Mom and son go doctor part 2


Mom and son go doctor part 2Diane laid back, staring at the ceiling. Doctor Hamsley took hold of a remote that was connected to the table by a thick cord. “I’m sorry Diane, let me make things more comfortable for you.” A beep later and the whole table was moving, morphing into a different form as Diane slid her body to accommodate it. She was now reclining as if at the dentist, but still mostly on her back. Dr. Linda motioned to Jimmy. “We need to prep you.” She hooked up a blood pressure cuff onto his arm, wrapping it tightly. She wheeled a machine over and connected several electrodes over Jimmy’s chest and back. She checked the machine and clicked several buttons. Lines and numbers ran across the various monitors. “There, we’re good to go. Jimmy, are you ready to start now?” He swallowed. “About as ready as I’ll ever be, I-I guess.” “Come up here, Jimmy,” she motioned with her arm as she stood at the front of the table. Dr. Linda put a hand on either side of his body, guiding him between his mother’s thighs. “OK Jimmy, don’t be afraid, I’ll help you. Just walk up this little staircase — very good! — and now let me take a look.” With little warning she encircled his stiffness with her gloved hand. She pulled the foreskin back, examining him. Diane looked on in curiosity. This was her first up close view of her son’s blossoming boyhood. His testicles hung low. There was little hair, although she noted a clump of whisps that were thicker and more widespread than it appeared at first glance. She watched as Dr. Linda massaged her son’s balls, as if checking for something, but Diane wondered if she lingered there longer than necessary. Jimmy’s face was remarkably calm as he stared ahead, as if in a dream world. She felt the heat between her legs rising up into her stomach. This was too much. Dr. Linda bent Jimmy over very gently while simultaneously pushing him forward ever so carefully. “That’s right, just climb right up there, lay on top of your mother, just like that…very good Jimmy! See, everything is fine. There was no reason to worry. I think you’re going to enjoy this.” Dr. Linda leaned forward herself and snaked her hand between Jimmy’s legs. She gently handled Jimmy’s four incher and delicately tugged it towards his mother’s now sopping pussy. She looked down at Diane and met her eyes and then rubbed Jimmy’s cock head up and down the length of her exposed womanhood. She put her left hand on Jimmy’s bare ass and gingerly pushed him forward, surrounding his whole penis with the insides of his mother. Linda looked over at Diane again and saw a face of mixed emotions. Diane spoke to her son, trying to guide him in this new, unknown experience. “OK honey, now just raise yourself up…no, use your hips…yes, just like that…now go back in, there we go, you’re getting the hang of it.” Jimmy did as he was instructed. He didn’t like not knowing what to do in front of these two older women but he wanted to show them that he could learn quickly and that he was more mature than they thought. “Like this mom?” he panted in between breaths as he pivoted his hips into her’s. “Yeah…sweetie…just like that.” Jimmy noticed a different tone in his mother’s voice. Every now and then he would meet her eyes. They were starting to get watery now. “How does it feel, sweetie?” Diane asked her boy. Jimmy tilted his head to speak. “Mom, you feel really good. I’ve…never felt anything like this before…” Dr. Linda took out a small plastic cup and spoke. “OK Jimmy, just continue this motion you’re doing and remember, when you have to ejaculate you must pull out and try to push out as much semen into this cup as you can…OK Jimmy? This is very important.” Jimmy lurched forward again, cradling his head between his mother’s clothed breasts as his sensitive member was deeply inside a place no son should ever be. “I got it, Linda,” he rasped. An obscene, wet slapping sound filled the small office. Its source was unmistakable. The good Doctor looked down upon the scene and noticed Diane was breathing more heavily than her virgin son. “Are you OK Mom?” she spoke in a suggestive tone and with a sideways smile. “Yeah, I’m fine Doctor…how much longer until you have your tests done?” Diane was starting to break a sweat on her forehead. “Well, little Jimmy here is pretty young. Just a few more minutes and we’ll be good to go, I’m sure.” Diane was beginning to feel guilty