Money Matters Ch. 02

Big Tits

This is a fictional account.

Teisha got to Beth’s house in plenty of time for the ride to the hotel where the interviews were being held. She had a good nights sleep and was raring to go. Beth applied a bit more make up as Teisha waited in her room. They went downstairs for Beth to get a quick bite to eat. Her mother gave her some fruit and toast with coffee for breakfast. Beth downed everything and soon they were ready to go.

Beth’s mom drove them to the hotel which was just down the highway from the restaurant. The girls would walk back to the restaurant after the interviews so Teisha’s mom could run them home on her break. Both mothers’ were not sure about the girls taking these maid jobs but agreed to go along with the interviews. They were nervous about their daughters going off on their own to live on an estate 30 miles away. However, the girls were insistent that they be given this opportunity to make money for college, so the mothers relented and agreed.

Mrs. Carr dropped the two eighteen year olds at the hotel fifteen minutes before their scheduled appointments. They made their way to the appointed room. The door was ajar and they knocked as they entered in. It was a suite with a sitting/TV room and two bedrooms with baths on either side. It was not plush but probably the best room in this hotel.

A beautiful woman of approximately thirty sat behind the desk at the far end of the room. She looked up and waved them over. She was organizing several sheets of paper on the desk and indicted for them to sit in the two chairs facing the desk. The beautiful blond woman continued to look at the papers for another minute. Finally she looked up to address both Teisha and Beth.

“So you girls are a few minutes early, I like that. My name is Amanda Anderson and I’m Mr. Prate’s personal secretary. I will be reviewing your applications with you and asking a few preliminary questions but Mr. Prate himself with conduct the final interviews. He is working in that bedroom over there and he will see you when we are done. Are you both with me so far?” Ms. Anderson said.

“Yes Mame,” they both responded.

“Good, now let’s go through your applications. It is ok if we do this together? Am I to assume you are applying together?”

“Yes Mame,” they both responded.

“Please call me Amanda. I hate being called Mame,” she said.

“Ok…Amanda,” they said. Amanda walked them through all the beginning information on the applications. They covered everything to make sure there were no mistakes or omissions. They discussed names, addresses, age, social security numbers, parents, siblings, high school grades, graduation date, work history, medical history and many other typical application questions. Finally, they got to the unusual questions at the back of the application.

“Ok, you both put down you are not currently engaged, going steady, or seeing anyone, is that correct?” Ms. Anderson asked this question with a smile.

“No, neither of us is seeing anyone,” Teisha said.

“Ok good,” said Amanda. “Now, you both stated that you have been friends for many years. How many exactly,” Amanda asked?

“Well, we’ve been best friends for three years but we have known each other for six,” Beth said.

“Ok, fine then. Beth is Teisha a virgin,” Amanda asked?

“What,” Beth asked?

“I asked if Teisha was a virgin,” Amanda said again.

“Ah…ah…yes,” Beth said.

“Teisha same question. Is Beth a virgin?” Amanda asked as if it was a normal interview question.

“Do ya really need to know that,” Teisha asked?

“Yes. It is important to Mr. Prate to know all his employees intimately. He is a very generous employer towards his personal staff. It is also critical we know all details about the staff. Mr. Charles Prate is a very wealth and powerful man as I am sure you have heard. It is essential that his employees exhibit the highest of ethical standards and be beyond reproach. Do you understand,” Ms. Anderson said sternly.

“Yes, of course, ah…yes Beth is a virgin,” Teisha said.

“You may wonder why I asked each of you about the other. It is less likely in our experience for someone to lie about another,” she said.

“This next question is for both of you. Teisha you first please. Please describe to me your dating experience?” Amanda said sincerely.

The girls each described their dating experiences with Teisha going first. They were both perplexed by these seemingly personal questions but did not want to ruin their chances so they complied.

“Ok,” said Amanda taking notes. “Teisha, you had only one steady boyfriend Ricky. And Beth you went out with three guys, Kurt, Ryan, and Tim, is that correct?”

They both nodded back. Beth hoped her three boyfriends didn’t make her seem slutty or anything.

“Now, you both will be given blood tests if you are selected. Have either of you ever had a venereal disease or any other sexually transmitted disease?” Amanda asked with such a straight face Beth wanted to laugh.

“No,” marmaris escort they said together.

“Fine. Now, you stated you’re not against relocation. Have you discussed this with your parents at all?” Amanda asked.

