It was some time during the spring I turned 19 that my mother started to take an interest in her overall health and physical condition. As long as I could remember, Mom was always 20 to 30 pounds over weight, never exercised, and every night after work turned into a couch potato. After she had my twin sister Linda and I Mom never lost the baby weight.

Growing up Mom and Dad were always very affectionate and very much in love, but over the last five years Dad’s physical attraction to Mom was noticeably waning. I remember one day finding him in the family room alone looking at their old pictures from before I was born. He looked up smiled and said your mother was the hottest women on campus and in town, then he sighed a little and showed me a picture of Mom. She had to be about twenty and was wearing a bikini at the beach with two of her girl friends. Her bikini was just barely covering her; it was all white with tiny straps and a thong bottom. Her tan skin against the white was mesmerizing, and her tits were D-cups that stood up all on their own. I was amazed that the slender toned sexy hot girl was once my Mom!

“See what I mean?” Dad said, and I nodded. After that day Dad was still affectionate but that extra special look was gone from his eyes and Mom could tell. It seemed to me his lust and excitement had finally been lost.

Over the next few years, Mom seemed to lose interest in taking care of herself and began packing on the pounds. Dad was spending more time at work, working on the house and hanging out with his buddies, it was like he was avoiding time with her. The two of them grew distant, and my sister and I felt the void between them, even though, it never changed their relationships with us.

It was early spring, and I had just turned 19. The regular wrestling season was over and I had an un-defeated season, my third of several. My record automatically put me into the State finals, and at the finals, I dominated the 165-pound weight class and brought home first place for my school and me. The following week our school had its annual sports banquet to honor their athletes. I was seated with my family and two other families waiting to be served our dinner. Just as we were being beckoned to our seats, I looked over and saw Mom clutching Dads’ arm and turning as pale as a ghost. Dad turned and grabbed Mom just before she would have fallen to the floor, He was saying “Ann, Ann, can you hear me?” Her eyes where open, but she wasn’t responding. One of the women at are table called 9-1-1 on her cell phone and before I knew it we were in the car following the ambulance to the hospital.

It turned out that Mom had suffered an arterial blockage, and she had to have a stint put in to correct the problem, it was her wake-up call. She couldn’t believe this had happened to her, because she thought she was in better health. When she was released a few days later her entire outlook on life had seemed to change, for the better.

About a week later Mom found me outside vacuuming the pool and asked me if I would take a break. We set down on the edge of the pool and Mom began asking me about my diet and training regiment that I kept up all year. We talked for more than an hour about what foods to eat, what exercises to do and when to do them, and for what result. The next day Mom began her fitness plan that she and I designed, by summer she had lost 20 pounds and she didn’t let up. I helped her with strength training and core workouts; she was starting to look damn good. By fall, she had shed 50 pounds and now she was seeing the difference in her appearance, and that is when I noticed her other non-physical changes.

At first Mom would always wear baggy sweats when we worked out in our basement gym, but now she was wearing tight little sports bras that made her tits look like they would explode out at any minute, and tight work out shorts which told me Mom had gone Brazilian on her bush. As we worked out I couldn’t help but look at her even though I felt guilty because she was my Mom. The funny thing was she seemed to like it when I looked at her that way, sometimes for a second I could see a little evil smile cross her lips, and then she’d do something that would give me a full look at her sweat glistening tits. My sister and I began to notice she was becoming more and more free around the house when she was nude. She started walking to and from the shower with nothing on, and would get changed with her door open. Dad didn’t seem to mind and honestly neither did I.

I found myself waiting to get glimpses of her naked body, which was no longer the shape of a meatball, but a hot 40 something MILF in great shape. Her ass was so tight and her tits didn’t sag like they bakırköy üniversiteli escort used to and her pussy was smooth not a pubic hair in sight. At night I found myself jerking off to fantasies of my Mom, imagining what her ass and pussy must look like from behind and how her nipples would feel in my mouth. I felt so ashamed, but she looked so good.

