Mommy And Me Un Expected Visitors

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Mommy And Me Un Expected VisitorsdeleteddeletedI am married 28 years old staying with my hubby Rajesh and mother in law Suman my father in Law had passed away. This story is 2 years down the line when I like any other girls was too conscious about my figure and a regular Gym user in my society. Our neighbour Mr Sunil was retired man living alone.He had this strange lusty eye on me and my mother in law and we both knew it. Mom often told me to maintain some distance from Sunil uncle. It was dawn of summers in April and with rising temperatures my gym outfit was getting shorter day by day and I loved to show my big 34 D breast and 38 football ass I loved seeing men getting uncomfortable in my presence.A Monday Morning saw my hubby rushing to office and mom going for her usual gupshap with other ladies and I prepared for my gym wearing a sleeveless t shirt hugging my breast with a tiny short making me look like a homely slut. Uncle loved seeing me in these outfits and I did not mind getting some attention other than my husband either we went to gym together.He helped me more than doing his exercise leaving no chances to touch my skin I can understand a man with no wife can only shag his cook and dream and getting to touch a young girl next door is a dream of any man. I did my regular exercise and we both went back to home while going back uncle asked about my mom and he had lust written all over his face that time.I told him that she is gone and he was disappointed as he wanted a cup of tea with mom hearing this and I invited him for a tea my big mistake. We decided that we will have bath first and then he would come to my home for tea and he was really excited about that which gave me a strange vibes. I quickly went into my house and rushed for a bath but he was a too smart he knocked door within 10 minutes.I had no other option to come out in bath robe and open the door for him as I opened and his eyes said it all he had his eyes scanning my naked legs and huge boobs wet covered under robe. I invited him inside and he seated himself on sofa and I sat opposite to him he was trying real hard to peep inside my robe to see my naked hairless pussy but I kept my legs well crossed but my legs were enough to turn him on.He got bolder which was new to me and started to talk about my legs hair and robe and gave me a constant sexy smile. I realized this and to change the tempo of situation I got up and went to kitchen to make tea but uncle followed me and now I could see a clear bulge in his shorts I think he was naked inside. I kept looking at the tea and karabağlar escort talked to him soon I felt him very close on my back.He was sticking to me from behind pressing his bulge on my ass cracks been a lady my mind flew towards sex how will I do it how will I hide it god send someone now if u want to save me suddenly I felt his hands on my waist and his movement with his cook stuck in my ass was getting faster I was blank totally blank.To stop this I just turned myself and saw his eyes full of lust before I could speak he pulled me towards him and locked his lips on mine My Mind was saying I should at least resist but then the devil side of me popped up and said it’s an old man with no wife just a kiss is not going to make a difference to me and it’s a good chance for me to taste a well experienced man and I started to reply back his tongue in my mouth.Uncle seeing my reply got mad in last he pulled me up like a pencil and placed me on table beside gas and parted my legs and tried to enter me I resisted and told him I like some foreplay but he just wanted to fuck me first and I had to give in to his lust and he rammed his cook inside me like a dagger I was in pain making every erotic sound possible to keep him excited.After 10 minutess of fast fucking he finally deposited his thick cream inside me. We both got down and went to sofa again with our cups of tea now he boldly sat with me pressing my boobs when the doorbell rang and I realized I am still in bath robes with an old man in my sofa but had no option but to open the door and my mom was shocked to see uncle in room and she knew something had happened but she didn’t show it.She gave me an angry look and sat of sofa with uncle. I too went and sat with her when she spotted cum flowing on my things and asked me to clean it was very embarrassing and I excused myself for a bath. This part was told to me by mom later when I went mom got angry and it showed on her face and uncle saw that too.She asked uncle what was wrong but uncle still had a hard on he simply stood up and the huge bulge was in front of mom and it was obvious for mom what had happened when she was gone. She got pissed off on uncle and warned him uncle on the other hand was still feeling aftershocks of my body soon he came into his senses and heard mom saying what did you do to my daughter.Uncle saw this as a chance to break the ice between him and mom which stood for decades he pulled his shorts down and showed his royal 8 inch dick covered my pre cum. Mom was speechless she never expected karabağlar escort bayan this and after dad it was her first view of a royal dick she took a while to