“Yes, we have and they are ok with us taking the jobs,” Teisha said.

“Wonderful! Eagles Lair is a fabulous place! You don’t know how lucky you will be if you are chosen,” Amanda said smiling broadly.

“That is it for my questions. Can I answer anything for either of you?” Amanda asked with a pleasing smile on her face.

Beth looked at Amanda. She was indeed a beautiful woman. She had a gorgeous face and her red hair was done to perfection. Her clothes looked very expensive and the jewelry on her fingers and neck looked exquisite. From where Beth sat, it also looked like she was in good shape with a trim and well shaped body but the desk hid her somewhat. Beth refocused on the conversation to hear Teisha speak.

“No, I can’t think of anything else,” she said.

“How about you Beth,” Amanda asked?

“Ah…is Mr. Prate a nice man? I mean he won’t work us to death will he,” Beth asked nervously.

“Oh no,” Amanda said laughing. “You will each be responsible for cleaning four rooms per day on a rotating basis. Nothing more than that. It is really quite easy. As a matter of fact I started out working for Mr. Prate several years ago as a domestic helper just like you girls are applying for. I have been with him ever since. He is a wonderful man and very generous to his employees like I said. I believe I saw you admiring my necklace earlier Beth. It was a gift from Mr. Prate.” Amanda said with a warm smile. “Thank you,” Beth said as a response.

“Oh, think nothing of it,” Amanda said. “We have concluded my portion of the interview. Please make yourself comfortable over on the sofas while I consult with Mr. Prate momentarily and make sure he is ready to see you,” Amanda said. “Help yourself to the coffee and pastries on the tray over in the corner.”

“Ah…I do have…ah…one last question,” Teisha said nervously. “What do you think our chances are?”

“That is a good question Teisha,” Amanda said. “I cannot speak for Mr. Prate at all, but from my experience you two together as friends make a strong team. You lack somewhat in experience but we like to train our employees in the Prate way anyway, so I don’t see that as a big negative. You are both attractive young ladies that look to be in good shape so I don’t see to many negatives. We do have a long list of candidates but Mr. Prate is in a hurry to resolve this employee issue. Our last two domestic helpers have gone to work for one of Mr. Prate’s clients so we are without domestic helpers right now.” She concluded.

“Is it common for Mr. Prate’s domestic helpers to go work for his clients?” Teisha asked wondering how that could be.

“Oh yes, quite! Many do, in fact most,” Amanda said. “They get paid quite handsomely to do so,” she added.

“Ah…could I ask something else,” Teisha asked?

“Sure,” Amanda answered.

“It doesn’t hurt Beth…I mean…ah…it won’t matter that I am black will it,” Teisha asked nervously.

“Oh no! Not at all! On the contrary we have had many black domestic helpers before. Actually, we have not had any for several years now, so I would say that could help you two immensely,” Amanda said smiling again. “Anything else?”

“No,” both girls said.

“Ok good, please sit over there and I will be back with you shortly,” Amanda stated.

She made a few final notes as Beth and Teisha got coffee and a pastry. They sat over on the soft sofas and ate. In short time, Amanda got up and walked to the closed bedroom door. She smiled at them when they looked over. She knocked on the door, waited several seconds, then entered. She closed the door behind her.

The girls waited for about fifteen minutes on the sofas. They were beginning to get nervous and whispered between them. Soon though, Amanda reappeared and told them Mr. Prate would see them now. She held the door open for the two of them to enter. They walked nervously to the door. They had never before met anyone nearly as rich as Mr. Prate.

Teisha and Beth walked through the door into a spacious bedroom with a large desk and two chairs at one end. Mr. Prate sat behind the desk but emerged as they approached. The desk was covered with papers, a laptop, cell phone and desk phone. It looked like Mr. Prate was hooked up to the internet. Amanda left, shutting the door behind them.

“Nice to meet you both,” Mr. Prate said smiling broadly. He shook their hands.

“Miss Wells and Miss Carr,” he said to each of them respectively showing them he already knew their names. “Please have a seat.”

