Moms Against Public Drunk Nudity #12


There are no underage characters in this story. All characters are over the age of 18-years-old.


Before taking things in her own hands and in her own mouth, Brenda reveals that she knows about her son’s panty collection.

That night, encouraged by what Jennifer, Carol, Kathy, and Christine did with their sons, Brenda showered, applied her makeup, and fixed her hair. She wanted to look sexy. She wanted to appear seductive. Consumed by the thoughts of taking the giant leap across the incestuous line, she was willingly to give her son sex to ensure that he’d attend their Nude Day party. Not ready before, she was ready to play incestuous games in the Devil’s playground now.

She put on her sexiest nightgown, the short, low cut one that practically shows her tits and shows her ass and/or panties whenever leaning even just a little bit forward. Knowing how much her son liked her panties, instead of not wearing any panties, which she wanted to do to entice him and tease him by flashing him her pussy, she wore her new, light blue, bikini panties. Turning and leaning one way before turning and bending the other, liking what she was seeing, she looked at herself in her full-length mirror.

Not bad for a 46-year-old woman, looking ten years younger, she didn’t look her age. She couldn’t believe she was about to give her son sex when she should be giving a man her age and someone not blood related sex. Instead of seducing her son, she should be looking for a suitor. With her looks and financial independence, she should have a boyfriend in her bed or the love of another husband in her head. She should have a man she loved to share the rest of her life with instead of lusting after her son, no matter the excuse of saving him from himself and using the pretense of keeping him safely home as her reason for incest.

Something so distastefully incestuous to her before that’s so sexually exciting to her now, how can she give her son sex? Yet, turned and twisted, making the sacrifice, as explained to her by her mother, the only way she can save her son from himself is to give him incestuous sex. Had her sisters not already done the same with their sons, she’d never go through with his. Yet, how would she feel if she didn’t give her son sex and something was to happen to him? Definitely, she’d feel much worse if he were killed or maimed in a car wreck that she could have prevented by giving him incestuous sex, according to her mother.

With all of the boyfriends she’s had in her life and forever faithful to her cheating husband after that, and now with one year melding into the next, she couldn’t believe she hasn’t had a man in her life other than her son for the past twelve years. Her bed may be cold but much like her identical twin sister, Audrey, she was still hot. Only, embracing the bigger picture, if giving her son sex would save him from the folly of himself with the drinking and the whoring, being tagged an incestuous whore of a mother would be worth the shame, the embarrassment, and the humiliation that may come with that label later.

In the way she didn’t care about how people perceived her when she was young and when she was as wild as were her sisters and her best friend, Christine, surely, now that she had money, she didn’t care what people thought of her. Now looking within instead of expanding her circle of friends, she only cared about her son, her sisters, her nephews, her mother, her brother, and her childhood friend and her son. Besides, when her husband died, with her no longer part of a couple, and with her an available, attractive widow, no doubt fearing she’d steal their husbands, she lost all of her so called close friends.

Insensitive bitches and bastards, when confronted why they didn’t call her and keep in touch with her after her husband died, they admitted that they didn’t know what to say and what to do. So, instead of saying anything, they remained quiet. Instead of doing anything, they did nothing. Some friends they were. She’s had worse enemies that were better friends.

As far as anyone else, but for her family and her childhood friend, there was no one else stepping forward to help her in her time of grief when her husband died. A widow and a single mom without money, without a job, and now without any friends but for Christine, if it wasn’t for the lawsuit and her family, she’d be lost. In the way her friends had no room for her in their little, closed, lives then, she no longer had room for them in her full life now.

Tit for tat, what comes around goes around, and it is what it is. With her son, her five sisters and their sons, a childhood friend and her son, her mother, and her brother, she already had enough people in her life. She didn’t need any more people to complicate her life and to dilute her focus on the real people she loved, her family and her extended family with Christine and her son.

