Mommy Dearest

Mommy DearestLorenzo Collier closed his eyes and rubbed his temples in frustration. “I’m tired.” he said into his cheap throwaway cell phone. He was talking to his half-sister, Joy. “Lo, you have to turn yourself in. Please… The cops are looking for you. If they catch you out on the street, they could kill you.” Joy said, using her nickname for Lorenzo. “I know, little s*s. I know.” Lorenzo said. “I can’t keep on like this. No money, no nothing. And she won’t talk to me. She hates me now.” he continued. Joy closed her eyes as tears ran down her face. Lorenzo was referring to their foster mother, Sherise Evans. Lorenzo was on the run from the law for shooting and killing Sherise’s boyfriend. Lorenzo was in love with her and he claimed he did it for her. However, Sherise pretty much turned her back on Lorenzo after the murder and wouldn’t talk to him. “You shouldn’t be talking to her anyway, Lo. The cops will hear everything you say to her. They’ll find you with a quickness.” Joy said. The cops knew about the illicit affair and Lo’s motive. They were pretty close to charging Sherise with murder, too. “Forget about her. You need to save yourself. Baby, please don’t do anything stupid. I don’t want to lose you. You’re all I have in this world.” Joy pleaded again. Lorenzo smiled. “I won’t. I just need to work some things out and I’ll do it. I promise.” he said. “I love you.” Joy said hopefully. “I love you too, Joy.” Lorenzo said with a smile and hung up. He sighed and lay back on the bed at the cheap flophouse he was staying in. He closed his eyes and reflected on all of the happenings that put him in his present predicament. Lorenzo and Joy were born and raised in Decatur, Georgia, a small town suburb of Atlanta. Their father, Julius Collier, was the epitome of a rolling stone. He loved women and money and his hustle slangin heroin got him both. A couple of his numerous lady friends who he supplied his wares to bore his c***dren. Julius wasn’t much of a father. He wasn’t around very much and when he did come around it was only to bed down the mothers and feed them his product. Growing up, Lorenzo hated his father. He’d see him on the streets, laughing and shooting the shit with other hustlers or riding down the street in his emerald green Cadillac with the shiny gold rims. Lorenzo swore he would never been like his dad when he grew up. Lorenzo’s mother, Juanita, was a dancer at a local ••••••••••. She was a thick, dark-skinned chocolate Amazon type, who despite her habit, held onto a banging body. She made plenty of money dancing but the dope sucked it all up. Lorenzo was frequently left alone at night while his mother worked her hustle. Joy’s mother, Sheila, had a straight job at a grocery store. A high school dropout, she didn’t have much along the lines of skills to get a good paying job. A friend of hers noted Sheila’s petite curvy caramel-colored body and offered her the chance to make some money. Sheila jumped at the chance and started dancing also. She however, graduated to tricking then went to doing that full time. The money she made was a lot better than dancing and more fun too. Sheila loved to fuck. One of her tricks introduced her to heroin, and it was a wrap. When Joy came, it was a wonder she wasn’t born addicted. Sheila managed to keep it together during Joy’s younger years but when Joy started approaching her teen years, Sheila hit bottom. She wasn’t that attractive petite curvy eye-candy anymore. All she was good for was a good blowjob but she couldn’t even get much money for that. When Lorenzo turned 15, he lost his mother to an overdose. Juanita had just gone to work and taking one on to get her mind right for the night and the load was too much for her. She was an experienced user so everyone wondered if she had gotten a hold of some bad shit. It didn’t matter; she was gone and Lorenzo was alone. Joy’s mother met a similar end and it happened not too long after Juanita died. She shot up some bad shit also and died on the dirty floor of the abandoned house where she and Joy lived. It turned out that a lot of people had gotten some of that bad junk and they were all customers of Julius. Word got around about him and he found out some people