreams. All kinds of fetishes can be found here. We don’t want this website to ever stop. Think for a minute if you can afford it and help sustain Nifty with your donations. -Please take it out again –I said to my brother as soon as I entered the kitchen the next day, for I didn’t want him to think that after having slept, I had repented of yesterday’s events. And In fact he soon did as I had asked him and I could see that wonderful dick again, a dick that was my only sexual attraction now. I sat down to have my breakfast with him and asked him. -Do you still allow me to be horny at your dick, Noah? Tell me the truth. -You don’t know how you move me, Seth, and how happy I am to see you that horny. I’ll start the day repeating my promise that if it’s me that you need for sex after now, I’ll always allow you. Then I did take my dick out, totally hard then, and told him. -You don’t know what a night I had yesterday in my room, Noah. I had to jerk myself off four times, and the four times it was over you. Can I tell you? -Of course you can, Seth; now you needn’t ask me. I only tell you that after now, you should jerk yourself off whenever you’re horny, please. So that’s what I was doing as I started. -Well, no sooner I was on my bed, I knew I had to do it, but the first masturbation was not over your dick, but over your eyes. Well, your eyes and your whole face, Noah, you are such a cute boy. I hadn’t noticed before yesterday that the cutest person in the world lived in this house with me. And as I was wanking over your eyes, I began to understand you and do justice to you. You like showing off, and why not? But you’re not selfish. You told me yesterday that you would do anything for your brother’s fun and I believe you, things I will never ask you, but I started crying when I saw I have the most tender brother in the world, and damp with tears when I realized how I love you, I had to shoot a first load. -Perfect, Seth. And yesterday I meant everything I said. You can go on. -So horny I was that I decided to masturbate again and now I did wank over your dick. I mentally saw its size, its shape, its colour, everything. And I thought of the fun I had yesterday of wanking looking at such sexy dick and sure that after now your dick is my only sexual fun. I remember you even allowed me to jack you off and I even tasted your savoury semen. And remembering the taste, I had to cum for the second time. But the more I masturbated, the more on fire I was and I had to start again. -You’re the hottest person in the world, Seth. -The sexiest person in the world is you, Noah, and that’s why I had to jerk myself off now thinking you were fucking me, for I’m sure you’d love to fuck your brother’s ass. Look at it! –I told him after I had stood up and showed him my ass on purpose. -A glorious ass you have, Seth, but I’ll never fuck you unless I can notice that you really desire it, that your sudden lust for your brother has taken you there. But tell me: how did you feel imagining I was fucking you? -I felt proud of myself that I was imagining that and with such a sexy and sweet brother, it’s so hot to imagine you’re fucking me. That’s şişli travesti something I will often wank over after now, but don’t know: the mere thought of your hot dick up my ass makes me really horny but I’m still frightened about the pain, that’s the only thing that worries me. To such a wonderful brother I should give him my ass too to have fun with. But first I need to wank a lot more thinking about it and maybe one day I’ll certainly give you even my ass. But I was certainly able to shoot a third load thinking you were fucking me. And still my dick asked me for a fourth masturbation. If I had enjoyed fancying that you were fucking me, I could certainly imagine I was giving you a blowjob. -And you did? -I did, Noah, that was my fourth masturbation. But I needed to imagine one more thing: I needed to see you with nothing on. I’m sure that not only your dick, but your whole body would make me hot as hell. -If you want me naked, you just have to ask me, Seth. -We must both soon go to work. But I will ask you that this afternoon. I really need to see you with nothing on. -Perfect, Seth; please tell me about that blowjob you gave me. -I remembered the taste of your semen and I thought: what would the taste of semen be like after a blowjob? What would the taste of my hot Noah’s dick be like? So that was my longest masturbation last night, but the most arousing too. I even licked your balls, that I was lucky to also see yesterday. And I don’t know after how long I felt you cumming in your brother’s mouth and I shot my last load last night. I was still on fire but I thought that after four masturbations, I should try and sleep. And I did but I’m gonna cum again before you, Noah. See me cumming, aaahhhggg! Again Noah came after me. It was pornographic to know I would spend my life watching my brother’s ejaculations. Now I had to tell him something more. -Noah, contrary to being fucked, sucking your cock is something that I really desire to do and I have thought about something. -Tell me, my wonderful Seth. -I return from my job an hour earlier than you. I’ll be waiting for you with my dick out and masturbating. The moment you enter and find me like that, you can strip for me as I wank and hope you allow me to cum with the show. Next I’d like to see you masturbating for me, with nothing on, till you shoot a load, for I want your dick exhausted, and I cum again. And then I will certainly suck your cock. I want you sure that your brother will do it and will do it to you this afternoon. I’m sure of the fun we can both have. And now Noah, I have to leave. I’ll be back at half past two with my dick out waiting for you. -I’m also leaving but first… -and he approached me again and was for a couple of minutes kissing my mouth sweetly and saying-. This is the first thing I will do this afternoon before stripping for your fun: kiss you sweetly for minutes, as if I were your partner. So long for now, Seth; I cannot love you more. And we went to our respective jobs. I couldn’t help but being hard all morning. Shit! I really wanted to give Noah a blowjob. He had deserved it. And I couldn’t tell my brother that I would suck his cock and have doubts later. No, I wasn’t sure whether I’d like the taste so much that I would do what I had planned I would also do this beylikdüzü travesti afternoon and he knew nothing about. But I was sure I would relish the taste of my brother’s cock. I also thought he could be all morning in his high school thinking of the