about how much she was enjoying this. Jimmy was making love — no, fucking her, she told herself, in a very mechanical, methodical manner. Linda’s eyes were on her naked tummy and pussy, making it all the weirder. She tried to hold back her building pleasure as she forced her thoughts elsewhere. She began thinking about all the dishes she left in the sink and how much work she still had to do around the kitchen tonight before bed. No matter how hard she tried not to think about her son’s young dick in her pussy, her orgasm kept building. It has been months — no, years — since the last time her husband was able to make her feel this horny, this wanted, this hot. She knew she was a squirter if her orgasm was electric enough. It would be impossible for her to cover it up because her cum would start spewing out all over her son and all over the examination table. She felt like she needed Jimmy to cum first at all costs. It was one thing to strip away the barriers between mother and son and make love with her own c***d but it was a whole new level of embarrassment to reveal how much she was enjoying it to the world. A long period of time had gone by. Diane was beginning to feel a scintillating pleasure go up and down her clitoris, going deep into her body. “Jimmy, honey, can you feel your cum?” a flustered Diane asked of her son, a question which she never imagined escaping her lips as long as she lived. “Um…maybe. I’m not sure. I feel something deep down in me but…” Dr. Linda seemed slightly concerned. “Jimmy, have you ever ejaculated before? Do you know what it feels like before it happens?” Jimmy moaned dreamily and Linda seemed satisfied that was a “yes.” Meanwhile, Diane couldn’t believe how good this was, nor how long her son was lasting for his very first time. Her arms were around her son’s back, gently pulling him into her. Both moaned into each other occasionally. Linda, when not enjoying the show, would glance at the monitor to ensure all was well. “Jimmy, sweetie, could you maybe speed it up a little bit? Dr. Linda needs to complete her tests after all…” It sounded good to her at first but she shortly realized how detrimental this would be to her plan. Jimmy sped up his fucking and Diane hissed at the onslaught. The Doctor watched on, seeming to understand that Diane’s orgasm was just underneath the surface. Linda grinned and spoke again as she read the machine, “OK, his blood pressure is highly elevated. It looks like everything is within normal ranges for a person having sex. How are you doing, Jimmy? Do you think you’re ready to cum — uh, I mean, ejaculate, yet?” Jimmy was breathless by now. Sweat was running down his back and his balls were feeling tight. “I guess so, I can definitely feel it…” Diane was a little bit relieved that her son was obviously getting closer to his release but she had a bigger problem. Her orgasm was in a race with Jimmy’s and his quicker fucking hasn’t helped him cum as quickly as she thought it would. If anything his quicker motions were making his body rub against her clitoris more and more. Each stroke felt like a bolt of lightning. Diane’s view was twirling. It felt like she was falling. She grabbed the clumped paper underneath her with both fists as she craned her head back and stared into the kaynarca escort bright lights embedded in the ceiling. It was too late. Her body could no longer hold off her true feelings. Her pussy started vibrating as an earth shattering orgasm rippled through her body. Her pussy started spewing cum onto Jimmy’s young cock and stomach. Her juices were splattering all over the floor and paper as her shapely hips bucked upwards. Dr. Linda had never seen this before and could only utter an “Oh my…” Diane started gasping as her jaw dropped as she moaned breathlessly. “I’m sorry honey, I’m sorry Dr. Hamsley!” Linda assured her, “That’s OK Mom, this makes the test even more worthwhile. It’s important that you keep up the rhythm Jimmy, make sure not to stop.” Jimmy was in a different world. His sensitive dick was balls deep in his own mother and her pussy was grabbing him tightly. He looked down and took in the sight of his sexy mother. He had never dreamed a feeling like this was possible. He felt something deep inside him twitch and become bothered. He knew he needed to say something. “Oooh Mom, I think I feel something…oh yeah Mom, I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!” The