As they sat and he returned to the desk, Beth looked him over with surprise. Somehow she had pictured this sixty or seventy year old man with white hair, short, and a paunchy stomach in her mind. The reality was quite different. Mr. Prate looked to be about forty or marmaris escort bayan forty-five. He only had the first light touches of gray in his otherwise sandy hair. He was tall, maybe 6′ 2″ and quite fit looking, even muscular some might say. And his face, god he looked good Beth thought. He could very well be the most handsome man she had ever seen. He had bright blue piercing eyes and a strong aristocratic nose. His lean long face was tanned but showed little in the way of wrinkles except around the eyes. He was dressed in a suit and tie that looked to be expense and tailored to fit like a glove. She glanced at Teisha and Teisha looked at her with the same surprised reaction.

“Well, I do appreciate you ladies taking the time to apply for the positions I have open of domestic helpers. First let me start by telling you about the job and about Eagles Lair.” Mr. Prate said with actual glee it seemed.

He went into detail talking about the position of domestic helper. He talked about the duties of the job and relationship to the other employees. He talked a little about his business and the frequent guests to Eagles Lair. He discussed the salary, benefits, and bonuses. He talked at length about Eagles Lair and made it seem like a dreamland place. It was obvious he loved his estate very much but was also convinced they would love it to like others did. He also described his other homes in England, Grand Cayman, Hawaii, and Greece. By the time he was done, the girls were mesmerized and speechless.

“Any questions so far,” he asked with a smiled that Beth thought could light the room.

They both shook their heads no.

“Ok then, why don’t we get to a few questions I have besides those Ms. Anderson might have asked.” He said.

“Your duties as domestic helpers will only take about half the day each day. The estate has thirty-two rooms, so one cleaning cycle is complete in four half days of work. Many of the rooms see little activity from one week to the next so those are easily cleaned. However, several rooms are quite large and others get much activity like my study therefore those are more difficult. You can divide the work as you choose but we have found four rooms per day per person is the best format. The kitchen is not your responsibility to clean neither is the conservatory. The cooks and garden staff do those.” He said.

Any questions,” he asked?

“No,” they both responded.

“Ok then, you will find you have plenty of free time. You are welcome to use the pools, one indoors and one outside, the hot tub, the sauna, the stables for horseback riding, the game rooms, exercise room or anywhere else in the house you chose. Except my study and bedroom of course, those are off limits unless invited,” he smiled brightly.

“I am not married and have no children to worry about. The grounds also include frontage on the lake so we have fishing and boating too. Hunting is also permitted but I would assume not your cup of tea. Let’s see, oh yes, from time to time I have guests at Eagles Lair. They usually stay only for a few days mostly on weekends. At these times there might be extra chores to do but you will be compensated for those above your normal salaries. We will discuss that more later. Any questions,” He asked?

“No,” they both responded.

“Ok then, let me ask you a few questions. First, please give me your measurements?” Charles Prate asked seriously.

“Ah…but…why do you need that?” Beth asked bewildered.

“That is a good question. I do not want you to bring any clothes from home beyond your personal things and just some traveling clothes. I will be supplying you both with everything you will need new. The first and foremost of which are your uniforms. I need your measurements and sizes to order your uniforms. Would it be more comfortable if I had Ms. Anderson ask you?” Charles Prate said to them.

“Ah…no, that is ok,” Teisha said frowning at Beth for possibly making him mad. “Mind are 36 24 36.” Teisha volunteered.

Charles Prate wrote that across the top of her application. “And your shoe and bra size,” He asked?

Teisha gave him both measurements. Beth then offered up her size measurements as 34 22 34 and gave him the shoe and bra sizes too. He then asked them both their height and weight and got those answers too.

“Thank you,” Mr. Prate said writing everything down. “Now, do either of you have a current boyfriend?”

“No,” they said perplexed why they kept asking this.

“Miss Carr, your dad is in jail now?” Mr. Prate asked.

“Yes,” Beth said shocked he knew that.

“Does he know about you applying for this job?” He asked pointedly.


“I ask you these things because we have had boyfriends and not yet but one must be guarded too against unapproving fathers sneaking onto Eagle’s Lair seeking out their girlfriend or daughter. I have superior security systems and I would hate to see someone hurt erroneously trying to make a brave rescue as it were,” Mr. Prate said with escort marmaris concern.

“Really, someone tried to sneak on to rescue their…

“Yes, and fortunately my security guards apprehended him before the dogs could find him or it might not have been a pleasant experience,” Mr. Prate said.

“Wow,” both girls gasped.

“Miss Wells, your dad is definitely long gone and not part of your life anymore,” Mr. Prate asked.

