Mom Replaced My Breastfeeding sister


Mom Replaced My Breastfeeding sisterMom Replaced My Breastfeeding sisterThe story starts from the time my mom caught me fucking my sister. She was very angry with both of us. She beat me like anything but I could not say a word. Next day my brother in law was summoned and by evening my sister Tanya was packed off to her place. I do not know what mom told my brother in law but she achieved her goal.The atmosphere in the house was too charged from that day. Not to mention we were not talking to each other. Then I stopped eating also. My mom called me to her bedroom in the evening. She inquired, “What is wrong with you.” I said, “Nothing is wrong. You do not worry. I am alright.” “Then why are you not eating.” She asked.I answered, “I cannot say. You know the reason. Why did you send back Tanya?” Mom yelled at the top of her voice, “You shameless idiot, you were having sex with your sister. And you are asking me why I sent Tanya away. I will not allow this to happen in my house. I argued, “Nothing is wrong in it. If two consulting adults are having sex, you cannot stop them. I love my sister very much.” She lost her cool, “This is not love, and it is sin. If you can have sex with your sister, you can have sex with your mother too.”I replied, “Why not? What is wrong if you are also willing to have sex with me?” She again yelled, “Then come on have sex with me. You pervert.” In fit of rage she removed saree pallu from her shoulder exposing her blouse covered boobs. She said pointing towards her melons, “This is from where you got elixir of life. Come hold it.”I stood on my ground. Then she came threateningly towards me and her hands came down on me hitting me full force. She tore my t-shirt in the process. I pushed her away with force and my hands fell on her boobs. She got angrier and pushed me forcefully.I could not maintain my stance and fell back on floor but while trying to save myself from falling I grabbed at her and caught her blouse in the process. The thin material of blouse gave way. It came off and her bras less breasts were visible to full glory. Due to her forward movement she also fell over me, her boobs landing just over my face.I quickly grabbed the opportunity and began sucking her nipples happily. Mom realized her folly. She tried to get away from me but I held her while sucking her mangoes. Finally she used force and disengaged herself quickly from me and stood up. She was standing two feet away with her heaving naked breasts but was not making any effort to cover them. She was shivering due to anger and probably excitement. With her each breath her breasts rose and fell adding fuel to my horniness.I said, “They are so beautiful.” I kept staring at her naked breasts. “There’s nothing there to look at,” she said in a hoarse and excited voice. She had to be k**ding. So many women think guys are gaga for big tits. Hers were fantastic little mangoes with a little sag and long, very erect nipples riding high and poking up. She was panting for air.I said, “You do not know mom, how beautiful your breasts are?” She said, “Apologize now and leave the room this moment. You promise never to repeat, I will forget everything that happened.” I went near her to hug her. Her naked breasts got crushed under my bare chest. I began sucking her earlobes. She tried to push me away saying, “Stop this at once.”But she made no effort to get away. I caught her breasts. I closed my hand around each tit and circled each nipple between thumb and forefinger, gently tugging them up with a slight squeeze while sucking her ears. “Stop it Munna. That’s enough! Now quit it,” she said, pushing me away. I lost hold of her tits, but she did not cover her jugs, and I kept looking.Her nipples were really hard, and stood way up. “OK, Mom but I still want to look at you. You’re beautiful and it makes me really feel good,” I said, trying to salvage something. There was a long pause. Mom said, “It’s not right.” I replied, “Come on Mom. I love you and I am sorry for the incidence.” I leaned in and kissed her on her forehead, then her cheeks and up to her eyes. “I love you, Mom. Come on.” I leaned right over her until my lips were close to her ear. “I need to, Mom.” “No,” she hissed, “we can’t.”An evil feeling welled up in me. I wanted to possess her. “Don’t make me go to Tanya.” Mom didn’t answer. I