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MOM IS GETTING FUCKEDWhen you know that with-in 5 min the woman sitting across from your dinning room table who has a bad habit of talking while there is still food in her mouth, will have her mouth full of cock. It’s difficult to concentrate on what words are being formed by her lips, when you know that soon they will be locked around your cock. JOHNNY JOHNNY YOU DID N’T LISTN TO A WORD I SAID, WHATS THE MATTER WITH YOU? You have been pre occupied all week. Is everything ok at work? I hope so because to don’t want to make your Mother worry, now do you Baby?Just the opposite Mom, I only want to make you happy. (I pictured her legs being held at her knees by the hands of a very large Black Man. As I drop to my knees at the feet of the chair she is sitting in, only 3 feet away, my face takes the place of Mr Blacks 10 inch penis.JOHN SNAP OUT OF IT AND SEE WHO IS AT THE DOOR,Fuck I was afraid of this, My cock is so fucking hard she is bound to see it. It queenbet güvenilirmi won’t mean shit now but believe me she is going to have plenty of time to think tonight. If her mouth is open,it won’t be for forming words, it will be filled with cock or gagged. Moms cloth napkins come in handy and cover my distend crotch. MOM STAY PUT AND LET ME GET THE DOOR> she complied as planned. Next step was to not say a word after I open the door. Next time she sees her son he will be in a black ski mask, blindfolded and gagged with a prop gun to his head. If all goes as planned she will put her hands up in the air and he will take me to her.At this time I will be on my knees facing her, her chest and my face will be at the same level as he binds use together. My face will only be teased as her bra a shirt will still be on.I made the plan that made this happen, but I can not take credit for what happened next. This was all Mr. Black and queenbet yeni giriş his big ten inch. To this day he swears that he was going to follow the plan and let me have my fill before he got to have his way. After all she is your mama and its only right I play second fiddle. He said many times.You see I had only showed him a picture of her and to him she looked like a fat granny but never says no to pussy. Well once Mr. Black noticed just how nice a set of 69 year old tithes can be, and when a bubble butt is about 8 inches away, it makes a man look at her age as only a number and want to fuck the holy shit out of her,He got as far as telling her rise her arms, in which she did. He like what he saw and that was it. All his blood from his brain went south to inflate a cock that belonged in the Macy’s day Parade. He told her to not say a word and stand up. He then ordered me to sit in her chair and took the blindfold from my queenbet giriş eyes and put her in darkness.The Mr Black stepped out of his pants to reveal a work of art. If my mother only knew what she was about to feel I think she would faint. I almost felt sorry for her but that emotion was quickly laid to rest.. Like a true pro he had mom naked from the waist down before she even knew what was happening. It had been 10 years since anything but a wash came in contact with her hairy pussy. I watch as Mr Black spit all over his meat and spread moms ass checks wide open and sit a wad so big up her she would be lubed for a week.Like a machine he slapped her ass twice to make her jump up and when she landed he was 6 inches inside her pussy before she even began to squeal. Of corse her squealing made her hips wiggle and soon she realized what was happening to her the juices began to flow. Fuck she was wanting it and began to meet his thrust with a slap back on him. She began to allow herself to be tossed up and land on all cock. OMG My moms is getting fucked and I still have my cloths on. Fuck his dick is big, so big mom is going to not even feel mine. But fuck I loved watching her get fucked. FUCK HER FUCK HER HARD YOU MOTHERFUCKER

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