“Yes sir,” Teisha said.

“Oh good point Teisha! From now on if you both are hired you will address me as sir or master, nothing else is that understood,” Mr. Prate said with conviction.

“Yes sir,” they both said obediently.

“You may wonder why I had Ms. Anderson ask if you were virgins or not. The reason is we had one girl come to work for us and she was pregnant and did not even know it. We also had a girl that had a venereal disease and needed to be treated. We are just trying to avoid problems later or unknowns. I am sure you can understand that,” he said.

“Oh, yes sir,” they both said.

“Good, it is Monday. I am here till Friday on business but then I will be heading back to Eagle’s Lair. It is my intent now to bring the two chosen candidates back with me. Would that be a problem for either of you?” He asked with conviction.

“Ah…ok. We have to tell our moms but that should be ok sir,” they both said.

“Good, well that is all I wanted to ask you. Do you have any other questions of me,” he asked?

“No sir,” Teisha and Beth said together.

Mr. Prate showed them to the door, thanked them for coming, and said good day to them. They thanked him and exited the room. Ms. Anderson greeted them again and walked them to the suite main door.

“Thank you both for coming,” She said.

They said good bye and left. They walked in silence out of the hotel and down the block towards the restaurant. Both seemed in a state of shock.

“How…how do ya think we did,” Beth asked Teisha seemingly mesmerized by the experience?

“I…I don’t know. I thought we were doing well until we met with him. He’s a very forceful man isn’t he,” Teisha aid.

“Yes he is. He is a lot younger than I imagined him to be,” Beth said.

“He was handsome wasn’t he,” Teisha replied.

“He sure was! And that Amanda Anderson was gorgeous too,” Beth stated.

“Didn’t Eagle’s Lair sound spectacular,” Teisha said.

“Oh my god, it sounded killer,” Beth exclaimed. “It reminded me of heaven on earth,” she smiled.

“Yeah, me too,” Teisha agreed.

The girls arrived at the Travelers Bar & Grill. The interview had taken close to ninety minutes and the girls were a bit hungry. They had some eggs, bacon, and juice before Teisha’s mom took her break and drove them home. In the car Mrs. Wells asked how it had gone. The girls related most of the story but left out the parts about pregnant girls and venereal disease. They also left out being asked for their measurements. They described Eagle’s Lair in detail and how wonderful it sounded. Mrs. Wells asked a few questions but could sense the girl’s excitement about the opportunity. Teisha asked her if she got the job could she go. Mrs. Wells said she would discuss it with Mrs. Carr at the restaurant. When they arrived at Teisha’s house, Teisha and Beth ran up to her room and shut the door.

“Oh my god, this will be so cool if we get this job,” Beth said. “Can you imagine living at that estate?”

“No, I can’t, it seems like a fairy tale dream,” Teisha said.

The girls were on cloud nine the rest of the day and would not let any other family member touch the telephone for fear they might miss the call. Unfortunately, the call did not come that night. Beth slept over Teisha’s that night so they could be together when it did come. Their mother’s still had some doubts but were beginning to be infected by the girl’s enthusiasm too. They soon realized how crestfallen the girls would be if they did not get the call for the jobs. They began to actually cheer and prop the girls up when their spirits waned when still all day Tuesday and that night, no call came.

Wednesday morning Mrs. Wells was getting ready for work when the phone rang. Her shift started at 8:30 today and she was rushing to get out the door.

“Hello,” She said.

“Hello, Teisha Wells please,” said a female voice on the other end of the phone.

“Who is calling please,” Mrs. Wells asked?

“This is Amanda Anderson, Mr. Charles Prate’s personal secretary calling,” Amanda said.

“Hold please,” Mrs. Wells said feeling herself getting excited.

She set the phone down and ran to the steps and up to Teisha’s room.

“Teisha wake up, wake up right away,” she said excitedly!

“What…what is it mom,” Teisha said still groggy?

“It’s Mr. Prate’s personal secretary on the phone,” Mrs. Wells said.

“Oh my god,” Teisha said sitting up straight in bed. In another second she was on the floor running for the stairs and the phone. She got to the phone now wide awake but breathing heavy with excitement.

“Hello,” Teisha gasped into the phone.

“Teisha, this is Amanda Anderson,” she said.

“Hi, how are you?” Teisha said.

“I am fine thank you and you?” Amanda said.

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