More Confessions of the Locker Room


More Confessions of the Locker RoomWith my sky blue sports bag in hand, I travelled to my football team’s training ground. I made sure to arrive just before half 8 in the morning, ready for our 9am departure time to take on our next opponents in a crucial league game. As I walked, I kept thinking about what had happened between me and Hannah in the showers yesterday evening. I was a little nervous about what we’ll say when we seeeachother. I walked through the small iron gates and headed into the lunchroom where most of my teammates were sat about, talking and joking.”Hey Sam.” Hannah called, sitting on top of the lunch table drinking from a can of coke with her legs spread open in her typical unlady-like manner. She did look pretty hot in her bright blue t-shirt and gym-shorts.”Er- hi Hannah, hey girls.” I greeted her and my teammates, somewhat sheepishly.”Had a good training session yesterday, did we?” One of the girls asked, stifling a chuckle.”Um, sure, I guess…” I answered.”Do anything extra afterwards?” Another girl asked, again holding back a grin.I passed a knowing look towards Hannah, who in turn looked at me with a corner of her mouth rising up slightly. She knew as well as I did what had happened, but I wasn’t sure if the others knew.”Well I just, er, had my shower and went home after.” I lied.”Oh come on, Sam,” Becki blurted out, “Hannah told us what happened.””What? You told them?!” I puzzled, giving Hannah a right look.”Yeah I told them,” Hannah casually replied, taking a big gulp of coke and then letting out a loud burp,”it’s not every day I catch a filthy slut sniffing the girls dirty shorts.””You what?!” I snapped, confused.”Don’t lie now, Sam,” Becki remarked, “Hannah told us how she caught you after your shower rummaging through the laundry bin and smelling our shorts before the kit-man had a chance to wash them.””Wha- I never did nothing of the sort!” I protested.Becki’s gorgeous soft eyes burned into mine.”I can’t believe you’d be like that, Sam, I always thought you were a nice sweet girl.” Becki stated, her calm tone of voice making me feel guilty when I was totally innocent of the accusation.”But Bex, I didn’t do that.” I responded, holding my anger back as I could never be angry with Becki.”Great, she’s not only a bum-sniffer, she’s also a liar!” Hannah mocked.”You’re the liar, you bitch!” I snapped at her.”I think we should all be careful with this one, girls, whenever we bend over we might find her nose pressed against our arses, taking a big sniff!” She continued to taunt, making the other girls laugh.I was so angry I found myself lunging at her. I toppled her over off the tabletop, both of us crashing down hard onto the floor, side by side. I tried grabbing at her short cropped black hair but my fingers couldn’t quite get a grip. She had plenty of my blonde hair to grip though, holding my head down with it clutched in her hand.I suddenly realised my mistake of trying to attack her, there’s a reason why she was a junior judo champion when she was younger. I tried to smack her body but she used her elbows to block my arms, and she wrapped her leg around my waist, holding me tight. Her judo prowess soon showed as she swiftly swungher body around sitting on top of me, and pinned me down hard under her. I laid there on my back trying to fight back but she easily grabbed my hands and held them to the floor at the sides of my head, and with one fell move she lunged her knees forward and pressed them down hard onto my upper arms. I was trapped.”That was a silly thing to do, you dirty slut.” She taunted, letting go of my hands and putting her hands onto her hips, sitting up strait on me.”Ugh- get off me!” I cried out, trying to move and arch my back to no avail. Her bum in her bright blue gym shorts was pushing down hard onto my boobs. My arms had effectively became useless as they was pinned down under her knees.Becki stood over us, her arms folded as she looked at me disapprovingly.”You shouldn’t have done that.” She scolded me. Great, as if I didn’t feel bad enough already.”Yeah, she’s such a stupid bitch.” Hannah teased.”Please- just get off me!” I pleaded. She had me pinned down so good that the only part of my body I could move was my legs, but little good they did as I flailed them about helplessly.”Hey girls,” Hannah chirped looking up at my on-looking