Mom’s birthday Present

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Double Penetration

Mom’s birthday PresentGinger finally opened her eyes. Her murky sight along with the buzzing in her head made her feel quite uncomfortable and confused. She didn’t know where she was for a second until she saw her husband of 18 years…Scott. She looked to her right and saw the doctor who was holding her hand and checking her pulse. All of a sudden her memory had come back. She had just endured a half hour breast reduction slash implant surgery. She smiled back at her husband and the doctor finished with her right hand leaving on a red band. “Wake up Mrs. Smith!!” She head the nurse at the bottom of the bed. She managed to answer back. “I think I’m ok.” Her husband tried to give her a kiss but the doctor held him back. “Hold on Mr. Smith, you want to wait a few hours for the sedative to wear off.” Scott just nodded. Ginger took his hands into her’s. “Hey sweetey, how do I look?” “You look good honey, you’ll look even better when the scars heal. The doctor took Ginger’s other hand to help her sit up on the bed. “Mrs. Smith the operation was successfull you have beautiful 34 C breasts….I need you to go home get some rest for a couple of days and we’ll see you back on thursday. Now if you’ll excuse me I am very busy.” Ginger was completely understanding, she grabbed the doctor’s hand and shook it with gratitude. Her husband did the same. Ten minutes later they were downstairs waiting for a cab. Ginger thought to herself, ‘If I had known this would be so simple and painless I would have done this right after Kevin’s birth.’ Kevin was her young 14 yearold son. They also had an 18 yearold daughter named Jessica who was in her last year of high school. She smiled proudly as she held her husband’s hand and thought of her two k**s. She was a very happy mom and wife and now after the breast surgery she would look even more magnificant even at the ripe age of 41. They jumped into a cab and headed home. Ginger worked at the corporate offices of the Key bank. Ever since she was a young girl, she had huge breasts. While they were still perky the men adored them, but as she got older they got saggier and saggier. She even noticed that her husband gave her less and less attention so her decision was imminent. She wanted beautiful perky breasts…like their daughter had. She was the type of woman that watched her diet, and often tanned at the family pool. Scott wasn’t a wealthy man but he provided for his family. He was often away from home on weekends working, but he decided to take a few days off and make sure he was there by his wife’s side after her surgery.When they got home the k**s were already home from school. They both greeted their mom with hugs and kisses. Jessica looked her mom over. “Wow mom you look great, like there was never any surgery.” Her son kissed her on the cheek. “Jess’ is right mom, that was quick too!” Ginger hugged them both at the same time. “Thanks you guys…that means a lot to me.” She kissed Kevin on the forehead.Their father didn’t want them to be to close to Ginger because of the sedative still in effect.”Now k**s let’s let mom get some rest, the sedative has to still wear off.” They helped her into the house and off to sleep she went. Over the next few weeks everybody was helping Ginger around the house, even though she didn’t need any help getting around. She was walking perfectly normal and the scars on her breasts were invisible. Scott decided to go do a little grocery shopping so he stepped out of the house. “I’ll be back in an hour or so, Kev’ make sure mom is taken care off.” He said to his son on his way out. Kevin got up off the couch and ran up to his mom’s room. Jessica was in her own room on the computer chatting with some friends. He knocked. “Come in sweetey.” Kevin walked in and sat next to his mom on the bed. “Hey mom…you ok?” “I’m good sweetey, and you??” “I’m ok I guess.” “Well good honey…wanna watch a DVD with me?” Kevin changed the subject. “Hey mom..can I ask you something?” She just nodded looking over at the TV. Kevin went on. “Can I see your breasts?” She looked over at her son in shock. She couldn’t believe what he was asking her. “Why do you want to see mommy’s breasts?” Ginger asked him. Kevin: “I don’t know, I’ve never seen fake breasts before.” “So what, you’ve never seen real ones either.” “So what, It’s no big deal I just wanna see how you are healing.”Ginger gave it some thought. The reason she got the breasts was to improve her sex life with her husband, and for him to start paying more attention to her. Over the past 3 weeks since the surgery they hadn’t done it once, and Scott hasn’t even felt her breasts, or attempted to lick them. She didn’t want to think that all that money went for nothing, plus at least somebody was paying some attention to her new breasts so she decided to show them. “Ok, now get up go close the door and lock it. I don’t want your sister walking in on me topless.” Kevin did as he was told and locked the door. He sat back down next to his mom who sat up. She Took her top off leaving her black lace bra. “You sure you wanna see them?”Kevin just nodded. She proceeded to unclasp her bra and let it fall to her lap, exposing her beautiful perfectly round C’s. Kevin’s jaw dropped. He had never seen breasts before in his life. He wanted to feel them really badly but wasn’t sure if that would be pushing it. He finally got brave enough to ask “Mom, Can I feel them?” She just nodded her head. He cupped her right tit and felt over it. He couldn’t feel or see any scars so he pulled at the nipple. “Oww, easy” She protested. “Sorry mom.” He went to the other breast and gave it a feel. He massaged them for a good five minutes with his quivering hands. Ginger thought that was enough. “Ok honey, that’s enough.” “Oh mom, will you let me see them again?” She started putting her bra back on. “They aren’t even done healing yet, besides…do you know how wrong it is for you to touch your mother like that?” “Aww who cares, nobody has to know….so will you let me touch them after they heal?” She proceeded to put her shirt back on. “I don’t know, I’ll think about it now get outta here before your father catches us.” He managed to get out of the room just as his dad was walking up the stairs. Scott patted him on the head and proceeded into Ginger’s room. The next day she went to see her long time friend and Ginecologist, Angela who was also a stunning looking older woman of 48. She had an appointment to see her the day after, but she was a little bit concerned about the previous night with her son Kevin. Angela was one of her longest and most trusted friends. She also had a degree in psychiatry and Ginger liked to talk to her about anything. She was greeted by a nurse at the waiting room who took her to one of the rooms, where she left her to wait for the doctor. About 10 minutes later she heard a knock. “Come on in.” Angela came in. “Hey sweetey, how was the operation?!?””Great great, the scars are almost healed.” They went on with their chit chat for a while and Angela asked her to take her shirt and bra off. She slowly proceeded to feel her breasts and examine the scars. “Wow you healed really well.” She went on for another few minutes and then said. “So what’s up sweetey, you know that your appointment isn’t until tomorrow…right?.” “Yeah I know, I just had another concern I wanted to talk to you about. My son yesterday, asked me if he could see my breasts. I thought it was a little wierd but then let him see them because of the surgery and everything. I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about how wrong it was. What do you think about that?” Angela told Ginger to sit down at the desk…and she took a seat at her own chair across from it. “Well, It is completely natural for a young boy to see his mother as a sexual object.” “It is?” Angela continued “Yes. I had a similar thing go on with my youngest boy Mike…all up until he went off to college.” “Yeah but I let Kevin feel my breasts!!” “Well thats fine too. My boy mike saw my breasts when he was younger, he felt them too and more.” “What else did you let him do?” “Well he was bugging me and bugging me one day until I