were gunning for him. Julius tried to disappear but he didn’t know anywhere to go. Al he knew was Decatur. He had only been up in Atlanta twice and didn’t know anyone who could help him. Someone caught up with him and put down 9mm rounds in his forehead. No more bad dope was sold after that. It was seem that this was a bad ending for Lorenzo and Joy. They had no one else in their lives to take care of them so they went into the system for a while. However, by the grace of God they both wound up with the same foster mother, Sherise Evans. Sherise lived in College Park. She had no k**s of her own and worked at the Post Office. She found out a friend of hers recently became a foster parent. When she found out how much money her friend was making, Sherise knew she had to get down. However, she didn’t want a baby or small c***dren. She knew that’s what everyone who was foster parents were looking for. No, she wanted a teenager. Someone who could look after themselves while she worked. That would be easy money. She applied to be a foster parent and was approved. She told the agency what she wanted and she soon landed Lorenzo and Joy. They were both 16 years old. Lorenzo and Joy had seen each other around their neighborhood and had heard rumors that they were related but they didn’t know for sure. It wasn’t until they were both living under the same roof and began to talk that they figured out that Julius was their father. Neither of them missed him. Experiencing similar heartaches and struggles, the two bonded like a brother and sister should. For her part, Sherise took good care of them. She got them in school and caught up with their studies. They both turned out to be excellent students. The k**s were glad to finally have a stable home life and very happy with their lives. Lorenzo grew to be a big strapping lad, true to his mother’s Amazon stature. He was close to 6 ft tall and 200 lbs. Despite his size, he wasn’t much of an athlete and in reality was a bit of a nerd. He read a lot of books and liked computers. He stayed to himself a lot. Joy also took after her mother. She was beautiful, curvy and petite with that same caramel-colored skin that her mother had. She had one girl who was her best friend and they were thick as thieves together. They frequently studied together in Joy’s room, playing music and giggling and gossiping more than studying. It was the life of a typical teenager. Due to his quiet nature, Lorenzo wasn’t a big hit with the girls. With smooth chocolate skin and height, a lot of girls thought he was cute but knew he would never pursue them. He could never pull the trigger. He was very nervous around girls. His hormones raged though and he was a horny-ass, unbeknownst to anyone else. This didn’t bode well for a growing boy who didn’t do well with the ladies. Lorenzo found a solution to that problem. He discovered porn on the internet and had some skin mags that he frequently self-loved from. Whenever he had that itch that needed scratching, he would retreat to his room and do what he needed to do to relieve himself. One day, Joy heard a noise coming from Lo’s room. She put her ear to his door and heard his quiet moans. She could only guess what he was doing and snickered to herself. She leaned a bit harder on his door and it crept open a little. Mortified, Joy turned to run, thinking she was truly caught. But Lo was so into his masturbation that he didn’t notice. She could peek into his room. She quietly did so and saw Lo on his bed steadily stroking. Her hand flew to her mouth when she saw his dick. Her brother was packing some heat. It was her first time seeing a real live dick and it was majestic. She watched in awe as her brother jacked off. She never noticed Sherise quietly coming out of her bedroom and stop to stare curiously at what she was doing. After a couple of minutes and seeing how Joy was reacting, she figured out what Joy was looking at. She made a mental note and withdrew back in her bedroom. Joy was enthralled watching Lo do his thing. He finally reached his climax and exploded all over himself. He lay there on his bed in relief. Joy quietly slipped away and went downstairs. That next day, she was in her room with her illegal bahis