Mommy’s Milk Pt. 01


Short, simple, and to the point mini story about a mom helping her still breastfeeding adult son explore his sexuality. Despite his (not moms opinion, though she agrees) good looks and great personality, no girl has been as great in his eyes as his mom, or her sweet milk.

I’m not a son, nor a mom. Just a story that popped into my head of pure fantasy.

Leave constructive feedback if you’d like, and enjoy.


Dalia never stopped breastfeeding her son.

It hadn’t been her intention when she started when he was born. But when he reached the age of 2 and a half, two things happened. One; he never calmed without her breast. She tried bottles, pacifiers, even fake milk filled silicone boobs. Absolutely nothing consoled him. Even more inconvenient was 2: she was a milk machine. She never stopped producing. Even when she forced her son elsewhere, it kept coming. She tried donating, but it was a lot of work. She still did donate half of her milk, but otherwise she just continued to allow him to breastfeed. She kept it a secret, and somehow she managed to convince a chatterbox of a 3 year old that it wasn’t to be talked about at school or with friends. She didn’t want the weird mom-shaming over breastfeeding her growing boy.

Now, a grown man, he was out of college. Despite the incredibly weird relationship, Daren didn’t grow up to be a scraggly weirdo who hung on his mommy’s leg or developed with any sort of complex. If anything, the only weird thing that happened was that he never dated. He played sports, had friends, was voted class president, was 3rd in his class. Everything went right for the boy. And he developed well into a grown, respectable, outgoing and ambitious man.

“Darek! Please don’t forget your lunch again, your shift is too long to be going without food!” Dalia shouted at the half open doorway.

Darek turned on heel and sprinted back into the kitchen, snatching up his lunch cooler and throwing it over his shoulder. His keys were dangling between his teeth, but he snatched them into his hand to give his mom one last kiss on the forehead before dashing out the door.

Dalia watched as he left, and proceeded to clean the counter tops of the crumbs from the sandwich she made him for lunch. Despite him being grown, she’s packed him a lunch everyday since his first day of preschool. She enjoyed caring for him, and feared the day he brought home a woman who wanted an independent man who made his own lunch for work.

Dalia was sitting on the couch that afternoon when Darek came home, late, at almost 10 o’clock. She looked up at him, her eyes wide. “I’ve been worried! Where beylikdüzü ucuz escort have you been? You’re never out this late without telling me first.” It wasn’t that she didn’t want him to be out and enjoying himself but… well, he did live in her home, and she expected him to follow the rules, no matter what he did. Making he worry…

Darek smiled, and came in to kiss her hello on the forehead. “Mommy, I’m beat. Let me change and I’ll be right back down. They held us up at work for a creative meeting, going over the layouts for next months print. Apparently there were errors.” he dropped his lunch cooler off in the kitchen and took the stairs two at a time to get to his room where he would change. Every night, he’d wear bed shorts and no shirt, a habit he developed in college.

Dalia was flicking through channels when her son strolled in the room and sat on the floor in front of her. He reached for her shirt without a word, pulled it to the side as he always did when he wanted something, and closed his mouth around her large nipple. From the years of breast feeding, her nipples were almost 2 inches in length, as thick as his thumb and always leaking. After a long shift, he liked to breastfeed and relax with his mom.

She let out a soft sigh, almost a moan. She patted the cushion beside her, inviting him into a more comfortable position on the couch. “Oh sweetie, you make mommy feel so good when you do this.” She said smiling down at him. He returned with a toothy smile, and climbed onto the couch, laying his head on her thigh and stretching out his legs. He continued to suck, his mouth open wide, taking in a good portion of her breast into his mouth. He released her with a loud slurped, and swallowed her warm milk.

“I’m glad, mommy.” he said. He went through the mom phase, but around 16 or so began calling her mommy again while they were alone. She couldn’t help but feel happy about it.

Dalia looked down his body, and noticed his bed shorts beginning to tent as they have been whenever he fed from her at night when they were just relaxing. She knew this whole thing turned him on, but wasn’t sure to what degree. And she never did ask. She pretended not to notice at first, until her mind began to wander to the forbidden. She always wanted to take care of her boy, and wasn’t this the perfect opportunity to take care of something else? She placed a hand on his side then, testing the waters. He didn’t really react until her hand touched the prominent bone of his hip, and continued beyond. He broke away from her with a squelch. “M-mommy…” he whispered, gone the confident beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort mans voice. He sounded meek and unsure, pulling his knees up to try and shield his growing cock, but it only served to bring it into better reach.