had had enough. He wanted to see the woman’s vagina so we went up to the attic and I showed him mine. A few weeks later after begging me to let him lick it…I gave in on that too. So up until he was probibly about 17 he would sneak into my bed before sleep and I would let him touch my breasts and sometimes even finger me. I have a strong belief that it is better for you to teach your son about sex before he goes into the real world and contract some sort of disease or get a girl pregnant. I always felt it was better for me to be there and supervise…anyways he has turned out just fine he has many girlfriends in college and is a happy k** right now, and I must admit I credit a lot of it to our sexual episodes.” “So are you saying I should have sex with my son?” “No I’m not saying that at all. Just let him feel you up every now and then, and If it is to much for you to show him your vagina then jerk him off here and there. You don’t have to make it like a sexual experience, for example do it while you’re reading a book or watching TV. Let him touch you while you’re washing dishes or something…if you want to you can bring him in for your examination tomorrow I won’t mind at all.” Ginger couldn’t believe her ears. “If I do decided that this is the right thing to do, and by the way I haven’t decided on that yet….you will keep this private?” Angela smiled “Absolutely honey, I’m a professional and what happens in this office stays in this office.” She had alot of respect for Angela and she trusted her so she was actually listening to what she was saying. Had it been anyone else she would have ran out. “Bring him in here while you’re examening me?” Angela just nodded with a smile. “It’ll provide him with a great thrill, plus he’ll get to learn about the female anatomy.” Ginger scratched her head for a while. “Ok Angie…thanks for all your advice I’ll think about it” She kissed her on the cheek and left the room. On the ride home she thought real hard about what her friend had just asked of her. She knew her husband would never aprove of this so she decided to keep it to herself. She didn’t know how her young boy would react to seeing the place from which he first entered the world. Ginger was almost about to decide against it when she remembered that it was his 14th birthday in a few days. She was almost positive that this was what he probibly wanted more then anything, but first had to find out for sure. She got home around 8 and saw that her husband was already asleep on the couch. She walked up to check on her daughter Jessica who wasn’t in her room. She figured she had to be at the neighbor’s and proceeded into Kevin’s room. She knocked on the door. “Come in!” Kevin yelled.Ginger closed the door behind her which surprised Kevin because she only did that when she had something important to say. “Hey sweetey. How was your day at school?” “It was ok mom…why’d you close the door?” “Well I wanted to talk to you about your birthday present. What is it that you really want for your birthday?” “I don’t know….I’m too old for toys.” Ginger knew what he wanted to say “It’s ok honey you can tell me what you really want for your birthday. You know mommy always gets you what you want.” Kevin looked at her. “You sure you won’t get mad?” She nodded no “Mmm-hmm” “Well ok…here goes, what I most wanted was to feel your breasts, but since I already did that, next I want to see you in between your legs.” Ginger sighed with relief to her own surprise. She was right. Angela was right.”Well if you really want to see my vagina, you’ll have to come to the doctor’s with me tomorrow.” Kevin was confused. “Your breast doctor?” Ginger: “No no, my friend Angela the ginocologist…the doctor that deals with women’s vaginas. She’s a great lady I’ve known her for a very long time you’re gonna like her.” “That’s great mom I love you so much, this is gonna be the best birthday present ever!!!” “Ok calm down, just promise me you won’t tell daddy or anyone else.” Kevin promised and kissed his mom on the cheek. She kissed him on the forehead and said “Ok now go get some sleep we have to be there at 9am tomorrow.” He jumped back into bed and covered himself with sheets. She was glad that he was so happy and that she was the reason for it. She went off into the bathroom and then to bed.The next day Ginger was up bright and early at 7. She knew that since it was the summer vacation Kevin probibly didn’t fall asleep until late so she wanted to start waking him up now. She gently walked into his room and saw that he was still asleep. “Kev’!” She shook his shoulder. He just hummed. “Wake up sweetey, time to go to the doctor’s!” Kevin snapped out of his dreamy state once he realised where they were going. “Ok mom I’m up!”He jumped out of bed and threw some shorts on and ran off into the bathroom. A half hour later they were on their way to Angela’s office. In the car during the ride Kevin was anxious. His hands were shaking from nervousness. He glanced over at his mom who was wearing a knee high skirt, and started checking out her legs. Ginger noticed this but said nothing. She felt very awkward and wanted to make some conversation. “So did you get any sleep baby?” Kevin just nodded. “Hey mom, what do I get to see today?” Ginger was also very nervous. She wanted her k**s to know about sex but she was also a little bit excited….she couldn’t deny it. “Well Kev’ you’ll probibly get to see the inside of my vagina and probibly my butthole as well.” Kevin was shaking with excitement. “Wow mom I can’t believe I get to see your vagina.” “That’s another thing I wanted to talk to you about. I want you to behave and be respectful to the doctor. Shake her hand and introduce yourself. When she tells you something listen to her, and don’t fidget.” Kevin just nodded to everything she said but he had only one thing on his mind. “Do I get to touch it mom?” Ginger was now pulling into the parking lot. “Well I don’t think that’s such a great idea. I just need you to sit down and observe…ok?” “Sure no problem.” They were greeted by the nurse and shown into Angela’s office. The nurse was kind of surprised at her son being there so she said to Ginger. “There’s a cafiteria just down the hall if your son wants to eat something he can just go on over there.” “No that’s ok he’ll stay with his mommy today.” The nurse smiled at Ginger and then looked at Kevin. “Have fun sport.” She ruffled his hair and winked at him. Ginger found this to be unusual but decided not to say anything. They were soon greeted with Angela’s presence. “Hello, hello, thank you for comming today. And who is this young man?” Ginger smiled as she shook her hand. “Hey Angie, this is my son Kevin.” He was a little bit shy. “Say hi to my friend Angie.” Kevin finally spoke. “Hello Angie, I’m Kevin.” Angie continued “We’ll it’s nice to meet you Kevin. Your mom tells me you asked to see her breasts, is that true?” Kevin’s face flushed from embaressment. He looked at his mom kind of angrily and she responded. “It’s ok sweetey Angie is a doctor there’s nothing to be ashamed of.” He looked at Angie. “We’ll that’s good cause today we’re going to examine your mom’s vagina. Do you want to see your mommy’s vagina sweetey?” Kevin just nodded. Angie looked at Ginger. “Ok mom, why don’t you take everything off from waist on down and sit in the chair.” She tapped the leather chair which had leg extentions attached to it. Ginger told Kevin to just relax and watch, and started to unbutton her skirt. She slipped it off and handed it over to Kevin who folded it up and put it on the table next to him. She now stood there in her panties in front of her son and Angie, who looked busy filling out some paperwork. She noticed Kevin looked a little flushed as he had his eyes locked on her camel toe. “Are you ok sweetey?” He just nodded and gulped as she proceeded to slip her panties down her long shapely legs. When her pubes came into sight Kevin thought he was going to pass out. His heart was racing and his cock was about to burst out of his pants. Ginger noticed this as she looked at him with worry. “Relax baby it’s just mommy’s vagina.” Angie put her pen down and her glasses on. “Ok mom, now why don’t you sit in your chair and spread wide for me.” Ginger