Mom & Daughter Cum Together Part 5


Mom & Daughter Cum Together Part 5It was the morning after Alice had spent a hot wet afternoon, making love with her neighbor Pam and her hot daughter Josee. Alice’s tight little pussy twitched every time she thought of how the two of them went down on her pussy or of how good their cunts tasted on her tongue.Alice sat on the bathroom vanity clipping her toenails. She loved to sit naked in front of the mirror and look at her young body while she did her nails. Josee had told her that she was very sexy for an eleven year old girl, smooth soft thighs, and long blond hair. She had sensual feet with sexy pink toes. In her afternoon of fucking with Pam and Josee, Alice had learned just how supple her young body was. Pam had told her that she lusted for her slim young body and that it made her cunt so wet. You’re one of the sexiest little bitches who ever hit this town, Josee had assured Alice as she finger fucked her and sucked hard on her hot little tities. Alice groaned as Josee slipped two fingers into the p*****ns tight cunt.Her toenails done now, Alice kneeled up close to the mirror, touching her erect puffy nipples to the glass. She loved to press her body against the cool, smooth surface and imagine that her reflection was another sexy young girl like herself. Then she’d make believe that she had an identical twin. And thus she could see herself lusting after her own body. Oh Alice, you are a sexy little bitch, she’d say to her identical twin. Alice drew her fingertips down over her small little titties and belly, then let a finger trace her sexy navel. Her flesh tingled. Pam had said she loved to lick out her belly-button — she feel where Pam’s hot wet tongue probing it as she kissed her way down to her wet little pussy. Alice caressed her slender waist and the slight curve of her narrow hips. She touched the fine hairs of her cunt mound. It was fuzz really. Pam and Josee loved my pussy, she thought to herself. Pam told her that her young pussy tasted like peaches and cream.Squatting, Alice turned her back to the mirror, craning to get a look at her tight sexy ass that Pam loved to squeeze and spank. She was always amazed at the way her firm little ass would spread out so round when she squatted, or sat back on her heels. Her silky ass cheeks became two beautiful fleshy moons with a long, sexy crack between them. She sighed, remembering how Pam had used her pinky to fuck her tight little ass hole. As she craned still further to get a better look, her golden hair tickled her lower back.Alice’s hair was as special to her as her tits or ass or pussy. She pampered it for two hours every day with washing and brushing, keeping it glossy and silky Suddenly Alice caught sight of her puckered pink asshole. She probed it with her fingertip just as Pam had done. It opened slightly and sucked at grandbetting giriş her finger. Her asshole was tight — not quite as tight as her cunt. How she loved to feel a tongue up it! It always felt like a hot wet worm moving inside he young ass, a sensation she would have never dr3eamed of giving herself only a few days before. Alice squirmed. She could almost feel Pam’s tongue licking out her cunt now.She sat back down, facing the mirror, and spread her smooth legs wide apart. She watched her pussy-lips part, revealing the pink, tender slick cunt flesh inside. Her p*****n cunt was wet and warm. She took the thin puffy cunt lips in her fingers and spread them as wide apart as she could. Oh fuck , she was juicy inside. Josee had told Alice that she loved how the girl juice flowed from her baby cunt, just before she had tongue fucked Alice.Alice looked into the mirror took her tiny clit between her fingers and rubbed it. Alice pushed her middle finger up her wet cunt hole, and her slick pussy lips closed around it like a mouth. Her cunt was certainly tight, Pam couldn’t get over how tight it was. Alice closed her eyes now and reveled in the sensations of her finger working in and out of her milky young cunt. She licked her lips and nodded her head from side to side like she was in a trance.“Alice! Would you please hurry up and get out of that bathroom. I need to pee baby girl!” Alice almost hit the ceiling at the sound of her mother’s urging . “I’d really like to know what you do in there.”“I’ll be out in a minute, Mommy,” Alice shouted. Celia, Alice’s mom was never far from the young girl’s fantasies. Just hearing her lovely voice was enough to set Alice thinking about her mother’s hot sexy body.Alice took a deep breath, relaxed again, and quickened her cunt-frigging. Oh mommy she thought to herself, I would love to lick your dripping wet cunt. She often fanaticized of making love to her mother as she stroked her young cunt in bed at night, letting the excitement build up to one huge, excruciating orgasm. Which she chose depended on her mood at the time. Right now, though, she had no choice. “Okay, mommy I want your cunt and I want it now,” she muttered to herself, “let’s really feel it, let me taste your hot pussy now mommy. Oh I will make you come quick mommy.”She tweaked her clit with her thumb and drilled her finger in and out of her pussy. With her other hand, she kneaded her tiny titties and pinched her puffy, sensitive nipples. She rotated her naked ass against the vanity, and flexed and extended her toes sensuously. She watched her face in the mirror. “Oh mommy, do you like the way I play with your pretty cunt. Oh fuck mommy I love the way my finger feels inside your slick cunt flesh.” Alice hissed as she pushed her finger in to the hilt, her tight grandbetting yeni giriş little cunt sending up squishy wet sounds. It always turned Alice on when she pretended to talk dirty to her mother. Of course Alice couldn’s have known that her mother was listening intently at the bathroom door, eaqually shocked and turned on by the words she heard her daughter speaking. “Oh fuck mommy, I know I came from your cunt and that’s why I want my tonge to go deep in there and taast the deepest wettest part of you.”Celia was beside herself, since when had her lovely eleven year old have a full on lust for her. Celia was dressed only in her bra and panties. Dispite her shock at what she heard, Celias cutn grew instantly wet, and her clit began to throb.