Missed lessons


Missed lessonsFans of anal i****t and dedicate:My mother was busy in the kitchen preparing dinner. Father reading the newspaper, and I played a game console. More day one of my friends who lives nearby, has given me a new game, and I was absorbed in it. Calm and relative silence in the house violated the phone call. Father put the newspaper and went to take up.- Hello – …. heard his voice … – Hello! Now wait a second, I close the door ….This phrase is very interesting to me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw how my father went to the door and closed it. I listened, trying to catch what he is saying, but my ears heard only short snatches of conversation in which it was impossible to understand.Suddenly the voice of his father went to the floor below and I pitch, putting the joystick moved closer to the door. I disassemble the c***dren’s curiosity.- … Tomorrow … .davay .Lenka will leave for a day … and then …Then his father’s voice became even quieter and moved almost a whisper. Of course, there’s absolutely nothing I could not make out.-Aaaa … – I thought angrily, – again, probably to somewhere with my friends going …. Leaving venture listen, I went back to the game.A few minutes later came the father. His mood was in a different, more cheerful.- Dad, who called? – I asked.- Yes, well, someone … in the case – he answered evasively, – Well, in the new game, understood?Obviously, he did not want to continue my questions, so I decided to steer the conversation in another direction.- Yeah, I figured out – I said, proud of himself – Yes, there legkotnya, nothing difficult. And once again I plunged into the game with his head … ..In the morning, as always, did not want to wake up and desire to go to school, it was zero.- Let’s wake – bother me mother. She quickly ran through the house, going to work. Passing by a mirror, I looked at him, straightened hairdo …- Hey, get up ….- Now, – I pulled awake sleepy voice.- Let’s quickly so I could see what you got, but then again, oversleep, like last time …- Do not sleep for ….- But it was so nervous … .- it – and teachers complain that the performance you and so not so hot … .a you still manage to spill lessons ….- Now I get up ….Yes, son, get up now – strictly joined his father – and fast …. Today I can in school you’ll go to the …- Yeah … – I thought to myself – and so you believed enough complain that … I heard you yesterday with someone about what that matters negotiated .Budet … you have time to go to schools … On days without coming once, and then suddenly you come, well, pizdobol you, Dad ….And yet, we had to overcome myself and get out from under a warm blanket.- Son – on the move Mama said – sure to have breakfast, I kept you on the table prepared, and we went with my dad. She came to me and kissed on the cheek, and he and his father went to the door.Finally I could breathe freely.I slowly went to wash and brush your teeth.- How could I not want to go to school – I thought – again, these insufferable the teacher, lessons, sit listen, remember. And can not go at all – flashed through my mind – I would say that is not healthy, or more, that something out … to go to school, there was no desire.- Do not go – I said sternly to himself, and relaxed ….I looked out the window, saw the hurry was late students.- Haha, hurry, afraid of being late to class – with a grin I thought – Well, let them flee to teach their fucking ABC, and I play the game and see the cartoons on TV, and in general, on the dick I gave this school … these textbooks, exercise books … teacher ….Going into the kitchen, I sat down and slowly began to breakfast …. I looked at the clock …- Already I started the first lesson – I sighed – Geografichka probably asked Dima, why I do not have a lesson ….- I wonder what he told her?- Can be removed from the cache and smoke a pack of cigarettes? Anyway, no one will know the mother will come tomorrow morning, the father at work until the evening, and maybe even come late, it is no wonder that yesterday on the phone agreed, so that the complete freedom ….After breakfast and getting up from the table, I decided to carry out his plan, at the expense of smoke and passing by the window, I looked out into the street and suddenly froze ….On the track, in the direction of entrance of the house, my father went, and next to it, someone else. I have not even had time to consider someone because immediately ducked to avoid being seen and crawled away from the window.- Badass – flashed through my head. I was struck as if an electric current – Why is not he at work ???- He’s coming home …. What you need to do …I quickly ran to the threshold that would hide my shoes, then just as quickly, he rushed into the room and removed the school bag and school clothes … ..