come back from her dreams of passionate past.Uncle interrupted and told mom I gave this to your daughter and started to come closer to mom this was too much for mom to handle and she had her eyes fixed on his dick soon she saw his cook right in front of her mouth uncle taking advantage of moms lost thought rubbed his dick on mom lips and mom without saying a word gave an opening to it and started to suck it slowly.It is amazing what a moment does to relations which are decade old here was a lady sucking a man she hated few minutes back. Uncle could not believe his luck No sex for years and now second women in an hr sucking his dick he pinched himself to check if this was real. He started to undress mom. It takes 30 minutes for a woman to wear her clothes but amazingly it takes 2 minutes to undress before sex.Uncle was amazed to see how mom maintained herself without doing any exercise Mom had 36 sized huge boobs a busty 40 ass and milky white skin like mine. Uncle quickly came over mom and sucked her boobs but he knew he had limited time as I would come out after bath any time soon. He placed his cook between mom bushes and gave her a hard stroke throwing mom into heavens she got a cook after 2 years.She wanted to enjoy every second of it. Uncle kept sucking mom boobs and kept on his slow hard strokes pushing his cook inside mom. I in the meantime was rehearsing my excuses in room to save myself from questions of cum on my things by mom when I heard moaning and sounds.I thought my mind is buzzing of uncles cook ramping my pussy walls and started to rehearse again but sounds got louder and I decided to go out as soon as I went out and came close I could see uncle’s naked legs on carpet and I froze now sounds were clear to me but I could not accept that mom could be the one.Soon my doubts cleared as moms legs fell from uncles shoulder and fell on carpet I was shocked I thought of going back to my room again but then an idea struck me if I catch them red handed mom won’t be able to expose me in front of my hubby and decided to enter the room as soon as I reached mom saw me and tried to hide which was useless uncle had gripped her tightly and he did not even stop stroking her pussy.He asked me to join in and I did I removed my clothes again and sat near my mom touching her boobs our eyes meet and we both knew we are guilty and we both accepted that escort karabağlar uncle 8 inch cook was too royal not to accept. Mom broke the eye contact as uncle had shot another load of his cum inside her and he collapsed on mom sucking her boobs. Mom just smiled at me and said we will share him from today.I was overjoyed as my sex life would not take a violent turn. I nodded to mom and started to hold uncles dead dick to bring back into life again and as expected it started to grow in my hands .I sucked uncles dick for few minutes till he regained his strength and was ready for another round he turned me into doggy position and started to push is iron inside me againThis time with more freedom mom assisted him in guiding his dick in my pussy all this was getting to erotic for me and my cum fountains were following. He kept on fucking me for 15 minutes when he suddenly stopped I waited for him to start again but it was taking too much of time I saw back and was shocked mom was pouring oil in his hands and he applied that on my ass.I had my eyes wide open and protested I never had that in my ass but mom came in front of me and took firm control of my hands I got It I knew what was happening he is going to force it inside me I pleaded to mom asked her to stop him but she kept on saying u will love it baby uncle started to force her dick in my ass I could only feel his tip going inside when I fell on floor and he was almost jumping with his dick drilling inside my asshole.I was in extreme pain this was like a baseball bat going inside our tiny hole but soon it went inside and his strokes became faster and I somehow started to enjoy the pain and agony after 15 minutes of ass fucking he finally loaded his few drops of sperms inside my ass and fell on my back we both stayed that way his dick became smaller and popped out of my ass leaving it in cum blood and pain.I had no power to open my eyes and slept naked on carpet. I came back from my sleep when a felt a hand on my back and turned my head to see who was it and saw my mom in doggy position with uncle fucking her hard. Doing all this took a lot of time as well it was 5 in the evening we all were starving we did not get time for lunch.I got up and made some snacks we all had it we kissed uncle and decided that we would have sex now on regular basis and I would stop going to gym instead I would go to uncles house for 1 hr. every day and mom will visit him as many times as possible. Now it’s been a month we are having sex that passion has only increased day by day mom.I am now 2 sluts talking to each other at home. All this could not be possible of one of us would not try to be bold. So girl’s flash your assets they can give you pleasure you are not even aware off and boys be bold one bold move can fetch you juicy wet pussies don’t be at home and see TV think about dreams because dreams do become true.

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