More Fun with Ann


More Fun with AnnOver the next few weeks Ann and I continued to play our little sexual games in the office and I must say she was as creative when it came to sexual fun as any woman I had ever met. For example; one day I came back from lunch early sat down behind my desk and to my surprise there was Ann, kneeling topless, her slacks open, legs spread wide and hairy pussy exposed just waiting to suck me off and masturbate at the same time. And then there was the time I followed her into the unisex executive wash room and fucked her on the sink top then had her lick my cock clean while she sat down to piss. She just loved to sit on my lap and lift her shirt and have me finger fuck her till she came all over herself and my hand, she would get so wet that we had to keep a towel (golf towel) in my desk to stop her pussy juice from leaking throw her skirt and onto my pants. Ann would find a way to suck and jack me off in the copy room and always swallowed my hot load without losing a drop. She also loved when I would trap her in the supply room and finger her pussy and asshole at the same time it never failed to get her off in no time at all.Ann was kind of funny though, she would not let me take her out to lunch, or would not go out for drinks or dinner with me after work. Ann said that what happened in the office had to stay in the office, and since she was such a fun person to have sex with I did not mind fucking her in the office at all. As time went on we got bolder and bolder with our sex play. I bought Ann a set of heavy Ben-wa balls and made her put them in her pussy and wear them while she was in the office. Ann did not wear panty hose and since we started playing sexually almost every day she would often not wear panties at all or when she did they where just tiny thongs that the crouch could be pulled aside for easy entrance to her cunt and asshole. Well like I said the Ben-Wa balls where heavy and just a bit smaller than ping pong balls, I just knew that Ann’s pussy was not tight enough to hold them in for very long and that they would fall out from time to time. And that’s what happened alright, the first day is showed them to her she was very excited about the idea of the pair of heavy stainless steel balls riding around in her pussy all day, I warned her that she had to be careful and keep her cunt closed very tight or the balls would fall out of her vagina and roll down her leg and onto the floor. I told her if this happened she was to go to the wash room clean the ball or balls with soap and water and put them back in, she told me that she knew all about how to use the lovely steel balls I had bought for her and what to do if they fell out. She then asked me if I would put them in her cunt every morning and to collect them from her before we went home for the night. The balls had come in a very lovely case and she said she would keep them in her desk along with the KY and pocket rocket so they where there every day. I took the first ball out of its velvety lined case and put it up to Ann’s mouth so she could lick it and get it wet before I pushed it into her pussy, her tongue shot out of her mouth like a snakes and she licked the ball getting it all wet and slippery and I lifted her skirt pull her thong aside and worked the first ball into her somewhat dry snatch. I then took the second ball and did the same thing this time having Ann lick my fingers too, again I lifted her skirt and worked the ball insider, and because she had licked my fingers the second ball went in a lot easier than the first. Now she had both Ben-Wa balls inside her and I could see in her eyes she was more than a bit turned on by what just happened. As a bit of icing on the cake so to say, I gave her clit a little rub down before taking my hand from under her skirt and just like a boy I licked her icing off my fingers and then smacked her on the ass and told her to go to work. That first day the Balls fell out of her pussy about 10 times, but they fell out where no one could see them. At lunch time we played Jack and Jill and got each other asyabahis yeni giriş off and after the office closed Ann came in to my office with the small box that the balls came in and set it on my desk. Mr. K (that’s what she called me) I do not know about these balls she told me, they are very heavy and I had a hard time keeping them in today. I told Ann that I knew she would have a hard time keeping them in put that she agreed to wear them and that I expected her to keep her word and wear them every day like she said she would. Ann did not have a happy look on her face at all, but Mr. K what happens if one or both fall out and other people are around, It would be very embarrassing for me, if others saw this happen she said. My response was short and to the point “don’t let them fallout then”. Again she gave me her I am not happy face, I reached up under her dress and she let the balls fall out of her pussy into my hand, they were covered with her pussy juice and her pussy was very wet indeed. I held them up to her and she took each one and licked it clean then dried it with her soft cotton shirt tail and put them back in the box. She looked at me again and said “what are you going to do if I refuse to put those things back into my pussy” I looked at her and told her that I would stop eating and fucking her and if I found out she was fucking anyone else in the office I would see that the both of them would be gone with in 