siteleri friend Casey doing their usual gossiping thing instead of studying like they were supposed to. “You know that boy likes you. You need to let him take you out.” Casey said. They were talking about the captain of the football team. The boy had asked Joy out on a date. “Girl please.” Joy said, rolling her eyes. “He has a rep and he has a girlfriend already. I don’t need the drama.” “But he wants you. Think about your rep and what it would be like after you get with him.” Casey pleaded. “Exactly. My rep won’t be shit.” Joy said with disdain. She shook her head. “Un-uh. Nope.” Casey crossed her arms and pouted. “Just as well. He’s going to talk shit about you when you turn him down. He’ll spread rumors about you sucking his dick. He did it before to this other girl who turned him down.” “I’ve never even touched a dick nor seen one in real life.” Joy lamented. Casey just shrugged her shoulders. Now it was Joy’s turn to pout. “Man, why guys always got to talk about getting their dicks sucked? What is the big freaking deal anyway?” She looked at Casey. “Have you ever done that?” she asked. Casey looked nervous. She looked down and her hands and wringed them a little. She gave Joy a sheepish look. Joy’s mouth formed a big O. “Casey!!!” she exclaimed. “Who?” Casey smiled and said softly. “You know who. Steven.” “Oh.” Joy said, rolling her eyes. “Figures.” Steven was a boy Casey had a serious crush on. “I hope no one else knows. Boys do tell you know.” Joy continued. Casey had a thoughtful look on her face. “Nah. He liked it too much. He wants me to do it again. And that’s not going to happen if he opens his mouth.” she said. “He said you were good at it???” Joy asked in wonder. Casey had a proud look on her face. “He said I was the best he ever had.” she said. “So how did you get good at it?” Joy asked. “Well, I’ve seen some movies on the net. And I practiced on one of my mom’s toys. She doesn’t know that I know where she hides them.” Casey giggled. “Hmm.” Joy said, deep in thought. She wanted to practice too. She had already sneaked into Sherise’s bedroom and found her toys. Sherise had a nice, silicon 6 inch toy that would be perfect to practice on. The next day was Saturday. Sherise had to pull a shift and had left for work already. Lorenzo was in his room, as usual. This was the perfect chance for Joy. She quietly went into Sherise’s bedroom and found the toy stash. She pulled out the silicone toy dick and stared at it stupidly. She then went back to her room and sat down on the bed with it. “Well, here it goes.” she said softly to herself and closed her eyes. She imagined how the girls in the dirty movies did it then she opened her mouth, sticking out her tongue. She stuck the whole dildo down her throat and immediately gagged. She quickly clamped her hand over her mouth. So loud, she thought. She got up and put on some music then she sat back down on her bed and tried again. Again, she gagged. It was loud but with the music playing she was sure no one heard her. She continued to practice sucking on the dildo, fighting off her gag reflex but having trouble doing so. Lorenzo did hear Joy. He dismissed the noise the first couple of times. When he started hearing it repeatedly, he came out of his room to investigate. He put his ear to Joy’s door and listened. When he kept hearing the gagging noises over the music, he became worried. “Joy… Are you okay?” he shouted. It got quiet behind the door. “Yes, I’m fine. Go away.” Joy replied. “Hey, what’s wrong? Why are you yakking?” Lorenzo said. “I said I’m fine, Lo. Leave me alone!!!” Joy said. Lorenzo was confused. But Joy’s gagging then defensiveness got him thinking. Oh shit, he thought. She’s pregnant!!! He began to bang on the door. “Joy!!! Open this door!!!” he shouted. “Open the door NOW!!!” Joy wearily came to the door and peaked out. “What, man? What do you want?” she said with exasperation. By answer, Lorenzo pushed his way into her room. “Who are you pregnant by?” he demanded. Joy, mad at her brother’s intrusion, looked at him in confusion. “What the hell are you talking about?” she asked. “I heard you yakking in here. And now you’re being all secretive and shit. Who are you fuckin?” Lorenzo asked. Joy had to laugh