felt halkalı escort the tension flowing out of her, could sense resignation, and then, amazingly, her facial muscles softened, loosening. I kissed her lips. I sensed my moment and tore the remaining bit of her dangling blouse. She did not protest.Encouraged by this I caught her naked boobs and began squeezing it again. I held the nipple between my thumb and forefinger tweaking it. It got engorged and became red with excitement. She closed her eyes and began responding to my efforts and kissing me back. Her tongue entered my mouth and I began sucking it. Our tongues were playing kabaddi in our mouth.I lowered my face and sucked in her boobs. I was kneading her ass with my free hands tracing the crack. Then I traced her crack in front raising her saree. I put my palm on her pubic area above clothes. It was emanating heat. I wanted to touch her naked pussy. I und****d her saree and opened her petticoat by pulling the chord in a jerky action. Her saree came off along with her petticoat. She stood fully naked before me. She tried to cover her pubis with her hand.I bent down on my knee and removed her hand. My face was in straight line with her pubic area. Her pussy was sparsely covered with hairs. It was giving sweet smell. I sniffed her hole and kissed it. Mom jerked her body. She could not take it any more and took control from then. She began dictating me. My mom was in heat! She took one of my fingers and showed me how to make an up and down movement in her vaginal furrow. On the top, she would use its point to stimulate her protruding clit. At the bottom, she would sink it into her hole.The devil in me was raising head, “Would you like your daughter to share your clit with me,” I asked, running my finger deep into her cunt. “She could suck your clit into her mouth, tongue mashing clit against her teeth softly as I mouth fuck you,” I continued. “Oh fuck yes,” she growled almost instantly, “Tell me more what you want,”.“Would you share your daughter with me,” I asked. “Would you let me fuck Tanya while she ate your pussy,” I continued. “Hear her scream into your cunt, feel her biting your clit hard, see my cock slide from her cunt, her lips stretching around my shaft, pulling me back in,” I whispered.“Oh God yes I would,” she groaned deeply, her body twitching as a small orgasm passed quickly through her crotch. “I would suck her clit,” her voice trailed off, her fingers lightly touching her lips. Her body shook slowly, her mind picturing her desires. She replied, “Yes, I will.”“Now, Munna, give me your tongue.” She spread her thighs. I kissed her wet juicy cunt lips. “Lick my cunt” I licked “Rub your tongue there” she guided me on to her clit. I did, rubbing my tongue on her pink hard erect engorged clit. “Put your tongue into my cunt.” I inserted my tongue into her cunt hole. “Now fuck me with your tongue. Put your mouth at my cunt and suck and slurp, like that oh, you are learning fast my dear son. Do it like that. Yes, yes, good”“Oh fuck Munna, eat Mom’s pussy. Suck my clit baby,” she whispered hoarsely as I thrust my tongue in and out of her cunt. I leaned forward, capturing her clit again, thrashing it hard. Her hands pulled my face tighter, smearing my cheeks with her juices. “Yes baby, suck Mommy. Make Mommy cum Munna,” she continued. Her groans became urgent, her hips lifted hard, her fingers tugged and twisted her nipples, pulling at the flesh hard. “Oh fuck baby,” she grunted as her orgasm roared through her cunt. Her legs clamped over my ears, holding me firmly. I slowed my tongue, playfully licking along her slit, jabbing at her hole.I didn’t know then that women also have orgasms, but I could remember the sensations of her puss muscles contracting and expanding against my mouth. Her whole body was shivering She put her hand on my head and pressed hard against her quivering cunt. She came (I learnt later) and came, her body pulsating with orgasmic ecstasy again and again like a fountain. I drank her entire discharge. She moaned, “Oh, Munna, thank you, it’s been a long time I experienced such beautiful heavenly orgasm and pleasure. I never knew sex was so enjoying.”