Moms friend Vanessa


Moms friend VanessaMy mom had a best friend named Vanessa. She was more like an auntand always was around. She had big tits, a thin waist, a fat ass,and nice big legs. She would always wear short skirts or short summer dresses that showed her wonderful legs. One time my mother was at work and Vanessa was watching me until she got home. I was about 6 at the time watching tv in my spiderman underwear laying on the floor.Vanessa was sitting on the sofa reading a magazine. She crossed her legs just as I had looked up. What I saw made me very curious to say the least.I saw what looked like a very large lump inside her panties. Almost immediately my little boy dick was hard as stone and I couldn’t stop looking.All of a sudden she scooted closer to the edge of the sofa with her legs open wider than before and the lump in her panties grew even bigger. When I looked up she was looking right at me and she smiled. I quickly turned awaytotally embarrassed I was caught. Vanessa then said it was time for a bathand bed since it was getting late. I didn’t want to stand güvenilir bahis because I was hard.When I did finally stand she looked right at my cock and said somebody is happyto see me. The toilet is right next to the bathtub and that’s where she sat as she gave me a bath. As Vanessa washed me I just could not keep my eyes from looking between her legs as they would open and close. I was in a daze each time I caughta glimpse of that large lump which by now was huge. Vanessa told me to stand up soshe could wash my legs. Still in a daze I stood up not realizing my boy cock was fully swollen until she grabbed it and put some soap on it and began to sroke it.By now her skirt had risen well up her thighs exposing her panties and that huge lump. Vanessa reached for the soap and in doing so she moved her leg and through the side ofher panties popped out the biggest black dick I had ever seen even to this day. Vanessajust kept soaping me up not saying a word. Then she asked if I liked what I was lookingat? I didn’t know what to say so I stayed silent. She then canlı bahis told me she knew I looking at herall this time. She stood up and took off her panties revealing a big long thick 12 inchblack dick with balls as big as golf balls. She took off everthing else showig me herbeautiful titties and then climed in the tub with me. Vanessa handed me the soap and told me to wash her dick. All this time I remained silent and did what I was told. It took both of my hands to even lift it and her dick was so heavy in my small hands. She let out a loud moan and told me to wash her big balls. They also took both hands to handle making my hands look tiny. They felt soooo full. Once Vanessa felt clean she told me to kissher cock. Next she told me to lick it then asked me how does it taste? I told her it tastedgreat. She then told me to be a good boy and suck it like a lolipop until she tells me to stop. I could hardly get the head in but I managed and after about five minutes of sucking her huge dick head Vanessaa told me to squeeze her massive balls and to keep bahis siteleri sucking because she was close to giving me her special milk for me to drink. I was kind of thirsty by now anyway. She told me not to spill a drop if I want to grow to be big and strong.At that moment it made since because I had just seen a milk does a body good comercial beforethe bath. Vanessa moaned again and said DRINK. All of the sudden my mouth was flooded with a thick creamy substance I had never tasted before. It caught me off guard whenthe first blast shot in my mouth but when the second blast came I was ready . It seemed likeI was drinking for five minutes or so. It just kept cumming but I just kept drinking.Finally her huge dick stopped twitching and her big balls relaxed and Vanessa told me tostop. She asked me I how it tasted to which I replied it was the best milk I’ve ever had.We finished washing off and she told me this was our secret and then put me to bed.From then on at least three to four times a week when Vanessa would babysit she wouldfeed me her special milk. Sometimes she would have me just lick and suck on her massive balls until I went to sleep.Vanessa said I was greedy so sometimes she would bring over friends like her or men and they would feed me thier special milk too.

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