- So, what else – I tried to think quickly, because time was running out, – It seems to be removed … .. Now most need somewhere to hide? … My decision was final and I began to look around for somewhere.- Maybe he forgot something at home and will soon go away ??? ….. It would be nice ….- Damn, so much space, and there is no place to hide – horror flashed through my head.Meanwhile, my ears heard the clicks, unlocks the door lock. Finding nothing better, I quickly rushed into the room and crawled under the table, standing in the corner. It was, perhaps, the most suitable place where they could take refuge in the moment. Under the table, it was not very spacious, but it’s better than being discovered and punished to the fullest extent, so I hid and was quiet. This table was considered in our house, a kind of relic. These tables do much more in the past century, with the king. The massive, carved with arms akimbo, strong legs, it was made of oak, hands, what is the master. My parents told me, he was no less than 100 years. On top of the table was laid and some great old tattered tablecloth, but she hung almost to the floor, thereby completely hiding me.-Uzh Through these small holes 2-3, the father did not see – I thought, but my heart was restless.From the hallway he heard voices. Father’s voice sounded deep voice, he echoed a woman’s voice, which, I learned, it seemed to me, the voice of my grandmother, his mother. I listened, and I do not have any doubt that this was exactly it.- And she what priperlas? – I thought.- Then our Academician, when he comes? – Again, she said.Grandma asked me explicitly.- Not soon – said the father – I have it in the morning frightened that I shall come to the school, will now all learned to sit up late, so we have enough time.- That’s good – heard her voice again – but you still lock the door on the latch that would not be opened from the outside, so it will be more reliable …- Yes, yes, my mother, of course ….Father went to lock the door, and my grandmother went into the room where I was.As a precaution, I calmed down and held his breath.Through a small hole in the tablecloth, it was clear she entered and walked slowly around the room, looking around her eyes ….As always, my grandmother was irresistible!Well sewed, burgundy suit, consisting of a jacket and straight skirt, reaching almost to his knees, perfectly emphasized her curvy body shape. Under the jacket was perfectly snow-white blouse, through which canlı bahis shone, a white bra. Her legs were covered with full black Caproni and shod in elegant, red shoes, thin, high heels, stilettos. It seemed as if my grandmother is standing on tiptoes, already tall, she seemed even taller and more majestic. I’ve never seen her these shoes and guessed that she brought them with me.Her hair color, were placed in a beautiful hairstyle, her face gently set off expertly superimposed makeup and her lips were bright pomaded. Every time I wondered, and how it could meet in my young mind, I thought, as soon as she does not get bored, so carefully monitor their appearance. After all, she was no longer young, this year she was 65, but she did not seem to feel his age. Even now, while there was her father, she went several times and looked at myself in the mirror, that is adjusting and it once again underlines its scruples.- And here I am, – cut the silence of the room his father’s voice.I saw how my father came to my grandmother very close and hugged her.- Mom, are you, as always, charming! – He said, – After yesterday’s your call, I’m just thinking about you, my dear …- I, too, son, could not think of anything, and no one else …- So that’s who my father yesterday, talking on the phone? – Flashed through my head.- I missed you so much for you, for your ass, pussy, legs … .- Father continued.- I, too, my dear, much missed your big, fat dick, balls ….- Wow !? – I thought. I like the speeches of breath. I could not have imagined that my dad a decent and modest, quiet grandmother could speak such words.I saw how they languidly looked at each other in the eye without shame their expressions, and still did not know what they’re going to do, but the course of the unfolding events foretold, something interesting and I felt …And it is interesting not long in coming …Father pressed his lips to her lips and kissed her grandmother passionately. Then, small kisses began to cover her face, cheeks, eyes, chin …One of his hands slid down, stroked and crumple grandmother lush ass right through solid matter skirt.I was surprised why the grandmother did not resist and did not repel him, but only cute smile, letting him do this?- Mmmm … Referring pretty ass !!! – Moaned my father.- I missed … – she said quietly, – I feel it.- Not a word, Mom, – said the father.Grandmother slightly tilted her head back, eyes half closed, and noisy breathing, clung to his father ….