Moon Light Faries

Merhaba hikaye okuyucuları birbirinden azdırıcı hikaye arşivini sizlerin beğenisine sunuyoruz okuyun ve ve yorumunuzu bırakın


Moon Light FariesMoon Light Faries———-This Story is fictional although it might have occurred with embellishments added. Please do not become offended by certain aspects of this story, No Disrespect Is Intended.———-It was a sultry hot evening. Things were busy all day at the farm; many of the regular riders made early morning appearances and headed out along the trails. By mid afternoon, they returned, their horses’ coats appeared foamy, and the riders themselves were drenched in sweat.Jackson, the farm manager, was enjoying the late evening haying with no one to bother him. The hay baler behind him was pushing out square bales in a nice straight line as he maneuvered the tractor thru the fields. He had stripped off his shirt and his body glistened in the combination of sweat and dirt flying up from the baler.Stopping the tractor along the edge of the creek that flowed from the adjacent farm into a small very shallow pool of water, he dipped his handkerchief into the water and wiped at his forehead and upper body. The moon was near full giving an eerie set of shadows as the heat animated from the tractor, like sheer curtains flowing illegal bahis in the wind. He was in no hurry to climb back onto the tractor to continue his work.As he sat, he caught out of the side of his eyes, a pair of figures up the creek. There was a small dam on the other property across the creek, which made a nice deep pool where the cattle drank in the day. The brightly lit clearing outlined two figures. At first glance, the couple were kissing, their bodies melded together. As they broke their embrace pulling apart, two cocks sprang into view. Their hands went to each other’s hardened members, pulling and stroking on each other. The shorter of the two, knelt down, cupping his friends balls and proceeded to perform fellatio with gusto on him. Grabbing his head and pulling, he buried his cock into the open mouth. Pumping furiously, he started shooting his cum into the willing mouth.Once he had finished the two switched places and again, the willing mouth was sucking the other’s cock down, working more slowly than the first, but it was still apparent that the slowness was not a factor, and very quickly, another load was shot. They both laid illegal bahis siteleri down along side each other, and clasped each other’s member, stroking. Jackson, being fond of getting blowjobs, he decided he would just surprise the two dudes by parading into the clearing with his cock out, and see if, like fish, they would take the worm in their mouths and eat. Dropping his shorts next to the tractor, he slid under the fence and up the creek silently. He crept up and stood directly over their heads, with his 9 inch cock standing straight out above them.”Hello boys,” Jackson laughed wiggling his cock at them, “Want to try sucking a real dick?”Their eyes widened in disbelief seeing the huge cock and u*********sly both were stroking their friends cock much harder. “Oh! Oh My, what a lovely cock,” replied the taller of the two. “Um, I would definitely like to try to get that all the way in my mouth and have you shoot your cum down my throat. I’m pretty sure, that he would too,” pointing at the short one. “Well, I’ve got 9 inches of hard dick wanting to feel both your soft boy mouths, so you just sit up here and have at it.” Jackson canlı bahis siteleri replied haughtily. Immediately, they both kneeled, pushing on each other, jockeying for position in front of him. The tallest boy was quicker, and locked his lips on the cock, and started licking and sucking. The smaller one, looking dejected, until Jackson reached down, spreading his legs wide, and pulled him to his balls, started suckling the sacks into his mouth.Jackson had plenty of experience in holding himself at bay when given a blowjob, and he was thoroughly enjoying the tall boy’s mouth. He jammed it hard into his throat, gagging the boy, holding him deep on his cock. He pulled out, pushing him back, and pulled the small boy up to his cock, stuffing it into his smaller mouth. To his amazement, when he stuffed it deep down the boy’s throat, he did not gag; his mouth and throat just seemed to take it further and further down.Jackson, thrust deep and hard, and unloaded his sperm down his throat. He just took it and swallowed. Satisfied having unloaded in his throat, Jackson pulled out, telling both boys to lick him clean. After 3 or 4 minutes, Jackson pulled away and started walking back down the creek.”Will you be back sometime,” both boys shouted to his back as he disappeared down the creek, “PLEASE!””When the moon is full, if there are Fairies in the clearing, I will come back again.” Jackson replied.

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