climbed on giving her son a quick peak at her spread asscheeks. canlı bahis She positioned her sexy tush down and put her feet in each foot holder exposing her most private area to her boy, who was now sweating. Angie looked at Kevin. “Come here sweetey.” She rolled one of the chairs over next to her and he sat in it. Ginger took a real long time washing out her pussy and asshole this morning but there was still a familiar smell, which intoxicated Kevin. “Now we’re going to examine your mom’s vagina for anything unusual.” She put on a white rubber glove and placed some oil on it. She inserted her two fingers inside and started to feel around. Ginger’s breathing quickened meanwhile. Kevin’s heart was racing faster then ever. He looked up at his mom who awkwardly smiled back down at him. After a few minutes of pretty much fingering her friend, Angie took her fingers out and looked back at Kevin. “Did you wanna try it too?” He wanted to but first looked at his mom for approval. She was kind of skeptical but then agreed. “Only with a rubber glove honey.” He couldn’t put the glove on fast enough. Angie applied some oil on it and soon he was penetrating his mom. He couldn’t believe how good it felt inside it. It was so wet and warm. He noticed his mom’s breathing had quickened as his probing two fingers started to stretch out her insides and actually finger her. He began an in and out motion which was completely different from the way Angie did it. Angie decided to give mom and some some privacy and said. “I’ll be right back mom, I just have to check on a patient.” Ginger looked at her in horror. She didn’t want to be left alone with her son’s fingers inside of her. She wanted to say something but didn’t want to make it even more awkward. Angie knew it to so she quickly exited the room. Ginger felt even more awkward now and decided to brake the ice with some small talk. “So do you like it honey?” Kevin just nodded. “Yeah mom, it feels amazing inside. It’s so wet and warm. Is that really where I came out of?” Ginger nodded. “Yep it sure is.” “But how did I get out, it looks like such a tiny hole.””Well you were much smaller honey, you were just a teeny tiny baby, and the vaginal muscles can stretch out a lot.” He pushed his fingers up and down stretching his mom’s pussy. “I see you’re right, it does stretch out.” Angie came back to Ginger’s relief. She sighed at the sight of her. Angie just smiled at her and said “You guys having fun?” Neither of them spoke. “Ok, now we’re going to give mommy a rectal exam.” Ginger already knew what to do. She lied down on the bed next to her, on her belly and spread her asscheeks wide. Angie put some jelly on her gloves and inserted a finger in a fucking motion trying to loosen up her asshole for the rectal thermometer. She soon inserted it and 10 minutes later they were done. “Now that wasn’t so bad was it Ginger?” Ginger just smiled back at Angie and started to put her clothes on. “Did you have fun honey?” She asked her son. “Yeah thanks mom. That was great. It was nice meeting you Angie.” Mom and son said their goodbyes and exited the room. On the ride home Kevin had a lot of questions but Ginger wanted to try to avoid the subject. She wanted to bake her friend Angie a cake to show how thankful she was but she knew Kevin was going to bug her about seeing her breasts or fondling her in some way. The next day she was taking him to work which most of her friends did at least once a year. She decided to talk about that hoping to avoid the awkwardness between them. “So, you excited about coming to work with me tomorrow? “Well, sure why not.” “You don’t seem so excited. I thought you always wanted to check out where mommy works….didn’t you? Since you were a little boy you and your sister always asked to come to my job.” “No I’m pretty excited mom, you’re right.” He said with a weak tone. Ginger was worried about him. He had always been shy but she always knew when something else was on his mind. She wanted to make him feel happy and break out of his shell. She figured that her vagina would be the right topic to cheer him up a little bit. After a long pause she started up the conversation. “So did you have fun at Dr. Angela’s office?” Kevin turned around and looked at his mom with a smile. “Yeah it was great. Thanks for showing me your vagina mom!” Ginger smiled back at him. “Well I want you to know that it isn’t right for a mom to let her son see her down there but I made an exception since it’s your birthday.” Kevin was starting to get bolder and bolder. “So can you show me it again…but without Dr. Angela around?” “Well I don’t know sweetey. You kinda scared me back there, you looked a little flustered when I took my panties off. Are you sure you’re going to be ok if I show it to you when we get home?” Kevin’s heart started racing again. He didn’t think she would give in that easily. “Sure mom, It was just because I had never seen a girl down there before.”Her heart was melting at his innocence. He had always been her little boy, and he was no different now. Still inexperienced and vulnerable to the outside world. He needed her now most then ever. “Did you get spooked because of my pubic hair??” “No mom, I know girls have pubic hair. I’m not that clueless.” “Ok Kev’. Here’s what we’re going to do. Since your father is probibly asleep by now, or close to it and your sister never gets out of her room, I’ll let you do whatever you want to my vagina and legs….but you have to do it while I’m baking a cake for Dr. Angela. She has been so nice to me and supportive that I feel like I owe her something, and I know she loves cake.” “Great mom I have no problem with that.” he paused for a little bit. Ginger knew right away he had something on his mind. “What is it?” The last thing Kevin wanted was for his mom to think he was ungrateful, and that he didn’t appreciate what she was offering to him, least of all, he didn’t want her to get angry with him but he still had to ask.”Promise you won’t get mad?” Ginger just nodded. “When you say I can do anything, does that mean I get to put my penis in you?” “No I can’t let you have sex with me, but I’ll let you feel my breasts right now if you want.”Kevin’s cock was still hard from half hour ago and he just sat there speachless. He was frozen. He couldn’t believe what was happening. The whole thing was almost to much for him.Ginger was getting impatient. “Hurry up we’re almost home.” She unfastened her seatbelt and unbuttoned the top button of her blouse. Kevin slipped his hand inside of her bra and immediately went for the nipple. He started to grope on her tit and twirl the nipple with his fingers. Ginger’s breathing quickened as she started to make the turn into their driveway. She panicked and pulled Kevin’s hand out of her shirt and started to button up her blouse. She looked up at the house and checked the windows for anyone…they were safe.They walked into the house and Ginger threw her keys on the table. She took off her coat and put it in the closed. “Go check if your father is asleep.” Kevin more then happily ran up the stairs. “Shhh be quiet.” She shushed him. “Ok mom.” While he was upstairs she started getting her cooking materials out. She got the pan and the eggs out of the fridge. She put on her apron and tied it in the back. She kept her high heels on because she figured Kevin would want that. Usually before having sex or doing anything sexual Ginger would thoroughly wash her hair and body especially in between her legs, but she didn’t consider this to be anything sexual. She just thought of it as a birthday present for her young boy just something to keep him happy. She knew that her private area would have a strong odor especially at the end of the day but she also had start cooking because it was almost time for Kevin to go to bed. A few minutes later he was back downstairs. “Coast is clear mom.” Ginger didn’t say anything she just continued mixing the eggs with some dough. Kevin wasn’t sure if she heard him so he walked up to her. “Mom dad’s asleep and Jessie is on the phone.” “I heard you. It’s ok you can take my skirt off, my hands are all white from the dough.” Kevin’s hands were shaking. He unzipped the side zipper of her skirt and slowly