“Shhhh, baby boy. I can see that you have needs. And just like you can have my milk, I want to milk you as well.” His hands shot down to shield his privates but she swatted his hands away. He paused nervously, watching as her hand slid between his thighs and cupped his groin. “I’ve noticed for awhile you’ve been turned on during feeding times…”

“Mommy, I-I’m sorry, I don’t mean to, I just ignore it…” he whispered. “I’m sorry.”

“Baby, don’t be sorry. Its only natural, you’re a grown man and you have needs. What else would happen while you’re here with a face full of a woman’s breasts?”

He let out a soft, shameful moan as his mother stroked his cock through his bed shorts, lifting his hips from the couch against her hand. He was watching her hand move back and forth between his thighs, and he spread them slightly to give her room. He put a hand on the leg that was stretched out between his body and the back of the couch, stroking in time with her.

“That’s it, baby boy…” she whispered. “Doesn’t that feel good?” he nodded. “Suck on Mommy, baby, and Mommy will take care of you.” He looked up at her, his eyes slightly unfocused as he balanced between the shame and the pleasure. He opened his mouth and took her nipple in, and somehow his sensitivity increased. Breastfeeding from his mother really was a huge turn-on for him. Its no wonder he didn’t really get off on the other girls he’s tried getting involved with during his stay at the dorm. He needed a teat in his mouth. He moaned, slowly shifting his hips in her grip, gyrating against her.

Dalia pulled away, and he whimpered against her breast. But she didn’t stay away for long, and slid her hand under the elastic of his shorts, drawing a hard, shuddering breath from Darek. She ran two fingers over the head of his cock which was practically dripping, and split her fingers to run them down each side of his thick member. She took a deep breath, imagining how wonderfully that might feel- she caught herself, shaking her head. She wasn’t here to fuck her son, just to make him feel good. She ran these two forked fingers up and down his member on either side, and he moaned against her breast. She grasped his hand and brought it to her tit, encouraging him to touch her as he fed. “That’s a good boy…” she whispered.

She wrapped her hand around his beyoğlu escort cock then, causing him to moan as she stroked, her grip strong. He raised his hips sharply against her hand as she pet his hair, as he sucked her breast. His tongue swirled around the long nipple, the flat of his tongue stroking upwards with each suck. Her milk was sweet, nutty, and slid over his tongue like magic. It was his favorite taste, and he missed it sorely while he was at college. To be honest, he never wanted to leave her again. His place of contentment was right in her lap to stay.

Dalia pulled her long nipple from his mouth, and it slipped over his lips. She offered the other breast and he adjusted himself in her lap, taking it eagerly. He curled his body towards the back of the couch, moving his hips closer to her. “Mommy… your hand feels so good…” he whispered. “I’ve never felt that before…”

“Baby, you’ve never had a girlfriend give you a hand job before?”

Darek blushed. “I… I’ve never had a girlfriend, Mommy. I’ve liked girls but… none of them were as perfect as you.” His breath shuddered, and his hips rolled against her hand, the head turning slowly into a reddish purple hue. “Mommy, please, stroke faster…”

She smiled, running her hand through his thick hair as she obliged. He trembled with pleasure, feeling his balls draw up tight against his pelvis. “Baby… you’re a virgin?” she asked, her voice gentle but shocked. It wasn’t just mothers love that made her think so, he was a handsome man. He was athletic, and he made friends easily. He’s hung out with women, and has women as friends. The idea that he’d never even had a girlfriend was mindboggling. But she felt a sense of pride well in her chest; she absolutely loved that he loved her. Perhaps she could maybe find him a girlfriend. A woman who was subservient and accepted him for who he was. Maybe… she could… train a young woman?

He mewled in humiliation as she pointed out his biggest flaw. But he didn’t dwell, as his orgasm was reaching his peak. He gulped her milk, and his mouth opened around her breast as his hips stiffened, and his cum shot hard against the back of the couch, and roped against her side as well. He let out a shuddering breath, his eyes unfocused as he looked past his mothers breasts, into her eyes. “Nnnggggh!” he groaned as she stroked a few times past his climax, milking every last drop of semen from his shaft. His cock twitched madly in her hand.

He lay for a bit, his mouth resting on her breast but not sucking. His face was red with shame. “Mommy, I love you.” he said after pulling away from his breast.

“I love you too, baby boy.”

“Mommy… I… I want to have sex with you.” he looked up at her, his breathing irregular again. His cock was’t completely hard, but it hadn’t softened either.

“I don’t know, baby. But I think I have a solution for you. Let mommy take care of it.” she smiled. She had a girl on her mind, and knew exactly how to approach the situation.

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