Mom, Daddy and George


Mom, Daddy and GeorgeIt’s Saturday afternoon, mom and I are doing the laundry and talking about how much fun she had with George last night. Mom told me about the bar they went to, with the rooms in the back. She told me about room 4, and how there were mirrors everywhere. She told me how she had begged George for him to fuck her while standing up. Mom was shocked that he tied her hands and had his way with her. I laughed and said that she needed it. It’s fun to have a man tie you up and tease and cherish your body.The buzzer went off on the dryer, I pulled out the clothes and took them to my bed to fold them. Mom came over to join me in the folding. She told me how daddy wants to join in their fun and that it was to happen tonight. George told mom to wear something totally hot. I told her to choose from a few of my favorites. I went to my top dresser drawer and pulled out 4 different outfits. The neon yellow teddy, the cute bra and panty set, that had holes for the nipples and a g-string panty, the baby blue lace top and matching panties and the sheer white baby doll top, that has three ties down the front and has bikini panties that tie on the side. Mom wasn’t sure which one to wear. She asked me if daddy had seen me wear any of these. I told her he has seen the neon yellow and the bra and g-string panties. I told mom to try on the other two outfits. She tried on the baby blue first. It was cute, but just wasn’t her color. I sent her to try on the white one. She came out with the top on and needed help with the panties. I tied the sides for her. This one made her totally hot. Mom tried on my white platform heels and pulled her hair back in a loose ponytail. Mom then turned around to show me the finished product. I told her to walk towards me, like she was going to go towards George to suck his cock. Mom liked the idea and started to walk very sexy towards me. I smiled largely to her and told her she was making me horny. Mom laughed at me and sat down next to me on the bed.I reached over to mom and untied the top. I rubbed her breasts until her nipples were hard. I bent over to suck and fondle each one. Mom took a deep breath, spread her legs and began to fondle her clit. I reached down to take her hand away and placed my hand on her clit. I circled her clit making sure to slide my hand up and down her pussy. I made sure I just teased her pussy hole and back up to her nub.Mom gasped as I worked my kisses to her love box. I spread her pussy lips wide, licked her and sucked on her nub, hard. Mom was tugging and rubbing her nipples, with a moan here and there. I stuck a finger in her hole, pinbahis güvenilirmi feeling the inside and making her wet. I pulled out and sucked her juice off me, then I inserted two fingers and began to fuck her. I licked her as I was in and out of her. She told me that I did a better job at this than daddy does. I told her, it’s because a girl knows how we like it.Mom wiggled a bunch then let out a large gasp as she had an orgasm on my hand and face. She began to squirt my face and was jumping so much it was hard for me to get all the juices. I pulled my fingers out and sucked her pussy and got her all nice and clean. When I came up, I wiped my face with the back of my hand and told her, she will be already for a good two man fucking. I slapped her on the ass and told her to go get ready and call me when she’s ready to be tied.While mom was in the shower, daddy came down to tell me about tonight. I told him I just got done getting mom off and she was tasting mighty good. He asked if she had something hot to wear. I said yes and nothing more about it. It was a surprise. I told him to have fun tonight and make sure to give me all the details tomorrow. I don’t expect them to be home tonight.When mom and daddy left, I told Scotty where they were going. He said that him and Linda go there once in a while. He said that the rooms have two way mirrors. Linda likes to go and watch the people fuck, ’cause it’s like watching porn in person. I told him mom and George had used room 4. He said that is usually the room they watch. As they get all hot and bothered, they fuck too. I looked at Scotty and asked if he wanted to go watch,he smiled and said yes.We got to the bar, found a dark corner and waited for the three of them to walk in. George came in first, then our parents. Mom looked like she was dressed to kill and of course to be getting fucked. They didn’t see us as they walked passed us. Scotty went to the bartender and asked what room they went into, he said room 4. Scotty paid for us to have room 5, so we can watch.We got comfy on the couch with our drinks. I was watching mom dance and rub herself, making the guys get hornier than before. Daddy slapped her ass a few times as she stuck it in his face. George grabbed moms tits a few times, then got her to take her top off. With that, The top had got untied. Her breasts barely shown, but enough to make them wonder what else she was hiding.Scotty’s dick was getting hard as mom was rubbing her ass on the guys covered cocks. I reached over to Scotty and rubbed his aching cock. I undid his pants and revealed his dick. I had pinbahis yeni giriş him to stand up and take them off. He had me stand and get undressed too. We are sitting on the leather