because she understood why he was thinking the way he was. “Boy, I am not pregnant.” she said with a smile. Now it was Lorenzo’s turn to be confused. “So why are you puking?” he asked. He then saw the dildo on the bed and pointed at it. “What’s that?” he asked. Joy’s eyes got big and rushed over to grab the toy. “N-n-nothing.” she stammered, hiding it behind her back. “Is that one of Mama’s toys? Oh shit, what are you doing in here?” Lorenzo asked with a grin on his face. Joy was busted and she knew it. “I was practicing with it.” she said sheepishly. Lorenzo’s face wrinkled up in confusion. “Practicing what?” he asked. “You know.” Joy said and put the toy to her mouth to demonstrate. “Oh.” Lorenzo said. “Why are you doing that? You planning on sucking some dick?” “It really isn’t any of your business.” Joy replied and tried to push Lorenzo out of her room. “Now get out.” Lorenzo resisted. “Oh hell no. I need to know more. Or I’m telling Mama you had one of her toys practicing with It.” he said using his fingers to signal quotation marks. “Grrrr.” Joy seethed and plopped down on the bed. She sighed. “Okay. There’s this boy I like. He wants to take me out but he’s going to want me to suck his dick. And I don’t know how.” she lamented. Lorenzo looked at her thoughtfully and said, “Practice makes perfect.” “Well, that’s why I had this.” Joy said, holding up the dildo. “You need to go put that back. Mama’s going to know you messed with it and she’s going to kick your ass.” Lorenzo warned. “So what do I practice on?” Joy said, holding up her hands and shrugging her shoulders. They both sat there in silence for a minute. “Have you ever had your dick sucked?” Joy asked. “Who me? Uhhh…. No.” Lorenzo said sheepishly. Joy looked at him for a minute. She then got up and took the dildo back into Sherise’s bedroom and put it back in the nightstand drawer. She then came back to her room and stood in front of Lorenzo. “Take out your dick.” she commanded. “WHAT? Hell naw!!!” Lorenzo protested. “What for?” “Nigga please, I’ve seen it before already. Just take it out.” Joy said, rolling her eyes. “Seen it where?” Lorenzo asked in horror. Joy grinned. “Boy, you’re noisy when you jack off. I’ve seen you do It.” she said. Lorenzo’s face burned with shame and embarrassment and he slunked down on her bed. “Awww baby, it’s okay. I won’t tell. Just don’t be leaving any stains on the sheets. You know Mama’s going to see them when she does laundry.” Joy said with a laugh. “Now pull out your dick.” Lorenzo slowly stood up and undid his jeans. He lowered his boxers, revealing his long, thick, dark member. “This is not cool.” he lamented. Joy softly took hold of his dick and immediately felt it start to harden. She smiled. “It seems to think so. I think it likes me.” Joy said. She began to stroke it. “Is this how you like it done?” “Ohhh.” Lorenzo said softly, his eyes closing. Joy smiled. “Just let me practice. Tell me how you like it. I heard that it’s supposed be all sloppy and wet.” she said. Now Lorenzo didn’t care. He was about to get his dick sucked for the first time, even if it was by his own sister. His monster had now swelled up good and rigid. Joy was intimidated by what she had in her hand. It was a lot bigger than what she saw the first time. “Dayum boy. I don’t know if I can get all of this in my mouth.” she said worriedly. “Just suck the head.” Lorenzo moaned and Joy opened her mouth. She began to suck on Lorenzo’s dickhead. She thought about the movies she had seen and swirled her tongue around the flesh. She made sure her mouth was good and wet. Lorenzo gently slid his hand around the back of her head and encouraged her to suck deeper. Joy opened her mouth wider to accommodate his girth and managed to get a couple of more inches down her throat. She felt her gag reflex kick in and she tried to take her head off of his dick. Lorenzo wasn’t having any of that. “No, keep going. Oh shit that feels good!!!” he exclaimed. His strong hands kept her head in place and he firmly crammed his dick in and out of her mouth. Joy didn’t resist and despite her gag reflex, mobilbahis güvenilir mi she kept sucking like a trooper and started to enjoy it. Her pussy moistened and her hands crept down into