teammates, “seeing as she loves sniffing our bums, why don’t we give her a smell she’ll never forget!” An evil grin spread across her cute face.”I know just what you mean…” Annalisa, the olive skinned beauty from Italy, remarked with an evil grin also spreading across her striking face. She skipped over towards us, she was wearing little hot pink shortsunder a tight white sports vest. She stood over my head with her back to me, I was getting a good look at her beautiful tight ass in those shorts but little did I know I was about to get more of it than I bargained for.She suddenly pulled her hot pink shorts down, revealing her gorgeous shapely butt in nothing but a little black string of a thong, and she proceeded to lower her body down. She squatted with her butt no more than a centimetre away from my face. Close enough to smell it as my nose came dangerously close tobeing wedged right up into her crack. She must have had a shower not too long ago as the natural musky scent of her bum also had a hint of soap to it.”Hold on.” Hannah told, pressing her creamy thighs to the sides of my face, almost squeezing a little so that my head remained fixed in place, looking strait up at Annalisa’s glorious Mediterranean ass.”Take a big sniff of this…!” Annalisa taunted, and suddenly let out a short rattling blast of a fart, right over my face!”Oh god-” I groaned as the warm smelly air pushed its way over my nose. All the girls burst out laughing, especially Hannah as she quickly covered my mouth with the palm of her hand, making sure I took it all the smell in through my nose.”That’s the 2nd day in a row you’ve taken a fart to the face!” Hannah taunted throwing her head back laughing some more. Annalisa stood up, pulling her tiny shorts back up over her magnificent ass. She continued laughing as she walked back over towards where she was sitting.”Wait- keep her there,” I heard Megan, the pale ginger cutie call out, “I got one coming!”She quickly got up off her seat and jogged over towards us. She undid the button of her white skinny jeans and pulled them down, revealing some rather plain looking white knickers. She’s quite a slim girl so didn’t have much of a bum on her, but I soon bahis siteleri discovered that even the smallest of butts can cause the biggest of stinks!She assumed the same position as Annalisa did, squatting over my face with her pale bumcheeks extremely close to the cheeks of my face, and then she paused.”Wait for it…” She softly muttered, placing her hands onto her bumcheeks and gently pulling them apart, giving me a better smell of her little crack. I noticed that she must have skipped a shower this morning as her bum smelt a little like mature cheese. The room fell silent, the tension built up. Everyone waiting for her to fart.”Oh boy…” Hannah softly spoke and smirked, pinching her nose closed in anticipation, still covering my mouth with her other hand.”Ahhhh…” Megan suddenly sighed, a relieved grin on her face.It was a silent but incredibly deadly airy *poof!* of a fart…I gagged as the strong nasty rotten eggy stench of the fart hit the back of my throat hard. I was sure my nose-hairs had just been singed off by that. My choking just caused the girls to explode with raucous laughter.”Phew that’s nasty!” I heard one girl chirp, all pinching their noses.”Thank god I wasn’t at ground zero for that one!” I heard another chuckle.Megan then let the full-weight of her bum press down onto my face and wiggled her hips.”Ha-ha-ha-ha-hahaaaa…!” She sing-songed almost in a hum, teasing me. “You still want to sniff my shorts now?”She then got up off me and happily skipped back over to her seat.”You girls are so mean…” Becki softly stated, still looking over us. She too had to pinch her nose as the strong eggy smell of Meg’s fart lingered around the room.”It’s such a shame you’re doing this to her now, if only it was earlier, I was brewing up a right storm!” She suddenly confessed. I looked up at her, my mouth open in shock as Hannah put her hands back onto her hips, looking triumphant over me.I couldn’t believe what I just heard. Did Becki really just admit that she was really gassy earlier, and that if she had the chance she too would have farted on my face? All this humiliation would have felt a lot better had the wonderful gorgeous goddess that is Becki graced my face with one of her wonderful air-biscuits…Talk about