30 minute or less. See looked at me in shock, you would not do that, would you, she asked. I just gave her a wicked smile, then turned my laptop computer around and opened a video file. It showed Ann masturbating her hairy pussy right on top of her desk, she was really going at it with the pocket rocket she keep in her bottom desk drawer with the KY Silk. Oh and Ann see the clock in the back ground it has the date, time, and month on it you see it don’t you its right beside your name plate and that picture of your cat. Then I dropped another bomb on Ann and told her that I had recorded five of the sex shows she had put on for me in different parts of the office and that all the videos showed times and dates. With that I add that I told her that I had made more than a few copies and had posted them all on an internet site I had set up but had not made public yet. Ann turned white as a ghost, she started to shake, and I could see tears in the corners of her eyes, her face had the looks of disbelief, fear, shock and sexual arousal all at the same time, Ann was large breasted and always where a bra that just keep her big tits from falling out of her shirt, they were also shear his made it very easy to see if the room had a breeze blowing through it, or Ann was sexually excited. There was no breeze in my office and her nipples where as hard as I had ever seen them. She started breathing harder but not but the short shallow rapped breaths of a person having a panic attack, but those of a woman in heat and lust, slowly the look on her face change to one of acceptance and even showed bit submissiveness as the facts of what I just told her sank in. He looked look me in the eyes again this time there was no fear there only acceptance, fire and lust. She started to smile a bit and said in a very soft voice, Does this mean you own me Mr. K. ? Am I your sex slave and you the master? That I have to do what every you say? Ann’s face was now glowing pink the same way it did right before she had an orgasm. I looked at her standing there a middle aged woman filled with lust and passion and submitting to me and my will, my cock was getting hard inside my pants now and I felt my own lust building inside me. Ann walked over to my office door and locked it, she then switched my phone off and cleared the paper work I had in the center of my desk. I am your Mr. K. I am all yours body and soul, you own me now, all of me, I will do what every you ask of me sexually she said. and she took off all her clothes and kneeled down before me, legs spread wide, hands behind her head, chest out, nipples as hard as asyabahis giriş rocks, looking up at me with bright lustful eyes and a sensual smile. I opened my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, and let them fall to the floor, my hard cock was pushing my underwear out, I had to reach in and pull my cock out of the way before I could slide them down to join my pants on the floor. I the steeped in front of Ann, who just opened her mouth and slide it over my cock without moving her hands from behind her head. She moaned as I began to pump her mouth with my cock, her mouth was wet and egger for my thrusts. I reached down an put my hand over hers behind her head and forced my cock deep into Ann’s hot and willing mouth. She had sucked my cock many times before this but never so deep or with so much passion. She licked my sweaty balls and sucked each of my nuts into her hungry mouth, Ann licked under my balls and all around them until they where shinny from her spit. She sucked my cock taking it until she gagged herself again and again. I have had my cock sucked by a lot of woman but this was the best blow job I had ever had Ann’s mouth did thing I did not think possible. Ann pulled her mouth off my cock and looked up at me and said in a very soft and submissive voice that I found funny and exciting at the same time, “Mr. K. I beg you to fuck me from behind, please Mr. K I need to feel your cock deep inside my cunt. When you fuck me from behind Mr. K I can feel your cock deep in my belly and that makes me want to cum again and again. Oh please fuck me now I need it so bad Mr. K, Please fuck your bitch now!!!!! I stepped back and helped Ann get to her feet. She bent right over my desk, and reached back as spared her ass and pussy as wide as they could go. Her head was lying on the desk her face looking to the right, I had a decorative mirror located on the wall and the way Ann had positioned herself so she had a side view of everything going on behind her. As I walked up behind her still firm ass, Ann moan softly “oh Mr. K please use me anyway you want, my cunt and asshole are yours to do as you please, my whole body is your to use and abuse as you see fit, I am your slut, your slave, your whore. As I listened to Ann my cock got even harder, this was a first for me I had never had a woman give herself over to me the way Ann was doing now. I reached between her legs and found she was wetter than I had ever seen her before, she had pussy juice running down the inside of both thighs, and when I touched her it was like she had been hit with a bolt of lightning, her body went stiff and she let out a moan like I had never hear a woman make before. She keep asking me to fuck her pussy or asshole and begging me to rub her clit, she was sobbing saying she need me to fuck her and that she wanted to cum all over my cock or fingers or even my foot just as long as I touched her clit and put