her shorts. She began to massage her swollen clit. Her pussy was sopping wet. Lorenzo was enjoying himself. Joy’s mouth was so warm and wet and he started to wonder what her pussy felt like. He wasn’t going to cross that line though. He kept jacking his dick in and out of her mouth, now beating up the back of her throat. Joy was making little gulping and half-gagging noises, turning him on even more. He loved that he could control her like this. Soon began to feel the nut brewing in his balls. “Oh shit Joy, I’m gonna cum!!!” he moaned, making her speed up her sucking. Joy moaned and her eyes got big when she got her first taste of cum in her mouth. Lorenzo’s eyes clamped shut and his forehead wrinkled up. His back spasmed as he released his seed into his sister’s mouth. Joy tried to swallow as much as she could but a good bit of the load spilled out the sides of her mouth. Finally, Lorenzo released her head and he pulled his dick from her mouth. Joy looked down at her cum-stained t-shirt then looked at her brother. Her hands were still down in her panties. She was strangely but immensely turned on by what had just happened. Lorenzo looked away sheepishly. He was ashamed to admit to himself that he loved every second of his sister’s hot throat-job. He silently pulled his jeans back up and left out of the bedroom. Joy sat down on her bed and wiped the cum from her lips. They never spoke of that incident again nor did Joy ever practice on Lorenzo again. Lorenzo frequently thought about Joy’s hot mouth though and she became his fantasy to self-love to. One Saturday afternoon, he was in his room doing his thing when he heard a knock on his door. Frustrated at the intrusion, he sat up in his bed. “Go away Joy!!!” he shouted. “It’s not Joy, it’s me. Joy is at the movies with Casey.” Sherise said. She attempted to come in but the door was locked. “Why is this door locked? You know the rules, Lorenzo. No locked doors in this house.” she admonished. Lorenzo put on some gym shorts and got up to unlock his door. He opened it and his foster mother entered. She stood in front of Lorenzo and put her hands on her hips. She looked at the bed then back to her foster son. “Lorenzo, we need to talk.” she said. “Was sup Mama?” Lorenzo asked innocently. Sherise went over to the bed and sat down. She patted a spot next to her and motioned for Lorenzo to sit. He came over and sat beside her. Sherise let out a deep sigh and smiled. She gently stroked Lorenzo’s cheek. “All grown up huh? But still socially inept. All shy around girls.” she said. Lorenzo couldn’t look at her. He found a spot on the floor and keyed his eyes on it. “You know baby, it’s hard becoming a man. So much to learn. About yourself. About life. All of these feelings inside you battling to come forth. Take priority.” Sherise said. “I understand what you’re going through. You can trust me if you want to talk about anything.” “Like what?” Lorenzo asked. “Like girls.” Sherise said. “After all, I am one. I can tell you what they like. You’re a sweet boy. A handsome one. There’s no reason why you can’t have any woman you want.” Lorenzo shrugged his shoulders. “I get nervous around them. I get all muddle-mouthed. I’d rather I keep my distance.” he said. Sherise gave him a disbelieving look. “So you’d rather stay in here and masturbate all day?” she asked. Lorenzo’s eyes got big. Sherise gave him a knowing look. “Yes, I know all about that. You leave evidence on the bedclothes and I have to do the laundry.” she said with a smirk. Lorenzo covered his face with his hands. He was so embarrassed. He couldn’t even look at Sherise. She tried to pull his hands down. “No, no, don’t do that. Stop. Its okay, baby. It’s perfectly fine.” she cooed. Lorenzo looked at her sadly. “So you like to jerk off. I can only imagine what you think about when you do. But there’s nothing wrong with it. But what’s going to happen when you meet that girl and she’s going to want to have sex with you?” Lorenzo blinked. He didn’t think there was a girl alive who was interested in him. “I can’t see that happening Mama.” he said. “Well, I can. It’s going to happen. And soon. You need to be prepared.” Sherise said. Lorenzo looked at her and asked, “How?” Sherise smiled