- Another woman you need, with good holes …- Neither a dick – I thought …- Yes, Mom, that’s for sure, oh, I have such dyrastuyu like you – enthusiastically said Father.- But I have you, and so is …- We can not be together as often as we would have liked?- That’s bad, son, but it’s better than nothing, krovinochka you, my – my grandmother still tightly pressed to his father and kissed him.Hand grandmother gradually moved down and began to stroke his fly on his trousers father. Just now I saw that his father’s trouser fly swollen and severely Bouguereau.Oh, what do you have hard dick – aspirated grandmother said … – He was there so close, let’s release him from prison …- Yes, of course – the father quickly began to undress pulling off her clothes, and a minute later, standing completely naked.I was stunned when I saw something unimaginable. Below the belly of dense brush of hair sticking out his long and a thick stick, which I could not even imagine in your mind. It seemed to me that both my hands put together, were thinner than the core, which is the base of further thicken. In the end, like a huge lump it was thick, blunt, size of a fist, dickhead, and at the bottom of the bottom, heavily hung two large, heavy balls. The first time I saw such a club.With swollen veins, purple with straining dick sticking almost vertically, touching opened dickhead abdomen, above the navel, and trembling, swaying rhythmically. He had a frightening appearance, which might well have been frightened. But the grandmother is absolutely not frightened, on the contrary, I noticed that she was looking at him with sparkling in gases lust and love.- Who, son besides me, a dick stand? -proshelestel grandmother’s voice. She touched her fingers hands a thick dick and stroked it tenderly clasped, began to move smoothly on it peels.- Vaughn, gave birth to a hero for yourself !!! – She exclaimed delightedly.My father was not like any of the hero, and I realized that my grandmother had in mind, his overdeveloped dick.- Yes, Mom, I am grateful to you for it, – said my dad – and I want more and more to render homage to all of your pussy, which released me into this world!- However, special attention, as always, will be awarded the ass … !? – Said the grandmother.- Oh, yes, Mommy, your ass !!! – Exclaimed the father, the voices of the word YOUR – This large, plump, soft … mmmm … you know how I love the subject of my passionate desire !!!- I know, I know, my dear libertine – affectionately said the grandmother – who else but me know all your tastes and desires, because of our many years of fucking, you have never taken advantage of by a pussy of my …Yes, my dear, mummy – said the father – I do not want to change my established habits …- So they have long fuck … – I learned more and more different details.Meanwhile, one-handed father continued oglazhivaet grandmother’s ass, and the other felt the back fastener, unbuttoned his grandmother’s skirt and freely slid down, exposing her ass.I first saw her grandmother without a skirt. She wore silk, light pink pants, skin-tight that her massive ass and thick thighs, covering them more than halfway.Only now I noticed that his father’s words are not at variance with reality, in fact, an ass grandmother was a big, broad and very arched. Before that, I always saw my grandmother only in clothes that hid the seductive and attractive sector.- Floss, Mom, how do you know how to kindle in me the lust … – excitedly moaned father – Oh, what on your trousers !!! … My favorite color … Give admire …He retreated a step and became a grandmother, not hiding admiration, considered it, and my grandmother, meanwhile, continued to undress, threw off his jacket and shirt. White satin bra tightly hugged her magnificent tits. Like teasing father, grandmother turned her back to him and gently shook her hips. Her big buttocks as if alive and playful waddled moved.- Ooooh, what a marvelous ass !!! – Enthusiastically groaned father – What is it tempting whore !!! Give me touch her, cuddle, poshl?payu, bitten … … .mmmmm.- On the same to … libertine, caressed Mamochkin ass, you love it and do not forget a good lick my pussy ….With these words my grandmother walked to the chair and got cancer, his legs wide apart. My father came up behind her and knelt pressed against her ass face became rub on her and kissing passionately. His hands stroked her thighs, and grandmother slipped climbing higher in the crotch.Oh, you’re already all wet mommy !!! – Said the father – You soaked his trousers …- Yes, you kindled me with his promiscuous speeches and gave my pussy juice … – said the grandmother.In fact, I saw my grandmother’s trousers, between the thighs, a large wet spot.