started to pull it down her strong shapely legs. He noticed she had kept her heels on which hit him like a ton of bricks. His pecker was now fully engorged and pulsating in his jeans. He pulled the skirt all the way down to her ankles after which she stepped out of it, and kicked it to the side. Next were the panties. Kevin kneeled in front of his mom. Her apron was down to her waist so it wasn’t in his way. He wanted a first class view from the front before he started pulling the panties down. The strong smell of her pussy hit his nostrils.”Mom why is the smell so strong? I don’t remember it smelling this strong back at the doctor’s.” Ginger stopped mixing the dough for a second. “Oh I’m sorry honey I was just thinking about that. Do you want mommy to wash up before you start doing your thing down there?” Kevin’s brain was so intoxicated with her fumes that he spoke before thinking. “No mom I actually like the smell.” Ginger looked down at him with sort of a discomforted look, but then smiled “We’ll don’t worry baby it’s only natural. Now go on before somebody walks in on you and ruins your little party.” She giggled.Kevin just nodded and started placed his fingers at each hip, and slowly proceeded to pull down her panties. He slid them down to her knees and just sat there staring at her pussy. It looked kind of wierd because her legs weren’t spread like earlier. He couldn’t exactly see the labias and the rest of her pink insides. He slid the panties down all the way and she finally stepped out of them. He bunched them up and took a good long whiff of the scent, and looked back up at his mom. “Where do you want these mom?” “Oh just throw them on the floor honey I’ll have to do the laundry later anyway…they must smell pretty bad huh?”He was now on his knees in front of his mom who was naked from the waist down, her pussy right in front of her son’s face. Kevin parted the pubes and spread her labias to get a nice view of her clitoris. He then inserted a finger but not completely. He moved the tip of his finger up and down along the length of her slit, noticing that it was getting more and more slippery. He wasn’t sure if his mom was wet earlier at the doctor’s, but he was positive she was wet now. He looked back up at her. “Mom can I lick it now?” She just looked back at him with a smile and nodded. He placed his mouth over her mound and his tongue probed trough her thick bush finally finding the slit. He spread her pussy farther to get better access, but some pubic hairs got caught in his throat. He hacked quietly a couple of times. Ginger was worried so she put the spatula down and washed her hands real quick. She kneeled down next to him and with a worried tone asked.”Oh god are you ok baby? Did one of the pubes get down your throat?” She kneeled in front of him her legs spread wide. The strong smell from her pussy hit his nostrles as he prepared for his mom’s hand down his throat.Kevin just nodded “mmmhmmm” as she held his mouth open looking inside it for a pube. “you’ve gotta be more careful, pubic hair can be a real discomfort…ahh here I think I got it.””Thanks mom.”Ginger worried about it happening again so she figured if she spread her legs a little bit more that it would help. “I’ll spread my legs a little wider for you so it doesn’t happen again ok baby?”Kevin just nodded and responded. “Hey mom?” She took his face in her hands. “What is it baby?” “Do you think you could take your breasts out?” She responded without protest. She pulled her top down lower to her stomach exposing her beautiful mature but firm tits. “Anything else for my honey bun?” She asked him with a smile.”Mom can I kiss you?” This was a little bit farther then she wanted things to get. She was willing to let him do pretty much anything to her privates but to her kissing was very sexual. In her opinion it was something that she only wanted to share with her husband during sex because it was so personal. She hated to turn him down but decided to say no.”I don’t know about that sweetey, to a girl kissing is very personal and sexual. You’re my son and your father is the only man that I kiss.””But mom it won’t take long I just want to get a quick glimpse of what it feels like. I promise I won’t ask you again just this once.” Ginger thought about it for a little bit and saw that it was for education’s sake so she decided to agree on a real quick kiss.”Ok, have you ever kissed a girl before?” Kevin just nodded no. “Ok sweetey, just follow my lead, as I push my tongue in you retract and do the same back to me once I back off, It’s really simple you just twirl your tongue with mommy’s” “Sounds good to me.” Ginger couldn’t believe she was actually going to go trough with this. Every instinct in her head was telling her not to do it but she did not want to ruin his present. “Ok just wet your lips to make it go smoother.” She licked her lips and started to move in. Once she came in contact with his wet lips she just did what nature was telling her. She noticed that he hadn’t opened his mouth yet after being lip locked with him for a few seconds so she decided to penetrated them with her tongue. She pushed her tongue forward and could now feel his tongue pushing back at her’s and soon they were making out. Kevin was a natural at it. Their tongues danced in sync and lips collided naturally. She could soon feel his hand on her left breast but kept making out “Mmmm,mmm” she hummed no and took his hand of her breast. She parted her lips, which made a loud smacking noise, and said.”Good job boobie….that wasn’t bad at all I felt like a school girl on her first kiss. Did you like it?” She could already tell he enjoyed it by the smile on his face. She didn’t remember the last time she saw him so happy. “Yeah mom that was so much fun, I loved the part with the tongues.” “Well good…so are we done here?” “Well I dunno, I wasn’t done with your vagina…..I mean if you don’t mind I’d like to get another shot at it.” “Well ok baby but go easy I have to concentrate on this cake and you have to go to bed pretty soon.” She stood up again and got back to mixing her dough. She parted her legs a little bit wider and continued preparing the cake like nothing out of the ordinary was about to happen. Meanwhile Kevin changed his position. He was now kneeling behind her which she noticed so she leaned forward a little bit sticking her ass out to give him easier access to her pussy. She wasn’t crazy about this position because the last thing she wanted was for her son to get a whiff of her asshole. She hadn’t gone to the bathroom since her last shower so she kne it wouldn’t be bad but there was always change of him catching a whiff. “Honey when you lick me from the back keep your nose away from my butt hole….just to be safe.” “Oh that’s ok mom I don’t mind at all.” She could feel a finger inside of her vagina going deeper and deeper. She tried to concentrate on the recipe she was reading but then she felt a wetness on her pussy lips. Kevin had a finger in her pussy and had his lips completely covering the bottom of her pussy with his nose clearly up her asshole. He opened wide and took the whole pussy in his mouth and started to suck on it while his tongue still managed to penetrate her hole. Ginger couldn’t believe she was getting aroused by this. She tried to not pay attention to his attack but couldn’t ignore the fact that his nose was on her asshole. She was the kind of girl that loved her asshole being played with almost as much as her pussy. She could now hear his lips smacking off her pussy as his protrusion intensified. Kevin placed two more fingers inside and now sped up his finger fucking to high speed. He could hear his mother breathing quicker and quicker, he decided to move his tongue farther up towards her asshole without even asking her permission. Ginger could feel his tongue getting higher and higher but didn’t protest. She was now barely holding on to the counter because her legs were getting weaker. The mixture she was making needed some more butter but she had to walk over to the fridge. She hated to stop the party but sleep time was getting closer and closer as she glanced at the clock. “Honey….” She got no response. Kevin’s tongue bahis siteleri was now penetrating her asshole as he spread her buttcheeks wide open for easier access, while his fingers never stopped fingering her cunt and his thumb was on her clit now. She couldn’t believe that he found her clit. Kevin was to carried away to hear his mom’s screams. She thought to herself ‘the little bastard must have been watching porno for years to know about that one!!’ She yelled again. “KEEEVINN! I have to get some butter from the fridge.” He finally heard her and stopped licking her asshole. He pulled his finger out but never stopped massaging her clit. “What’s that mom?!?” “I Have to walk over to the fridge can you stop for a second….I had to yell we could wake up your father and sister.” He finally stopped massaging her clit and leaned back on the floor.”I’m sorry mom you’re right It won’t happen again.” Ginger walked over to the fridge, her heels clicking on the floor. She could feel some juices oozing down her inner thighs around her pussy area but wasn’t sure if it was his saliva or her pussy juices. She pulled the butter out and chopped off some throwing it into the bowl. She realised she had to go pee. “Sweetey I’m so sorry but I have to go pee, Mommy’ll be right back ok?” Kevin knew how gullable his mom was right now at this moment because it was his birthday, and he really badly wanted to see her pee. “Hey mom can I come with you??” She stopped and looked back “What do you mean, you mean to the bathroom?” “Yeah why not?” “Well that’s kind of private…it’ll only take a second I won’t be gone that long I promise.” “But mom I wanna watch you pee…can I please watch you pee?” Now she was being wierded out by him. She didn’t have much time to waste so she just let him come along.”Jesus fine, come on hurry up.” He ran after her to the bathroom his cock swinging. Ginger closed the door behind her and sat on the toilet and off she went. She saw that her son was trying to get a look between her legs so she spread them a little bit letting him see the piss come out. She was done in a second and got up to grab some toilet paper. “No wait mom!!” He took the toilet paper out of her hands. “What is it now???” “Mom, you think I could lick you clean?” She thought it was wierd letting him watch her pee but this was over the limit. “Ok Kevin that’s disgusting….do you have some kind of peeing fetish or something??” “No not that I know of, I just think it would be neat to lick you clean down there.””Do you know how unsanitary that is?? There’s bacteria in the pee and god knows what else.” She sat on the toilet legs spread and her boobs out, arguing with her son who wanted to lick the piss off her pussy.”It’s only going to take a second mom, I promise I won’t ask you again just this once!!”Ginger was concerned about his health. “Don’t you want me to wipe some pee off with the toilet paper, and then lick the rest of it off, I’m sure some of the pee will stay.””No mom I wanna lick it right now while it’s still wet.” “God this is so crazy….I’m giving you five seconds and then you must run over to the sink and wash your mouth out… it?” She waved her finger in front of his face like she was yelling at him to go do some homework or something. She scooted forward a little bit so that her pussy was in front of the seat and spread her legs some more. Kevin wasted no time. He planted his face over her bush and started licking all the pee out of her pubes and sucking whatever pee was left inside of her pussy. Ginger placed her right hand on his head as he ate her out. “One one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand….” She began to count. She was kind of surprised that he was nowhere near her clitoris. Earlier in the kitchen he was massaging it just right but this time he was way off. She was about to ask him about it but the count was up. She had to wash his mouth out first. “Ok that’s it time’s up.” Kevin stopped licking and ran over to the sink, his mom following him. They both started to wash his mouth out with water. “I can’t believe you did that.” She kept washing his mouth out. She poured a cup of mouthwash for him as well. Kevin started to gargle it and swish it around in his mouth.”How did it taste?” She couldn’t believe she was asking him that but the moment was so awkward she just felt the need to make some conversation. Kevin just hummed “I dunno” as he kept swooshing the minty liquid in his mouth. “Did you at least like it?” Kevin just nodded yes and smiled at her, and then spit out the mouthwash. “It was kinda cool I guess. It almost had no taste.” Ginger took out some toilet paper and started wiping her son’s saliva off her pussy. She looked below her son’s waist and to her surprise saw a tent in his PJ’s. She was shocked for a moment but then thought it was probibly natural after what she just let him do. She followed Kevin’s eyes to her bare breasts so she covered them up. Kevin was disappointed she did that. “Wait mom.” “What is it now baby.” She played with his haid as she admired how much he had grown. “Will you let me have sex with you mom??!” She sat back down on the toilet seat and held his hand in hers. She wasn’t sure she could go trough with this request. A thousand thoughts raced trough her mind. ‘Would it be good for him…would it be bad for him?’ She questioned herself. ‘What kind of mom lets her son fuck her?’ It was against her morals but still in the back of her mind she thought that he could use the experience. Kevin noticed his mom just sat there thinking…he wanted an answer out of her. “Can I just put it in and out I promise it’ll be just a quick dip.” Ginger snapped out of her thoughts.”That’s not the issue baby. You putting your penis inside of me for a minute, or for 10 minutes, there isn’t much difference there.” “So what’s the problem then?” Kevin could sence he was getting somewhere.”Well for one you could get me pregnant. It’s also i*****l and immoral sweetey. It’s very wrong for a mom and son to do that kind of thing.” “But mom we’re not hurting anyone…you’re just teaching me a lesson and we’re having fun at the same time so what’s wrong with that.” “I don’t know honey I would have to think about this.” Kevin didn’t want to give up now. “What’s there to think about I’ll be done in like 20 seconds I sware. Look I have enough to make you satisfied too.” he pulled down his PJ’s and whipped out his 6 incher. Ginger smiled at how silly he was, and put a hand over her mouth. “Oh god put that thing away Kevin.” He obeyed and put his PJ’s back on. “I don’t know baby I’d have to talk to Dr. Angela before I went ahead with this.” “So call her now it’s only 9 O’clock she isn’t even sleeping yet.” Ginger looked at the clock it wasn’t even 9 yet. She knew Angela went to bed around 11 so she picked up the phone. She looked at kevin with a seroius face: “You just sit there quiet, and don’t say a word.” They went back to the kitchen and she sat down on the sofa still wearing nothing below her waist, though her tits were in her shirt. Kevin followed and sat right next to her. He put a hand on her right breast as she said “Hello…Hi Angela I’m sorry to be bothering you this late!” Dr. Angela was glad to hear from her friend. “Oh hey what’s up…don’t worry about it I don’t go to bed for another two hours.” “Well the reason I’m calling you is because of what we talked about my son…remember?” “Oh sure sure.” How could she forget. Dr. Angela still had memories of messing around with her own son. “Well I pretty much did with him what you said you did with your son…” Angela cut her off. “Well that’s good…did the little guy enjoy licking you?” “Oh god he can’t calm down…hes right here sitting next to me feeling me up while I’m talking to you.” Angela smiled “Well there’s nothing wrong with that he’s just enjoying his mom’s body.” “Well the reason I’m calling you is that he wants to have sex with me…I wanted to find out what you thought about that first.” “Well…Ginger…from my personal experience I didn’t have sex with my son for one reason only. I thought that it was too early for him to go down that route I didn’t want to tramautize him…but he was considerably younger than your boy is right now so I think he would take it quite lightly …but that’s just my opinion. You are also risking pregnancy if you don’t use a