Mistis’ Adventures Part 194


Mistis’ Adventures Part 194The last of the winter’s weather was quickly departing. In its place were the storms of spring. Here, in a part of the country that was known as “Tornado Alley,” preparations were made for the upcoming season, as well as planting their gardens, and tending to the repairs that had been put off for the time being.Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day had all been events in the “new” community. The “workshop” that had been planned for Levi, Hiram, Chris, and Bruce, went to the sidelines. First it had been converted to a huge nursery for the upcoming spate of births in the varied households, then, when all the new Mothers, AND the Mothers of other c***dren had their babies, they had, instead, gone to stay with members of their families, instead. Families were MUCH better caregivers than hired help. The ladies had been taken in, cared for as long as was needed, and the newly arrived c***dren had been spoiled rotten, by other friends and family from outside the household. There was always someone around to care for the Mothers, AND the babies.Meanwhile, the “workshop” got its second, or maybe, its third makeover. Hiram, after losing his best friend, and his Son-in-Law’s Father and Mother, decided that he wouldn’t be able to go in and do any work for remembering his dearest friend. He, Chris, and Bruce had sat, whittling, and talking it over, and decided to build another place for them to take care of all they wanted. They had ordered a couple of loads of telephone poles, then two more, and even then, STILL didn’t have enough, and ordered 4 more loads. Hiram had told them that he had always wanted a place that looked like where he was born, only bigger. He had been born into a log cabin, and rooms had been added as the family grew. His Father and Grandfather had felled the trees, shaped them, and chinked between them with mud and grass mixed to keep the cold out in the winter. They had NEVER had electricity, running water, or indoor plumbing of any sort. They got their light from coal oil lamps, their heat and cooking fire by splitting and burning wood, and their water from a well, just outside the back door. They also had an outhouse that was at least a hundred yards further down a trail. They bathed in a wooden tub that his Grandfather and one of HIS brothers had made when THEY were k**s. They STILL had that tub. It was presently being used to hold flowers. It had been varnished over the years to the point that it was nearly black. Francis and Essie were placed in what had been her bedroom, and Francis, after the birth of his son, who was named after his Great Grandfather, Levi, was consigned to the bedroom next to her. Francis spent all his time at home, holding his son, and wondering what he had done to deserve such a being in his life. He spoke with the deepest love imaginable,to son, AND wife, in such a way that it brought tears to the eyes of everyone else. They knew, in the deepest parts of their hearts, that Essie had made a wise choice. Lorene had moved her old rocking chair into Essie’s bedroom, and every time anybody looked in, she, or Francis, was sitting in it, rocking the baby, talking to him, or singing to him. It was discovered that Francis had a deep, melodious voice, and could, with a bit of effort, come up with a passable falsetto voice as well. He had had the radio on, listening to the BEE GEE’s singing “How Deep is Your Love,” and his voice had blended in with their voices as if he had recorded with them. All had come up and listened to him. Essie had looked at her Granny, and told her, “I told ya he was a good man. He even fooled me as to HOW good.”The “original” structure was made into a Community Center. All of the families, Campbells, Breens, Kerrs, Hinkles, Kellys, and Tinsleys, met there for the festivities. They also invited treasured friends, Such as Carl and Julia, who were now married, and Julia’s folks, who were there visiting them, Wayne and Darla, and her folks, who had, on discovery that their daughter was “living in sin” with a man that WASN’T her husband, and had watched as he got down on one knee, and proposed to her, with HER accepting his proposal. They were married a week AFTER Thanksgiving. She giggled, in private, as she asked Wayne, how long they should wait to tell them SHE was pregnant. They had rows of high chairs arranged so parents, and Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles could take care of all the little ones. Sammy had insisted that HE was too big to sit with “babies,” so they fixed a lift for him to sit with the