Mommy Dommy


My name is Beth, I’m 52 years young, built solid and even muscular for a woman my age, short blonde hair, a bright smile — and a sex drive that works overtime. Even with my son.

Bobby is my pride and joy, a stud of a teenager at 18, a senior high school football player with a delicious body and blessed with my good looks. We’ve been on our own since my husband left, and since puberty, he has noticed me, I dare say, especially when I’m working out in my scanty short-shorts and tube top. But I never acted on anything, figuring it was wrong and he was sooooooooo sexily young.

Until today, when things changed forever. Today, I caught my young stud rooting through my dirty laundry pile and smelling my workout-soiled socks and panties! He didn’t know I was home, I’d come back from my daily early-evening run sooner than usual since it was chilly, but when I did I heard noises in my bedroom. Softly, I snuck down the hallway and looked inside where Bobby was kneeling before my pile of dirty things, one pair of especially soiled panties glued to his face as he moaned and inhaled, licked and chewed them, one well-worn white sweat sock around the biggest cock I’d ever seen as he stroked himself with it.

“Mommy, Mommy, Mommy,” he groaned, his face red, his eyes closed as he rubbed the stinky panty all over his moaning face. “Gonna cum in your sock, Mommy!!

And he did, jetting a huge load of spunk all over the pile of panties and other socks, thick streams of boy jizz landing with a wet splashing sound before dribbling down to a few gorgeous oozes of spew all over the sock he had wrapped around his massive pecker, which I guessed to be all of 10 inches long. Breathlessly, I watched as his hand slowed around his impressive dick and I squeezed out a mini-orgasm by clenching my thighs together as I stood watching in my tiny cut-off jeans, tank top, white sweat socks and sneakers.

He stopped cumming and sank back on his naked haunches; he’d stripped off his pants to whack off in my sock, and his top, his entire muscular body bathed in sweat. He smiled and lifted the sock to his nose, smelling it through my panty and then as he snuck out his tongue to sneak a taste of his own goo, I leaped into action.

“Mom!” he screamed as I raced into the room, sitting on the bed behind him. “Wait, I can…”

He was about to explain but I gave him no quarter, pulling him backwards by the ears and lacing my muscular thighs around his head, scissoring him securely in his mother’s powerful legs. I lay back on the bed and took Bobby with me, my thighs pounding at his skull as I locked up my socked feet and squeezed with all my might. I leaned up on my elbows and looked down at him, the sight almost comical with his naked body thrashing from my legs, his still-stiff cock still wrapped in my sock that was covered with his cum. His hands grabbed at my punishing thighs and one of them left a streak of sperm.

“You dirty little boy, you nasty, dirty little boy,” I hissed down at him as I let up only a little to let him tilt his head back to look at me through desperate eyes as I clenched my thighs tightly around it. “How long have you been sniffing my dirty panties and socks and playing with yourself like this? TELL ME!!”

He moaned as I squeezed, and blurted out “For a long time, Mom! I can’t help it…you’re so….beautiful and sexy!”

I smiled at the words I loved hearing. I let up again and sat up on the bed, my thighs still gripping his head as I looked down at him upside down

“Good, good, it’s a good thing when a boy loves his mommy,” I cooed, gently rubbing the heels of my sneakers into his groin, pushing at his huge balls. “Mmmm, you’ve cum a lot, young man, all over my dirty panties and socks over there in the pile, and my sock on your cock is just soaked. You’ll have to clean that up, of course, and Mommy’s headscissors will see to that!”

I reached bakırköy üniversiteli escort down and pulled off the cum-coated sock from his pecker and rammed it brutally into his face, mashing the cum all over his lips and nose, forcing his mouth open and the soiled sock inside.

“Suck,” I growled, ramming the sock in deeply. “Suck your cum from mommy’s sock!”

He cried out loud and tried to protest, but I just rammed the cummy sock further into his mouth while squeezing more brutally with my thighs. He acquiesced and slowly began to suck the sperm from the sweaty sock in his mouth, tears of humiliation running down his face.

“You dirty boy, you like this, don’t you, you like mommy’s headscissors, my thighs on your skull, SQUEEZING you, and you just love sucking your sperm from my socks, you’re still hard, you little whore!” I growled. “Well, then you’ll love this!

I spun around a bit to snatch up a pile of panties and socks from my pile, some covered with his goop, some just rancid on their own from having been on my ass and pussy and feet over the last week of intense physical exercise in the heat of summer. I plopped the pile on his chest and pulled the dirty sock from his mouth before finding a nasty pair of panties with a gruesome looking yellow-and-brown stain on them, striped with Bobby’s fresh cum, and rammed it up his nose.

“Smell it!” I hissed, rubbing it into his lips and forcing the nastiest side into his nostrils with my fingers. “Smell your mommy’s shit and piss and eat your fucking CUM!!”