at him and patted his leg. “I’ll be right back.” she said and left the room. A couple of minutes later she came back in and locked the door. She sat back down on the bed beside Lorenzo. She opened her hand and produced a condom. “Show me how you put it on.” she said. Lorenzo’s eyes got huge. “•••-what? H-how?” he stammered. “You heard me. I have to see if you’re putting it on right. Because it can come off and you’ll end up knocking the girl up or even worse, catching some awful disease.” Sherise said. Lorenzo looked at her, still hesitant. “Here, I’ll help you. Take your shorts off.” she instructed. Lorenzo gulped and slowly began to do what he was told. Sherise watched as the boy undressed. She tried not to stare at his long, limp dick as it came into view and she slightly licked her lips. She had to stop herself from reaching out to touch it. Sherise was what teenagers referred to as a MILF type. She was 40 years old, experienced in life, and had a banging body. She was somewhat petite but not quite as small as Joy was. She was more curvy though. She filled her jeans out very nicely and her top too. Truth be told, she had her eye on Lorenzo ever since he had came to live with her. Today, she was finally going to have the chance to seduce him. “Let’s get this ready so I can show you how to put this on.” she said softly, touching his leg. Lorenzo’s dick began to stiffen. Sherise reached over and took his dick in her hand and she began to stroke it. Lorenzo closed his eyes and relished in the pleasure of her touch. Soon, his dick stood up rigid in her hand. Sherise watched in awe at its thickness and length. “Mmmm, mmm, mmmm.” she breathed, shaking her head. “Baby, you have a beautiful dick. It would be such a shame not to share this with anyone.” She continued to stroke it slowly, up and down along the shaft. She ripped open the condom wrapper and took the condom in her hand. “I think this one is going to be too small. But we’ll make it work.” she said. She showed him how to roll the condom down over his dickhead and onto his shaft. It only went halfway down. “That’s how it’s done.” she said with a smile. “But you need Magnum XLs.” Lorenzo nodded, smiling meekly. His dick was so hard, he was dizzy. Sherise continued to stroke his dick, staring at it as she did so. “This is so weird.” Lorenzo said. “Why?” Sherise asked. “I’m just your foster mother, baby. We’re not blood-related. I’m just a woman. I want to be your first. Can I be your first?” Lorenzo licked his lips and nodded. Sherise stood up and began to take off her clothes. Lorenzo’s mouth dropped open at the sight of her voluptuous curvy mocha body. She climbed on the bed and straddled Lorenzo’s lap. She cupped her 36-C cup breasts to his face with her big chocolate chip nipples poking out at him. “Here kiss them softly.” she said, offering him one of her nipples. Lorenzo drooled. She was as beautiful as the models in his Players magazine. He took the nipple into his mouth and swirled his tongue around the tasty bud. Sherise sucked in her breath with his touch. Lorenzo then switched to the other nipple and suckled softly. “Yesssss. Yes baby, you’re a natural. Just like that.” she breathed. Her hand caressed her clit and she felt the sloppy wetness of her pussy. It was ready. “Mmmm, my pussy is ready for you baby. Are you ready?” she cooed again. Lorenzo nodded. Sherise mounted herself atop his erection and eased herself down onto his dickhead, slowly penetrating herself. “Mmmmm, shit that’s good.” she moaned. She slowly ground herself deeper onto his dick. She soon was rocking while she rode him. Lorenzo allowed himself to let his hands roam and explore her body. His hands touched the soft skin of her breasts, her hips, and her ass. He squeezed all of her Charmin as Sherise creamed herself all over his dick. She was having what seemed like one long continuous orgasm. “Dayuuuummmm!!! I can’t stop cumming!!!” she moaned, her head thrown back in pleasure. mobilbahis giriş For someone getting his first piece of pussy, Lorenzo was holding his nut pretty well. But it was coming, and he knew he couldn’t hang on for long. “Oh my God I’m gonna cum so hard.” he cried out. Sherise saw the look in his eyes and knew he was