Modern Jane Meets Tarzan Ch. 03


Jane continues her travels through the jungle and has an intimate encounter with the wild man, Tarzan. Thanks for reading and I appreciate any constructive feedback. If you like where this is going, please say so.

Chapter Three

Jane practiced the name several times until he seemed to understand she was saying it right. Tarzan looked pleased when she said his name, and he touched his chest and repeated it.

She couldn’t understand what was going on here. What was he doing here in the jungle? A nearly naked white man in the deep in Africa. He wore no shoes, the knife sheathed in a leather pouch around his chest looked crudely made, as if a local tribe had created it. She’d stolen only a brief glance at the minimal clothes he wore – a thin leather strap around his waist with another piece of leather tucked in the front that hung loosely over his privates, a slim loincloth at best. At one point when he’d turned to look up the river, she’d noticed there was no back to it, so it appeared to be mainly for protection and certainly not for modesty.

She tried to talk, repeating some simple phrases and even a few words she’d learned of the African dialect from the disappearing guides, but it seemed he had no recognition of what she spoke. Some English words appeared to resonate with him, but he remained silent and watched her speak, staring intently at her lips as she slowly formed words.

Finally, she turned and walked closer to the campfire and said, “Come then, at least out of the sun…” She turned around to see if he had followed and he was gone.

Jane looked around, called for him, but it was as if he had disappeared into thin air. She called out a few more times then shrugged. He had meant her no harm, and just like he came, he was on his way.

She sighed, “Oh well, not the first guy to do that.”

She decided it was time to wash her clothes and took a thin cotton t-shirt and panties from her backpack, carrying the rest of her clothes to the river to wash on the smooth stones. When they were clean, she hung them up in the sun on several branches and returned to sit in the shade and watch the river. She thought she had maybe imagined the wild man, a post orgasmic illusion, she laughed. Then she thought… he was probably standing there watching me get myself off… blushing, she shook her head, “This cannot be happening.”

Jane walked up and down both sides of the river that afternoon, seeing a couple of crocodiles further down and some water buffalo on her way back. There was certainly more wildlife here and she needed to be careful. She had taken the stick Tarzan had provided, further proof she hadn’t imagined the man; however, she saw no trace of him on her walk.

Back at the camp, she started a fire and rummaged through her pack for some of the food she had on hand. Looks like beans again, she smiled and upon turning around there stood Tarzan, just beyond the pale smoke of the campfire.

Jane shrieked.

He stood there looking intently at her and somewhat disheveled, sweaty, and a bit dirty as if he had been out for a hard day of work. She greeted him again with her name and his and he seemed pleased, offering a “Ja-ane” as he stepped closer.

He reached behind his back, taking something from the thin leather strip on his waist that looked to Jane like a book. He held it out to her, and indeed it was a small, old, leather-bound Bible. She was puzzled and took it from him, opening it to see it was faded and stained, obviously having seen better days.

Not one for bothering much with Bibles, eryaman anal yapan escort Jane looked up, “You aren’t the world’s farthest-flung Gideon trying to tell me about Jesus are you?” She laughed but Tarzan just stared and pointed to the book.

The pages were frail and as she opened it some were stuck together, but the inside cover had faded writing on it and a reference to a baptism with a child’s name and birth date. She couldn’t make out the words, but it struck her, this was probably his. He pointed again to it and said “Tarzan.”

“I don’t understand, I mean I’m not a woman of faith but this means a lot to you… maybe your mom gave it to you…?” she trailed off as he had a strange look from something she had said.

He looked like he mouthed words and looked intently at her, then said, “Mom?”

Jane knew now, the word meant something to him, his mom had given it or it was associated with his mom in some way. She nodded, then flipped through the book for more clues but there was nothing, until a photograph fluttered out of the back pages.

It was a faded color photo of a smiling boy of three or four, blonde hair and green eyes peering into the camera… it was Tarzan. Jane’s breath caught in her throat…and she repeated his name and he looked pleased. Jane placed the folder in the book again and tried to make sense of how this man could end up deep in the jungle with no apparent skills to speak and no other family with him.