“Oh fuck yes, mommy ride my tonge let me fuck you with it, and I pinch your hot stiff clit! Oh fuck mommy your cunt juices are so sweet so good for your little girl!”Celia bit her bottom lip and plunged her hand into her panties, cupping her damp cunt and quickly entering her cunt with two fingers. My baby girl, she thought, I never thought she would turn me on in this way. Slowly Celia opened the bathroom door slightly and took an quick inbreath to see her little Alice sitting on the floor, legs spread finger fucking her tender young cunt and talking to the mirror. Alice was too preoccupied to notice her mother’s peering eyes take in her hot young body as she put a second finger into her cunt, turned on by her little girl’s lewd actions. Alice loved to see her young body tremble and face involuntarily expressing the pleasure she was feeling in her titties and cunt — it was the same face she saw when Josee had fucked her so hard the day before.“Oh mommy I can’t get enough of your hot wet cunt! Do you want to taste mine too mommy? Oh fuck yes mommy lets get into a sixty-nine and you can suck the juices from my tight little pussy!”Celia couldn’t take her eyes off her little baby girls hot body as she filed her p*****n cunt with her fingers and pinched and twisted her sensitive nipples. Oh fuck, Celia thought to herself, my little girl is sensuous little bitch, a regular little whore and she wanted her in that moment more than any lover she had ever had! Celia pinched her slick clit between her knuckles and stifled a moan. She loved to think of her little girl as a slut, a young cunt slut. Celia peered into the washroom and noticed that Alice’s face was flushed and her lips trembled. Her hot little slut was going to cum soon, and Celia was determined to taste her little girls cunt juice.“Oh, yes mommy. Yes mommy, yes,” Alice whimpered. “I love it when you eat my cunt mommy. Your hot tongue feels so fucking good deep in my pussy mommy, suck on my clit, suck my cunt juice out of my Mommy. Oh, what a beautiful tongue fuck grandbetting güvenilirmi mommy! Yes, yes, yes Mommy, I love you, I love the way you eat my hot wet cunt — ummmm, ummmm, ummmm — it feels soooo good, soooo fucking good. Mommy I love you.”Alice was getting close now. She drove her finger in and out furiously. Her cunt juice ran out over her hand. At that moment, the bathroom door opened and her mother was crawling completely naked on her hands and knees toward Alice.Alice wanted to scream, ” No!” but didn’t get a chance. Alice squealed as she felt her mothers white hot tongue enter her and pump in and out of her foaming little cunt. Alice desperately grabbed at her mothers head and began grinting her sensitive cunt on her mothers lovely tongue and face.“Oh fuck mommy, don’t stop, never stop, I’m going to cum all over your beautiful face mommy!”Suddenly Alice rolled back her eyes and opened her mouth and screeched with pleasure as her mother had replaced her tongue with one long finger that pounded in and out of Alice’s slick cunt. At the same time Celia, flicked the tip of her tonge over Alice’s stiff little clit. Celia could feel her little girl’s cunt close around her plunging finger. So tight Celia, thought my little girl has a hot tight little cunt and I love it. Celia sucked the tender pearl of Alice’s cunt deep into her mouth and trapped the sensitive flesh between her teeth. As the sharp edges of Celia’s teeth nibbled on her daughter’s clit, Alice’s body erupted with a cunt shaking orgasm. Spasms drilled through Alice’s tiny cunt with such force that they pushed out Celia’s finger. Alice’s cunt and ass jerked off the bed as her little girl cum gurgled up form deep inside her and squirted out of her convulsing cunt with such force it caught her lusting mother completely by surprise. The first squirt hit Celia on the face and neck. Quickly Celia clamped her mouth over Alice’s cunt and let the next torrent of creamy cum enter her mouth and slip down over her eager tongue. Celia groaned with ecstasy. How could cum taste so good. Alice humped her ass off the floor again and Celia took that load of girl cum into her open mouth as well. Her daughter’s sweet cum dribbled off Celia’s chin and she caught it in the cup of her hand and licked it up quickly.Alice stared up at her mother in complete and utter awe, as Celia licked the hot young daughter’s cunt juices from her fingers. She loved the taste of pussy and had tongue fucked many of the young girls at her dance studio. How was it she never thought of tongue fucking her own little girl?Tears began to roll out of Alice’s eyes and she sighed, “Oh mommy I love you, and oh fuck that was amazing.”.Celia smiled and fed her cum soaked fingers to her lovely daughter. Alice eagerly sucked her own cunt juice from her mother’s fingers.“No baby girl, you are amazing!” her mother beamed down on her. “I’m going to take the day off and you are going to play hooky.”“Really, mommy,” said Alice smiling.“Oh yes baby girl, I’m not nearly done with that hot little pussy of yours.”Alice giggled and felt her cunt twitch under her mother’s lustful gaze.

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