awful timings!The thought of her farting on me filled my body with a warm electric buzz. I felt my clit begin to tingle, as my nipples did as well. My nipples would have started to grow big if it weren’t for the weight of Hannah’s butt pressing down hard on them. I was so sure she could feel them pushing up on her buttcheeks, even from under her gym shorts.”Aww that’s a shame indeed.” Hannah smirked, “Oh well, maybe next time.””You’ve had your fun, now please let me up.” I pleaded once more.”Erm, let me think about…” Hannah replied, “No.” She smirked and giggled as I began kicking my legs about, trying my best to get her off me but to no avail.”Enough!” I heard a loud voice boom into the room, everyone’s heads all turned and looked towards the door.”Ms. Jennings!” Becki called, greeting our team’s coach. She’s a slender 50-year-old woman who despite her old lady hairstyle actually looks about a young 40, especially when she puts on makeup on match days like today.She calls it her warpaint.”Enough horsing around, you can play-fight later.” She sternly sounded towards me and Hannah.”Yes boss.” Hannah obeyed, standing up and turning around to face our coach.I sat up and got up onto my feet.”It was Sam’s fault, she wanted me to teach her some judo moves.” Hannah lied.”Honestly, Sam,” Ms. Jennings scolded slowly shaking her head, “You can learn judo on your own time, not while we got a big match-“”But- but- She-” I interrupted trying to explain.”Don’t interrupt me.” The battle-axe stopped me, “As I was saying, we must be prepared for this match. Now get your things, the bus is waiting.”I tried again to tell her what the girls had just done to me but she just shushed me and walked outside.I picked up my sports bag, only to have it drop out of my hand as every girl who walked past me bashed into my shoulder deliberately. Some even sniggered harsh words to me, like ‘Bitch’, ‘Slut’ and ‘Whore’.I picked my bag up again when I was the last one in the room, and hurried on outside and got onto the team bus. I sat down on one of the front seats, the other girls made sure not to sit next to me. Giving me the cold shoulder treatment.The bus ride was thankfully not too long. just 40mins. The usual chatter happened such as gossiping about so-and-so’s latest happenings. About 20mins into the ride, Ms. Jennings gave us a motivational speech about the game ahead of us. We were all pretty psyched up about it and most of the ladies were going throughtheir usual superstitious good luck rituals. As I wasn’t being involved in any of the chatter however, I just sat still staring out the window, watching the world go by. Suddenly a dirty grey fabric appeared infront of my eyes.”Slutty whore’s sniff these!” Hannah taunted.I waved at the fabric which had a rather nasty pungent aroma to them.”What the fuck?!” I yelled, turning around to see what Hannah was doing. I realised they was an old raggedy pair of big knickers she was waving about infront of me.”What?” She puzzled, “Don’t you want to smell ‘Dirty Bertha’s’ lucky pants?”‘Dirty Bertha’ was a club legend, all for bad reasons though. She use to play as a goalkeeper and kept a cleansheet for 30 games in a row but only because no one on the opposing teams wanted to go anywhere near her! She was the most vile disgusting unhygienic woman in the land. She stunk to high heaven going months between washes. Some people tell of horror stories that if you did something to annoy her, she’d sit on you and force her dirty sweaty stinky toes into your mouth and not let you up ’til you’ve sucked on every toe for 30 seconds. Upon leaving the club, she left her ‘lucky’ underwear hanging up inside the team bus as her parting gift. Not forgetting a steaming ‘gift’ left on the last coach’s desk.”Piss off with that!” I angrily snapped at Hannah.”Go on, you know you want to smell them!” She tormented, shoving the horrifying pants into my face. I swatted it away with the back of my hand.”Spoil-sport!” She teased poking her tongue out and dropping it onto the top of my head. I quickly picked it up and threw it towards the back seats.”Settle down, ladies.” Ms. Jennings warned, giving us all a stern look as she sat on the seat opposite the bus-driver.When we finally got to the other teams small ground, we got out and headed to canlı bahis siteleri the away team dressing rooms. You can tell they were the away team dressing