young boy’s hips began to hump up against his mother’s even faster. Both were fucking into each other sloppily. Diane’s scared eyes met Linda’s. “Dr. Linda! Help me!” Linda was already working as she raced behind Diane’s son and hooked her arms around his waist to slow him down before it was too late. His hips were instinctively jutting forward. It was difficult to get control of him, as if he was a young bull. It was obvious the boy didn’t want to pull out but she was able to slowly root out Jimmy’s slippery cock. She held the young boy in her grip, holding him just above his mother’s vulnerable pussy. He desperately wanted to go inside her one last time. Dr. Linda reached out to the counter for the plastic cup while gripping Jimmy’s pelvis. Diane couldn’t believe this was happening. She was still convulsing, her legs twitching deliciously as she rode her orgasm to completion and the lewd sight of her son’s purple, slimy dick made it all the more satisfying. Dr. Linda awkwardly grabbed Diane’s son’s young, glistening prick and pointed it near the edge of the plastic cup but he started spewing ropes of cum before she could quite steady it. His cum started flying through the air with no control. The first glob landed on his mother’s inner thigh, then several long, thick streams splashed right between her pussy lips. Linda finally managed to control his flexing dick and guided the last half of his load to the bottom of the cup. Dr. Linda’s gloved hand was stroking his member into the cup, trying to milk him to completion. As Jimmy’s orgasmic moaning subsided she pulled him off his mother. Dr. Linda spoke loudly as she went to a cabinet. “I’m so sorry Diane, we have to clean up his cum before some gets in you. Just stay in that position. Whatever you do don’t move. Just relax.” She ran to the drawer and pulled out some spermicidal jelly. She sat in between Diane’s spread legs and, with a tissue, began sopping up Jimmy’s thick semen off of her pussy and pubes. Dr. Linda stretched her pussy lips with her left hand and went in deep with her finger to drag out the sperm that seeped in deeper. After she got the worst of it she spread the spermicidal jelly inside of her while Diane’s legs were shaking and her tummy was going up and down because of her panicked breathing. A few minutes later Dr. Linda got up and looked down at Diane. “OK, all cleaned up. That was an unexpected glitch in the program but no worries, none of it got inside you,” she lied. Diane responded happily, “Oh thank god Doctor! I really started worrying there for a little bit. You’re so good at what you do. I don’t know how to repay you.” She got up and started pulling her panties up her legs. She grabbed some tissues and walked over to Jimmy. She started wiping off his half hard penis which was wet from both of their juices. “You OK honey? That wasn’t that bad was it?” She spoke as if he just received a shot as opposed to losing his virginity. Jimmy was sitting there enjoying his mom’s massage on his cock and balls. Diane spoke to him again. “Wake up silly, are you OK?” Jimmy snapped out of his trance and finally responded. “Yeah Mom I’m good. It wasn’t bad, no…” Dr. Hamsley chimed in, “Both of you performed excellently. We’ll have the results of Jimmy’s test by tomorrow afternoon. You guys take your time to get cleaned up and come see me again tomorrow at 2:30 PM. Have a nice day.” With a wink and the flash of a smile she left the room like nothing had happened. Diane put on her skirt and adjusted her top. She helped Jimmy dress up. Neither one spoke. She felt the stickiness of where her son’s semen had been between her thighs. They hurried down the long corridor and headed toward the parking garage. Diane’s cheeks burned. It felt as if everyone knew what they had done. On the ride home half of Diane’s thoughts were on her son’s possible illness. The other half was her shame of how she couldn’t hold back her excitement during their fucking. Jimmy finally broke the silence. “Did I do something wrong, Mom?” Diane answered quickly, “No honey, you did great.” “I’m sorry I got my stuff on you.” “There’s nothing to be sorry about sweetie. That’s…well, that’s just what men do. You can’t help that.” There was an awkward silence that needed to be filled. “So what about you, baby? What did you think of your first time?” she asked her son. He sheepishly answered, “It was fine…but, what was all that