- Let me also lick the moisture … – whined father and tongue began to lick bahis siteleri his grandmother’s panties in this wet place. Then he pulled down his trousers and pulled them almost to the knees, turned inside out, and began to lick the same spot on the inside.Ohhh what gusto !!!! – He moaned.After that, he crawled under the grandmother’s ass and began to lick her pussy ….I have dark eyes, when I saw my grandmother without panties. I was watching her huge white ass with divergent sideways powerful pod?rnutymi senile cellulite buttocks between which flaunted a large brown stain and wrinkled hollow anus. Anus set off dark hair growth. Goes down to the pubis hair, deepened, and it seemed that all wet, dripping juices crotch was black from these dense thickets- Yes, dear, that’s right, lick, lick my pussy – Granny fingers hands spread thick labia folds and out tumbled small puckered lips and clitoris.The father has stuck to the pussy and loudly munching and smacking, began to suck and lick greasy, wet folds. Hair climbed into his mouth and eyes, but he did not pay attention to it.- Ohhh, let me suck libertine – moaning grandmother – Do not stop … more, come on … come on, I will soon be over …. Lick.Father became more intense licking it, he sucked in his mouth almost all the pussy grandmother with her clitoris, and his hands began to knead her thighs.- Ooooooo … aaaaaaa … KONCHAYUUUUUU … ….- grandmother came a groan. It is loud, prolonged howl, he twirled his thick ass, began to writhe and squat, nasedaya by a pussy on his father’s face. At the same time with one hand wrapped around his head and hugged her strongly, as if trying to stick it in their flushed pussy …. Orgasm reeling her body!And almost immediately I saw dick twitching and his father shot him from a long white jet and slapped her grandmother on the leg, then another and another … .If what the father did not touch dick and it all happened spontaneously.I sat there, neither alive nor dead, and he almost whined from such a spectacle. I myself have in shorts grew moist from the same outpourings, and how could it be otherwise in such a situation.Ah, you rascal you give me all your stockings filled malof?y … – with mock severity in his voice said grandma – Come lick it ….- Oh, yes, Mommy now – father grandmother clung to the legs and began to lick his own sperm. Then my grandmother took off her panties and bra and was only in the wide belt, to which is attached a long gums nylon stockings, tight her legs.- Well, it’s pretty – stopped the father grandmother – Come lick my pussy more, I want more come, lie down on the floor …Now the father was lying back on the floor, and my grandmother sat on his face and he licked her in that position. Grandmother with one hand and pulling up their tits sucked it, and the other was holding his father’s head and crawl wet by a pussy on his face. Within two or three minutes, she moaned loudly again. Her thighs trembled convulsively, grandma sat up a little, and I saw from her pussy flowed viscous muddy trickle, and the father began to catch their mouth and swallow.- Swallow, swallow my Malofey – moaning grandmother – More on – she looked at her father excited eyes and tuzhas poured into his open mouth with his thick spusch?nku ….Then my father licked her grandmother in a chair … … and even on the table at which I sat, and at least here I could not see anything, but clearly hear all the sounds of sucking daddy’s mouth and squish moisture grandmother’s pussy. At the same time I saw a dick father, fall down after a spontaneous descent, then again he rose to his full height.Oh, honey, you gratify my pussy – orgasm after another grandmother said – all, that’s enough, I’m tired to finish, how sweet to me … Now, let me suck you first, and then you poeb?sh me …Father leaned back in his chair, and his grandmother got up on his knees in front of him took his dick mouth. Hands, she wanker trunk and caressed his balls and sucking mouth prick. Moving head, she pushed forward his father dick deeper and I wondered how such a huge club could be placed in her mouth …- Throat suck, throat … – almost roared with delight father – let’s work mouth bitch … … clench his lips – his head in his grandmother’s arms, he stick it on your monstrous number, driving it in your mouth grandmother to the most eggs. In a moment the father trembled all over and groaned loudly, his head pressed to his grandmother’s groin.- And here’s my hot Malofey – he moaned. His head fell back, his eyes rolled back and his face reflected a grimace of pleasure ….- And now, Mom nadrochil my dick, yes, that would be better standing, I planted you in the ass …Grandma diligently fulfilled his father’s request, and after a few minutes of his dick was like an obelisk, in all its splendor excited.