* * * * *

Hugging her curves, she liked this sexy nightgown because it flattered her ümitköy escort bosom and made her breasts appear a little larger than they really were. She cupped her breasts through her nightgown and raised them higher with the palms of her hands while looking down her low cut top to see what she could see and what she’d be showing her son soon. When facing him, if she leaned just a little forward, she’d be giving him a great down nightgown view of her breasts. With her back turned to him, if she bent a little at the waist, she’d be giving him a great up nightgown view of her panty clad ass.

Knowing her son, Mark, was in his room masturbating himself, he was always masturbating, morning, noon, and night, while holding and sniffing her panties, she was about to do something she’s never done before. She was about to invade his privacy. Knowing that he’d never take the next incestuous step, even after she showed him her naked body, obviously it was up to her to seduce him. Taking it upon herself, it was up to her to give him what he wants and what he needs so that he could give him what she wants and what she needs. As mentored by her mother, this was her way to keep her son safely at home on Nude Day and every day thereafter. Taking direction from her mother, her sisters, and her best friend, she was ready to be the slut that she was when she was younger, albeit the incestuous slut now that she’d be when having sex with her son.

Barging in his room as if she was a SWAT team member and he was a suspected drug lord, she flung opened the door to her son’s bedroom without knocking. Catching him completely by surprise, she caught him with his erect cock in one hand and her panties in his other hand. He quickly covered his cock and her panties with his sheet but she could tell from how high up the sheet was raised, that he had a huge erection. Sending a sexual shiver down her spine, she briefly saw his cock before he had the time to cover it and conceal it from her.

“Hi Mark,” she said giving him a sexy look while acting as if she didn’t know what he was doing. “Whatcha doin’?”

She knew exactly what he was doing. He was playing with himself while sniffing her panties. Where some men love tits, some men love asses, and some men love legs, Mark loved panties. Sometime after his father died, he had developed a panty fetish. She knew he had panties stashed all over his room. Obviously embarrassed by his panty fetish and hidden somewhere in his room, she knew he was hiding an entire collection of panties from her. She wished he collected baseball cards, stamps, or coins instead of panties. How would he like it if she collected men’s jockstraps? How would he like it if she masturbated morning, noon, and night?

When she saw him masturbating while sniffing her panties, at first, her involuntary reaction, she felt violated by him not only having a panty fetish but also with him sniffing her panties. Looking at him as if he wasn’t her son but someone else, a pervert, she felt a little disgusted by his odd, sexual behavior. Then, forgetting that she was in his room to seduce him, she felt flattered that out of all the panties that he assuredly collected and hid somewhere in his room, it was her panties that he obviously preferred to sniff while stroking himself. Other than she was his mother, she wondered what the attraction was. Perhaps because she was his mother was the reason why he chose her panties to sniff over some other woman’s panties.

Catching her by surprise, she watched him stare at the impressions her nipples made through the sheer material of her nightie. Normally her son staring at her tits would offend her and she’d fold her arms across her bosom to discourage his stare. Only, this time she didn’t cover herself with her arms to deny him his view. This time, she enjoyed the attention of him leering at her.

She watched his eyes fall to the dark patch of red pubic hair that he could no doubt see through her sheer nightgown and through her equally as sheer panty. In the way that he was looking at her, she had the urge to strip herself naked as she did when she was in the bathroom and when she knew he was standing in the dark on the stairs. In the way that he was staring at her, she had the urge to fill his mouth with her pussy. It had been a long time since a man fingered her and licked her. Being that the reason she was about to have sex with her son was for the sake of saving him, she could force herself to enjoy her son eating her. Having him finger her pussy while licking her pussy wouldn’t be such a bad consequence of saving her son from himself.

Wondering what he masturbates about, she wondered if he was masturbating over what he saw of her the other day when she was dancing naked in the bathroom. With him having a collection of panties, she wondered if her panties were the only panties he sniffed. She wondered what his criteria was in collecting panties. She wondered how many times he’s already masturbated avrupa yakası üniversiteli escort over seeing her naked. She wondered what he’d do if she stripped naked for him right now. She wondered if he’d like to see her modeling her panties. She wondered if he’d be man enough to give her sex or if he’d just ask her for her panties to sniff while he masturbated later.