stuff that came out of your…you know.” “Well honey, that’s what happens to some women when she’s having sex and she enjoys it and she orgasms, just like you did today. You can’t help where it goes, right?” This piqued Jimmy’s curiosity. “How come I’ve never seen that happen in my movies? You just see the guy finish. Like I did.” Diane responded too quickly without thinking. “Because the girls in the porn are acting.” She realized what she said now. “So that means you enjoyed it, Mom?” “Well, that’s what I wanted to speak to you about. I told your dad about what we would be doing at the doctor’s so he knows all about this. I don’t think he will, but if he asks you don’t tell him anything that happened. Don’t tell him that I came. Don’t tell him I made a mess. Don’t tell him how long it took. Tell him it took just a minute or two. OK honey?” Jimmy was finally understanding what she was telling him. “OK Mom. No problem. I got your back.” He felt happy that his mother enjoyed it as much as he did. It made him feel less embarrassed. After they got home Diane cooked a nice dinner which everyone sat through in silence pretty much. Lisa barely ever talked at the table but even she felt like breaking the silence. “Everyone OK tonight? Why are you all so quiet.” Brian finally spoke. “I’m just a little tired honey, I’m going to bed.” Brian got up, walked over to his two k**s and kissed them each on the forehead. Soon after Lisa cleaned up the kitchen Diane went to bed herself. She tip toed into the bedroom hoping to avoid the conversation with her husband about what happened in Dr. Linda’s office but he was awake waiting for her. “So, is Jimmy going to be OK?” Diane was a bit startled but relieved his first question wasn’t about their coupling. “I think so by the way Dr. Hamsley was talking he should be just fine, but we’ll find out for sure tomorrow. I have to take him down there again.” Brian was shocked. “AGAIN? Honey we can’t continue this, this is completely crazy…” Diane interrupted him. “No, it’s not what you think, we’re going down there just for a checkup he wont have orhanlı escort to do it to me again.” Brian sighed with relief. “So how was it?” Diane turned her back to Brian “How was what?” “You know, how was it? Were you two nervous? How long did he last? I mean what happened? Tell me the gory details.” “He was a little bit nervous because at first he couldn’t get hard because the doctor was there, so then she left for a few minutes and then he was fine.” Her husband wasn’t satisfied. “What do you mean, he was fine?” She didn’t want to continue this conversation. He sounded jealous. “How can you ask me that question, you know Brian, I don’t really like your tone…” Brian felt she was right so he snuggled up to her and laid his chin on her shoulder. “I’m sorry honey, I was just a little bit worried. You’re right.” “Look, here’s what happened if you really want to know. He only lasted about a minute or two. And then he came into the cup which Dr. Hamsley used for testing. That’s all. It wasn’t even a big deal.” Brian laughed. “The little guy was quick huh? Yep that’s how I was at that age. OK honey, I’m sorry, I’m glad it all worked out for the best. Make sure to call me right away and tell me the results when you go there tomorrow, OK?” Diane turned around and kissed him on the lips “OK sweetie, good night.” The next day Diane got back home from dropping her k**s off and the telephone rang. It was a nurse from Dr. Hamsley’s office. “Hello Mrs. Adams, I’m just calling to confirm that you and your son have another appointment today at 2:30.” Diane was a little off put. “Yeah, it’s just for my son though.” The nurse corrected her, “No, I’m sorry but Dr. Hamsley was a little bit concerned about the test results and she says you guys need to come back and repeat your session again. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.” Diane spoke in a defeated tone. “No, no, I completely understand, thank you for notifying me and we’ll see you at 2:30 today.” She hung up. Her heart was racing. Do the nurses know that she fucked her own son? Is it in a file somewhere? She started to panic but eventually decided not to tell her husband. At 2 o’clock she picked Jimmy up from school early and took off toward the doctor’s office. “You have a good time at school honey?” she asked as she kissed him on the forehead. “Not bad, Mom.” They drove in silence for a while then Diane cleared her throat. “Honey, the doctor’s office called today and I’m sorry but we’re going to have to repeat our session today again.” Jimmy tried to not sound happy. “What do you mean Mom, what’s the problem?” “Well apparently the doctor found some unsatisfactory results and she needs us to…we,, have sex again and test you once more.” Jimmy was a little bit concerned about his health, but his thoughts were focused elsewhere. He was becoming very comfortable talking about sex with his mom. He kept glancing over at her legs which were barely covered by her black skirt. He looked at her face. His mom had a beautiful face, he thought. Her perfume intoxicated him. Diane noticed his glancing and asked with a chuckle. “What, what is it?” Jimmy answered, “Nothing mom, I just think you’re beautiful is all.” Diane smiled nervously, not saying anything back. “Mom, will you give me a blowjob?” he asked with no warning. Diane dropped her jaw in shock. “What? How dare you ask me that? Who taught you what a blowjob is?” “I’ve seen it in the porn, remember?” “Oh my god, you have to stop watching that. I mean it’s OK, but you’re looking at it too much It’s filling your head with crazy ideas.” She responded with half a smile. It wasn’t the porn. What she did the other day with him had awakened something in him. Jimmy wasn’t giving up. “Aww, why are you avoiding the subject Mom?” Diane didn’t know what to think. She was a little bit disappointed in herself. She wondered how gullible she was for participating in these “tests.” Still, she thought that if she got him really horny and hard he won’t last as long as he did last time. This way she won’t have another orgasm in front of the doctor today. She kept on driving while turning these ideas over in her head. Jimmy asked again, “Come on, Mom, just this once, I’d really like to see what it’s like, all the guys in school talk about how great it is. It’s not that big of a deal for you after what we did yesterday, is it?” Diane glared at him in the mirror. “OK, fine. I don’t know why you want it so much. You know it won’t be as good as the other day, right? Anyway, you had better not tell your father, he’ll kill us both…you understand?” Jimmy was nearly jumping for joy against his seatbelt. “Awesome! You’re the best Mom ever! I love you so much! And of course I won’t tell Dad, I promise. Mom, you won’t regret this.” She took a right turn to go into the parking garage, grabbed a parking ticket and drove inside. She was looking for a quiet dark spot somewhere in the corner. She drove all the way down to the end to a spot where there were no cars. She parked the car and turned to Jimmy. “OK Mr., these are the rules. One, you can’t tell anyone about any of this, two, touch my hair or my head and we’re done, three, you just sit there quietly, four, as a matter of fact, just keep your hands to yourself, and five, only break your silence to let me know when you have to, um, cum. Got that?” Jimmy nodded. “OK now, pull your jeans down for me.” Diane reached over and pulled her son’s seat back so he was reclining. Jimmy unbuttoned his pants and lifted his ass up off the seat and pulled his boxers and jeans down in one swift move. His already mostly erect dick sprang out. “OK honey, now just relax and enjoy yourself,” she said as she unfastened her seat belt. She carefully grabbed his hard cock by the base and pulled his skin back to reveal his super sensitive head. She bent over the gear shifter and pulled her hair to the left so he could see her. She kind of surprised herself by doing that as much as she surprised her son. She kissed his tip and then licked the head like it was a lollipop. Her lips wrapped around his bare head as she took more of his length into her mouth. She was never interested in being able to deep throat a man but her son was smaller than a grown man. She wondered if she could actually do it with him. She wanted to try just to see. She kept going further and further down his slippery shaft until his cockhead hit the back of her throat. She choked and coughed a little. “You OK Mom?” “Yeah, I’m fine honey,” she said as she pulled one of his nearly invisible pubes off her tongue. She wanted to just do her normal thing now. She grabbed his cock again but this time licked the length of his shaft up and down to his balls. She glanced up at her son and met his seemingly innocent eyes. Diane swallowed his cock again