Mom & Daughter Go to the Beach – Final


Mom & Daughter Go to the Beach – FinalChapter 10Robert, mom and I all lay there together in the afterglow of our torrid love making. Robert and mom were drifting into sleep but I was too excited to do anything but think how great sex was!I wondered was there other things to try? How would other men compare? What would it be like to have sex with just another girl? All of these questions plus so many others were going through my mind.I gently got out of bed trying not to disturb mom and Robert but mom did look at me.”Where are you going Shelby?” She asked”I’m too excited to sleep I thought I would go see what the other k**s are up to.” I said”Ok but baby if you decide to fuck with the boys you will need them to pull out before they cum or wear a condom. You’re not on the pill. It was ok with Robert because he had a vasectomy.” Mom said”Alright mom…I’ll be careful”I walked over to their condo and knocked on the door but there was no answer. I tried the door and it was unlocked. As I was walked back towards the bedrooms I heard some excited voices. I came to a bedroom door and slowly opened it. I saw Lisa on the bed with Keith between her legs. He was pumping his cock in and out of his sister’s teen pussy. Josh and Brian were kneeling next to her head and she was taking turns sucking them both. Suddenly Keith began to groan and I knew he was about to cum.”Fuck I need to cum!” He yelled”Don’t cum in my pussy pull out! I’m not going to get pregnant!” Lisa yelled.Keith pulled out and started to stroke his cock but before he could; I ran to the bed sucked his cock in my mouth. He grabbed my head and pumped my mouth on his cock. In seconds he was filling my mouth with tasty sperm that I happily swallowed down.As I finished licking Keith’s cock I felt someone behind me. I looked over at Lisa and saw Josh push his big dick into her pussy. I looked over my shoulder and saw Brian holding his cock getting ready to push into me. Brian looked at me and he looked like he was waiting for me to say “no”. Instead I reached between my legs and guided his big cock into my pussy. I felt the head enter and I pushed back against his cock. He then grabbed my hips and pushed the cock into until his balls slapped against my clit, I moaned loudly as Brian began to fuck me. I looked straight ahead and saw Lisa getting pounded by Josh. I could tell he was excited and probably would not last long.”Welcome to my slut party!” Lisa moaned as her younger brother continued to hump her”Hope you don’t mind me joining the party but I want be a slut as well!” I replied as Brian pound my pussy harder and harder”The more the merrier! I figured dad was going to be with you or you and your mom for the rest of the night. I figured I wanted some fun and remembered what you looked like sucking Josh and Keith. They have such nice big dicks I just had to try them! That’s it Josh! Fuck that pussy you little pervert! Fuck your sister and make her cum!” Lisa said with many moansMy pussy was getting a great fuck. Brian had already popped a load with Lisa so he was taking his time fucking me. I could feel an orgasm approaching. I looked ahead of me and saw a cock. My mouth opened and I felt the cock begin pump in and out. I looked up to see Keith once again watching me suck him.”I get to fuck Shelby next so hurry up Brian!” Keith said”Man this pussy is fucking great! Not sure I want to ever leave it!” I heard Brian say as I felt his pelvis slap against my ass”All of you can fuck me as much as you want but I’m not on birth control so you have to pull out when you cum!” I saidLisa and Josh had changed positions and Lisa was on top riding his cock in what I learned later was called a reverse cowgirl. It looked so sexy seeing his big dick sliding in and out while his hands played with her nipples. Apparently this did the trick for Lisa as she started cumming. Her pussy actually squirted juices across the bed it was so good. This just turned me on to the point that I started having an orgasm. This orgasm seemed to build as it started slow but just kept getting more intense. My two lovers just used me like a rag doll for thier own pleasure.Brian groaned and I felt his cock pull out. “Fuck here it cums!” He yelledI felt his hot cum shoot all over my back, up to my hair and then down my ass. Keith pulled out my mouth and got behind me.”I have been wanting this hot pussy since the first time I saw you! Now hang on Shelby because I’m going to bang this pussy hard!” Keith saidI felt his cock slide into me in one fast motion. We both groaned! Keith fucked me so hard I got ever closer to Lisa and Josh who were now fucking with Lisa riding