Tarzan stood, still sweaty and dirty and looked to the river. He turned and pointed to the waterfall and beckoned her to follow. She was still not sure what he meant, but followed and soon realized he wanted to swim, since he reached down and slipped the loincloth over his hips and walked naked into the water. He glanced back one last time to see if she was following, then dove into the river.

Jane stood there unmoving and looked down at the discarded loincloth. She laughed, looked around and couldn’t believe any of this. Tarzan swam underwater and came up in the middle of the base of the waterfall, she saw his torso only as he splashed and rinsed his long hair. He looked around and saw her still standing on the bank. He seemed puzzled but then dove under again.

Moments later, she saw bubbles near the river edge and Tarzan surfaced, slowly walking toward her from the water. His broad shoulders and hairless chest tapered to a narrow waist and she saw a fine wisp of hair trace from his navel to his groin as he emerged fully nude in front of her.

Jane tried to pry her eyes from him, but she couldn’t. It wasn’t something she was used to seeing in her quiet city life. The men she’d known were not prone to climb naked out of rivers. She looked up, Tarzan staring at her with his arm out trying to get her to swim with him. She moved, one step at a time to the edge of the water.

She still wore the thin t-shirt and panties, and she noticed Tarzan reached for her with a puzzled look on his face. He tugged at the bottom of the t-shirt to lift it off her, and she raised her arms as he slid it off her body. She couldn’t believe she’d just done that, but she felt him do the same with her white panties, and she helped him slide them down her legs. She stood naked before him, glancing down over her body and feeling apprehensive but excited at the same time. She waited for a moment, then was surprised as Tarzan turned and splashed into the river. She followed, her first time skinny dipping with a man, she thought…

Tarzan loved to dive and could swim underwater for long ankara escort periods. She tried to keep up and he would circle back to see she was ok. They spent an hour just splashing about and swimming. As they approached the waterfall, the current pulled her a bit and she squealed. Tarzan turned and reached for her, pulling her close. It was such a natural movement, she pulled in closer and was wrapped in beside him in an instant. He stood in the water holding her, no more than chest deep and she felt her nipples harden against his chest. She looked up, his green eyes on her.

She pushed away slightly, then turned back to him, closer this time, her legs encircling one of his thighs. His penis pressed against her leg, a warm, comfortable feeling as they held their bodies together. He kept her close, not overly aggressive but she could feel the moment heating up with him and reached around his neck and pulled his head closer to hers and kissed him. His scruffy beard tickled, and kissing seemed new to him. He looked at her, then leaned down and touched his lips to hers again, then pulled away slightly, looking at her and she saw the faintest smile.

She encouraged him, more kisses and her legs tightened on his thigh. She felt his penis growing, hard flesh hot against her thigh in the cool water. She raised her hand, sliding it over his muscular chest, tracing over his collarbone and up his neck.

They kissed again, and she reached under the water inching past his abs to his groin, her fingers feeling the fine spray of hair and then his penis jutting out. She caressed his length, explored the shape and gently slid her hand over him, hearing him groan.

Suddenly, he lifted her and carried her to the bank of the river. He released her and she sat loosely on a raised smooth stone looking up at him, water trickling down his body. She stared at him, her eyes exploring his body. He was completely uninhibited standing nude and erect before her. Droplets of water dripped from the tip of his swollen penis. Her pussy moistened and she felt weak.

Tarzan’s eyes roamed as well as well, his eyes moving slowly down her wet body, over her breasts, her abs and lower to her legs pressed together in a demure seating pose that would have made her mother proud. He looked over her smooth legs then she saw the green eyes trace upwards again toward her sex. She opened her legs, allowing his gaze to fall on her more and shared with him the full view of her bare pussy.