and started bobbing her head slowly. Sucking sounds echoed through the car as she sped up her bobbing. Jimmy’s hand found its way down to her right breast. His horniness made him brave as he grabbed his mother’s tit and started massaging it through the soft material. Diane said nothing as she kept blowing him. “Mom, can you please let me see your tits?” Diane rolled her eyes as she raised up off him.. “I told you not to talk. Or to touch me.” As soon as she finished saying this she took her shirt off and unclasped her bra in the back and threw it onto the back seat. She got back to his needy cock and began sucking on him again. Jimmy grabbed her now naked breast and started pinching her nipple. Diane let out a small moan as she sped up her bobbing. She used her other hand to knead his testicles. She was careful, understanding these were the family jewels, but it obviously drove him wild. “Oooh tepeören escort mom, I feel something…” She continued to bob up and down, but slower and more focused. He continues to massage her breast in his hand. Suddenly, his hips began to move upwards to meet her mouth. Once she saw that Diane stopped and lifted her head and tightly held the base of his boyhood for several seconds. “OK, great sweetie, pull your boxers and jeans back up. We’re done.” “B-but Mom! I need to cum so bad! Please, just a little more and then…” “Jimmy. We’re done. Don’t worry, you’ll get relief in Dr. Linda’s office. Now pull your pants up and let’s go.” Diane adjusted her bra before putting her shirt back on and grabbing her purse. She dragged him out of the car by his hand and started running towards the elevator, her heels clicking and echoing through the dark garage. She felt the familiar slipperiness between her thighs. Sucking on her own son’s dick had made her incredibly horny. As she sat in the waiting room she uncomfortably rubbed her legs together, wishing the aching in her belly would go away. She glanced over and noted that Jimmy was also jittery. She had obviously disturbed his semen and made him equally uncomfortable. She hoped this would mean the testing wouldn’t take as long as the other day. As the minutes ticked by Diane found herself u*********sly rubbing at her clit through her pants, her purse hiding the obscene act from anyone who may have been watching. She felt that rising heat, that electric feeling arcing across her skin. She feverishly imagined her son kneeling before her spread legs and feasting on her pussy. Yes, that’s what she needed. She needed her clitoris sucked and swallowed and worshipped. Her husband was useless in bed. Her son was eager to show her how much he could do. No. What was she thinking? Her horny, fog filled mind was conjuring up terrible images and rebelling against her normal, down to earth self. She needed to come back to reality. She had a great idea. She should go into the bathroom and finger herself before she went completely mad. But before she could excuse herself Dr. Linda Hamsley appeared and beckoned them into the long corridor. As they undressed in her office Dr. Linda noted that mother and son were both ready and eager to fuck. Jimmy, in particular, seemed a different person. He was almost strutting. He had a swagger to him. Instead of a scared little boy he proudly displayed his rigid dick and fit young body to both his mother and his alluring doctor. Diane, meanwhile, was hoping this could be over as quickly as possible. Dr. Linda took out her instruments and put them on Jimmy’s right arm, chest, and back. Jimmy held his head high and proud as the doctor performed her duties. Meanwhile, Diane took her position on the papered examination bed and reluctantly spread her legs. She felt less embarrassment than before but she didn’t want to show either Jimmy or Linda how much she needed to cum. She just wanted to do the test and leave. If she was able to get home, she thought, she could take a shower, wash away these bizarre two days, and then use the shower head to make these otherworldly feelings melt away. Jimmy confidently climbed up the stair case and sensually molded his form against his mother’s. He teased her by sliding his hips to and fro before finally finding the hole where he entered the world and slid in with a sigh of relief. After an initial pause he started pumping away as their pelvises slapped against each other with obvious need. Dr. Hamsley stayed quiet and watched the