couch, touching and sucking on each other, while mom is testing the waters.Mom has had the men undress as she got her skirt off, but left my platforms and the nighty on. She was taking a silk scarf and was running it over the guys chest on down to their dicks. She then wrapped the scarf around each dick and teased them to a hard erection. Daddy’s eyes just about popped from his head as he seen how big George’s dick was. Mom kissed each guy and danced all sexy like, touching her nipples, licking her lips and running her fingers to her kitty. She would squat down with her legs spread wide and would touch her inner thighs.Daddy began to stroke his cock, mom told him to stop or he wouldn’t be allowed to touch George. George winked at her and smiled to daddy. Mom had George stand up so she could use him as a dancing pole. She rubbed her pussy up and down his leg, making herself get wet, then she would lay on the floor and rub her kitty til she came in the panties. Daddy got on his hands and knees, crawled over to her and began to lick her thighs. He worked the panties off of her and began to lick her pussy.George was eyeing daddy’s ass. He got up, walked to him and gave daddy a hard slap. Daddy jumped but smiled and said to give him another. George did as asked. Daddy getting whipped made him eat moms pussy more. Mom was tugging at his head, holding him there as she came. George began to rub daddy’s ass and teased his asshole with his thumb. George would spit in the hole and push a bit harder with his thumb. George reached around daddy’s waist and grabbed a hold of his dick.Daddy’s dick was starting to go limp until George touched it. His grip was strong. Mom came and daddy licked her clean, then she told daddy to stay on his knees, because she wants George to fuck him. She said on the floor and had daddy come up to her face, so she could sick his dick, while he got fucked. George lubed daddy’s ass before inserting slowly. Daddy was bucking wanting everything George had to give. George fucked daddy a few times, then pulled out for daddy to suck his dick. Mom continued sucking on daddy and fingering her hole. George would go back to fucking daddy.Scotty and I have each got off from our sucking on each other. I propped myself on one of the armrests and spread my legs, so Scotty could watch me play with myself and show him my cum oozing down to my ass. Scotty took the clue and got on his pinbahis giriş stomach and began to lick me clean again. This time I had Scotty eat me and to lick my asshole as he fingered me into an orgasm. I told him that I do eventually want him to fuck me in my ass, but he needs to get me to orgasm first.Mom had got daddy to cum as George rammed his dick hard, before cumming in daddy’s ass. Daddy fell over with exhaustion. George laid next to him and mom was sucking on George’s dick. She wanted to taste daddy with George’s cum. She did the same thing with their juices, that I did with her juices. Wipe her mouth with the back of her hand. Just like a trooper.Mom had laid in between the guys and fell asleep. Scotty and I fucked with each other for a bit and decided to go to the sex shop I worked at. When we got there Linda was there with some friends. Scotty went over and kissed her with his breath smelling of my cum. He told her that we had been fucking and watching mom be a major slut. She liked the idea of watching mom being a slut.I asked Linda if any of her friends were bi and if we all could get together sometime and go there to fuck. She said she would hint around with the idea. Scotty and I had left the store with some ticklers and a new toy for the both of us. I got him a new vibrating ring for his dick and he got me a french tickler sleeve for my dildo. I can’t wait to try it out. One other thing was a large bottle of gun lube. It’s very slick lube and you don’t need a lot.When daddy woke up, mom was sucking his dick with her ass way in the air. Daddy was moaning loud enough to wake George. George had a hard dick when he crawled over to daddy’s mouth. His dick was gagging daddy. Mom laughed at him. She was surprised that he was gagging. Mom told daddy whe wanted both of them in her pussy, she then laid on top of George. Exposing her filled pussy to daddy, he bent down to lick her clit and some of George’s dick that hadn’t made her pussy yet.Daddy then stuck his dick in her and the two guys fucked her hard. Mom screamed as she was cumming, then the two guys came at the same time, filling her pussy with cum. Mom got up to let her pussy drip over daddy’s face. George was there to lick her mess from daddy’s face and from moms hole. The three of them got cleaned up and left the room. When they left, they came back to the house. They were so hungry, they ate all the cheesecake and was makihg sexual gesture again.Mom lead George to the oversized shower in their room, while daddy found me and Scotty trying out my new sleeve. He told us what was up and if we want to join them, they are upstairs. We laughed and said maybe later. Daddy bent down to touch my pussy and kissed me on my forehead and said have fun. He then disappeared up the steps. We could hear them fucking and laughing. I looked at Scotty to see if he wanted to join them this time… be continued….

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