Mom and Me Ch. 03


I slept more then, snuggled against my mother’s breast, her hand light on my shoulder.

When I woke, I instantly remembered everything of the night before, and the morning for that matter, and I was disappointed that I was alone in bed. But I needed, desperately, to pee. So I took care of that and then I brushed my teeth before pulling on a pair of shorts and going in search of coffee.

Mom and Lee were sitting at the table, drinking coffee. I checked their cups, took mom’s which was empty, and poured a fresh one for me and one for her as well. Back at the dining room table, I sat, making a little triangle with mom to my left, Lee to my right, and me at the head of the table.

“Sooooooooooo,” Lee said with a giggle, “whatcha thinkin’?”

“Honestly?” I said, taking the first sip, “I’m overwhelmed.”

Lee stood and came to stand by me, putting her hand on my shoulder.

When I turned to face her I was eye-to-pussy with the bright orange bush, thick and curly, of a true redhead. The T-shirt she had on was too short to cover her completely.

“The question is,” she said, her hand lightly on my shoulder, “man of the house,” and the way she said that brought home more than just the unclothed bush I was looking at could, that things had changed, “is there room in your household for me?”

Mom stood then, and came to the other side of me, mirroring Lee’s position and pose, her hand on my shoulder.

And again I was eye-to-pussy, this time with her coarse, black, sparse pubic hair.

“It’s up to you, Davey,” she said, “but if I’m allowed to say, I’d like her to stay with us.”

I managed to get my eyes up to meet mom’s and then to meet Lee’s.

“I’m overwhelmed,” I said again.

Lee bent down and kissed me.

“It’s up to you,” she said.

Mom bent down and kissed me.

“It’s up to you,” she said.

And they returned to their seats.

I finished my coffee and went for a refill.

When I got back to the table, Lee was gone and mom was sitting there.

“Davey,” she said, and from the look on her face I knew her coffee had been spiked with her ever-present vodka bottle, “you know we didn’t plan last night, don’t you?”

I smiled and said, “Yes,” as I reached across the table for the bottle and poured myself a shot into my coffee.

Yeah, I grimaced at the taste.

“But it happened, Davey, and I don’t regret it,” she said, reaching over and touching my hand.

When I didn’t say anything she went on.

“You felt it too, didn’t you?” she asked, “how perfectly we matched.”

I smiled and said, “yes.”

“I am yours,” she said simply, “I’ll never find anyone like you.”

I didn’t have anything to say to that.

“But Davey,” she said, pausing for another drink from her fortified coffee, “Lee has been very good to me and I’d like her to stay.”

Finally, I spoke.

“With us?” I asked.

She smiled then, a big, real smile, shading into a grin that didn’t quite reach her eyes.

She covered my hand with hers and said, “it’s a big bed, honey, why don’t you try it out?”

I suppose I was being naive. Okay, I was being stupidly yalova escort naive, but I said, “huh?”

She giggled at that, that delightfully high-pitched giggle that made her sound like a schoolgirl.

“Finish your coffee, honey,” she said, “and try her. I’m going to shower now.”

I watched as she walked away, finding the round bruises on her ass to be oddly sexy. And I thought she put some extra swing into her hips as she walked away.

So I finished my coffee, feeling a slight buzz as the vodka took hold, stood, and walked into the bedroom.

She was waiting for me and I realized I had seen that pose before. She was in the same position as Marilyn Monroe was, famously, in the first edition of Playboy Magazine. She was on her right side, her right arm stretched out over the pillow, her right leg straight, toes pointed, with her left leg bent at the hip and the knee, showing her ass nicely but completely hiding her pussy in the fashion of 1950s skin magazines. Her body was twisted at the waist, her left arm stretched over the other pillow, and her breasts proudly displayed.

All of that was nice but it was the smile on her face that got to me. It was pure sexual invitation.

Okay, I stopped and stared.

“I won’t say ‘no,’ Davey,” she said, her voice throaty, husky, and soft.

And I knew, on that same sort of instinctive level, what to say.

“Don’t move,” I said, moving around the bed, looking, liking the way her eyes followed me.

Finally I just lightly caressed the line of her ass, firm and round.

“I think you need what you were giving mom when I walked in last night,” I said.

She sort of moaned.

“Or are you going to start saying ‘no’ already?” I asked.

She held out her arms but I stepped back, waggled my finger, and said, “nuh-uh, not until after your spanking.”

I left the bedroom. In the dining room, mom was drinking coffee again. She looked up and said, “what did you decide.”

I chuckled, picked up one of the chairs, said, “the jury’s still out,” and went into the front room where I put the chair on the floor right where it had been when I walked in last night.

She followed in a few seconds, cup and bottle in hand, eyes a little shiny, and sat on the couch.

I sat in the chair and waited.

Mom lit one of her Kools, gave me a twisted smile, poured a strong shot into her coffee, and leaned back, her knees parted enough to show me her pussy.

We waited.

It was one of those timeless moments as we waited, mom smoking and drinking, me just peeking. I really don’t know how long passed. A few minutes certainly, but sometime just set a timer and stand quietly for one minute while someone else times it to get some idea of how time can stop. It was THAT kind of moment.

I heard the bathroom door close and waited again.

When Lee walked in it was obvious she had spent her time in the bathroom doing something other than peeing and pooping. Her hair was carefully styled and her makeup was perfect. She looked very good as she walked in, head high, back straight, naked as the day she was born.

