Moonlight , a Pair of Panties


He waited for the moon to disappear behind the clouds momentarily before he ran light-footed to the house. Peeking through all the windows, he came to one that opened into the dining room. He pulled the window toward him – it took some effort, but it finally opened, allowing him to enter.

As he dropped down into the house noiselessly, he waited for a moment to let his eyes adjust to the utter darkness which surrounded him, for the moonlight did not come in here. A little to his left, he could barely make out a small corridor. He moved to it, his rubber-soled shoes making no sound on the tiled floor. Laying his hand on the smooth wall, he followed it until he could feel the texture beneath his hand change when he came to the wooden door.

Opening it slowly… he twisted the cold door knob in his hand and pushed the door open inch by inch until he could peer around the corner. He stood there for a while until he could make out the shape of the bed in the middle. Nothing moved. He pushed the door open a little more and slipped in. From his pocket, he took a rubber stopper and placed it on the floor to prevent the door from slamming shut. He crept forward until he reached the glass windows.

Silently, he drew back the curtains so that the moonlight fell on the figure asleep on the bed. It illuminated her pretty face and her blonde hair shone when the moonlight touched them. She looked so lovely and remote. He watched her for sometime before she stirred and he ümitköy escort was reminded of the purpose he came in for. He should finish it before she woke up.

He moved towards the foot of the bed and groped forward with his hands. This part of the room was totally in darkness and opening the curtains had further hampered him as the light which entered the room plunged the other corners into obscurity. But he had wanted to see her. How could he have done without seeing her? He allowed himself a minute more while he stared at his sleeping beauty and then turned around to search for the cupboards.

Outstretched hands touched the wood and he moved toward the doors, probing for the handle. He found it and opened them – with a loud ‘click’! The small sound echoed in the stillness. His heart froze. Turning around slowly, he peeked at her. Sleeping peacefully… Phew, that was close!

Would they be in a drawer or just neatly stacked on a shelf? He ran his hands around the uppermost shelf, which was about as high as his waist. Finding nothing there, his hands reached lower. Ahh… a drawer. He gripped the metal handle and pulled slowly. It slid out with a soft whoosh and he slid his hands inside encountering soft, silky material. Using his fingers, he probed and prodded the material until he was satisfied that it was what he was looking for. The flimsy panties were taken out and then he shut the drawer, his eyes on the sleeping form. avrupa yakası üniversiteli escort Closing the cupboard, he padded over to the side of the bed and stood there looking down at her sleeping form.

The moonlight coming in from the windows framed her face. She looked vulnerable as the shadows of her long lashes fell on her cheeks. The black and white portrait she presented was breath-taking and he just stood there and stared at her for a while before reaching down to unzip his pants.

He drew out his semi-erect cock and wrapped his palm around it, never taking his eyes away from her face. Working his hand up and down on his cock, he imagined her waking up and finding him there. The fantasy heightened his arousal. His other hand brought the panties to his face and he buried his nose into them, inhaling the smell of the freshly washed material and a faint lingering scent of her body. He crushed the soft material in his hands and brought the crotch to his mouth. Putting out his tongue, he licked it once and then closed his lips over it, sucking on it gently. The action took his arousal to a new height and he had to exercise control not to shoot his load right then. He wanted to prolong this as much as he could.

The hand working on his cock froze as she turned in her sleep. Her face turned to him and she murmured something before settling down again. The moonlight threw the better urfa escort part of her face into shadow as she was now turned away from the windows. Still, he could imagine her sweet, young face.

Gathering some saliva into his mouth, he drenched the crotch of the panties with it. When he was satisfied that it was dripping with the stickiness, he brought it down to his cock and replaced his hand with it. The wet feeling enveloped his hard cock as he rubbed the sodden material along the length of it. The soft, warmth seemed even better than a cunt as he threw his head back and groaned his pleasure out loud before realizing where he was. His head snapped back to look at the girl on the bed. She was sleeping peacefully, totally oblivious to his presence. His hand traveled faster and faster as he thrust his hips into the scrap held in his palm and his gaze was fixed on the girl’s face.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes and his orgasm hit him; his whole body shaking with wave after wave of pleasure. Sticky liquid shot out of his cock as his body spasmed uncontrollably. She watched him with inscrutable expression as he drained himself out and dropped onto his knees beside the bed, his face level with hers. His cum had fallen all over the bed next to her. He looked at her warily, his chest rising and falling with rapid breaths. He wasn’t sure about her reaction.

“You should have woken me up…” she whispered finally, her lips curving into a smile. “Once more… with me?” She lifted her arms up to him as he crawled into the bed beside her.

* * * * * * * * * *

Hi, This story is based on a dream I had. I’d love feedback about what you liked or disliked in it. I promise to reply to each one of you who writes to me with a return email address. And please do vote. The votes are what keep me going. -DP.

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