ready to let his seed go. She jumped off his dick and ripped the condom off. “Feed me.” she said. Lorenzo got on his knees and Sherise laid down on the bed. She turned her head and opened her mouth wide. She thought he was going to cum all over her face but Lorenzo shocked her by grabbing her by the back of her head and forcing his dick down her throat. Just like he did Joy, he jacked his dick in and out of her mouth until he exploded down her throat. Sherise gagged on the tremendous load he produced. She coughed cum all back on his dick and balls and it spilled out of her mouth all over the bed. She coughed violently and she sat and tried to catch her breath. She wasn’t mad at him though. She was somewhat turned on by what she did. Lorenzo fell back onto the bed and looked at Sherise with a smile. After that day, Sherise and Lorenzo continued meeting clandestinely. It usually happened when Joy left to spend the night with one of her girlfriends. Sometimes it happened late at night after Joy had gone to sleep. Joy soon began to pick up on the little looks Lorenzo gave Sherise and suspect something was going on. She decided to talk to her brother about it. “Hey.” she said one day, catching Lorenzo as he was going into his room. “Can I talk to you for a minute?” Lorenzo stopped then followed Joy into her room. They sat down on her bed. Joy looked at her brother worriedly. “Lo, are you sleeping with Mama?” she asked. Lorenzo just hung his head. He couldn’t lie to his little sister. “You gotta stop. It’s not right.” Joy pleaded. “Why not? She’s not my blood.” Lorenzo protested. “No, Joy. What you and I did was wrong.” “And we never did it again. It doesn’t seem like you can stop doing what you’re doing with Mama.” Joy said. Lorenzo was quiet for a minute. “You’re right. I can’t. I love her.” he said softly. Joy began to cry. “No, Lo.” she said, shaking her head vehemently. “Not her. She’s going to break your heart.” “I’m not trying to hear this.” Lorenzo said, getting up off the bed and heading to his room. Joy sobbed as she sat on her bed. Joy’s premonition was spot-on. Not too long after that day, Sherise met a man named Kevin on a night out at the club. The two quickly became an item and Kevin started coming around more and more. He soon was spending the majority of his time at the house. Joy and Lorenzo peppered Sherise with many questions about Kevin but all she kept telling them was to mind their own business. Neither of them liked Kevin. Kevin was rude and overbearing. Joy and Lorenzo couldn’t see what Sherise saw in him. Joy however, felt Kevin’s eyes on her. She had to make sure she was never alone with him, lest he try something with her. Lorenzo didn’t like him because he was fucking Sherise. It was as simple as that. Sherise simply forgot about him. Just like Joy said, she broke his heart. Kevin fancied himself a hustler but he wasn’t much of one. He had the flash of a hustler but not the heart. He did carry a gun though. At Sherise’s house, he made himself King of the domain. Sherise seemed to like a man in control, never mind how Joy and Lorenzo felt. Lorenzo found out where Kevin kept his gun. It would be useful knowledge one day. One Saturday afternoon, Lorenzo went to the library. Joy was in her room listening to music. Sherise and Kevin were in her bedroom having some fun. “Baby, how about you go to the store and pick me up some cigarettes and beer?” Kevin suggested with a smile. A smitten Sherise cheerily got up and went about her task. Kevin was alone with Joy and he was determined to take advantage. He knocked on Joy’s door and waited patiently. Joy cracked the door open. “What do you want?” she said with disdain. Kevin answered her by busting into her room. A frightened Joy crumbled back onto her bed. “You little bitch. I’m tired of your disrespect.” Kevin snarled. “Time to teach you some manners. Come here!!!” Joy screamed and tried to run but Kevin was faster. He jumped on top of her on the bed and pinned her arms down. He forced himself between her legs and tore at her t-shirt. He grinned evilly as he prepared to tear Joy’s sweet ass apart. Lorenzo had just walked into the house and heard Joy’s screams. He ran upstairs and went into her mother’s