rooms, it was a right dump! I seen roach-infested outhouses with more glamour and cleanliness than this tip. We made do with what we had and got changed into our red and white kits.Our coach gave us more motivational speeches and discussed our tactics for the match, and before I knew it, we were warming up on the pitch infront of a crowd of about 40 people. Quite a big turn out for us actually!Our opponents looked more like a team of models, I’ve never seen such gorgeous women in one place before, and their tight figure-hugging black and pink football kits with the small black shorts and thigh-high pink socks that looked more like tights just made them look sexier. I hate to say but I knew then I wasn’t going to be able to concentrate on the game, running around all horny at the sight of these glamour dolls, sweat dripping from every pore.The game went pretty badly for us, it seems like I wasn’t the only one getting wet from the sight of these gorgeous sex-goddesses running around us, all the dykes in our squad were going weak at the knees, infact we got pretty badly thrashed by the team.At the final whistle of the 90mins, they had knocked in 8 goals to our pathetic zero.We headed off the pitch and back into our filthy dressing room, slumping down onto the rotting wood bench.We started stripping out of our kits ’til we was down to our bra and knickers.”What the hell happened out there?!” Ms. Jennings stormed at us. She berated us badly for our shocking performance.”You have to admit though boss,” Hannah interrupted, “those girls were freaking hot!” We all laughed.”Be that as it may,” Ms. Jennings replied trying to not crack a smile, “I got a note from the other team’s coach which says they have a forfeit for teams they beat, and I think it’s a fitting punishment for losing so badly.”We all turned and muttered to eachother trying to work out what that means.”You are to go to their dressing room and receive further instructions.” She instructed.”Yes, boss.” We all replied in unison. We all got up and headed off to the other side of the small structures. The other team were still out on the pitch celebrating their win. We found the door open to their dressing room so headed inside.Their dressing room looked amazing, so clean and bright white. We saw a large note stuck to the wall.It read: “To the losers: kneel down on the marks on the floor.”We looked to the floor and sure enough, about a foot infront of the long white tiled bench were the black painted spots, indicating where to position our knees.A little hesitantly, we all lined up infront of the bench and knelt down into position. We were on our knees waiting there for a few minutes when our opponents walked in, talking loudly in positive tones.”Oh look what the cat dragged in!” One of the gorgeous women stated with a big grin, looking at us. We all nervously hung our heads down.”Well done girls,” their coach, a rather young pretty looking woman in a red dress-suit, congratulated them, “enjoy your reward, I’ll be back once I’ve paid a visit to these losers’ manager.” She headed out closing the door behind her.”Right girls,” The gorgeous team captain began, “lets get undressed and cleaned.”I looked up and saw the girls getting out of their kits. The musky smell of sweat and strong body odour mixed with the sweet flowery smell of perfume and deodorant filled the air. My eyes were drawn to this stunning light-brown haired tanned girl with a gorgeous body. She was far from slim but not fat either, just a nice sexy hour-glass figure.”Hey, losers don’t get to look!” She suddenly snapped at me, seeing me spying.”Sorry.” I apologised and quickly looked back down.”And no speaking either!” She warned, “If I wanted to hear a loser slut speak I’d ask you for a weather report!”Her teammates laughed and patted her back for putting me in my place.Once the girls were naked, they walked over towards us. The sweat still glistening off their perfect flawless skin.They then walked infront of us. I must have left an impression on the light-brown haired angel, for she chose the spot infront of me. All the girls then sat down infront us all and eyed us up and down.”Look at these pathetic loser bitches.” Their blonde captain mocked.”Lick us clean.”All of our team turned to eachother, looking puzzled and unsure.”Hey!” Their captain snapped, “When a winner tells a loser to do something, the