adults. HE was almost halkalı escort 7 years old, now. Just 8 more months till he made it!Christmas was nearly the same. The roof had been built to have 10 foot sidewalls, with an arched roof. They had a Christmas tree that almost touched the peak, and had all the decorations that they ALL had. It was the biggest and prettiest tree that any of them had ever seen. The floor was completely covered with gifts, and they had to watch the youngsters to keep them from opening boxes too soon. They were told that, “If you open anything before Christmas, Santa will take it back to the North Pole, and keep it until next year. It had worked. There had been some cold, raw days, but had also had enough of the good ones to complete two more of the houses. There were STILL more to be built. Milt and June had moved into the house between Billy and Cathy, and Pete and Doris, and a house on the other side of Pete and Doris had been built for Royce and Robbi.On the river they had built 4 more houses, so far. One, the original one, was for Ricky and Sue. The next was built for Bruce and Annie Then one was built for Jeff and Patti. The fourth was built for William and Sharon, who had succumbed to his wishes to move out of town. One more was to be built for the Tinsleys, when Misti discovered that SHE was pregnant, again. And again with TWINS! Misti was getting her dream of having a two story house Another was planned for the Hinkles. Since Uncle Charley, Aunt Mildred, and their two k**s, Jimmy and Ruthy were there so much, along with Uncle Charley’s nurse, they had seen their house getting smaller nearly every day.Dave and Carl had put on their thinking caps and come up with a design that was both pleasing, and functional. Mary had sworn that it was the best thing she had ever seen. IT was going to be built with a workshop for Jerry to build his cars, and had a lift, a paint shop, and more tools than he could name. It, ALSO, had the mold and the furnace to make parts, like he had always dreamed of.Dave had brought up the subject to Carol, before, about when the k**s grew up, and reminded her of the things THEY had done, at that time, and place. She had thought about it, even losing sleep over it. She saw the wisdom in Dave’s words, and, trusting his judgement, implicitly, she agreed that they SHOULD get another, more secluded home. THEIRS was going to be next to Betty and Tod. Carol had had dreams about George, running naked from their house to hers, so he could get some pussy from his cousin, Sarah. Fucking her in the backyard, where anybody could see them. THEY ALL GREW SO FAST!!!She had delivered her twins, a day behind Robbi, and a week before Sharon. They had named the boy, Mortimer, which ad been shortened to Morty, and the girl had been named Angelique, which was shortened to Angie. It was hard to believe that less than three years ago, they had been worried about her conceiving. They didn’t know what had caused the sudden rash of pregnancies, but were enjoying it while it was going. She had thought Sarah had looked like her Daddy, but Morty was an exact copy. EVERYTHING was the same. Liz had pulled out pictures of Dave at the same ages, and the pictures couldn’t be told apart. Angie was nearly the same as her. Dave told Carol that he hoped she grew up HALF as beautiful as her Mommy.Uncle Charley was the REAL miracle, though. His nurse had, after about a month and a half of therapy, came down the hallway, hair every which a way, and red in the face. “WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN FEEDING THAT MAN, ANY WHO?” She had explained that, she had just finished having him walk across the room, with just his cane, and he had walked a little faster than she had expected. She had been walking backwards, in front to him, to see him walk and give him help, if it looked like he needed it. She had had her back to the wall, watching what was to be his last step or two, and he had dropped his cane, and made a dive for her. He had already been doing pull ups, so his upper body strength was better than it had ever been.”He got his hand under my top, and was mauling my tits. Then he pulled me down in the floor and rolled my skirt down, and had it off to the side.