Monique at the sauna

Monique at the saunaA while back I had gotten a gift certificate for a wellness centre, ‘Good for your health!’ said the people who gave it to me, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with my health and I really don’t care about sauna’s or spa’s but the gift certificate was about to expire and that would be a waste. I called them and reserved a weekend in the hotel with the program the gift certificate entitled me to, I could get two treatments, massages etc., free access to al the other facilities and meals from the buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When the weekend finally arrived I went with a little reluctance, I had never been to such a place and didn’t know what to expect, the first image that came to mind was unattractive people sitting around naked and sweating.At the check-in I was helped by a friendly young girl and after I had changed in my room I went out and about in my robe to see what is what, soon I was told by the staff that it was better to walk around in a towel instead of a robe, so I quickly exchanged my robe for a towel. I first went to a Turkish steam bath, which was quite pleasant, it was very warm and because of all the steam you couldn’t see anybody and you couldn’t be seen, which made it all the more comfortable. After fifteen minutes of just sitting around I had had enough and exited, you could also walk outside, which I tried but it was way to cold for me, even with my robe on which I had put back on, so I went back inside. There were a lot of different pools, so I started trying those, which was a bit weird being naked but so was everybody else, I was actually having a good time until i made a mistake and dipped in an ice ice cold bath, I went full in and was out again in a couple of seconds, where I wrapped myself in a towel.The towel didn’t help at all so I rushed back to the Turkish steam bath, went in and with a sigh I let the wonderful warmth engulf me. After a couple of minutes I was back to my normal temperature and I tried too look around, I could only see silhouettes of people but suddenly I saw a great looking body leave trough the door. I only saw a nice butt that was leaving, nicely filled in the hips, I wanted to see more and satisfy my curiosity but didn’t, I was here for a wellness treatment, not to ogle over naked women. And I still hadn’t defrosted quite yet so I would only be rattling my teeth if I left now, fifteen minutes later I was all better and felt like getting a massage, so I went to the counter where you had to register and I was in luck, one of the massage-professionals was free and could see me immediately.I was being taken care of by Michael, a big guy who knew how to loosen every muscle in my body, it was a little painful but relaxing and after being kneaded by Michael for an hour I walked out completely relaxed. I looked around to see what else I could do, the hottub, I hadn’t been in there yet, looked nice enough, bubbles … maybe let a fart out. I hung my towel on a hook there and myself slowly slide in the bubbling water, it was a big round tub and I was there with two other couples, two elderly ladies that were talking about everything but were saying nothing, and a couple in their fourties that sat there quietly. I lowered myself even further, lay the back of my head on the edge of the tub and closed my eyes to further enjoy the experience of the warm water bubbling around my loosened muscles.I had a little scare when I heard something beside me because I had almost dozed of, I looked to the side and looked right in Monique’s face. I was totally surprised, I knew Monique from the nympho-nights she organized and I’m a frequent visitor, she sits at the entrance in sexy lingerie and every time I let my eyes wander over her body and now she was sitting next to me. I didn’t know how to behave myself and was staring at her with my mouth open which made her giggle, I pulled myself together and closed my mouth and looked around, the silent couple had left, returned my focus back towards Monique and remembered something she had written in one of her newsletters. When she bumps in to people she knows from the events she organizes she wouldn’t say anything until you would give her a sign of recognition like a small wink or if you would start a conversation, so I looked at her, waiting to turn her gaze towards me again and then I gave her a little wink.The wink had it’s effect, she smiled and moved closer until she sat right next to me, ‘Hi, i thought I recognized you.’ she asyabahis said friendly, ‘Yeah, I sometimes visit the nympho-night.’ I replied whispering, ‘Oh really, I didn’t know from what but then again I see so many people!’ she continued, ‘That’s OK!’ I replied again, ‘I wouldn’t expect you to remember me!’. The conversation was mostly small talk from there on, the two elder ladies left at some point and then the conversation got a bit more spicy. She came even closer, getting right up next to me, grabbed my hand and wrapped it around her waist, placing her hand on my upper thigh and whispering in my ear that it was always a turn-on to meet men that came to her events out in the wild.My manhood was already in turmoil but now was peeking it’s head out, Monique’s hand slid up a little and when she felt my stiff member she smiled happily, her fingers enclosed around my shaft and she started to jerk me of very very slowly. My hand had slid up a little and was caressing one of her itty bitty but oh so wonderful titties, but soon my hand went south and found it’s way in between her willingly spread legs. Because of the bubbles we couldn’t see a thing, we were enticing each other purely on touch under the water. With two fingers I rubbed her pussy, she knew how to maintain her posture well while I rubbed her clit, I had trouble not to moan while her fingers massaged the tip of my penis. At some point a pulled her hand away, if I had let her go on I would have climaxed which I didn’t find appropriate in a public bath.Monique didn’t like it all that I had stopped, ‘Why did you take my hand away?’ she asked disappointed, I grabbed my chance and said ‘You already had me on the verge of climaxing! But I actually want to do some more fooling around!?!’, ‘That won’t be too easy, everywhere people can come and join.’ she answered. ‘But I have a room in the hotel!’ I said eagerly, she immediately got a horny look in her eyes, ‘Ooh … but you didn’t tell me that! What are we still doing here?’ she replied playfully, ‘Come on, we’ll get our keys and we’ll have a look at that room!’ she said and got up out of the hottub. I kept sitting there with a red face because my member was still as stiff as it could be, but she didn’t care because she dragged me out of the water, naked she walked in front of me to the counter where we could get our keys, I walked behind her with a towel wrapped around my waist that didn’t even remotely conceal my hard-on.Monique got the key to her locker, I got the key to my room from the employee with a big smile, he knew what was going on, ‘I’ll just get my things, will you wait here?’ she asked and without waiting for an answer walked in to the ladies locker room, after a minute she re-emerged with a bag and a towel around her body, she grabbed my hand. ‘Which room?’ she asked while walking towards the hotel section, ‘420’ I answered and before I knew it we were standing in the elevator, where she immediately started frolicking under my towel with her hand. The elevator could stop on any floor to let passengers in and Monique was blatantly jerking me off, luckily the elevator didn’t stop until the fourth floor and nobody was waiting for it there. We walked to my room where I tried to open the door with the keycard, maybe I was nervous or something but I couldn’t get it in until Monique grabbed my hand an stuck the keycard in the slot, ‘I hope that you won’t have trouble getting it in my slot!’ she whispered in my ear, pushed the door open and walked in.She walked towards the bed, dropping her towel along the way and sat on the bed, I also walked into the room and closed the door behind me after I had gave the hallway a paranoid look, like I was a character in a crime/spy-movie. ‘Come here with that dick of yours, I’d like to take a closer look at it!’ said Monique gesturing me over, I let my towel drop, making Monique make happy noises and gesture ‘gimme gimme’ with both hands. I walked towards her and when I was in reach of her arms she grabbed my dick, pulling me in close, she put one hand on the shaft and she used her other hand to cup my balls, like she was weighing them. ‘That is one magnificent cock!’ she said while admiring it, I wasn’t really impressed by her words, Monique has probably seen hundreds of penises up close and personal and I can’t imagine that mine was really special, she was just stroking my ego.It didn’t take Monique long to start licking the shiny tip of my dick and just a few licks in asyabahis güvenilir mi she wrapped her lips around my cock, sucking on my dick while still playing with my balls. She switched between several techniques, sucking it with long strokes, short thrusts, flickering the tip of my penis with her tongue, softly biting the shaft and much more, again she was just a little too skilled, like the handjob in the hottub, because I had to stop her before I would cum. I was extra excited because I was fooling around with Monique, the unattainable beauty behind the counter at the entrance where I walked by every nympho-night and secretly yearned for. I told her to lie down on the bed, she backed up a little and lay down, I got on the bed on al fours, leaned over her and sucked on her nipples, I slowly licked a way down, via her belly until I arrived at her bald pussy.I wanted to see if I could equal Monique’s blowjob skills with my pussy eating skills, it would be hard because she probably also has a lot of pussy eating experience or being eaten to be more precise. I took to my job, rubbed her pussy gently a couple of times, slipping with one finger in between her labia, softly penetrating her, she was already quite wet, which was a good sign and soon a second finger found it’s way inside her hot snatch. I had discovered a technique that made women squirt and now I could try it on a more “experienced” woman like Monique, I positioned myself correctly, got my hand in the right position and started. The trick is the position of your fingers and pace you slowly build up, Monique’s pussy was really wet and my fingers soaked in and out quickly, her breathing quicker and she started to moan softly while pulling the sheets.Monique started squirming with her body, at some point so forcefull I had to contain her with my other hand, but it did have it’s effect. My fingers did their job excellently and Monique climaxed, her body tightened up for a second or two and then burst into an explosion of cuntjuice, because my hand was in the way and my fingers still inside her everything spattered every which way. I didn’t give her a chance to come to her full senses again and immediately dove in between her legs to lick my way to her second orgasm, it was a wonderful mess of bodily fluids down there and I enjoyed every second of it. It had it’s effect on Monique, her hand was going through my hair, pressing my face against her crotch again and again, after a while I didn’t know any more if I was eating her out or if she was fucking my face.It didn’t take Monique to long to cum again, she was rubbing her pussy all over my face, pounded me, nearly giving me a broken nose and suffocating me by pushing my face in when she came. Her whole body tightened up and suddenly let go, she fell back on the bed, hands along side her and a happy smile on her face, I crawled back up and gave her a kiss on the cheek, she didn’t respond, she was still enjoying the afterglow of her orgasm. I watched her while she slowly came back to earth, after which she looked at me and almost jumped my bones to kiss me, we lay on our sides, our tongues in an epic battle, my one hand caressing her breast while my other hand was exploring the shapely figure of her hips and ass. Her hands were on my face and chest but soon one ventured downwards to check the stiffness of my manlyness.I wasn’t at full strength, so Monique pushed me on my back, stood up from the bed and walked to her bag, she came back with a condom and crawled back into bed, she took the condom out of the wrapper, she threw the wrapper away into the emptyness of the room en put the condom on my stomach. She grabbed my cock and played with my balls while she gave me a horny look, ‘Are you gonna fuck me with this beautiful dick of yours?’ she said and gave a kissing bite to my stomach, when she thought it was hard enough she grabbed the condom, put it on the tip of my penis and rolled it down with her mouth. She stood up on the bed, stepped over me and squatted over my dick, her cunt still glistening with moist, teasingly she played with my dick, sliding it through her labia, slapping it against her thighs until she stuck it in her tight hole and slowly descended upon it.Monique put her hands on my chest and started slowly fucking me while giving me this intense horny look, I didn’t know where too look, I was afraid if I looked her in the eyes I would get overwhelmed by her sexy look and I would burst. asyabahis giriş So I focused on her- breasts and how my dick disappeared up inside her, my hands where on her hips, normally I would step it up a little but this time I completely gave in to Monique. She upped the rhythm a little and it seemed like she had already had given herself an orgasm on my penis, because she suddenly stopped and layed on top of me, kissed and licked her way up from my neck to my ear where she suckled on my earlobe. Dangerous, because that is something that gets me particularly aroused, so I deemed it a good moment to take over the fucking from her now, so I repositioned my hands.I grabbed Monique by her hips in a way that I could push her down on my dick while thrusting up in her, from the jerky moans I could hear she liked this, I moved up the pace a bit and switched between a couple of quick thrusts and a couple slow ones. I felt her body tense up again and she moaned a long growl after which she rolled of of me, but that didn’t mean she had enough, she spread her legs and seductively rubbed her pussy with three fingers. I quickly crawled in between her legs and stuck it to her, with loud moans I was pumping in her wet snatch, she was soaking and I felt my climax coming on, so I pulled back and took a breather to much dismay of Monique. I felt my climax ebbing away so I inserted myself again, Monique hugged, pulling me even closer and whispered in my ear ‘Is my pussy too hot for you? Did you almost shoot your load? That’s okay … come on … fill me up with your hot cum!’.Encouraged by Monique’s dirty talk I came, I filled the condom, deep in her fuckhole, and with each squirt I thrusted in her as if I could put in even deeper inside of her. Monique caressed my sweaty face while I was still on (and in) her, breathing heavily, after a few second I rolled of of her and continued breathing heavily before I took of the condom, tied a knot in it and tossed it towards the nightstand. Monique gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and got up, she walked towards the bathroom and I lay there on the ground while I heard her taking a shower, on the one had I wanted to get with her under the shower but on the other hand I was completely worn out. Luckily I overcame my tiredness, got up and joined Monique in the shower, she was happy to see me there and made sounds of approval while my hands couldn’t keep touching her body.To my surprise Monique got a spark of life back in my penis, I was caressing her but while we were kissing and her hand was stroking my hardening pole. She turned around, still playing with my dick, letting it slide through the crack of her ass, she even spread it so it would clench up in between a bit while I was fondling her breasts. She turned around again and squatted, playfully teasing my cock with her mouth, little licks, patting herself on the cheek with it, until she put it in her mouth, she blew me with long deep strokes while fingering herself. My penis was still sensitive from the orgasm I just had and Monique’s blowjobskills were unparalleled, pushing me over the edge already, she noticed how I clenched up, bracing myself for my second climax, she jerked me of till I came pointing my cock at her tits.I jerked my pelvis a couple of times, my head whipped back in my neck as I climaxed, when I finally looked down there was nothing to see any more, the warm water had washed any trace of my second cumming of of Monique’s body. She stood up and kissed me again, we cleaned each other and got out of the shower where we dried each other, both were more for my benefit as I liked to grope this pretty lady all over. I fell back on the bed and saw how Monique got some clothes out of her bag and started to get dressed, when she was fully dressed she came and lay beside me, she kissed me on the cheek and asked ‘Should I call you when I want to go to the sauna again? Maybe next time I’ll be in the mood for your beautiful cock again and then I might even introduce him to one of my girlfriends!’.Well … of course I was interested in that, so I got up and walked over to my jacket, took out my wallet where I kept the business cards of my own company and gave one to her, Monique glanced at it and put it in her purse. She gave me another quick kiss on the cheek and said ‘I have to go now, but I hope to see you soon again, if not here maybe at my farm!’ with a wink, she opened the door and walked out, closing it behind her again. I walked over to the bed again and fell on it, it was late in the afternoon, I probably would have to go to dinner soon and see what else would be happening.Although I didn’t like sauna’s much, my view on them has somewhat changed and I might be visiting spa’s more often, alone or with horny company!

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