loser does it, now get licking!”I looked at the gorgeous woman infront of me, sat naked and still sweating with her legs apart, I nervously leaned in forward with my tongue held out. I went strait towards her cute little shaved pussy.”Oi calm your jets!” She snapped, pushing her hand to my forehead stopping me, “You don’t get to taste the sweet honey from this pot ’til you’ve proven your loser slut tongue is good enough.””Sorry.” I apologised sheepishly.”Start by licking my feet.” She instructed, raising her right foot up towards my face.”Ok.” I obediently replied.”That’s ‘Yes Miss’, you dirty whore!” She snapped.”Sorry, Yes Miss.” I obeyed. I held my tongue back out and placed my hand onto her ankle.”Ew don’t touch me!” She recoiled, slapping the back of my hand on her ankle, “A loser as no right touching her superior winner.””Sorry Miss-” I nervously replied quickly pulling my hand away from her foot.”Go on, lick the feet of your superior.” She impatiently commanded.I nervously swallowed a bit of spit in my mouth, and with my tongue held out, I leaned in and licked the sole of her soft wet foot. It tasted so salty from the sweat that covered it. I did a long slow lick from her heel right up to her toes,and then back down to her heel again.”That’s it, you dirty slut, lick it all clean.” She demanded.I noticed out the corner of my eye that every one of my teammates was licking the other womens’ feet.I felt rather sorry for our non-lesbian teammates who were all surely hating this, especially my poor Becki.I obediently continued to lick all around the wet warm sweaty foot of this gorgeous woman. She then forced her toes into my mouth, her pink painted nails almost scratched against the roof of my mouth as it slid over my warm wet tongue.”Suck it, slut.” She commanded, I obeyed.Once I had cleaned her foot, she then put it down and raised her other leg up, putting her left sweaty foot to my mouth and had me lick that clean just as before. As we all licked these winners feet, they canlı bahis were just chatting away to eachother, like as if they were oblivious to our very existence. They joked and laughedand caught up on all their gossip. The only time they acknowledged one of us was when we did something they didn’t want us doing, like pausing for a quick breath.Finally, my gorgeous winner looked at me.”You’re pretty good with cleaning feet, now how about my ass?” She smirked.”Yes Miss.” I replied.”I wasn’t asking,” She sternly returned, “hold that disgusting loser tongue out.”I did as I was told, I held my tongue out as she stood up and turned around. She teased me by wiggling her luscious curvy hips, her naked somewhat chubby butt waved infront of my face, so close to touching my tongue.The strong odour of her divine ass wafted to my nose, and unable to resist, I leant in and licked around her crack.”Hey!” She snapped, thrusting her hips forward away from my face, “I’ll tell you when to lick, stupid loser bitch.””Sorry Miss.” I replied.She leant forward resting her hands onto the locker infront of her spot on the bench. She was bent over slightly like that, making her gorgeous ass look all the more inviting.”Come closer,” She instructed, I leaned my face up closer to her glorious bum, “kiss my ass.”I immediately puckered my lips up and kissed her cheek.Suddenly, to my surprise, she let rip a fart. I instinctively took a big sniff, it actually smelt very pleasing.”Ha!” She snorted, “Yeah you take it all in, dirty whore!” She taunted.”Slutty losers like you are used to taking farts to the face…”She had no idea how right she was there.”Hey I didn’t say stop, you keep kissing my perfect ass you dirty slut.” She demanded.”Yes Miss-” I almost couldn’t say it as my lips was too eager to carry on kissing her wonderful bum.”That’s it, you losers are all the same, forever kissing a winner’s ass!” She taunted. My lips drifted around her moist cheeks and sweaty crack, even pushing inbetween the cheeks to get a kiss of her tight little hot sweaty smelly pucker. Kissing her hot asshole left a musky salty taste on my lips but I carried on, feeling my pussy getting soaking wet. I noticed out the corner of my eye that my teammates were licking their winner’s pussies.Poor Becki didn’t look comfortable at all as she was forcibly made to lick her very first sweaty hairy pussy.”Now lick my ass.” My gorgeous winner demanded, I poked my tongue