Mom and the Rude Optician! Part 2.


Mom and the Rude Optician! Part 2.A couple of years later, this incident happened.I used to go shopping with my stepmother who I called Mum, as she needed help to carry the bags, as the shopping centre was only a short walk away and Mum saw no need for the car. One day, before shopping, she came downstairs all dressed up, in a black leather miniskirt and flimsy blouse, her hair newly done and wearing the black leather thong sandals I’d just bought her for her Birthday. Her toes were newly painted all tarty red, and she wore an ankle chain and toe rings. “Do I look okay Bob?” she asked.She looked so sexy and I said, “Yes, Mum.But why are you dressed up like this?” She smiled.”I just felt like, that’s all!” As we walked through the high street she was getting looks and comments from men, and even a woman who served us in the shop. Mum bought many things, including new make up stuff. We stopped for a rest, sitting on a bench and Mum took out the bananas and chocolate spray mousse she’d bought. Mum was looking around at the men, smiling at the wolf whistles she got. She peeled her banana and as she sprayed chocolate mousse on the end, she casually told me she had to see Mr Miller the optician today. There was a big blob of chocolate on the end of her banana, and she explained she had run up a bill again to him. She said she needed better spectacles, she wanted gold rimmed ones. The horror of what Mr Miller had done to her before all came back to me. I sat nervous, my stomach tensing up in jealousy but my dick growing erect. She said he would probably charge extra for the gold rimmed ones. She looked at me as she daintily tickled her tongue into the chocolate. My dick was throbbing, but I said how I hated him and she shouldn’t go there. She told me I was being silly, he was a nice man and very understanding about her bills to him. Mum was dangling her sandal from her foot, teasing some rough workmen who sat across from us. They stared at her as she licked more chocolate suggestively from the banana. I was going red in embarrassment, and I wanted to get out of there. The workmen laughed as we left, staring at Mum’s bum in her tight miniskirt, and calling out, “Hey love, you can lick our bananas any time!” Mum giggled and I flushed hotter! Mum had no bra on, and I saw her nipples were up and erect as we walked away.The optician had the closed sign up as we got there, and I was relieved. Nothing would happen, at least not today. Mum rang the bell, and that bossy cheeky receptionist answered, letting us in and saying sharply, “Come on we’ve been waiting for you!”I couldn’t believe I was there again, sitting next to Mum in Mr Miller’s office. Across his desk he sat and lectured at us. He was the same arrogant patronising bastard as always, wagging his finger at us and telling Teresa off for being slow with his bills. Mum fluttered her eyelashes, telling him Dad was away working again and having money trouble. She said she really wanted her gold rimmed glasses, as she dropped off her sandals and put her bare feet up on his desk. The snooty, mealy mouthed, self righteous arse of an optician began tapping his pen on her sexy toes, lecturing to her as he did. “Please Mr Miller, perhaps we can come to some arrangement again!”, she simpered to him, adding, “Somehow.” “Well, perhaps.” He looked down his long stuck up toffee nose at her. “But you know it’s Extra Extra this time, don’t you?” As he said the word “Extra”, he jabbed his pen between her toes, twirling it in and out. It was obviously a sexual signal. She giggled.”Yes Sir, I understand!” She was sucking up to this big horrible bastard, in front of me, knowing I hated him. She told me to wait and not to worry, she needed to discuss business again with nice illegal bahis Mr Miller! She stroked my hair and kissed my cheek, and her tits rubbed my shoulder as she did. I felt her erect nipples rub me through her blouse. Oh, no, they were very hard and erect! “Mum, please don’t!” I blurted out, mumbling to her not to go in the other room with him, but she was already walking barefoot across the carpet and Mr Miller following her, with a big bulge in his pants. He directed her into a different room and the door locked behind them. Oh no, it was happening again!I didn’t want to see this time. I was still full of revulsion from last time, and there was no window in the door they’d passed through anyway. I was upset and angry, my reactions and shameful desires causing deep confusion and angst in me. What I wanted really was to punch Mr Miller, but I couldn’t. I went into the reception area. Nobody there but the receptionist, and the closed sign still up. She smirked at me, with her intercom quietly on again.Yes, there were little sounds of Mum’s voice coming from it. “Hoourgh! Ourgh!” “Everything all right, Bob?” Mz. B, the receptionist asked me. “Is your Mum being SEEN TO, then? We like to be professional here you know, Mr Miller enjoys dealing with your Mum! I do enjoy assisting him too! Don’t worry, I’m