Soon Linda and I noticed Mom and Dad sneaking off more and more to different locales in the house. Linda would laugh and say “it’s quickie time!” when they disappeared. Linda started calling me out on sneaking around trying to get glimpses of Mom. At first I got mad and denied it, but after she told me she liked to see Moms new body too I dropped the charade. It was like the house was electric with sex and tingly excitement and Mom was the lighting rod.

One Saturday afternoon I had been over at a friend’s house helping him jet the carburetor on his dirt bike. When I got home both cars were gone, which meant Dad and Linda were out. I went into the house and headed for the kitchen for something to drink, then headed upstairs to my room. As I got to the top of the stairs I heard a moan, and then another, it was Mom and it was coming from her bedroom.

I slowly moved toward the room, where I found the door open just enough for me to see, Mom was lying naked on her bed with a huge black dick shaped dildo jammed in her sweet pussy to the hilt. I could see her pussy lips glisten, which told me she was soaking wet and had already cum at least once. Her eyes were closed and her left hand was pulling and pinching her nipples. She was in shear ecstasy. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, my newly hot Mom fucking herself with a dildo and squirming all over the bed and moaning. At that point male instinct took over and I didn’t care if she was my mother or not. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my already rock hard dick. Drops of pre-cum were already coming out of the head. To this day I can’t remember ever being that hard or turned on, and the fact that she was my mother made it even hotter and dirtier. She was getting close to orgasm as her hand worked the big black dildo in and out at a faster pace, and I stroked my dick at the same rhythm. Her other hand was all over her tits and nipples, I squeezed my balls with my other hand and then used my thumb and fore finger as an “O’ to just stroke the head of my dick. She bucked violently jamming the dildo in deeper and then with a loud scream of intense ecstasy she squirmed and bucked uncontrollably cumming in wave after wave. At the same time my balls exploded giving me the most intense orgasm of my life, I shot cum all over the hallway carpet and as it came out I swear I almost passed out. When I came to my senses I saw mom still panting on the bed with the dildo next to her. In the hall I took my shirt off and quietly tried to clean up my cum from the carpet.

That night at dinner I was very quiet, Dad was telling a funny story about our neighbor Mr. Stone who was stuck on the roof of his house when his angry wife took down the ladder and wouldn’t put it back until he admitted she was right. The whole time I didn’t make eye contact with Mom even when she asked, “Evan is there anything wrong, you’re very quiet.” I answered “No.” and looked up at her and those beautiful tits cleaving at the dinner table, then I looked right back at my plate.

I excused myself when I was done and headed downstairs for my work out. About an hour later, I was running on the treadmill when Linda came down and sat next to me on the weight bench.

“Well, spill it!” she asked.

“Spill what?” I said breathing heavy and running.

“Something weird happened today, you were so quiet at dinner and you were afraid to make eye contact with Mom. Did she catch you spying on her?” Linda probed.

I rolled my eyes and shook my head no.

“That is it, ha-ha, I’m going to go ask her and see what she says.” She hoped up and headed for the stairs.

I stopped running and said, “Aright alright I’ll tell you what happened, but you better swear not to tell anyone.”

“Fair enough, you can trust me.”

We sat down on the bench and I told her what I saw, but I didn’t tell her I jerked off to it. After I told her she just sat there with a blank look on her face, I thought I should have kept my mouth shut.

Then a big grin crossed her face and she laughed hard, “you expect me to believe that all you did was look? You’re a horny bastard; you mean to tell me you didn’t jerk it to Mom?”

I looked at her with squinted eyes and huffed.

“I knew it, and that must explain the wet spot I saw in the hall when I got bakırköy bdsm escort home, ha ha!” She said cheekily to me.

“Don’t you dare mention this to anybody Linda or you’ll get it!”

Linda looked at me and said “Oh I won’t tell but next time you better come get me that whole scene got me hot.”