condom.” Ginger didn’t want her boy’s first time to be with a rubber on: “Well If we did go trough with this I would have him go in bareback …I want his first time to be natural.” “Understandable. Well I suggest you just brief him about pulling out and all that good stuff and you could go trough with it quite easily. Also if you want I could watch you guys to make sure he doesn’t ejaculate inside of you and give him a few pointers as well.” “Well that’s very nice of you.” Ginger thanked her. “If you want I could make an appointment for tomorrow around 2 O clock we’ll just make it like a doctor’s visit.” Ginger felt like if she made him wait till tomorrow, he wouldn’t get any sleep and would keep bothering her all night. “Well the thing is it has to be done right now…”Dr. Angela cut her off. “It’s no problem you guys can come to my house and we can do it down in the basement…my girls are asleep and Tommy is at a friend’s. Ginger couldn’t thank her enough. “Oh god thank you so much Angela…are you sure this isn’t a problem?” “Please Ginger, say no more. Besides, how long can the little guy last after eating you out right?” Ginger smiled and thanked her again.”Ok we’ll be over there in a half hour.” Kevin looked at his mom. “Be over where mom?” “Ok good news but don’t get to excited. I’ll let you have sex with me but Dr. Angela has to watch.” Kevin couldn’t believe his ears. “OH my god thank you so much mom.” He hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. She knew he wanted to make out so she kissed him on the lips and frenched him for a few seconds. “But why does she have to watch?” “Well it is your first time so there’s some things that you need to learn, and I’d feel much more comfortable with a professional supervising it rather then me ending up pregnant…you understand sweetey?” Kevin just nodded. He wanted it to be just him and his mom alone but this was just a small bump in the road. “Ok we have to hurry up Dr. Angela was nice enough to take us in right now…let’s not make her wait.” She threw on her panties and skirt, grabbed the car keys and off they went. They were over there in less then a half hour. Dr. Angela greeted them and took their jackets. “Why don’t you guys go downstairs and get ready I’ll just put your jackets in the closet.” Ginger took her son’s hand and led him down the stairs. The basement had a very clean look to it. It smelled nice and was very nicely arranged. The couch was next to a pool table and there were some washing machines in the back left corner. Angela walked down the stairs. “So you must be pretty happy Kevin.” Kevin went into shy mode and just nodded. Angela went on.”When my son was your age he wanted to do the same to me but I never let him….I guess your mom is a little bit more liberal then her doctor.” She looked at Ginger with a smile.”Ok why don’t you guys get comfortable…Ginger did you want to do it on the couch or on the floor?” Ginger wasn’t a huge fan of being fucked on the cold floor.”I think I’d prefer the couch, what about you sweetey?” Kevin nodded in agreement with his mom. Angela grabbed some clean linen’s out of a closet. “Ok no problem let me just make sure no stains get on the couch.” And threw them over the couch. She started setting up the pillows so that Ginger would be comfortable, while Mom and Son started to undress. Kevin was naked within seconds, Ginger’s eyes went to his rock hard pecker immediately…and she was pretty impressed with his size at that young age. Kevin couldn’t get his eyes off his mom’s legs as she started to unzip the back of her skirt and slowly slide it down her tight slim frame. She took off her shirt but kept her bra and panties on, and laid back on the couch. She felt a little bit shy…which she hadn’t felt in years. She kept her legs closed and just looked at her naked son standing there his pecker pulsating and ready to invade her. Angela noticed kevin’s member and turned to Ginger. “Well looks like you still have the magic even at our age.” Ginger responded half embaressed. “Oh please, this is the first time he’s ever seen a woman in this position you give me to much credit Angela.” Both women looked at Kevin who just stood there focused on his mom’s body. They noticed that he didn’t want to be staring to hard but wasn’t looking away either. They saw how terrified he was and wanted to make it easier on him. Ginger was a little bit worried about her boy.”Kevin you okay baby?” He did not respond and just stood there looking at her face. Angela wanted to chime in.”Kevin…why don’t you kneel in front of mommy, and Ginger why don’t you pull your panties off for me.” Ginger did as she was told. The second her pussy came into view, Kevin thought he was going to collapse. His heart was beating faster and stronger then when they were back at the house. He coudln’t believe he was actually about to have sex with his mom. After noticing how anxious he looked, Ginger was about to close her legs when Angela stopped her. “No no, stay spread like that it’s ok he has to go trough with it…it’s for the best. Now Kevin sweetey why don’t you kneel in front of her and position yourself.”Kevin finally responded this time and kneeled in front of his mom’s pussy. His cock was rock hard and pulsating, but the rest of his body was shaking. He straightened out his back and put his hands on his pecker aiming for the hole…and just when he was about to make contact….he stopped. He looked at his mom, and then to his right at Angie who was kneeling on the floor next to the couch awaiting his penetration. Ginger kind of felt silly lying there waiting to be fucked by her son in front of her friend, but she was more worried about Kevin. She looked at him. “Kevin look at me honey…” She tried to get his attention from her tits. “Are you sure you wanna do this?” Angie noticed he was looking at his mom’s chest so she thought she had found a solution to the problem. “Do you want your mom to take off her top?” Kevin just gulped and nodded yes. Ginger scooted up and sat up and Angie helped her pull her shirt off over her head. Ginger threw her hair over the front of her right shoulder and reached back to release her bra. Angie helped her with it as well and they threw it on the chair behind the couch. Ginger got back in the position now completely nude, and spread her legs open throwing her right leg over the back rest. “It’s ok…Kevin it’s just sex….just aim it at my hole and push forward, I promise it’ll feel good.” She spoke to her son. She was also wet and ready to get on with it but she failed to get a response from her son who now looked even more petrified. Ginger took her hands and interlocked her fingers with Kevin’s. “Ok honey, here I’ll help you I’ll pull you toward me ok?” Angie didn’t think this was such a good idea so she stopped them before they proceeded. “Ginger, I think it’s best if he enters you on his own. Did you want me to leave Kevin would that make it more comfortable for you?” He finally managed to speak. “No I’m ok Dr. Angela, you’re cool it’s just that I feel a little bit hot. Do you think I could get some water?” Angie got up and started to walk upstairs to get some water and ice. “No problem sweetey, do you want some Ice with it?” Kevin just nodded yes in response. Ginger was now very very worried. She began to think that this might be a bad idea and scooted back up away from her son’s now purple rock hard cock. She got up and walked over to put some high heel slippers on, because the floor was very cold. She brought some of Angie’s husband’s slippers to for Kevin. “Sit down Kev…and put these on.” She sat down next to him completely nude and crossed her legs, trying not to excite him any further. She had him lean into her and hugged him and placed her right hand on his forehead checking for temparature. Kevin couldn’t keep his eyes off his mom’s crossed legs and the heels on her feet. He eyed over her midsection and saw pubes sticking out. His face was close to her tits but since she held his head close to her chest he couldn’t glance over to look at her nipples, he could just feel bahis şirketleri them on his face. “Oh god baby I hope you didn’t get a fever because of me. God what was I thinking this was such a bad Idea. You’re face is very hot