Only, she didn’t want to strip herself naked as if she was a whore, a hooker, or a stripper. Being that she was his mother and he was her son, she’d rather be more subtle than that. She’d rather tease him with her words and with her body before showing him some skin and giving him sex. She’d rather make him lustfully crazy for her in the way that she was now for him. Only, this was it. Being that she already made quite the entrance, she wasn’t leaving his room without giving her son sex.

“Nothing. I’m tired and was about to go to sleep,” he said pulling his sheet up to his neck.

She sat on his bed with looking down at him.

“What’s this?” She stared down where his cock tented his sheet. “What do you have there?” Leaning forward to give him a great down nightgown view, she grabbed his cock through the sheet and wrapped her fingers around the sheet covered bulge. “Oops, sorry,” she said with a dirty laugh. “I thought you had a flashlight. You used to do that,” she said leaving her hand right where it was with her fingers wrapped around his sheet covered cock.

He looked down at her hand before looking up at her and staring back at her hand.

“Mom,” he said obviously uncomfortable with her touching him in that sexual way and apparently unable to say anything else.

“I just wanted to remind you of the Nude Day party Saturday,” she said teasing him by touching the head of his cock through the sheet with her fingertips.

Having had plenty of cocks in her hand before, she knew how to sexually interest a man while teasing a man.

“I know about the party,” he said staring down at her fingers before staring up at her nightgown clad breasts.

Preoccupied with her tits, she knew she was giving him a nice down nightgown view of her B cup breasts. With her sitting on the edge of his bed with her knees turned to him and parted, and her nightgown nearly up to her crotch, she knew she was giving him an up nightgown view of her panties too. Not keeping her hand steady, teasing him, she ever so slightly moved her hand around his sheet covered cock. Every time she moved her hand, changed her grip, and/or fondled the head of his cock with his fingertips, she could feel his prick throb and pulsate.

“Everyone will be there, all of your aunts and cousins,” she said running her index finger over the head of his sheet covered cock while she ever so slowly and slightly stroked him up and down and up and down. “We have a few surprises in store in celebration of Nude Day,” she said.

“Oh, yeah?” Obviously not knowing where to look, he looked from her exposed breasts, to her exposed panties, and to her holding his stiff prick through the sheet. “What surprises do you have?”

“It wouldn’t be much of a surprise if I told you,” she said enticing him while teasing him by maintaining her grip on his cock. “You’ll see Saturday night at the party.”

Never removing his eyes from one or the other, when he wasn’t staring down her nightgown at her breasts, he was either staring between her legs at her panties or staring at her hand holding his sheet covered cock.

“I’m looking forward to the panty, I mean, party,” he said turning red with embarrassed nervousness while talking to her hand holding his cock through the sheet when not talking to her tits or her exposed panty. “Except for Christmas and Thanksgiving, it’s rare that we all get together.”

Finally when he looked up at her blue eyes as if asking her an unspoken question, she answered his unspoken question when she looked down where he was looking at his big sheet covered bulge in her hand.

“I can help you with that,” she said staring down at his prick that tented the sheet.


An involuntary reaction with him saying pardon, he obviously knew what she meant.

“Your erection,” she said gently squeezing his cock before slowly and ever so slightly moving her hand up and down through the sheet. “I can help you with that,” she said moving the sheet from her son’s cock while he struggled to cover himself.

“Mom, no,” he said pulling the sheet away from her. “What the Hell are you doing?”

Brenda rolled her eyes and sighed.

“I’m doing what I should have done years ago when you started showing that you had a sexual problem with women and had the need to sniff my panties while masturbating,” she said.

“I don’t sniff your panties,” he said feebly protesting. “And I don’t masturbate.”

“Just as I know you have a whole collection of women’s panties hidden somewhere in your room, urfa escort I know you masturbate multiple times a day. Now I know you don’t wear the panties you collect. I know you just collect them,” she said with a shrug. “Why you have the need to collect women’s panties, I don’t know,” she said pausing while looking at him. “Tell me, where did you get all of those panties and why panties? Why do you collect panties?”