I stood up and looked at her, “Are you crazy, do you know all the different perversions that went on, and you find it hot.”

“And you didn’t?”

I really couldn’t deny it I was the hottest thing I ever saw live and in person. When I didn’t answer, Linda remarked, “Thought so.”

She got up and started to leave, then stopped and said, “Remember our arrangement.” Then she tapped my nuts with her hand and went upstairs. I was thinking this house has gone crazy.

Later in the week I was in my room laying on the bed reading when I heard a soft tap on the door. “Come in,” I said. The door opened and it was Mom, she had just come back from her after work run. She was wearing yoga pants that tapered to her ankles showing every nook and cranny. Up top she was wearing a zip up hoodie with a sport bra underneath, now it was unzipped displaying her newly toned abs. I felt my dick stir in my shorts when she came in and sat down next to me on the bed.

“Evan, I know I haven’t really said it until now, and it’s long over do, but thank you for all the help you’ve given me over the past months. I know that I couldn’t have gotten healthy again without you. I got my physical results from my doctor today and she said I get an A+ on everything. I think I’m in the best shape of my life and it’s all due to you.”

“Mom, it’s no big deal I’m your son I’m supposed to help you. It was great to see how much of a success this has been for you.”

“Okay mister modest, but you really turned my life around and for that I owe you special.”

“Aw Mom, It’s not necessary really.”

She got up to leave and then turned around and said “I’ll come up with some special surprises, by the way how did you like the little show I put on for you on Saturday?”

My jaw dropped and my face was on fire.

“Oh yes I knew you were there and I know you’ve been sneaking peeks around the house and at workout time. Don’t worry I’m not mad, I actually like it, I think your mother has become an exhibitionist.” She smiled and left.

I was mortified, confused and turned on all at the same time.

That night I lay in bed naked with my hand on my dick thinking about what Mom had said. I was so turned on I couldn’t sleep. I decided to go down stairs and get something to eat, but as I left my room I heard noises down the hall in my parents room. I couldn’t resist so I went to the door and again it was open and a small light was on next to the bed, I was able to easily see everything. Inside on their bed Mom was giving Dad a sloppy blowjob. I could here the wet slurping sounds as she easily swallowed it down to the balls and then back up. Then she ran her mouth down the outside of the shaft to the balls and began sucking. She worked her way back to the head, which she teased with her lips sliding it in and out quickly.

Dad was moaning and started to shake and buck, the next thing I saw was Mom looking right at me in the doorway. She winked and I froze, but she went right back to work. Right when it seemed like Dad was going to blow his load she sat up and said to Dad “Oh know you don’t your going to fuck me and cum deep in my pussy tonight.” Dad popped up off the bed out of breath and looking confused.

He said to her that was the best blow job I ever had and you stop right before I cum, are you crazy?” She just smiled and said, “I’ll give you another one just like it later and I’ll even let you cum in my mouth.” She got up on her knees doggie style facing the headboard. From where I was, I could see paradise, my mother’s beautiful tight round ass and her sweet wet, juicy pussy that I had jerked off to a hundred times. I wanted my face tongue and hands all over her.

Dad got up behind her and slowly slid his dick into her already dripping wet pussy. As it disappeared inch by inch, Mom hung her head down and cried out in exquisite pleasure. Once Dad was all the way in he ground his hips against her ass making his dick go in even deeper. I thought Mom was going to collapse but she didn’t, Dad began to fuck her hard and reached under her to play with her clit. She was letting out little screams, which told me she was close to cumming.

What happened next was mind blowing. All of a sudden she turned and looked over shoulder and stared right at me, I was watching my Dad fuck the shit out of my Mom and both her and I were bakırköy elit escort enjoying it on many different levels. Well what happened next took me completely by surprise, from behind I felt an arm wrap around my waist, then small firm tits with erect nipples pressed into my back. There was a tickle of pubic hair rubbing against my naked ass, and the next thing I knew a hand reached around me and replaced my hand on my dick. The hand was smooth and warm, and as it stroked it spread more pre-cum all over my shaft, my knees almost buckled from the sensation of knowing my sister was naked behind me giving me a hand job while we both watched our parents fucking like wild animals. I reached my hand back between us and started to rub her hot little clit.