- Come on the floor – said his father and grandmother knew what and how it should be done.She got on her knees and fell on his elbows, while thrusting up his big fat ass. Grandma is located a few feet from my vantage point, I could distinctly see every brown, wrinkled crease her anus and set off by his dark, curls of hair. My father came up behind her, held her hands over her bulging buttocks, stroked, then bent down and began to kiss and lick them. It was obvious delight with which he did it. His tongue carefully licked every millimeter wide grandmother assholes. Father hands kneaded her fat rolls, cling to him mouth and gently nibbled them, buries his face in the lush flesh of my grandmother’s backside, moved apart buttocks, slips between their face and pinched him with them … again licked and sniffed …- Mmmm … how lovely … – he groaned, numb with pleasure.- Yes, yes, my dear, so – grandmother moaned in response, it was obvious that it gave her a lot of pleasure and – Lick your mother’s ass, lick the hole itself and better … mmmm, good girl like you is always good to do it …- What did you have me zhopastaya, Mom !!! – Excitedly I moaned my father – always admire your mighty ass !!! – He licked a large brown stain around the anus, and -Just think about your ass, and very much look forward to finally be able to pull it on his fat dick ….- Oh, my dear zhopo?b – gently babbling grandmother – I know you’re a big fan of my ass, come take it, wait in it …- Now I grease the – my father said, and took from the nightstand, which is a jar. Watering in the palm of the liquid, it abundantly smeared grandmother’s ass between the buttocks, then, as carefully smeared his dick, prick up from the eggs.Grandma’s ass and dick wet father glistened with grease.- Well, what, Mom, I’m ready – father croaked …- Come on … – my grandmother more deeply arched back and lifted her ass even higher.Slightly crouching and bending the springy dick down, the father put it to grandmother’s anus. A thick dickhead fully covered brown wrinkles anus. Crazed eyes I looked at everything that happens and I saw my grandmother became gradually twisting her lush ass, as if inviting her father to enter it.Father grabbed her zhopny bread, much to the redness squeezed them, and tearing apart, moved forward. I saw him a thick dick, became strained to get into the grandmother’s ass. Grandmother groaned, but his father did not stop him to continue to push until a long dick entered güvenilir bahis her not to the most eggs. After that my father did return motion, then back forward and back again, and then completely took dick from anus and directing the fingers of the hand again, but now has a short, quick stroke stabbed his grandmother in the ass to the root.Grandmother zaohala loud, but my father not paying attention to it again and again and again pulled the dick pierced them rang in the hole of the anus, for the most eggs. At the same time I saw how his eyes were burning passion. Like a bizarre fruit, he devoured the grandmother’s ass with his own eyes, he looked at the purple hole and rammed her mercilessly.- Oh, what a pleasure, how I miss you, Mom, for your fucking ass – excitedly moaned father – floss, how I love you to fuck with her.- Fuck, fuck mother … oooh … ahhh – echoed his grandmother.Without reducing the pace and not giving any respite, the father struggles grandmother’s asshole rammed by a dick its monstrous. During the return movement, it pops out of the club fully zhopny hole, showing his swollen, prick, and my father again, furiously, hammering her to the most eggs.Grandmother constantly moaned, her face was crimson and his large drops of sweat running down, twisting her ass was moving toward a thick dick. Father moaned with pleasure, mercilessly pumping grandmother and was not going to temper its frantic pace. Moreover, his hands became much spank her ass by a thick loaf and thighs. These slaps loudly echoed throughout the room.- Ohhh, how good, more … – muffled moaning grandmother – Come on, Stallion, ass fucking his mom a thick by a dick, aaaaaa ……- Yes, yes … getting my dick full … – roared in ecstasy father. His dick like a shuttle scurried into her ass …- Ahh … I’ll finish !!! – My father was on the verge.- Come on over … and I too … – thrusting one hand between her thighs, my grandmother became furiously rubbing pussy …And then my father groaned aloud and plunging dick in the ass for the rest of my grandmother incredible length with such force, as if he wanted to drive him there, along with eggs, frozen … his body a wave of shiver. Behind him and she moaned and twitched grandmother in a powerful orgasm !!! They froze unable to move. Finally, my dad pulled the dick out and straightened. I saw from my grandmother, just ot?bannogo zhopny hollow, thin streams zasochilas Malofey.- Well, I’m with you today, and poured !!! – I exclaimed the father, looking at the resulting trickle.- Yeah, I feel – my grandmother said, – Full Ass Malofey ….From her pussy, too, it flowed turbid liquid it big drops hung on pizdyanyh hair and trickled down his thighs.