and you’re sweaty you poor thing.” Kevin saw where this was leading, the last thing in the world he wanted was to ruin this perfect opportunity to fuck her. He couldn’t let that happen. Angie was walking down the stairs with a glass of cold water and a wet towel. “Mom I sware I’m fine I just got a little bit nervous…I sware I can do it, look I’m good to go.” he pointed at his rock hard cock which was still pulsating. “Oh god put that thing away you’re burning up you have to calm down.” Ginger was so worried that her pussy had completely dried up. She was completely turned off now. Angie heard what they were talking about and sat to Kevin’s right, and he was now sandwiched in between the two gorgeous mature women. Angie knew the best way he could calm down was to cum. “Ginger sweetey, the best way for him to calm down is to first drink this cold glass of water…and to eventually have an orgasm.” She felt his forehead as well and could tell he was nowhere near a fever. “He doesn’t have a fever…he’s just very excited is all. It’s normal for a boy his age to get excited over you. I mean let’s face it you have a well toned body and it’s natural for him to react that way.” Ginger felt over his forehead again and could tell herself that he wasn’t that hot. She looked over at her friend while still holding Kevin’s hand. “Well what do you think we should do? Try it again?” Angie thought about it for a second and concluded that he had to ecaulate first. “We’ll here’s what I think you should do but that’s just my opinion. If we try to go trough with it again he’ll just get all nervous and anxious. He definitely needs to ejaculate first and I believe the best way to do that and the best way for him to relax is probibly fillatio. Or he could just walk to the bathroom and take care of himself but then again that won’t help him relax as much as fillatio can. Believe me fillatio can work wonders when it comes to relaxing a man.” Ginger didn’t know what to do now. She saw that he was finished with the water so she took the glass and put it on the little table next to them. She sat back down next to Kevin and hugged him again placing his head on her chest. “I don’t know Angie. That’s a whole other ballpark there. Where would he even ejaculate. I mean I don’t mind going trough with it but I don’t wanna look like a whore in front of you.” Angie wanted it to be understood that she was a professional and that no act could make her judgemental. “Ginger don’t be silly you know I’m a professional. What has to be done will be done and in the end it’s all up to you.” Kevin just sat there completely confused. He had no idea what his mom and Dr. Angie were talking about so he put his head back up and looked at his mom. “What are you two talking about.” Ginger looked at Angie and smiled, then she looked at Kevin with the same smile. “Honey…do you think if mommy gave you a blowjob you would relax a little bit?” Kevin was all smiles. Angie and Ginger both smiled when they saw his face. They knew what the answer was already.”Sure mom that’d be great.” He scooted forward and leaned back getting into position. Ginger combed her hair over her right ear and put her hand over his cock but not quite touching it yet. “God I can’t believe I’m gonna do this. Angie can you please sit over on the table you’re blocking the light. Thanks honey.” She gripped his cock and pulled back the skin exposing his purple head. She could smell a certain odor which made her think of her husband, but then immediately forced her thoughts elsewhere. She started to jack him off and placed the tip of her tongue on his cockhead and started to circle it. She wanted to not look like a whore so she put his entire cockhead into her mouth all the way down to the back of his throat. Kevin’s heart was racing even faster now. He knew he was close to orgasm. Ginger started to bob up and down the length of his rod and noticed she was humming. She immediately stopped humming and proceeded on, every time she went up her tongue circled the cockhead and every time she went back down she squeezed his cockhead with her throat muscles. The suckling sounds were starting to get to Angie. She couldn’t believe that this was getting her horny. She subcounsciously spread her legs a little bit exposing her white panties for Kevin to see. Her nipples were getting rock hard as she took in the scene in front of her. A forty one yearold mom was blowing her f******n yearold son in her basement and she was enjoying watching it. She wondered if she herself had gone crazy. She noticed Kevin looking at her panties and immediately crossed her legs. Ginger’s blowjob was getting more and more intense and soon she could feel wetness hit the back of her throat. She pulled her mouth off Kevin’s cock and coughed as he slid foward trying not to cum on the couch. He dropped his load on the cold floor beneath them. Ginger tapped him on the back as more and more spurts flew out of his cock. Angie’s jaw was dropped when she saw the puddle on her floor. Ginger encouraged her son. “That’s ok sweetey, just let it all out. There you go just let it all out. I’m sorry about the mess Angie.” Angie got up and grabbed a wet towel. “Oh no it’s ok, I’d rather he comes on the floor then on the couch.” As soon as the last drop hit the floor she started to mop it up. Ginger ran over to the sink and grabbed another towel to help her friend. Kevin sat back exhausted. His breathing had slowed down and his heart beat was starting to come back down to normal again. His cock was still the same though. When the two women were finished they sat back down next to Kevin. Angela tapped him on the top of his head. “Good job Kev’….all better?” Kevin just nodded still out of breath. The two women smiled at each other. Angela leaned over and looked at Ginger. “All we have to do right now is wait a few minutes and I think he should be ready to go.” Ginger looked at her son. “Do you think you’ll be ready to go in a few minutes?” The poor k** looked at his mom and shrugged his shoulder. Ginger looked at his pecker which was shrinking more and more. She then looked at Angela like she had all the answers. “Angie I must admit I lost some steam too. When he was all nervous and shaky and sweaty I dried up a little bit down there. I got so scared that I wasn’t even thinking about sex anymore. I guess I haven’t fully calmed down because after the blowjob I’m still a little bit dry.” Angie always had an answer for everything.”Well when I was with you guys on the phone you said he went down on you and that he was hard at the time and pretty relaxed…well that’s what it sounde like over the phone anyway.” Ginger saw that Angie was making sence.”No no, it’s true he was very relaxed and he couldn’t keep his hands off me. Plus his…” She put her right hand on her forehead as she glanced at his cock. “you know his thing was fully erect.” Angie wanted to knock out two bugs with one stone. “Plus he could get you a little bit lubed up as well. It’s better to go that way then for me to go looking for lube right now.” Ginger turned to her son again. “Do you think if mommy lets you lick her again….that you’lll be able to go again in a few minutes?” Kevin just nodded and placed his left hand on the inside of her thigh looking for his mom to spread her legs, which she did right away. He slipped a finger all the way down to her canal and felt over her lips. Angie saw that Ginger’s breathing had quickened again. “Why don’t you lie back Ginger.” She took her friend’s hand and helped her scoot back. Ginger spread her legs again and Kevin went to work. He planted his lips on her pussy and started just licking away like a dog. He was getting horny again and was getting sloppy with his tongue. He went down to her asshole and back up sticking his tongue in her canal but Ginger just wasn’t feeling it. She wasn’t getting wet like she was back at the house when he actually had found her clitoris. Angie noticed that the poor k** obviously didn’t know what he was doing. She looked at Ginger with a mock face like ‘he has no idea what he’s doing right?’