Mom and Dad fucking, me and Linda masturbating each other it was all coming to a head. Then at the same time, Mom and Dad screamed and grunted both cumming simultaneously, and then Linda and I came in each other’s hands.

Behind me, I felt my sister’s hand let go of my dick and raise it high behind my neck. She whispered in my ear, “Your cum tasted delicious; I’ll be back for more!” She pulled away quickly; she was gone back to her room. I followed suit and quickly headed back to my own room.

Mom and Dad collapsed next to each other on the bed and I swear Dad was already snoring when he hit the bed. Mom was lying there quivering making little cooing noises.

A few minutes later, I was lying on my back in my bed thinking about what had just happened, and still really turned on. I was mindlessly smelling the hand that played with my sister’s sweet little pussy and starting another hard-on as I stroked my dick. I was so caught-up in the moment, I didn’t hear my door open and then close softly behind a shadowy figure.

All of a sudden I heard a whisper, “Honey, its Mom can I join you in your bed?”

I tried to answer but my voice was gone, she didn’t wait for my response anyway, lifted my sheet, and slid in next me in bed. I was on my back, so she propped up next to me on her side and threw her leg across mine, her thigh was rubbing against my now raging hard-on. She nuzzled her face into the side of my neck and pressed the beautiful full tits against my shoulder and her hand cradled my tight ball sack. I could feel how hot and wet her pussy was, it was flowing onto my legs and I knew it was a mix of her and Dads cum that was a in her hot juicy pussy.

She put her lips to my ear and softly said “I want you to fuck me while your fathers cum is still inside of me. Would you like that?”

I nodded and said “yes.”

Without warning, I was up on my knees and moved her under me on her back. I touched the head of my dick to her pussy lips and though “I’m really going to fuck her!” Then I pushed my hard dick into her and kept going until it wouldn’t go any further, and then I ground my dick deep insider her, it was already so hot and wet with the juices from her and Dad and I loved it. She wrapped her arms and legs around my body and searched out my mouth and began kissing me deeply and passionately with her tongue. I began to fuck her in long deep strokes pounding her used pussy.

She pulled my head down to her lips and she said in an animal like voice, “Do you like fucking me after another man has fucked me and emptied his cum in me?”

Out of breath, I answered, “Yes!” Then I put my mouth on one of her tits and kissed, sucked and bit at it and the nipple. She arched her back and let out a squeal.

She held me tight and said “Baby Mommy’s going to cum, hold me tight!”

She kissed me then began to buck like a wild horse, squealing and grunting. The thought of fucking my mother and making her cum was too much and I exploded deep in her sweet sweet pussy. The last thing she said was “I love you honey, I love you.”

A few minutes later we still laid intertwined on my bed, clutching each other tightly and panting. My dick was still semi-hard and inside of her, so I pumped it slowly in and out and we both shook with after shocks of passion and pleasure. She pulled my head down to her breast and cradled it in her arms, and stroked my head.

I finally slide out of her and cum came flowing out of her onto my bed.

She quickly used her hand to stop it from coming all out. She looked at me and said, “I promised your sister she could eat my pussy after you and your father came inside of me.”

A little while ago, I would have been shocked hearing that, but now I thought I might go watch.

She sat up then kissed me on the lips. “Don’t mention any of this to your father; he’s completely clueless about all of this.”” When the times right I’ll tell him, but for now you, Linda and I need to keep it our secret. Okay?”

I nodded yes and with that, she was off to my sister’s room to engage in some lesbian incest. All I could do now was laugh, and then I followed her to my sister’s room to watch, and behind me, I could hear Dad snoring, he was sleeping like a well-fed oblivious baby.

What happened next was even hotter.

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