monitors. About five minutes into the test Diane’s pussy started spasming. Her clitoris was on fire. There was little direct stimulation but every once in awhile Jimmy would absent mindedly rub against it. She got nervous as her fists clenched from creeping pleasure. She was rolling her ass against the paper and visibly humping up to meet her son’s thrusts, trying to get more. She didn’t want to embarrass herself again and make a mess on her son’s cock and Linda’s table but she was losing control. She just blurted out, “Dr. Hamsley, I need some help.” She barely put the sentence together in between gasping breaths. Dr. Hamsley got off her stool and crouched next to Diane, concerned. “What is it Mom, are you OK?” Diane tried to whisper, she didn’t want her son to hear this. “Linda, this is taking way too long, and i-i-it’s just wrong, we need to help…uh, stimulate Jimmy as quickly as we can so he can finish sooner. I can’t be fucked by my son for 20 minutes a second day in a row. Please.” Linda nodded her head. She sympathized. She didn’t want her patient to be in this position. “Diane I agree, he does go for a very long time considering his age. But what do you want me to do?” Diane was desperate. But one idea came to the forefront. “He told me he loves to watch girl on girl porn. I was wondering…if you wanted to do something like make out with me so he can see it. I know it’s gross. But please. Just this once.” Diane struggled to talk as she felt her orgasm building faster and faster. Dr. Linda wanted to help her friend. She placed her hands on Diane’s shoulder’s and bent over, smiling, “Sure honey, anything for you” and kissed her fully on the lips. Jimmy’s eyes were as large as saucers. He was fucking his mom while she was making out with their hot doctor. Linda kept kissing Diane passionately, their tongues and lips smacking together obscenely. She went lower and started licking Diane’s chin. Then to their surprise Dr. Linda pulled her white robe up to reveal her black panties. She pulled them down in one swift motion and kicked them to the side. She grabbed Diane’s right hand and pulled it into the swamp between her legs. Diane couldn’t believe how wet Dr. Hamsley really was. This whole time she found her son pounding away at her sexy and appealing. Linda started to moan as she pulled up Diane’s shirt, exposing her mature but still firm tits. The two forty something women were really putting on a show for their young patient. Dr. Linda bent down and took one of his mother’s nipples in her mouth and started sucking it hungrily. As Dr. Linda bent over Diane Jimmy peered right at her dark pussy, hairier than his mother’s. He paused for a moment. Normally he would have an overwhelming desire to insert himself into this beautiful woman hovering close by. But he was already deep in his mother. He began to piston in and out of his mother’s pussy again, nearly out of control with lust. This was all way too much for his poor mother. She could no longer fight it. Her body went stiff as her ass rose off the papered bed in a shaking, staggering motion, her legs folded tightly around her son’s back for the first time. The ecstasy washed through her body and stars exploded behind her eyes as she began involuntarily squirting all over her son’s rock hard cock and onto Linda’s papered bed. “Fuck me baby!” shouted Diane, no longer caring about keeping up appearances. “Call me mommy!” she barked deeply, her arms circling her son’s body in a deep hug. Jimmy was barely able to respond. “I love you mommy!” he whimpered into her jiggling bosom. Seeing Dr. Linda and his own mother go at it had brought him to the brink. Now that his mother’s insides were grabbing and pulling at his sensitive stiffness he was going over the edge. His hips were bucking erratically. He was groaning and hissing, his mouth open. His eyes rolled up into his head as he felt his balls begin to jump between his legs. “Oh mommy! You feel so good! I-I can’t stop!” The two women looked down helplessly as Jimmy’s back arched as he filled up his mother’s pussy with his young, virile semen. “Mommy! Mommy! Oh yes!” he shouted with adulation as he emptied his thick, pent up load into his mother’s vulnerable garden. The cup was sitting on the nearby desk. It may as well been a mile away. Mommy felt every pulse. She sensed the warmness seeping down into her..

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