He glanced at her hairless pubic area for a moment, then glanced at his own plumbing, as if comparing everything they had to offer. She reached for him, and he stepped nearer, his shadow stretched over her as the sun still shone brightly. She touched him, his hard penis in her hand stroking and squeezing gently. She led his hand to her breasts, which he touched like a man for the first time finding a new toy.

Jane felt a wantonness wash over her that she’d never felt before, she wanted this wild man in the worst way, here in the deep jungle, nude in the open. She fell to her knees and stroked his penis, marveling at its shape, looking it over and realizing he was circumcised, not a wild man left in the woods. She buried the smooth purple head in her mouth and heard him grunt and look down. She bobbed on his hard penis like a starved woman, both hands thrown around his body pulling him deeper into her mouth.

Her nails dug into his buttocks as she worked him into her mouth in a rhythm of sucking sounds and wetness. His other hand found another breast and he squeezed etimesgut escort them gently, pulling her closer as she suckled him.

Jane never considered herself an oral expert by any means, but she breathed in the musky scent of Tarzan and felt like she was feasting on his hard appendage. She covered his penis in kisses, slid her tongue over his length and gently massaged his balls as he dipped into and out of her mouth.

Tarzan seemed lost in the feeling, both wide-eyed at times and once when she looked up he seemed far away with his eyes closed an mouth slightly opened in pleasure. She pushed and pulled at his waist to bring a rhythmic thrust to his motions and he soon got the idea and moved on his own in a sensual measure that drove her to more intense pleasure.

Suddenly, Tarzan pulled away, taking a step back and holding his penis like it was another wild animal set to pounce on her. She reached for him, and he pushed her hands away, confused and still looking like his penis was going to betray him.

Jane finally realized he must have felt the urge to cum, and she smiled, reaching for him again.

She urged him closer, “It’s ok Tarzan, come here it’s all ok.”

He finally moved closer and she gripped his wet penis, stroking him with both hands and tickling his tip with her tongue. Closer she pulled him, and he moved toward her reluctantly, then relaxed as she worked on him.

Within moments, she heard him groan deeply, sucking in breath and sighing.

He swelled in her hand. Jane increased the pressure and stroked longer. Tarzan shouted out, more of a loud groan than a scream but far louder than anything she’d heard from him.

His seed burst from his tip, spurting on her chest. Long white ropes of cum spattered her wet breasts and ran down her abdomen, between her legs, and dripped onto the sandy bank of the river. Tarzan moaned, as she looked up at him and he stared down at her with wide eyes and a perplexed look on his face. He watched the cum run down her chest.

Suddenly, he bolted from her grip, and disappeared into the thick foliage beside her camp. Pearly drips of his cum still hung on her finger, and glistened on her body. She was confused but totally and completely horny beyond any measure she’d felt before. She shrugged once more, unsure about this man’s thought processes, but turned on beyond belief.

Her hand slipped to her wet pussy lips again, Tarzan’s cum still pooling in her navel and wetting her outer labia before dripping onto the sand. She ignored that as her wet fingers slipped inside her warmth and once again she worked her inner folds.

Her thumb stroked her clit and within moments, she came with a loud scream cutting through the jungle as she climaxed in the sun and rolled back onto the smooth rock.

Jane lay there, panting slightly and feeling the moisture of Tarzan’s cum on her torso, finally making her way to the water to rinse off after some time. The fire had diminished to coals when she sat by it after her bath. She stoked it with more sticks and walked to collect her dried laundry as the sun started to leave long evening shadows on the surface of the river. Her shorts were dry, as were her panties and shirt, but she looked around, loathe to put them on following the afternoon spent naked with Tarzan. She felt the freedom of the sun on her skin and folded the clothes neatly, tucking all but the long shirt into her backpack.

Dinner consisted of a tin of warm beans and a protein bar, a far cry from the fish earlier that day, but she felt content when she lay back naked on the blanket in her tent as night came. She slept easily, only once waking up and glancing around the dark reflections on her tent convinced she saw the familiar shadow of a man outside. Let him come in, she thought in a sleepy haze, I’d like that…

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