his cock. yahyalı escort I finally was right up behind Lisa and could see her little asshole just over the hole taking Josh’s cock. I could not help myself as I stuck out my tongue and licked her asshole.”Holy Shit!” Lisa screamed as my tongue probed her tender assKeith was a man of his word as he pumped my pussy harder than anyone so far. I could hear the constant slap slap of his intense fucking efforts. Later I would find out that this was his third go so he had all kinds of staying power. My own body was totally turned into a pleasure machine. I would take turns licking Lisa’s ‘ ass and then sucking Josh’s balls. Apparently this was too much and Josh pulled Lisa off of his cock. My hand wrapped around the big slimy cock and started pumping. I could feel the pulsing sperm moving up his dick and watched as giant streams of sperm erupted into the air. Both Lisa and I cheered as he shot his load the same way we would watching fireworks. His sperm landed all over Lisa’s stomach and pubic mound. She scrapped up some with fingers and sucked it into her mouth.”That cum tastes so good! From now on little brother you need to come and see me instead of jerking off. That cum is too good to waste!” Lisa shouted”Let me ride your cock Keith!” I saidHe lay on his back and his cock stood straight up like an obscene obelisk. I quickly mounted his cock and started riding him like my life depended on it. Suddenly I felt a tongue on my asshole and I knew Lisa was eating my ass. My pussy juices poured down Keith’s big dick.Brian was now up behind Lisa and I heard her moan as he once again entered her pussy. I could feel the steady pumping of Lisa as she continued to lick my ass, pussy and Keith’s cock. Josh grabbed my head and pushed his cock in my mouth. I moaned as I felt my pussy and mouth being used. Then I felt Lisa push first one and then two fingers into my ass. The pleasure just got more intense.”Fuck your finger feels so good! Finger my ass!” I screamed”Shelby, let Josh fuck you in the ass!” Lisa said”Yes Josh do it fuck my ass!” I screamed as my body was now in control and my mind was just an observerI felt Lisa add lube too my ass as Josh moved behind me. I could hear Lisa telling him how to enter me slowly and to give me time to adjust to his big dick. I felt the head of the cock start to push against my ass. There was a part of me that had fear of what was about to happen but my inner slut wanted to feel her ass spread wide open!”That’s it Josh the head is in now push each time you feel her ass relax!” Lisa said as she couched her brother on the art of anal fucking.My ass relaxed and felt several more inches push into my ass. Keith moaned under me as my pussy tightened on his dick as his brother continued to push up my butt.”Oh god that ass is so tight! Tell me when to push again Shelby!” Josh moaned”Push Josh I want it now!” I groanedJosh pushed harder and I felt my ass yield to his big cock! Keith held my hips and pumped his dick in my pussy. Then Josh began to slowly fuck my ass. As I adjusted he started picking up speed while Keith matched his moves. My body started to be rocked by another mind shattering orgasm that left me nearly u*********s as the two brothers fucked me ever harder.”Fuck I need to cum! Let me get out of Shelby Josh!” Keith moanedQuickly both guys pulled out of me and were kneeling over me. Lisa and Brian joined us and soon all three guys were stroking their cocks as Lisa and I put our faces together. Sudden Keith’s cock sprayed us both with cum which caused the other two to add to the cum covering our pretty teen faces.Lisa and I looked at each other and started kissing and licking the sperm from our faces. The guys groaned as Lisa and I kissed each other with open mouths.”Now that was a fun slut party! Though I think we might have worn the boys out for the time being!” Lisa said with a giggle as we looked at the guys all lying with their eyes closed and for the first time their cocks were soft.Chapter 11Lisa and I went into the living room and sat back and enjoyed the afterglow of the sex we just had. Lisa looked at me carefully and then asked “So did daddy do a good job taking your cherry?”“Oh YES! He was amazing!” I answered with passion“So do you think it is weird that I did my brothers?” Lisa asked as her eyes avoided mine“I think your brothers have really nice cocks and they are so horny. Every girl would want them! I would fuck them if they were my brothers so ‘no’ it is not weird!” I saidWe continued to sit there for a while longer as we both thought about the sex we just shared. Suddenly I started thinking about the anal sex part. I really liked it but how did Lisa know what to do?