“Over the bed,” I stated abruptly. “I want to fuck you now,” I continued. Pulling from her pussy, I helped to pull her with me towards the bed. istanbul escort As we walked around the end, I playfully swatted her ass. With assistance, she jumped up on the bed, bent at the waist, and offered her backside for my pleasures. Wow, she wanted a rear entry.I looked to her, her glistening slit framed by her legs. Her feet did not touch the floor. I had a dangling pussy to fuck. I swiped my fingers on her dripping pussy and collected her wetness. I also took some baby cream and wiping a liberal amount on my cock, I leaned forward onto my arms, my cock hanging over her ass. Slowly, I dipped my hips until my cock made contact with the back of her legs. Poking it into the furrow between her thighs, I shoved it along, the head skittering forward until it hit her buttocks. I shoved harder, pushing it between her cheeks. Aided by the cream, my cock moved easily through her ass crack.Mom didn’t make a sound the whole time I slid back and forth in the crease between her cheeks but when I pulled back and plunged it between her thighs, just under her pussy, she moaned out loud. She moistened quickly and after just a few shoves the inside of her thighs were slick. I could tell she really liked this. Each time I pushed in she let out a little “ohhhh” as my cock made contact with her pussy lips.I was able to angle my cock so I could guide the head between her lips. Soon, her ass was lifting a little as I drew back, trying to keep in contact, and her legs opened a little to give me better access. Her “ohhh’s” were more frequent now.Though she lifted her ass as I withdrew, she hunched it forward when I thrust back, preventing me from pushing into her. But she wasn’t quick enough every time and I was able to push the small part of my cock’s head into her a little.She interrupted her “ohhh’s” with a “don’t” whenever I did this but it didn’t sound that convincing since she didn’t do anything to make it harder for me. In fact, she seemed to forget to hunch forward more often. The room was filled with sexy sound of thud. Flush…swoosh. Our thighs were hitting and giving a sound.Then on one backstroke I pulled back completely out of contact. Mom kept her ass lifted up, waiting for me to slide my cock back along her pussy. Instead, I grasped my cock in my hand, pressed its head part way into her slit, and slid it along her length and back, slowly, three or four times. “Ohhhuuhhhahhhhh,” she repeated each time.I paused, ecstatic at her wanton sound, knowing she was lost in the feel of my cock on her pussy. It was very empowering. I dragged my tip through her again. “D-o-o-o-o-n’t,” she moaned softly, “don’t … don’t don’t.”She kept pulling her pelvis forward, twisting her pussy away from me, making it hard for me to renew that contact. “I won’t put it in, Mom,” I gasped, “I won’t.” I was panting. So was she. “Please … move away … please.”She lay under me, breathing raggedly. When I saw her ass lifting again, I almost came. She cocked it up higher than before and waited for me to drag my slick stick through her again. Instantly, I obliged. She wasn’t moaning anymore but her raspy breathing was even louder.Without intention, my cock head poked further and further into her as I rubbed it back and forth until, finally, it popped completely in. I paused in shock as I realized that the head of my cock was firmly lodged inside her cunt. There was a magical moment where I was holding my cock just in her and she was twisting her ass up to make it easier for me. Then it ended. I was inside the same hole which brought me into this world.“Oh, Munna, no.” Her body plunged to the mattress. There was a squishy plop as my cock popped out, instantly experiencing pangs of loss as it separated from the first cunt it had ever felt. MORE … it needed more. Mom was whimpering. Was she crying? I couldn’t tell. I whispered to console her. “Ok Mom. We’ll do it a different way. It’ll be ok.” I pulled her onto her back. I knees her thighs until she pulled her legs up, together, until she was almost in a fetal position. I bumped her top leg, pushing it forward, opening her legs to provide room for my cock to slide between her legs, holding her hip until my cock was pressed against her pussy. She was very wet.I saddled onto her, fisted my cock, sliding the head up and down her soaked slit. Finding her wet hole, I beylikdüzü escort pushed forward, penetrating her quickly. As I thrust forward, her breath exhaled quickly. I knew she would wrap her thighs over my hips, lock her feet behind me, and let me