. Ginger nodded in approval but didn’t have the heart to tell the boy. She was also to embaressed to give him pointers in front of her friend. She just srugged her shoulders as she kept patting him on the head. Angie decided that if Ginger wasn’t going to tell him….she would give him a few pointers. “Kevin honey, you’re going to fast.” Kevin stopped licking his mom’s cunt and looked up at Angie. “What do you mean, is there a trick to it?” Angie smiled at his innocence. Kevin looked at his mom “Well…is there a trick mom?” Ginger just nodded with a smile. “It’s ok baby you were doing pretty allright. I mean I was getting into it.” Angie knew ginger was just saying it to make him think he was doing well. She wasn’t going to let the k** leave the house before he learned how to eat some pussy. Angie had eaten pussy while she was in college but this would be completely inapropriate. She wasn’t even for sure if Ginger would go along with it.”Well Kevin what you have to do is do it gently. It’s like kissing…a girl doesn’t like to much tongue and saliva. You have to be delicate and at the same time erotic. You also have to use your fingers, and you must find the clitoris.” Kevin looked at his mom. “What’s a clitoris?” Ginger just let Angela keep explaining.”It’s the most sensitive part of a woman’s vagina. If you tongue it right you can get the woman to come.” Ginger wanted to let Angie know about earlier. “Well Angie…he did make me come. He had found the clitoris downstairs in the kitchen but later when he ate me out on the toilet he had no idea where it was. He wasn’t even close.” Kevin was now very interested because he wanted to make his mom come again. “Oh common show me where it is….I wanna know.” Angie looked at Ginger and pointed at her pussy: “Do you mind If I show him?” Ginger just responded: “Oh no not at all please go ahead. Kev’ get up baby, Angie is gonna show you how to do it now. Just kneel right there next to her and pay attention.” Angie and Kevin switched spots so now Angie’s face was below Ginger’s pussy. Kevin was all ears as he eagerly awaited his lesson. Angie gently spread Ginger’s pussy lips and spread them apart wide until she saw the clitoris spreading out. Ginger could immediately feel a pro’s touch. Her heart started racing the moment Angie flicked her finger over her clit. Angie started to talk to Kevin like nothing out of the ordinary was happening.”See Kev’ this is the clitoris. You have to be very gentle with it. Twirl your tongue around it but don’t jump at it right away. Tease the girl first that’s what we like. Then assault the clitoris when you see the time is right. And believe me you’ll know when it is time.” Kevin couldn’t wait to try it out. “Here let me try.” They switched spots and Kevin put his mouth on his mom’s pussy and spread her pussylips with his hands. He started twirling her clit with his tongue and sucking on her whole pussy. Ginger thought it was a little bit better but not a whole lot. She put her hands on his head again and started to get into it but something just wasn’t right. She looked at Angie and to her own surprise uttered the following words. “Angie you can show him if you want to…I won’t mind.” She just so badly wanted him to learn and Angie seemed like the perfect person for the task. She responded “Ok sure no problem, let’s switch again Kev’.” They switched and Angie felt over Ginger’s pussy with her thumb. She took the index finger on her left hand and felt up and down the length of her slit. She then placed her mouth over her now wet cunt and started to suck away. She inserted her tongue deep inside her hole and then suckled it off. She moved her tongue left and right quickly and then back inside. She took her mouth off her pussy for a second and turned back to Kevin. “See what I’m doing. I’m not going for the clitoris right away. I’m teasing your mom a little bit. It doesn’t hurt to go down to the butthole either.” She then looked at Ginger again. “Do you mind?” Ginger just nodded no and Angie proceeded. She tongued her asshole for a good five minutes teasing her clit with her thumb and then moved back up to her cunt. She planted her whole mouth over the pussy and started going for the clit now. She placed her right hand on Ginger’s tummy as her left index finger was penetrating her anus. She continued eating her out as Ginger signaled to Kevin to come up to her. “Come here honey help me get wet.” She tapped the spot next to her on the couch and kevin sat down. He leaned forward and locked lips with her. They started to make out as Angie continued to lick her pussy. She stopped when she noticed mom and son making out and then said. “I’m sorry guys but you should probibly get on with it. I really have to get to bed pretty soon.” Ginger didn’t want to hold her up any longer so she broke the kiss. “Oh god I didn’t even realise it was 1040 already. Ok Kev’ get ready baby.” He got up and positioned himself below his mom. His cock was now rock hard and pulsating at her entrance. Angie kneeled beside them both and watched with anxiety. Ginger took Kevin’s hands in her own and interlocked fingers with him. She looked over at Angie and said: “Thanks a lot that was very good.” “Oh no problem honey, Kevin just go slow we still have about a half hour.” Kevin was nervous again and his heart was racing. He grabbed hold of his cock and aimed his cockhead towards Ginger’s pussy finally comming into contact with it. Ginger whimpered as she held her son’s hands. Kevin looked at his mom as the his cockhead was now inside of her.”You ready mom?” Ginger just bit her lower lip and nodded yes, and started pulling him towards her. He watched his six inch cock slowly disappear inside of his mom and finally the whole cock was now up in her canal. He leaned foward and fell on his mom. “Is that ok mom?” Ginger was smiling as they breathed on each other. “Good job baby, now that wasn’t so bad now was it.” She could feel his pulsating rod in her twat. “Ok now what I want you to do is start fucking me slowly and for the love of god, don’t forget to pull out when you have to come.” Kevin had never heard his mom curse in that way before. He had heard her cursing when she was watching TV or arguing with her sister over the phone…but this was different. It had driven him to the point of almost cumming. He pulled back and then forward again and soon he was in a rythm fucking his mother. He sped up his pace as he looked her in the eyes. His pelvis was now slapping against her’s as she started to breathe quicker and quicker. Ginger couldn’t believe it but she was almost ready to come. Angie ran her finger’s trough Ginger’s hair and whispered. “He’s doing good honey, your boy is finally a man.” Ginger smiled as she heard those words. She was so proud of her boy, but her hornyness had her thoughts elsewhere. She was about to come. Ginger didn’t want him to beat her to it so she started instructing him, barely managing to put her words out inbetween breaths as he kept slamming her from below.”Kevin…baby…find a ry-thm so that….you won’t come….to….fast, oww” Her last word was a yelp as the orgasm erupted inside of her. She showered her son’s penis as the fluid never seemed to stop flowing outside of her. Angie knew that it was getting on her couch but thought it would be inapropriate to say anything at that moment. During her thoughs she noticed the familiar look on Kevin’s face. She could tell is orgasm was seconds away. She acted quickly by pushing his stomach back and pulling out his hard cock out of his mom. “Get off her you can’t come inside.” She yelled. It was just in time that her quick action prevented a pregnancy. Kevin leaned back as Angie held his cock and Ginger snapped out of her trance. Both women looked at him waiting for a shower of come to start flying out of his cock but it didn’t come out right away. The violent orgasm that he was having held the semen back for a little and then it happened. He exploded onto his mom’s legs, pussy and stomach. Angie took her hand off when she saw Ginger was looking at her holding him. The last thing she wanted was for her friend to get angry at her but Ginger was far from it. She was more amazed at how much her boy was coming. Her whole tummy and pussy lips were now drenched in his seed as she put a hand over her head and said: “Oh my god.”

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