(She wore skirts, with an elastic waistband) He opened his PJs, and he was as hard as any man that I’ve EVER seen. Like I said his arms are STRONG, and he held me down and started eating me out. GOD, that man has a nice tongue. He made me squirt. Then he came up for air, and went crazy on everything ABOVE taksim escort my waist. He sucked my nipples, until I thought he WAS gonna get some milk, and kissed me ’till I was begging for air. I thought he was gonna suck me inside OUT! I was so busy gettin’ kissed, that I didn’t feel my legs bein’ opened. Next thing I knew, he was on top of me, and goin’ fer glory! He shot his first load in me, and never even slowed down. Jus’ kept on humpin. Second time, he slowed down enough to ring my chimes, till I sounded like a church bell on Sunday mornin. He finished givin’ me another load, and went to pee, and I thought I better come and tell you all. I’M gonna have to give ya back a check or two. He fucked me enough to worth AT LEAST THAT MUCH!!! Unless one of YOU want to get in on the fun, I’m goin’ back upstairs, git on the bed, and give ‘im a little MORE! I LIKE THAT MAN!!! HE GOOOD!!!”Millie,(Aunt Mildred) and Mary, both were laughing. Not only from the story she was telling, but from the relief they felt from hearing about Uncle Charley’s progress. All three of them went down the hall to his room. Mary had converted their garage to accommodate his needs He was holding the door frame to keep his balance, and looked up to see the three of them coming in. “OKAY, LADIES!!! WHO’S NEXT IN THE BARREL? I NEED SOME MORE PUSSY!!!”The nurse took her blood pressure monitor, put the cuff around his arm and pumped it full of air. Even with the stress of having sex twice, his BP was only 150 over 85. She nodded to the others. “Fit as a fiddle, and rarin’ ta fuck. Who gits the next round.” Mildred looked over at Mary. “I had it since you have. You go next. He thought you was a good girl.” The smile on Uncle Charley’s face got even brighter. “Come here, Sweetie!!! Give Uncle Charley a little of that sweet pussy.” Her clothes went flying all over the room. Tears flowed down her cheeks from her happiness. She was getting ready to be fucked by not only a long time lover, but the man who had taken her virginity, almost 30 years ago. He had been sweet and tender, then, and she figured that nothing else about him had changed. There was nothing to be shy about, either. Aunt Mildred had watched them have sex, almost as long as they had been having sex, as had HER Mother and Father. The only one to miss out was Ruthy. She had been too young to realize what they had been doing, even when she saw them. Jimmy had fucked her almost as much as his Dad had. She was the first girl that Jimmy had fucked. He had fucked her in his room, almost every day, after school. She would come over, and he would be sitting at the top of their stairs, NAKED, and waiting for her. He would take her in his room, lock the door, to keep from being distracted, and eat her pussy until she was begging him to fuck her.He would finally do as she was begging him to do. His dick was large for an 11 year old boy. Almost the same as his Dad’s was. The difference was, that, he could hold his cum for an unbelievably LONG time. He would make her gasp, moan, whimper and beg to cum in her. He would, finally, usually after at least an hour, cum, and give her a super load, EVERY time. Then he would hold her down and eat the cream pie from her, until she was begging him to fuck her some more. Aunt Mildred would hear her cries and put two dishes of food in the oven to keep warm until they finished. The only problem she had had, was that many times, when he had fucked her, she was so sensitive that she couldn’t sit down to eat, OR do her homework. She had eaten many suppers, standing at the kitchen counter, naked, with Uncle Charley and Aunt Mildred laughing at her predicament. She would stand by the kitchen table, afterwards, and Aunt Mildred would write down her homework answers, as she gave them to her. Luckily, their handwriting was almost exactly the same.Later, after Mary graduated, and went to college, Ruthy was trained by Jimmy, Uncle Charley, and HER Dad. (Mr. Thomas) She became the hottest piece of tail ANY of them had ever had. She was an athlete, and had a beautiful figure, and an even MORE beautiful face. She had become a “stewardess” for a major airline, and had caught the attention of some of the executives where Jimmy was a pilot. HE had joined the Navy, and learned to fly multi-engine jets, but had separated and been hired by the company that, he, and now, Ruthy, worked for. They flew the same plane, for the top executives, and came here to visit one of the many branches, and had the chance to see everyone much more often.Mary şişli escort was quite naked. She stood, her hands out to her sides, and turned for her “Uncle’s” inspection. He was looking at her like he had never seen her, before. It had been at least 15 years since they had had a chance like this. Paula