Turning red, he remained silent. Obviously, he seemed embarrassed and was seemingly uncomfortable talking about his panty collection to, of all people, his mother. Seemingly this was his worst nightmare when she confronted him with his panty collection and his best dream that she was holding onto his sheet covered cock while slowly masturbating him. In reality, there was nothing more sexually exciting than talking about his panty fetish to the woman who he loved to sniff her panties while she masturbated him.

“They’re my trophies,” he said as if proud of each and every pair of panty in his collection.

“Trophies? How so?”

She heard of a black book where a man writes the name and physical description along with her phone number and day, date, and time of every sexual conquest, but she never heard of a man collecting panties as trophies. That was a new one for her.

“Whenever I have sex with a woman I ask her for her panties,” he said naturally and normally as if he was asking the women for their telephone number instead of their underwear.

“I hope you wear a condom Mark,” she said.

“I always do,” he said.

“And women freely give you their panties?”

“Yes. Some of them do. Some women are flattered while others are grossed out that I want their panties as my memory of them. I have to pay the hookers for their panties, but it’s worth it to me so that I can remember them by their panties,” he said. “I buy an exact pair of panties for the women who refuse to give me their panties.”

“I see,” she said. “Is that why you keep them in plastic bags?”

Having never seen his panty collection, she had no idea that he kept his collected panties in plastic bags, she just imagined he would.

“Yes, I put their names, the date we had sex, and a brief description of what happened,” he said.

“That’s kinky but, I’ve heard of worst fetishes than collecting panties,” she said with a shrug. “Why not just take a photo of them wearing their panties?”

“A lot of reasons. A sexual mood breaker and an invasion of privacy, not all women want their picture taken while in their panties. Besides a picture is not the same as taking ownership of the real thing. I’d rather have their panty in my hand and in my possession to feel, to touch, and” he said pausing, “to sniff later.”

“I see,” she said having an open mind while thinking whatever floats his boat. “You do sort of what the Indians did when they took the scalps of white men,” she said with a laugh.

“I guess you can say that,” he said.

She looked at him and smiled before giving him a sexy look at what she was thinking about doing.

“Allow me to add to you collection,” she said laughing while standing.

With him laying on his bed and looking up at her and watching her, she lifted her nightgown high enough to flash him her panties. Holding it there, she looked at him staring up at her in her light blue, bikini panties. Then, she reached beneath her nightgown and pulled down her panties.

“Oh my God, Mom,” he said first staring at her panties before staring at the glimpse of her exposed pussy that she so wickedly showed her son.

When she stepped out of her panties, she slowly slid them along her pussy to fill them with her scent.

“Here’s a fresh pair,” she said tossing them in his face.

She sat back down on his bed beside him to take hold of his sheet clad cock again.

“Oh, my God,” he said.

Shocking even her, showing her no shame or embarrassment, he not only accepted her worn panties but he also sniffed them in front of her. With him busy holding her panties to his nose with both hands, as if her panty was his security blanket that he carried around with him as a child, offering her no resistance, he allowed his mother to slowly pull down the sheet to expose his erect prick. While she stared at his soon to be exposed prick, he stared at her staring at his soon to be exposed prick.

As if she was sliding the sheet down from something valuable, a new car or a sculpture of a naked man, indeed his cock was valuable to her as well as to him. Once the sheet was removed, his uncovered prick sprang to life. Wasting no time, she wrapped her hand around his cock and slowly stroke him. She stared at his engorged penis while he stared down at her.

“Does that feel good?”

She looked from his cock to look at him before staring back at his penis. She wondered if he felt as sexually excited she felt holding his cock. It’s been a long time since she’s held a hard prick in her hand.

“Yes,” he said.

Shocking even herself while thinking about Jennifer masturbating her son, Robert, Christine masturbating her son, Michael, and even her mother, Julia, masturbating her son and her brother, Ralph, she was proud and happy to finally join the club of mothers masturbating their sons.

“Do you like what I’m doing to you?”

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