“Thanks for introducing me to getting fucked in my butt. I would have never imagined it could feel so good! Did your older guy teach you about that as well?” I smiled as I looked at her“Yes, he has been teaching a lot about different kinds of sex. He has been asking me to find another guy so we can do what you and my brothers did tonight. It’s called a DP for double penetration. Did it feel good? It sure looked like fun!” Lisa asked“It was wonderful! I was surprised that I could take Josh! He is so big but with the lube and my excitement it went right in. Was it like that when your daddy put his big cock in your butt the first time?” I asked with a knowing smile“So you figured out that daddy is my older lover. I wanted to say something but daddy warned me not to tell anyone as we could have some real trouble. You’re not going to tell anyone are you?” she asked with some fear in her voice“I would not dare. You see your dad had my mom and I have some girl sex with each other so I guess we would be in trouble too. Are you going to tell your dad that you’re also fucking your brothers?” I asked“There won’t be any need to do that!” Robert said as we both looked up to see my mom and him standing there“Looks like we should have come to the party earlier! I think these two little nymphos have fucked all the guys dry!” my mom saidAt that moment the door to the bedroom opened and Josh came out with a hard on. He apparently recovered enough to want another fuck and was just coming to find us. He looked real nervous as he just uttered “Oh shit!”My mom looked at the big cock on the young boy and just held up one finger and motioned for him to come to her. Mom gripped the hard cock and stroked it with her hand. Josh moaned as the older woman then slipped to her knees and started sucking his cock. Josh just looked first at his dad and then us girls as mom began giving him a great blow job. When he was sure that there was not going to be a problem he just grabbed the back of mom’s head and enjoyed her efforts.Robert got undressed and looked at Lisa and myself. We smiled as his hard cock was freed. I sat closer to Lisa as her dad looked us over and stroked his cock.“Lisa, I want to watch you and Shelby eat each other until you cum. Would you do that for your daddy?” He asked“Yes daddy!” Lisa answered as she kissed my mouth and I rubbed her nipplesLisa lowered her lips onto my nipples. I stroked her hair as she licked and then sucked on my pert tits. She the slid onto the floor and knelt as I spread my legs. She kissed her way down to my pussy where she slowly kissed and licked my puffy slit. At first I did not think I would be able to get so excited again but I soon was as turned on as I had ever been. I looked to see that Keith and Brian had also joined the others. I watched as all three got their cocks sucked by mom. “You boys all have big cocks! I am going fuck every one of you tonight just like Shelby did!” Mom saidI pulled Lisa up and we soon were in a 69 position. Lisa’s pussy was so wet from all the previous sex and I loved the taste of the musky juice. I could feel Lisa sucking on my clit and rubbing my little ass. I felt Robert draw closer and looked up to see him looking down at me and his daughter’s sloppy wet pussy. I dove back in. I could her Lisa moan and mom giving sloppy blow jobs to the boys. I looked at Robert again and his cock was so hard. It was just jerking as he stood there.“Lick her ass Shelby! I want to fuck that tight ass tonight!” Robert saidI started to tongue her ass and then felt Robert shove his cock back in me while he instructed Lisa to lick his balls. I looked over and saw mom bent over and the guys were taking turns fucking her from behind.“I need a cock to suck!” mom moanedBrian stepped in front of her and she swallowed the cock. I was shocked to see her take almost all of it down her throat. Robert was hammering my young pussy as I licked Lisa’s ass. I started to ease a finger into her butt and felt her moan. At that moment Robert pushed his thumb into my ass which made me moan as my tongue pushed into Lisa’s ass.“Alright Lisa! Time for daddy to get up your tight ass again!” Robert saidLisa and I slowly got up and Robert sat on the couch. Lisa grabbed for some lube and handed it to me. I put some on my finger and lubed her ass so that her father could get his huge cock in her. Robert told me to put some on his dick too. Lisa put her arm around her dad’s neck and lowered her ass towards his cock as she assumed a reverse cowgirl position. I watched as the head of his cock entered her tight teen butt. Lisa’s face tensed as her daddy’s dick entered her rectum but then she moaned with contentment as her ass relaxed and more and more of the cock buried itself into her. Lisa reached and grabbed my head and buried my face in her sloppy pussy. I licked and sucked her clit as her dad pumped her ass with cock. Lisa groaned as an orgasm rocked her. I looked over to see my mom was now in a doggie position with Keith pumping her pussy. The other two boys were watching Robert ass fuck Lisa.