He cried real tears as I scissored him so hard his face went red then blue as I rammed the cummy and rancid panty into his nostrils and then pulled it out and made him suck it clean. Over and over I repeated this until he’d mouth-washed every filthy sock and every foul pair of panties. Thirty minutes later, his face was a mask of his own sweat and cum and the residue from my dirty under things.

My heels scissored his bobbing cock, locking it between my sneakers and I stroked it up and down, moving it up a bit to be securely latched in my socked calves. I squeezed hard until his monster pecker turned purple in my leggy clamp and then jacked him up and down in the socked scissor lock, rubbing his pecker skin raw.

“Mmmm, you’ve been hard the whole time, you little slut,” I hissed, pumping my muscular calves on his dick. “Let’s see how many times Mommy can make her little slut cum!”

In less than a minute, I’d scissored a huge cum load from my boy’s cock, a huge jet of jizz shooting up and over my muscular thighs and lacing back down my sweaty shins to coat my socks. I immediately folded one calf up for a punishing figure four, my cum-coated thighs bracing his face. I turned his head to one side then the other and made him lick it up.

“Suck that mess off my thighs, boy!” I barked, rolling his moaning face around in his clammy soup. “Lick the sperm off me!

HE obeyed, gagging as he sucked and licked the cream from his mother’s muscular thighs. I then turned my calf and made him clean the mess from my socks, too, grinding the back of his head into my pussy the whole time.

“Mmmm, Bobby, this feels awfully nice, rubbing your head in my cunt like this,” I hissed. “Wonder what it would feel like without these shorts in the way! Wanna find out, my little stud muffin? Want your face in Mommy’s dirty, sweaty pussy? And ASS?!”

“No, Mom, please, please,” he groaned. “Can’t take it anymore…your legs hurt…I’m sorry, Mom, please, I’ll never do it again…”

“Oh, yes you will, because I WANT you to, you little slut!” I growled, releasing his head from my legs to slither out of my clothes except for my little socks, pulling him up to lay on the bed on his back, his face gleaming with cum and sweat. “Mommy likes being dominant with her little boy…now call me bakırköy bdsm escort Mommy Dommy, slut! Do it!”

“M….Mommy Dommy….please…no more…” he begged through watery eyes as I stood above his face, straddling him and running my fingers through my very hairy and dripping wet cunt.

“No more?” I laughed. “OK, no more…and no less, either!”

I dropped my full weight on his face, burying it in my hairy thatch, ramming his nose to my clit and grinding him brutally hard, my thighs spread wide as I rode his face back and forth, literally wiping my ass on him now as I pulled my asshole over his mouth and nose and snapped it backwards, grinding and pumping and coating his already wet face with the gushing juices from my sweaty cunt.

“Mmm, how’s that smell, Bobby boy, how’s Mommy Dommy’s cunny smell now that I’ve been out running today, is it all sweaty and cheesy, do you LOVE IT!” I screamed as I orgasmed on his moaning face.

I quickly spun around after that ‘gasm and plunked my thick, meaty ass on his face, reaching back to spread the cheeks with both hands, the hairy ring of my sweaty asshole winking at him.

“How’s my shitter look, Bobby, is it all nasty and wet?” I laughed. “Now you know why my panties are so dirty, huh? I guess I don’t wipe my ass all that well when I shit — which I just did a little while ago — but you know that, since you’ve been snorting the shit from my panties for some time now, huh? Well get in there and take a deep snort, my young stud, smell Mommy Dommy’s shitty asshole!!”

I plopped down hard, skewering my oily shit ring with his nice, long nose until it was buried to the face in nasty ass. I hunched my hips back and forth and side to side, taking him deeper still, feeling the hard bone of his nose twisting inside my shithole walls.

“Smelllllllllllllll my asshole, Bobby, I wanna hear you take a nice, big whiff of Mommy Dommy’s shitty butt!” I commanded, kneading my bountiful butt cheeks around his face, molding his facial features to the soft warmth of my ass meat. “Take a sniff!”

He inhaled deeply and gagged at the stench of his mother’s shitty rump, the vibrations from his mouth ripping into my cunt. I moaned and used his face, grinding my cunt on it until I came again and again, drenching his mouth in my thick woman cream.

“Let’s see how good that tongue of yours is on my cunny, young man,” I sighed, leaning forward and positioning my hairy twat at his mouth. “And while you’re at it, I wanna see how many times I can make you cum….”

I leaned over and mouthed his stiff cock, taking all nine-plus inches down my throat, kneading his balls with one hand and stroking the base of his massive pecker with the other. Down his end, Bobby did a masterful job licking my hairy pussy, digging deep into the sweat-soaked folds and tonguing my clean, then returning to my clit and sucking it into his mouth, dribbling it with his tongue.