some part of me inside her now. I was ready to blow my own load now listening to Ann begging me to use her anyway I wished and seeing how red and hot her pussy lips and butthole where, as well as how hard she had gotten my cock. I grab my cock and spread Ann’s cunt lips open with the head and she moan with a****l pleasure and begged for more, I then rubbed the head of my cock from her asshole to clit and back again getting it nice and wet for what was to come next. Ann went stiff as a board and begged and cried for my hard dick to stab her ready asshole or pussy, She began weeping for my cock, and did not stop until I rammed my hard meat deep into her wet red hot cunt with one hard push, I shoved myself into Ann so hard that her feet came up of the floor and she slide forward on my desk top. Ann exploded into orgasm before my cock had gone in balls deep, she moan with pleasure like no woman I had ever heard before and the look on her face was one of extreme pleasure and joy with a bit of pain thrown in for good measure. Her cunt gushed all over my cock and legs and also down hers as well. I was lost in my own lust now and started fucking asyabahis güvenilirmi Ann’s wet pussy as hard and fast as I could, she exploded into orgasm after orgasm, she made noises that I could not understand as word, her body shock like she had been plugged into an electric outlet. I did not last long either between Ann’s submission, her begging, and the feeling of her many orgasms on my cock as I fucked her, I just could not hold back but before I blow my load I grabbed Ann by her red hair and put my other hand on her shoulder and as I thrust my cock into her as hard and deep as I could I jerked her head and shoulder back as hard as I could ensuring my cock went in as deep as possible before my semen filled her mature womb. Ann orgasmed again as I held my cock deep inside her until every drop of my load emptied into her. Letting go of her shoulder I licked my index finger along with my middle finger and spit on Ann’s rectum. I rubbed the spit around the outside of her hot to the touch asshole and felt her cum one more time, my cock was still hard enough to pump her pussy a little longer so I pushed first one wet finger into Ann’s lubed asshole then the other, She moaned again with pleasure pushing her ass back to drive my fingers and softening cock in as deep as they would go. Her words where making sence again and she keep saying things like oh my god deeper, yes go deeper in my ass, please don’t take your cock out I am going to and she had another orgasm that caused her ass and pussy to clamp down on my cock and fingers. I was spent after that and so was Ann. I helped her to get up off my desk but she was way too weak to stand, so I lowered her to the floor in front of my desk, she was able to lean back and catch her breath, I poured her a glass of Ice Water and when I went to hand it to her she grabbed my cock and began sucking and licking it clean. After she had licked clean our mixed cum she took the glass of water and began to drink, Mr. K she said “I have been having sex with men since I was 15 years old but no one has ever fuck me like you just did. She then opened her legs really wide and put two fingers into her pussy and pulled them out covered in our mixed cum again and licked them clean one at a time. She did this four more times and said I had the best cum she had ever tasted in her life. I pulled up my underwear and pants, tucked in my shirt and fixed my tie and went to the restroom just outside my door. I took a piss then got my hanky out and wet it with warm water and went back to my office. Ann had not moved from where I left her. I handed her the wet hanky and she looked up at me and said thank you in a very rough but still soft voice. Ann used the hanky to clean around her mouth first the mopped up some the our cum from between her legs. She put on her skirt without her thong and her shirt without her bra and asked me if I would still be here in 10 minutes. I told her yes and she walked out my door leaving it open this time and into the washroom. I picked up her rather large bra and thong and put them in a plastic shopping bag I keep in my desk for one reason or the other and then I sat back in my big office chair wishing I still smoked, a cigar would taste really good right now I thought. Ann came back into my office and stood beside my desk, I looked at the clock and it was almost 9 o’clock we had been going at it for almost 4 hours, I patted my lap and Ann came over and sat in it and rapped her arms around my neck and said in a low voice “Mr. K I want you to put those balls back into my pussy everyday from now on” I looked at Ann and said “how we going to do Saturday and Sunday”? Ann said that’s easy you can stay with me and my other lover on the weekend. I looked at Ann and said “other lover and what will he think about that”. Ann smiles and said oh I do not think she will mind at all I have been telling her what a great cock you have. It does not matter anyway she is my sex pet and now I am your sex pet so like it or not you now own both of us. Then Ann said I am really hungry now Mr. K and I am sure you are too so let’s go to my place and my pet will cook dinner and feed both of us. And since its Friday Ann said with a very sly smile, and you know Mr. K your going to have to spend the night with us so you can put my balls in tomorrow morning……………

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