“Fuck her ass dad! About time you made her your slut!” Jason yelled“Yeah bust that ass open!” Brian addedRobert looked at the two boys and smiled. “Ok you little pervs! Get over here and DP this little nympho!”Robert lifted Lisa off of him and the two guys took her to the other end of the couch. Brian sat back and Lisa mounted his cock with her ass while her brother pushed deep in her pussy. I watched as both boys fucked her with abandon.Robert walked over to my mom and pulled her over to the coach where she started riding his cock. He then signaled Keith to come over.“Fuck her ass son. She needs a cock up her ass now!” Robert saidI watched as Keith pushed his cock up my mom’s butt as Robert pumped her pussy. Lisa was moaning as Brian and Josh pumped her pussy and ass together. I was aware that I had no cock to play with and started to feel neglected but then Robert signaled me to come over. He had me squat over his face so he could lick my pussy. Then I felt a tongue probe my ass and I realized it was mom. My next orgasm had me soaking Roberts face. Keith was moaning and I knew he would cum soon.“Keith, pull out of her ass I have something I want us all to do! Josh and Brian come over here too!” Robert saidWe all looked a little confused but soon we were all standing together. Robert looked us all over and smile.“Looks like we are having a nice orgy but I know all us guys need to bust our nuts soon. Barb, I want you to be our cum bucket tonight! All of guys are going to cum in your pussy! Ok?” Robert saidMom shook her head yes and lay back on the couch. Keith got between her legs and started fucking her hard. She was grunting as he just slammed his dick home. I realized he was about cum in a pussy for the first time ever. I watched as his face clinched as he filled mom with sperm.Brian immediately took his place and started pumping just as hard. Lisa and I just watched but we were both jealous. Robert walked up and put his arms around us.“When we have all finished fucking that pussy you two girls are going to eat the cum out of her and make her cum. Will you do that?” Robert asked“Yes!” we both said togetherBrian had just emptied his load. I could see cum dripping down her ass as Josh started fucking her with his large cock. Mom was having one orgasm after another.“This fucking pussy is so fucking wet!” Josh said with excitement“Yeah, that pussy is getting good and messy! I bet this the first four guy gangbang Barb has ever had!” Robert add as Josh also dumped sperm into momRobert held my mom’s legs apart and let each of us see the sperm dripping from her. He then started fucking her with deep hard strokes. Mom just moaned as she got ready for fourth load of sperm. Robert grunted as his cum entered her pussy.“Alright girls, now get down here and clean this spunk up!” Robert saidWe both got between her legs and looked at the pussy which had so much sperm it was dripping out. I leaned forward and licked her pussy lips. I immediately loved the taste of her pussy cream with the mixture of four different sperm loads. I pulled back and I could see a string of cum from her pussy to my lips. Lisa kissed my mouth and the placed her mouth on my mom’s pussy and sucked a big load of cream into her mouth. I looked and all the guys were watching and smiling. Lisa then reached up and kissed my mom’s open mouth. I could see the cum flow from Lisa to her. I buried my face in her pussy and probed her pussy with my tongue. I wanted all I could get. I felt mom jerk her hips. My mom was cumming on my tongue. I was rubbing my clit and my own orgasm hit me a few seconds later.I could not take any more so I climbed up to my mom and we held each other and Lisa as well. All of the guys were sitting around the room with very satisfied looks on their faces.I knew that my mom and I would never be what we were again nor would we ever want to be!The End(A word from the author. This story is a creation of only my perverted mind. If you enjoyed the story show your appreciation with a thumb up or a comment. Please visit my profile to sample other tales from my perverted mind. I am always looking for new ideas so message me with any thoughts. I would love to chat with you about all kinds of sexual fantasies.)

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