fun his brother would give him today. Finally I was home and once I prepared lunch, I did take my dick out, which was totally hard in anticipation. I wanted my brother to see me like that when he came home. And finally he came and as he was entering the living room, where I was, I started to strongly beat my meat. -Hi, Seth, you hot boy. I had the hope to find you like that. But first things first –and he came to me and kissed me again for I don’t remember how long but it was a really long time. I suggested eating first and since I had just prepared omelettes and a salad, we could end soon, and the incestuous fun I wanted to give him was close. I sat all the time with my dick out as he was telling me his day at the high school. I noticed he had a big boner under his pants. No sooner we ended lunch, I was fast to tell him. -Now, Noah, I want you to stand up and take everything off for my fun, will you? -Right now, my hot brother. It was obvious he’d spent the whole morning wanting to give me more fun and quickly took his T-shirt off as he saw me masturbating and told me. -Hot dick, Seth. Hope you also allow me to please it soon. -Don’t worry about that and please keep on stripping. And he did pull down his pants and instantly I knew I was watching the most erotic thing I’d seen in my life: a sexy boy in just his briefs with a clearly visible hard dick. I told him please to remove shoes and socks first so I could continue seeing him like that. I was more attentive to his dick and his briefs now than to his feet but finally he told me I should be the one telling him that he could finally remove his briefs. -Now, Noah –I shouted-, let me see your sexy cock one more time. He pulled down his briefs slowly but finally was stark naked before me. As I was telling him I would like to see him with nothing on the whole day, he turned so I could see his ass. I almost came then but asked him to turn for I wanted him to see his brother cumming over his dick again. It was not only his dick; it was also his balls, those balls I wanted to cum and cum today a thousand times. But finally I shot my first load that afternoon. .Now Noah, if you wanna keep on driving me crazy, I’d like you to masturbate naked for me as I also jack off a second time before giving you my first blowjob. He soon started and as he did he told me he really wanted to jerk himself off because I’d made him really horny at the word “first”. That word seemed to imply that I would not give him only one blowjob. -Yeah, Noah, give fun to that wonderful dick and exhaust it a bit before it’s me that starts pleasing it. I hope now you also allow me this. And I rested one of my hands on his balls but was soon a pacient insect touching his whole hot skin, also the features on his cute face, as he of course kissed me again, down his perfect chest in no hurry, then his cock, his legs, his feet, everything till he stood up so I could also touch his ass. Oh, what a sweet brother I have and what a wonderful ass I was permitted to touch! After two minutes, istanbul travesti he sat down again and continued his naked masturbation before me as I was doing the same, only that I was with my clothes on. And the moment came at last that I was gifted the show of watching Noah’s first ejaculation that afternoon. And he saw my dick shooting a new load. -And now, if your dick is not tired, I’ll give you my first blowjob, Noah, get ready for some more fun that the brother you’ve sexually burnt will give you. I’ll start by licking your sexy balls. Just the moment I rested my tongue on his balls, I started to yell. -I cannot tell you now how good you taste, Noah. There can be nothing tastier than your balls and next I’m sure your dick will be the most perfect thing I’ve ever tasted. Wish I could taste your balls every day. As my tongue was madly savouring my brother’s balls, he was talking. -I cannot deny you anything, Seth; the most erotic thing I’ve watched in my life is your beautiful face right now, enjoying so much your brother’s balls. -I would have been here for hours, but I must not prolong your uncertainty, not sure yet whether your brother will give you head. –And just then I went meticulously up his dick, inch by inch by inch and stopped some minutes at his glans. -Oh my –I had to yell. -Stop if you don’t like it, Seth. I could never forgive myself if I have led you to do something that can shock you –he said no doubt mistaking my former yell. -Noah, don’t get me wrong. In fact I would not like to stop now. See how I gladly swallow your sexy cock now –and that was the moment when I engulfed the whole of Noah’s dick-. I did savour Gertrude a lot of times everywhere, but my brother’s flavours are much better. Hope you allow me now at least one blowjob a day. -You know I should also do it to you, Seth; I love you so much and it would be really easy for me, believe me. One day I have to persuade you to allow me too, but so far if you wanna give me blowjobs every day, you are permitted of course, and oh, how good you are. No girl has ever sucked my cock as well as you’re doing. -That may be because I’m enjoying more than girls –I said now with Noah’s dick touching my throat, so deep it was, and with my tongue learning moves as if it were the first time I was using my tongue in my life-. It’s also the fact that I know very well that it’s my own brother’s dick that I’m sucking and that I have such a sexy brother, so sweet, so open-minded, that he’s allowing me. Believe me, your dick has the best flavour I’ve ever tasted and now you can be sure I’ll suck it every day. -Well, now I’m cumming, Seth. Withdraw your mouth unless you also want to drink it. -Of course I want, Noah –I said already drinking the wonderful taste of my brother’s semen that I already knew. But it was so hot to drink it after a blowjob that I gave Noah the satisfaction of watching me cum again. -And now I have planned a new fun for you, Noah, and of course also for me. -Tell me, Seth. -I wanna give you an experience I’m sure no girl has ever given you and none ever will. -What is it, my sexy brother? -You told me you spend five hours a day watching porn, isn’t it? -Yes, Seth. -I wanna go to your room with you and suck your cock for five hours, a five-hour blowjob. -Oh, my God! –he said. Freedom can move your life and it can be seen even in the hardest conditions, together with love and friendship, happiness and beauty. Have a look at the life of eight beggars who live together at: https://luces-delatierra.blogspot/ or in English pot/

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