sure your Mum’s being well SEEN TO!” She plugged her thumb through her black fingers, in and out, gesturing at me as she said it! I was very red and humiliated, my scalp prickling in heat and embarrassment, and she raised her eyebrow at the bulge in my trousers. “If you are worried about Teresa, there is a back yard out there Bob. You can check on her if you like, as long as you don’t interfere with Mr Miller’s business with your Mum. He’s VERY professional you know!” Mz. B laughed in glee at me as she directed me through the corridor, and locked me out in the silent cramped yard. It was going dark, being Autumn, and there was an evergreen bush next to the window. I hid behind the bush and looked into the room he’d taken Teresa into, and I shuddered with horror and guilty curiosity. Mum was in the optician’s test chair, her skirt off and blouse wide open. Mr Miller stood in front of her, pants down, rubbing his huge veiny willy at her and giving her orders. “More, make them redder Teresa. Come on, now!” I saw then what she was doing. She had her new bright red lipstick, putting it on to her big red nipples! “This okay now, Sir?”, she asked meekly. He got between her legs again and shoved his great big dick right up her hairy juicy cunt, and resumed his fucking of my Mum. I watched, hating it but needing to wank as the arrogant optician shagged my Mom. Her bare feet with jewellery on stroked his big hairy backside and her toes wiggled in pleasure. She groaned, “Hugh! Hoogh! Ooogh!” Sometimes he would press himself on to her, and I saw her tit all red and excited, being squeezed out to the side by his chest, and smearing lipstick on to his pressed white shirt. He screwed my Mum hard in the test chair. PUMP! PUMP! PUMP! Suddenly Mz. B walked in to the room, grinning at them. She picked up Mum’s handbag and rooted through it. The two fucking in the chair carried on, not minding her. She pulled out Mum’s large make up brush, and with a smirk the black woman came and began tickling Teresa’s bare feet with it, teasing her into further sexual oblivion. The receptionist bossed Mum about and taunted her. “Take it like a good girl, Teresa!” She even began recording and photographing them with Mum’s mobile phone! Mum orgasmed. I could tell, the way she opened her mouth and shut her eyes. When she relaxed again, Mr Miller was approaching his vinegar strokes. He roughly grabbed her boobs, her red tit ends illegal bahis siteleri poking out between his fingers, and grunted. His dick throbbed, pulsating up my Mum’s hairy red slit and pumping out his thick invading spooge up inside her. Mum cooed to him, pretending to be shocked but smiling happily. Strangely, she sang a silly rhyme as the optician spunked her. “Dib dob doe! My big toe! Dirty doctor spanks me, rude optician balls me! My slit’s full of sperm!” I quivered, cringing in shame, and couldn’t stop myself shooting my own teased tormented sperm on to the bare concrete floor outside. I looked in on Mum as she rudely flaunted herself and willingly cuckolded me and Dad to pay the optician! I sank out of sight, to clean myself up and collect my shattered nerves. After a few minutes I heard the receptionist chiding Mum. I looked in again. Mz. B was sitting on a stool near the window, and Mum was stretched naked across her lap. Teresa’s bare bottom was facing the window, and she was giving little groans and yelps, because the black girl had poked Mum’s lipstick into her bum hole! The receptionist wiggled it about up Mum’s broad dark arsehole, often pulling my Mum’s bum cheeks apart to look at it. Mz. B knew I was there of course, and she looked right at me smiling to taunt me, while holding open Mum’s buttocks to make sure I saw it in there, throbbing as Mum twitched her brown hole! She waggled it about up Teresa’s bum, twisting the lipstick and tickled Mum’s beaver with her fingers. The receptionist then spanked Teresa for quite a while, her hand slapping down on the pale quivering cheeks. Mr Miller took more pics with Mum’s mobile phone and stroked his cock hard again.I feel back against the wall out of sight again. I could hardly believe it. However, there was worse to come. When I looked again, Mum was bending, touching her toes naked in the middle of the room. The optician stood with his belt in his hand. He pompously lectured her about the bill and her behaviour, and I clutched my dick in shame as Mum accepted and even counted out six whacks of the belt across her arse. Her voice quivered with each one. She rubbed her bottom afterward, clasping it as she straightened up, and he slowly wanked as she did. He was really large I could see now, maybe 9 or 10 inches, with a big knob end like a large plum. Soon six red lurid marks showed on Mum’s bum. Mr Miller ordered her to bend over again and spread her bottom for him. She flexed her asshole in and out as he took our tub of butter and smeared a small piece around his dick to lubricate it. I caught a glimpse of him putting his bulbous prick tip to her naughtiest hole, then she went “OOOOOOOOUUURRGH! You dirty man!” as it plumped into her creased starfish and shoved right up her bum! Mz. B stood nearby, arms folded and chiding Mum again. “Whoooo, ha haaa, Teresa! You Dirty Mom! Bum Bitch! Remember your video? The willy bum exercise? Do the willy bum!” They made Mum do squat thrusts on the floor, her bare feet going back and forth and her bum bobbing up and down, as Mr Miller took her anally. Her ankle chain shook around as her sexy body moved in rhythm. He slapped her ass and bossed her about as he took her asshole. “This is the Extra, Teresa, but it’s not the Extra Extra, you know that don’t you?” Mum nodded and agreed, as she did the willy bum exercise for the rude optician. “Yes! Yes, Sir! I understand! I’ll do what I must!” He sodomised her for some long minutes while I watched. I had a clearer view than last time. I could see the lipstick had been rubbed off her tits now, though her nipples were still as swollen and excited. She was getting tired with the exercise, I could see. I fell back into the yard again and hid in canlı bahis siteleri the dark. For a few minutes only his grunts and the receptionist’s mocking laughter were audible. Suddenly Mr Miller shouted nastily, “Right. NOW!”I looked in again and Mum was kneeling in front of him. She grasped his balls and his big horrible veiny cock throbbed at her. Oh, no! There was a great big blob of Mum’s own chocolate mousse, from her bag, on his big knob end! He went, “WOOOARGH!” in appreciation, as Mum took her tit to it, and squashed it on to her big excited nipple! She looked up at him in lust like a naughty nymph as she did it, exclaiming something dirty to him I didn’t catch. Then the other one too, as he groaned and called her names. “Dirty Girl! Do the Extra, Teresa, yes that’s right!” I couldn’t believe it. She just took his prick and went SPLAT! on her throbbing titties! Mum let one hand go down to her moist crotch, rubbing and squeezing her cunt in deep joy.The receptionist laughed out loud in glee to see Mum degrade herself like this, and ordered her, “Now lick lick, extra extra!” I panicked and said, “No! Oh, Mum, noooo!” Suddenly I realised Mum could see me. She looked out right into my eyes, as she plunged her tongue into the blob of mousse on his cock, tickling it in the chocolate, then clamped her mouth around his cock! “Mmmmmmmm!” she moaned, and she climaxed. Yes, my Mum climaxed as she let them do such filthy things to her. Prostituting herself like a common whore for the big arrogant weirdo pervert and doing the the dirty on me. “Woaarrgh, I’m comiing!” Mr Miller growled, and his Receptionist filmed again as Mum showed the lens his sponk pouring out on to her outstretched tongue. “Dirty bitch, dirty bitch, dirty bitch!” He grunted low and lustfully, his plum head pulsating on my Mum’s tongue and flooding it with his dirty self satisfied bollock juice! Mz. B then closed the curtains and it seemed to go quiet, but I heard the sink taps running as they cleaned up. The Receptionist opened the yard door and brought me in, I was shaking and my nerves so wrecked I couldn’t say much. They soon appeared, pretending nothing had happened. Mum praised Mr Miller glowingly for being so kind and letting her have her gold rimmed glasses, as they were such “Old friends!” I was going bright red again and again as Mum and I stood at the counter, with the Receptionist preparing the glasses and grinning at us. Mum put on fresh red lipstick as we waited, smacking her lips together. I’m sure she was watching my reaction, as I knew where it had been!Mz. B said it’s better if I didn’t tell anyone about Mum getting free spectacles here, or even that we’d been here today, as she was sure Dad wouldn’t like it and we didn’t want “things getting out” to the locals, or even my college friends for example. She repeated they were very “professional here.” She placed the glasses in a bag, along with something in a brown envelope.I said very little on the way home. I said nothing over the evening meal either. I wrote it all down in my diary, all I’d seen Mum do while prostituting herself to that twisted snooty pervert. I wanked to it for hours that night and the next. Then, at night on the third day following, on my bed I found my diary open on that page, the envelope with her lipstick from that day, and a note saying, “Here’s a reward for a good boy. Keep it all secret. We have to anyway, or they’ll send THIS to the neighbours or Dad’s bosses, and your college friends!” I exclaimed something in shock at that. I head Mum laugh in the next room. I opened the package. It was a German hardcore magazine. The title translated roughly as “DIRTY MOMS!” “SPECIAL CUCKOLD ISSUE – TERESA!”There she was, all glammed up and topless on the cover, flanked by two guys. They were my old bullies from college! On the reverse, she was pulling open her ass cheeks as they pointed their big erect shafts at her bottom. “Oh, no! Ohhhh, noooo!! I groaned as my cock leapt to attention…

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