had still been a c***d. The other two had been a bit older, and had seen them having their fun. Her oldest daughter had walked in on them, and had been embarrassed by seeing them. She had been 14, and was unaware that her Mom knew that she wasn’t a virgin, any more, until Mary had told her that she knew who, when, and where her beau had nailed her. Her son saw them, the NEXT day, and joked about it with her. He had seen his Mom with several other men. He, in fact, enjoyed seeing his Mom get laid. She was such a good piece. ALL her lovers told him she was. HE hadn’t had her until he was a week from HIS graduation. He had had a few drinks, and came home to see his Mom in the shower. He had finally got up the nerve to tell her how attractive he thought she was. She had stood there listening to him, and finally asked him,” Is THAT the reason you weren’t brave enough to ask for some pussy? I have been wondering what the hold up was. I been keeping it kissing sweet for you for the last 4 years, and ya said narry a word about wantin’ it. I was beginning to think ya liked boys!”They spent the next week, and the summer months, catching up on lost time. He had fucked her so much that his Dad had to make an appointment to get some from her.She went over to the bed, and leaned down to kiss him. He was her first true love. She showed him things he hadn’t thought of in ages. She drew back the sheet, so as NOT to get it dirty, and took him in her mouth. She felt the old tingle coming over her, and a tear ran down her cheek. She gave him the best he had had from her, since she had gained in experience since their last, and soon was swallowing his seed.She, under the guise of holding his hand, felt of his pulse. It was strong, and steady. She bent down and took him in her mouth for the second time. This time, however, she let go of him as soon as she felt the pulses in his dick, on her lips. She carefully climbed on the bed, and straddled him. She leaned forward, dangling her breasts in his face, remembering that he had always loved her riding him, and her letting him suck her nipples at the same time. He reached up with both hands, and took one, holding it to his face, and smelling her. He loved THAT, too. She waited until his lips took her nipple, and she felt him sucking it. She raised up, and placed him where they BOTH wanted him to go, and eased back down, engulfing him in her open vagina. She sat there, not moving, except to contract the muscles in her uterus, clamping down and releasing him, as she had learned from her early days. The effect was like she was jacking him off, with her pussy. His legs stretched, and he uttered one word. “MERCY!!!” He re opened his eyes, giving her a dreamy look. “Now I know why I’ve missed you so much. I love you, Baby Cakes. You’re just as much my daughter as Ruthy, and your parents. I love you, like you came from Aunt Mildred and me. You are part of my soul. ” She raised up, slowly, and sank back down. “Please don’t make me cum, to soon. This is as close to Heaven as I’ll probably get. Make it last as long as we can.”She bowed to his wishes, only moving to place alternate breasts, and nipples, in his mouth. He continued to suckle them, declaring that she was as good as it gets. Until the very last second, she never put herself all the way down. She remained slightly off of him, but with him as far inside of her as she could get him. After almost an hour of her gentlest loving, she felt that he was needing to cum. She leaned down and kissed him, as she had so many times, THAT day, and others. She raised up from her kiss, and whispered, “I’ll be your little girl, forever, Uncle Charley, and even longer. I love you beyond love, and will for forever and a lifetime.”She clamped down with her vagina, and the flow, although a bit weaker, was just as satisfying to them both. She milked him until it stopped, and she leaned over and kissed him, again. “I remember how you used to love to eat our cream pies. Do you want this one.? I’ll sit where you can get it, but not enough to take a chance on hurting you.” He nodded to her. She lifted her leg and turned to put her pussy just at his lips..His tongue came out and she drew in her breath. He was just as good at eating pussy as he had EVER been. He licked all around her pussy, catching and swallowing every drop that was found. At the last, he took her lips and spread them apart, and licked her clitoris, like he had always done. They heard him chuckle. ” Gotcha again, Sweetie!!!” His breathing became deep and regular. He was sleeping.

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