bedroom. No one was there. He reached under the pillow on Kevin’s side of the bed and grabbed the 9mm Glock he knew was there. More screams came from Joy’s room. Lorenzo charged in and saw Kevin on top of Joy. He ran up and grabbed Kevin from the back and tore him off of Joy. “Mu-tha-fukka!!!” Kevin screamed and stood up. He pulled out a switchblade and popped it open. He started at Lorenzo but stopped short when he saw the gun in Lorenzo’s hand. Lorenzo leveled it at Kevin. Kevin stared at him with indignation. “Little pussy-ass nigga. You ain’t got the heart.” he sneered. Famous last words. Lorenzo calmed pulled the trigger three times, sending three rounds into a shocked Kevin’s chest. He slammed against the wall and slumped to the floor, the switchblade still in his hand. What had happened finally registered in Joy’s brain and she screamed in terror. The timing was perfect. Sherise was just walking into the house when Joy screamed. Sherise ran upstairs and into Joy’s room. She took in the horrific scene. She then screamed. “He was trying to **** Joy.” Lorenzo explained. “Then he came at me with the knife.” “OOOOOOHHHH MY GOOOOOODDDDDD!!!! KEEEEVVVVVVVIIIIINNNN!!!” Sherise screamed, cradling Kevin’s dead body in her arms. She didn’t even think about what Lorenzo said nor check on Joy. Joy continued to sob on the bed, clutching a pillow to her body. Sherise was still whimpering but she threw an evil look towards Lorenzo then pulled out her cell phone. She dialed 911 and when the dispatcher answered, she said with venom, “I want to report a murder.” Lorenzo watched in horror as his mother reported him to the police. He finally willed his legs to move and he jetted downstairs and out the door. He never looked back. He hid out in peoples’ backyards until he eventually made his way out of the city. He had no money, just the clothes on his back, and a broken heart. He eventually found a church where a kind-hearted priest took him in and fed him and let him clean up. The priest knew he was on the run from something but he didn’t really press. He figured the time would soon come where the boy would confess his sins. Lorenzo’s face was splattered all over the news. However, he stayed low at the church and the priest took care of him. Lorenzo was tired of running though. And Sherise hated him. One night, he sat down with the priest. “Father, I did something horrible.” he said softly. The priest looked at him and said, “Is there something you’d like to confess my son?” Lorenzo nodded and told the priest what happened. When he was done, the priest looked at him and touched his shoulder. “Lorenzo, you have to turn yourself in. I saw your picture on the news. The cops are looking for you. You’ll never be able to escape the city. And from what you’ve told me, it sounds like self-defense.” he said. “Yes Father, but I wanted to kill him. I hated him. He took Sherise from me.” Lorenzo lamented. “You’ll have to find a way to forgive yourself for that hate and let it go. Then you have to answer for your actions. That is the only way you’ll find absolution.” the priest offered. Lorenzo was quiet for a minute then he sighed. “Yes Father, you’re right. And I’m tired of running.” he said. And now, he knew it was time. Lorenzo could remember the details as vividly in his mind like it was yesterday. He knew it was time to face the music. He went over to the phone in his room and dialed 911. When the dispatcher answered, Lorenzo told her who he was and where he was located. He then hung up and went into the main area of the church. Not even 10 minutes later, sirens could be heard screeching towards the church. The priest heard the commotion and came out of his study. Lorenzo was walking towards the church exit. “Lorenzo!!!” the priest shouted. Lorenzo turned to the priest and smiled. “It’s okay Father. Thank you for your help.” “God Bless you my son.” the priest said. Lorenzo turned and walked out of the church with his hands raised. He was quickly taken into custody. The priest ran to the door and looked out just in time to see the police car driving away with Lorenzo in the back seat. He smiled at the priest and nodded his head goodbye. END

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