Mom, daughter fun Part 2


Mom, daughter fun Part 2So it’s been a while after my experience with my body building mom, Samantha. Where she dominated me and showed me how to dominate guy. Since then we haven’t had sex with each other but we have spoken a lot about it. So my mom said it’s time we started dominating guys. So we went down to a sex shop and she bought me a 8″ pink dildo, I was so happy all I needed now was a man to dominate and my mom will be there to help me with her 10″ black dildo.I was thinking of someone I could dominate and I thought I better be good cause my mom doesn’t like it when guys take charge. She love being in control. She very big and muscular and guys are secretly interested in that and she uses it to take control and fuck them hard in the ass. We’ve spoken a lot about who I should dominate and I was thinking about this guy I don’t like, his a real jock and loves using women maybe I should ask him to come around and have me and my mom show him whos really in charge here. So I call Kyle and tell him to come over.While we waiting for him. My mom gets the spare grandbetting giriş bed room ready. She has cuffs, whips and of cause and camera ready. She also bought us some sex leather outfits and platform heels, thigh high boots. I just loved how they looked.Kyle knocks on the door and I invite him in, I’m wearing a sexy summer dress and a pair of wedge high heels. “Hey Kyle how are you”. Kyle is very well built he gyms often and his very arrogant. “I’m doing fine, man you look hot in that dress, cannot wait to take it off you”. He spanks my ass. We sit down, I sit really close to him and he really likes it a lot “I’ve been thinking about you” I tell him, without any hesitation he places his hand by my vagina and begin playing with it. “Bitch how about you suck my dick” and he pulls it out. I grab him by the hand and walk him to the guest room, I use the cuffs and hand cuff him so that his arms are above his head and his standing in the middle of the room. I pull off his pants leaving him naked. I tell him to give me 5 mins.Me and grandbetting yeni giriş my mom get dressed in our leather outfits and heels man, my mom looks good. the tight leather outfit showing off her sexy muscular ripped body. She gets my 8″ pink dildo and helps me put it on, we then put on her 10″ black one. “Babe don’t stop until, we satisfied got it” I nod and tell her yes. My mom grabs the whip and we walk over to the guest room. Kyle is shocked to see us standing there with the strap-on. “Whats going on here untie me now”, My mom lifts up her muscular arm and whips him hard on his ass, she walks over to him and gives him a huge smack. “Shut up, you are ours now got it”. He scrreams in pain “Kathy you bitch untie me now” I walk and take the whip from him and begin whipping his ass, my mom ripes off his shirt. “Whos the bitch now” I tell him. After 30mins of whipping and spanking my mom unties him and cuffes his hands behind him, she then orders him on his knees and by now his obeying her. She tells him to suck my dildo.He grandbetting güvenilirmi hesitates to open, but I force my way in, letting him take all 8″ of my dildo. I being thrusting slowly as my mom grabs the whip and whips his ass. Calling him bitch and cock sucker, I’ve never been so horny in my life the feeling of forcing kyle was really turning me on so I begin thrusting harder in his mouth my mom hitting his ass hard and laughing at him.I thrust and thrust making him gag getting his spit all over my dildo. “Kathy I think his ass is ready” my mom says I pull out and walk behind it, I slowly insert until its all in. “Oh god his he screams”. “You like” I ask him yes I do he tells me, Mom insters the dildo in his mouth, he just smiles as we both thrust slowly into his mouth and ass.We thrust harder and harder, and his cock starts to rise. WE switch and change positions. He enjoys it show much that he cums a few times. We untie him. “Did you enjoy it?”. Kyle nods and says yes I did, we should do it again some time. My mom smacks him, only when me and kathy feel like it. He nods, gets dressed and leaves. Me and my mom undress and take a shower. I upload the video and send it to some people that me and Kyle knew. They laugh and tell me they enjoyed the movie. I tell them maybe next time they can join in.(Hope you guys liked part 2, send me feed back. Thanks)

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