- Well, Mom, get up, – he said his father and grandmother, waddling and raskoryachivayas, slowly stood up. Dick father after orgasm a little opal grandmother took him in hand and began to masturbate and suck and he scored again to its former elasticity.- Come on, get up cancer – has ordered the father and grandmother came to the bed and leaned his hands on the mattress took a pose.Father just ducking dick again sent him to her mangled ass grandmother became his podmahivat. Her big tits hanging heavily, swaying from side to side. Now the father fucked my grandmother a little differently. Not removing the dick, he did some deep dives and then fully pull out dick out and replaced it with his hand clasped his right hand boat, thrust it into her grandmother’s ass. Making smooth reciprocating motion, he pushed his hand into the depths of the anus, almost to the elbow, and then pulled out and re-inserted back dick. So he alternated replacing dick hand and arm by a dick, until not come the next orgasm. Grandma all the time to help him, it rotates its thick spheroid, to the beat of his movements. And when he came out, he turned to face him and, kneeling, took hot flushes Malofey itself on the face and mouth ….Then they changed their position again. Father lay back on the floor, and my grandmother was the land on his protruding count on. And again, his red-hot ass. Then again, was a change of the composition, the father put his grandmother on his stomach on the bed, placing it on a pillow and then unceremoniously pierced by a dick of her plump ass ….From what he saw, my brain melted.It was truly a real zhopny orgy, which was accompanied by moans of lust and endless orgasms, on both sides.It took some time before their passions subsided a bit.- Well, now I’ll go a little cooled down your heat – my grandmother said, catching his breath. Her ass was crimson after such mind-blowing orgies.- Yes, yes … my mother went.Grandma took his father’s hand and led dick behind him. They went out of the room.Skip, what will happen next, I certainly did not want to hear that their voices are heard already from the bathroom, slowly crawled out from under the table and crept behind them. The door to the bathroom was covered, but not completely, and I looked with great curiosity in the open doorway. My eyes opened on this picture.Father was reclining in the bath, and my grandmother was standing over him in full growth, placing one foot on the edge. She looked down at him with one hand crumpling her dangling tits and fingers of the other, moved apart to the sides of his thick lips pussy. Father occasionally sit up, pressed his mouth to her pussy, licking tongue, and again reclined to its original position.- Now, now … – softly spoken grandmotherAnd then I saw her small thighs trembled and broke away from the pussy thick, yellow urine stream and resiliently hit his father in the face. He opened his mouth and caught her. The jet hissed in his mouth cavity and richly foaming, leaking out. Then the jet stopped, but after a moment or two, pulled out with a bang. Then again and again. Grandmother dispensed Ssali father, directing his stream into his mouth, face, chest, on his dick and dull fallen eggs. In general, it pissed him completely, and I saw how my father bliss from such abundant watering, enthusiastically encouraging his grandmother’s actions. Then, when my grandmother finally vyssalas father again carefully licked her wet pussy and already, then the grandmother took off her stockings and a belt, and together they took a shower. Again I was sitting under a table when they returned to the room, they began to dress.- Well, I satiated my ass? – I asked the grandmother.- Oh, Mom !!! Mmmmm !!! .- grunted father all kind of showing his admiration and satisfaction ….- As always, slain on the spot, and the Divine Naiprelestneyshey your ass … – my father did not skimp on the flattering epithets against his mother.- And I got a tremendous charge !!! – My grandmother said, and added, – Until next time ….- Well, Mom, now I’ll take you and go to work … – said the father. They went to the door. I heard the front door slam, door lock clicked, and there was silence. Just now I was able to get out from under the table and breathe freely. And only now I felt what Malofey were wet with my own shorts and sweat, all the clothes.I peered out the window and saw a respectable slowly retreating from the house a couple. My grandmother was an unnatural gait vraskoryachku, cool ottopyrivaya back your ass, if it broke out in a strong sciatica. Father gently held her arm ….And only two of them, and yet I have been known to cause such a strange gait grandmother ….- Ufff, damn, that’s den?k today – I thought, and went into the bath, which would have to take a shower and relieve tension.

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