out and licked from her cheek into her hot crack, “Hmmm… Right there, you filthy whore…”That sweaty musky taste was even stronger licking it from around her tight little crinkled hole.Although it wasn’t the nicest tasting ass I’ve ever licked, it was still very sexy to me. My nipples were sticking out harder than I ever seen them become before. My wet vagina tingled so much I thought I was going to cum withouttouching myself. She had me licking her hole for a good 5 minutes before she finally turned around, facing me.The sound of loud moaning had filled the room as every one of the winning team was enjoying having their pussies licked real good by us losers. Only I had yet to taste the sweet nectar of my winner’s fleshy flower.She sat down infront of me, and put her right leg up over my shoulder.”Lick your way up my leg, loser.” She demanded.”Yes Miss.” I replied, and began slowly kissing and licking my way up her long sexy leg. Inching my tongue up along from her soft ankle to her smooth calf, the side of her knee, and up her creamy thick sexy thigh. I got right up to the inside of her groin when she grabbed hold of my hair.”You ready to taste a winner’s sweet pussy?” She asked.”Yes Miss.” I answered breathlessly.”You’re never going to taste any other better pussy than that of a winner.” She teased in a real cocky tone.”Lick it hmmmm… You dirty loser slut…” She moaned in pleasure before my tongue had even touched her.She pulled my golden hair to the side forcing my head to move those precious few millimetres where my tongue met the moist silky lips of her pussy. The strong almost sourly lemony smell of it delighted my nostrils, and the taste was unbelievable. Like licking a juicy fresh honeycomb filled with clear liquid lemon sauce and just the most subtle aftertaste of sea-salt from a spritsy mist of a wave from the sea. It was like licking the pussy of an angel itself.She groaned and moaned in pleasure as my tongue worked its way between her silky wet pink slits and teasing at the throbbing firm clit, then lapping up all the juice from deep inside, dripping down from inside off of its walls. As I licked and worshipped her glorious pussy, my eyes looked up fixated on this goddess before me.”Ahhhh yeah- don’t look at me- hmmmm…” She groaned hardly able to contain her overpowering feeling of pleasure, “You’re not worthy of- hmmm fuck- looking at a winner- ahhh shit yeah hmmmmm….”I obediently lowered my gaze down onto her gorgeous smooth belly. I continued to lick and before I knew it, I had her cumming so good. Her pussyhole and asshole pulsated violently with each tremor from her powerful orgasm, causing big watery blobs of her sweet sticky juice to squirt out over my tongue. She was screaming so loud but it was hard to hear her individual scream above the noise of the other screaming women as they all came together at once.When they finished cumming, all of us losers were soaked in sweet tasty pussy juice. You’d have thought we’d just been swimming having our faces and hair all wet with winner’s cum. I licked my lips and somehow resisted the urge to touch my pussy.I knew one little touch and I’d have cummed uncontrollably all over the floor, but I knew not to do anything without my winner’s permission first.”Stop licking.” The instructions rang out from all the women to us losers.They all stood up, and placing their foot flat to our tits, they pushed us down onto the cold tiled floor.”Get the fuck out of here!” They demanded.We struggled to our feet as they continued pushing and kicking us with their feet.”Go on, get out, you loser whores don’t deserve to bask in the glow of winners!” The humiliating taunts rung in our ears as we scrambled for the door. We made it back to our shitty dressing rooms.I noticed all of our knickers were soaked through from our wet pussies, even the strait girls such as Becki was noticeably wet.”Fuck I’m so horny!” Hannah cried.”Me too!” Revealed Becki.”And me!” I joined in.We all agreed that we needed a good fucking. That’s when we all turned to look at eachother, with a knowing excited glint in our eyes, and before you could blow a ref’s whistle, we were all over eachother, tearing at eachother’s knickers and bras like wildcats and we had the best lesbian orgy you could ever imagine, right there in our shitty loser dressing room…!

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