She walked to me, absolutely yalova escort bayan silent on her bare feet, stood at the right of my chair for a few seconds, met my eyes and then mom’s for a long second before slowly bending and accepting the classic over-the-knees position across my lap.

I met mom’s eyes across Lee’s body and saw her lick her lips, take a drink, and light another cigarette. Her hands were trembling.

The ass under my hand was smooth and firm and toned. An athlete’s ass, like the rest of her body. I knew she swam miles a day and it showed in the tone of her body.

The spanking lingered, and I enjoyed it. I liked it all. I liked the feel of my hand on her skin. I liked the color I brought. I smiled at her tears and the shuddering of her body as she cried. Hell, I liked that I was making her cry, and that kind of frightened me on some level.

She almost got away when she came. My hand between her shoulder blades almost lost purchase as she squirmed, her body porpoising, legs kicking, screaming her release. But I hung on and entwined my fingers in her hair, making her cry out with a fresh indignity.

I kept her going through three more orgasms, each more powerful than the last until she was simply limp across my knees.

When she had herself back under control, at least to the point of not bawling, I gave one final pat on her ass and said, “good girl, now grab me a Coke please.”

She stood, a bit unsteadily, and walked, also a bit unsteadily, to the kitchen.

“Make it a beer,” I called after her.

I had been focused so tightly on Lee and her ass that I was surprised when I looked up and realized that mom was masturbating. She stopped when our eyes met, and I said, “oh no, don’t stop.”

I watched her as Lee brought my beer and stood beside me with it.

So we watched together as mom finished with a soft cry. That was the first time I ever saw her cumface, that strange rictus of pleasure and pain chasing each other across her face as her mouth was open wide in a silent scream of release.

I stood, feeling my oats I suppose, suffused with the new power I was feeling, and held out my hands.

“It’s a big bed,” I said, smiling, feeling that power in my erection, “let’s try it out.”

That first weekend of my new life was an orgy.

I had Lee first, with my mother laying beside us. She was different from mom, none of that perfect match. Rather, when I took her she was loose and sloppy, with almost no friction until she squeezed with an amazingly strong set of vaginal muscles. Mom was drinking and smoking and masturbating again as I took what I wanted, slowly, making it linger, enjoying Lee and enjoying being watched as I had her.

I kissed her, a snot-slick, salty kiss from the way she had been crying. I laid back and took mom’s cigarette, inhaling, coughing, and getting that nicotine rush that would be my constant companion for the next 35 years.

I relaxed, wallowing in the power I was feeling. And I was FULL of power. The two women in my life were lightly tickling my body.

We laid like that for a few minutes before I felt mom start escort yalova kissing down my body. I was soft. Hell, I was 18 but not superman. But when she took me into her mouth, sucking gently, my body responded and she brought me erect.

When she swung her leg over and impaled herself, cowgirl style, there was the perfect match again. The perfect merging of our bodies.

She grinned at Lee and said, “show him what else we like.”

I was surprised when Lee climbed around until her pussy was right over my face. It was dripping my semen as she slowly lowered herself.

And it seemed natural, somehow, to open my mouth and accept as she settled onto my face. The taste of my semen was salty and oily, and it mixed with her taste. I was instantly addicted and my tongue seemed like an independent thing, probing, tasting, seeking more.

Mom was rocking her hips, her coarse public hair scratchy against me. Lee started too, matching mom’s rhythm, that thick curly hair soft against my face. When I started to reach up, Lee adjusted her position, trapping my wrists under her knees. I tried to yell. That hurt. But I was unable to move. Well, except for the pain in my wrists, I didn’t want to move.

Lee came, suddenly, and it felt like I was being waterboarded. Her release filled my mouth until it overflowed, and when I tried to cough I felt it suddenly running out my nose.

I felt the tension leave her and she settled onto me.

I couldn’t breathe.

Mom’s rhythm was speeding up, I could feel the tension building.

I couldn’t breathe.

Lee’s body was almost limp she was so relaxed.

I was starting to panic, well, my body was starting to panic, from lack of oxygen. I started thrashing around, trying to get a breath.

That’s when I felt mom cum and I was right there with her.

Jesus, it felt like my whole body was running out of my cock. It wasn’t an ejaculation like any I had experienced before. There were none of the hard muscular contractions to pump my seed deep into a woman’s womb. I was flowing, not pumping, like that instant when an ejaculation starts.

And it kept going.

Right up until I lost consciousness.

I woke, well, maybe the better description would be, “I came too,” to the feeling of fingertips tickling me.

“Thank you, baby,” mom said, kissing me softly as Lee’s fingers tickled.

I drew breath to say something like, “no, thank you,” but Lee’s mouth covered mine.

When she broke the kiss mom covered my mouth with hers. This time Lee pinched my nose shut. When I breathed in mom breathed out and when I breathed out, mom breathed in.

We shared that breath until the oxygen was used up.

When mom broke the kiss, gasping a deep breath, Lee took over, her mouth covering mine, and we shared her breath until, again, the oxygen was used up.

“Now THAT,” mom said, and the smile on her face was different than any look on her face I had ever seen before, “is intimacy.”

She giggled softly and said, “Lee, honey, get my son a beer please.”

As we watched her leave the bedroom, her pretty ass swinging nicely, mom turned to me and caught my face between her palms, her eyes locked on mine.

“Well, Man of the House,” she said, and her intonation made the capitalization obvious, “what is your decision? May Lee stay?”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah,” I said.

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