fuck her blind.”No … Munna … don’t”. She tried to get up but I kept it pushed down. I shoved further in until all but the wide part of my cock head was in her. “No … please, Munna … don’t.” Slowly, I pushed my cock all the way into her. I pulled out and shoved hard back in.As if changing her mind, she suddenly cried, “Don’t .take out .. don’t.” Again I pulled out and shoved in, forcefully, bouncing her whole body forward on the bed. “Stop … Munna ..we cannot do this.” Immediately, I began to move my cock back and forth. I reached to grab her tit, squeezing it until her nipple stiffened and poked out between the circle of my thumb and index finger. Increasing the speed of my thrusts, I changed hands, using my left to hold her just released right tit.Pulling her hip bones, I ground my hips hard to her body. With a quick pull back, I slammed my hips forward again, my cock penetrating her completely. I lost cognizant thought, only my small brain controlled thought now. I savagely thrust hard, deep, slamming my big cock into her petite body. I moved my free hand down to grasp her thigh. Within moments, I was brushing her pussy lips side to side with my fingers as my cock thrust through her legs. Holding it as hard against her as I could, I sawed it back and forth.Changing my angle so I could dig between her pussy lips again, I moved my fingers up to pinch her clit. She was now very, very, wet. She was moaning into the pillow. Angling more, I dug into her cunt. She started to turn her head left and right from the pillow but I moved my hand from her tit to keep it pressed in. I started to push into her. I pulled out and shoved in, five or six times, and stopped. “Don’t, Munna, please don’t.” She didn’t say stop this time. I fucked into her a dozen times more. “don’t … don’t .this is sin… don’t.” Her voice was soft now, quiet.I began a steady fuck. She kept moaning softly, “don’t.” I kept fucking her, holding her head, squeezing her tit again, and then finally locking my lips in her mouth to stop her constant “don’ts” even though I was enjoying the sound of it. For some reason, she really started enjoying when I put my tongue in her mouth. Fuck me! Fuck me hard,” she commanded. “Get that big cock in me now,” she ordered. The sounds of our fucking surrounded us, her wails, and her screams filling my senses. Grunting savagely, I thrust deep, grinding our sexes together. My balls boiled. I wanted to pound her petite body hard. My orgasm was close.I started banging her really hard then, fast and furious, I couldn’t hold back anymore. Holding, pulling her hips hard, I exploded, shooting spurt after spurt of cum into her body. My body convulsed, my knees almost buckling as my orgasm ripped through my crotch. I humped her hard, driving my deflating cock in and out of her sopping cunt. I clutched her head, desperately, as I emptied myself in her, spasm against her soft body.After several thrusts, my cock limply pinned between us, wrapped by her lips. I pulled her close, grinding my body to her one more time. Humping my hips, I pulled back, my sticky, soft cock dangling between us. When we had regained our breath, I whispered to her, “Thanks for letting me fuck you like that, Mom. It was real special. I want to make you pregnant and drink milk from your jugs again without missing Tanya anymore.” She didn’t respond at first but finally answered, “You really like it that way?”“Yes,” I responded enthusiastically. “I love it. And you’re the only one that can do it like that,” I assured her. “Ok,” she said, “then that’s the way we’ll do it, but what about Tanya.” I said. “We will accommodate her also. She will love your pussy and my cock.” She promised we will do it daily enabling her to get pregnant. And in due course she gave me the good news that she became pregnant with my c***d. I was so happy to learn this.I informed Tanya everything .Tanya phoned and congratulated mom for the baby. My mom laughed and asked her to come to Meerut to help her with her daily chores. We moved to another city to lead our life. I married my mom and lived like husband and wife. My sister Tanya was our threesome whenever possible. Mother gave birth to a healthy girl. I am happy to drink my moms milk from her breast after the baby is done with. That is the story. If you like the story, please say

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