He came in minutes, a gusher of a load right down my throat, which I gobbled down greedily, savoring the sweet taste of boy juice, something I haven’t had in awhile. And I didn’t stop; as I continued to grind my cunny into his moaning mouth, I kept sucking his cock, keeping him hard and going for the fourth load of the evening. It didn’t take long; within 10 minutes, my stud son was jetting another sizeable load down my throat, the last jet of which I kept in my mouth as I sat up on his face, almost sliding off from the copious amount of my cunny gel that coated it. I spun around and sank my tireless cunt onto his pecker, taking all of it in one stroke to the balls and keeping him stiff. I leaned over and smiled at him, my cummy lips inches from his.

“No, Mom, please…” he begged. “Can’t take anymore…”

I laughed and pulled his hair, tilting his head back and forcing open his mouth, which I glued with mine, bakırköy elit escort letting the thick gob of his cum pour into his mouth. He gagged and shot it back into mine, and I shot it back to his, my tongue spearing the frothy goo until he swallowed it. I sat up and bathed his face in my big titties as I fucked his young cock.

“Suck Mommy Dommy’s nipples, boys, suck ’em good,” I growled as I felt my nipples scrape across his teeth as he suckled me. “Mmmm, that’s nice, haven’t had your mouth on my teats since you were a baby…”

I reached back and kneaded his huge, hairless balls, coaxing another load from him, his fifth, and I screamed with an orgasm as I felt it scorch into my womb, the same one he’d come from 18 years ago. Slipping his deflating cock from my pussy, I force fed it into my ass that was slick and lubed up from his licking it clean. Once inside, I clamped down with my ass muscles and stiffened him up again. He looked up at me, eyes wide with shame, terror and pleasure.

“You like being up Mommy Dommy’s asshole,doncha, slut boy?” I barked down at him, slapping his face one way and then the other as I rode his cock up my ass. “Tell me you do!”

“I do!” he screamed, humping up inside my butt now, his young hips flailing away as he pounded his mother’s ass with cock. “I love it!!”

“Course you do, son of mine, of course you do,” I laughed evilly, bending to french kiss him madly as his cock filled my thick ass.

It took him awhile, maybe 15 minutes, but soon enough he blasted off his sixth load inside my ass, slowing his hip-thrusting motions until the contractions from my gripping ass shit out his now soft but still huge cock. I turned around and licked the cream from his shiny cock and then perched my thick ass above his face. He moaned, but knew his duty: He buried his face inside my ass and sucked his cum from my asshole, swabbing the walls clean, and then went to my pussy to lick his load from that hole as well. My boy was taking to Mommy Dommy training quite well.

I stood up and retrieved a bottle of hand cream from my dresser, slathering my hand with it and sitting next to Bobby on the bed, where he lay, totally spent and exhausted, his cock limply slung against his tight belly. I put my hand around it and started stroking and he winced.

“Mom, please, I can’t do it anymore, I’m all done, it tickles!” he yelped, trying to twist away from me.

“OK, have it your way,” I sighed.

I lay behind him and secured his neck in my thighs, folding up my locked and socked calves around his jaw for a brutally tight throat scissors, my thighs crushing his windpipe, my lean and rugged calves pressing his face into the backs of my thighs until his face was contorted in agony. I leaned down with my hand and stroked him until his cock stiffened. I smiled.

“See? You can do it, Bobby, I think you really LIKE Mommy Dommy’s headscissors, don’t you, you like my thighs and calves squeezing you like this, huh? Say it, Bobby, say it as I make you cum again!”

“I love it….” Bobby hissed, eyes closed. “I love Mommy Dommy’s headscissors!!!”

“I know you do, son, now lay back and enjoy it all,” I groaned.

The squishy sounds of my oily handjob filled my bedroom as Bobby’s cock stiffened fully under my gripping fingers stroking him up and down, taking time to tease the head and then stroking down again. He came again, not a huge load but a sizeable one nonetheless, the hot cream streaming over my slender fingers and coating them completely as my handjob wound down and I lifted the cummy mess to his mouth, where he hungrily sucked up the entire nasty load.

“Not bad, you’ve cum for mommy — and her panties and socks — seven times in the last, what, two hours?” I laughed, unlocking my scissors from his neck and head and booting him off my bed as I lay back and relaxed. “Now, go make us some dinner while I take a nap, and when you’re done, you can do my dirty laundry. The right way this time!”

“Yes, Mom,” he sighed.

“Yes WHAT?” I growled, slapping my muscular thighs together in a mock scissor, delighting to see him jump.

“Yes, MOMMY DOMMY!” he quickly corrected himself.

He sighed and left the room as I dozed off to a very restful sleep…

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