More Office Sex with Nadia


As I handed Nadia the file in my hand she rewarded me with the loveliest of smiles. I always got a special thrill from the way in which Nadia smiled. If nothing else it was the way her hazel eyes would sparkle. Without conscious thought my eyes glanced downwards towards her chest taking in the delicious sight of her exposed cleavage. She was wearing a dark top which matched the colour of her midnight black hair which she had recently had cut short. The open design in the fabric did a wonderful job of exposing her breasts; her bosom filling outwards until the last moment when the sight of her nipples was stolen from sight. I caught a brief glimpse of a black bra before my conscious brain took control and averted my gaze before she could notice.

Just being around Nadia was giving me an erection and I could feel my dick hardening, uncomfortably so in the folds of my underwear. I returned her smile with one of my own, wishing desperately that I could somehow communicate my overwhelming and pressing desire for her. It had been several weeks since our affair in the computer room and there had not been a day that had gone by where I not subsequently masturbated over the memory of fucking her in the closet. So intense was the imagery in my head as I relieved those precious moments with her naked flesh exposed to mine, that I swear I could still recall every fleeting moment of our union. The tight embrace of her wet pussy around my thrusting cock lingered in my subconscious drowning out the dullness of my day to day existence. The luscious taste of her nipple buds as I kissed and caressed them in turn with my questing tongue, tortured me with its memory. Finally, the ultimate moment as I had exploded my white load deep inside her loins haunted me with its intensity of passion. In short, I desperately needed to have sex again with this luscious dream of a woman.

The following day was unusual in the fact that I got to spend a substantial amount of time in the upper office. Nadia was a constant distraction and I found my gaze often wandering to her desk. She was immersed in her work, her new promotion and subsequent duties stealing away her time. On one occasion she rose from her desk and headed over to the fax machine. Part of my brain was screaming that this was my chance to go and talk to her. Unfortunately my hormones had other ideas and I sat rooted to my chair with my dick rising in my pants. My eyes were fixed on her bum cheeks as she moved towards her destination. The sway of her hips inside her tight fitting black skirt was a hypnotic distraction. With my entire attention focused on Nadia’s nether regions, it was just possible to make out the slightest lines of her hidden panties. The outer elastic ran downwards between her bum groove and my imagination took over, visualising the material passing over her wonderful hidden pussy lips before moving upwards and covering her tight black pubic hairs that formed the triangle of fur between her legs. How I longed at that moment to be on my knees before her naked body, moving forwards to bring my tongue and lips to sample her precious pussy crack.

Nadia reached the fax machine and bent forwards slightly. This action caused her wide hidden bum cheeks to stick out further in my direction. My cock was rock hard now, my imagination racing in overtime. In my fantasy I was now sliding home into Nadia’s wet and willing vagina, taking her from behind and enjoying the sight of her bare bum cheeks riding up and down as I started to screw her. My cock was so hard now inside my pants that it was quite painful. Still this was no distraction to my desperate need to once again fuck her. My whole world had now centred on that one desire and my mind was racing on how I might achieve such union.

Turning from the fax machine, Nadia caught me in the act of watching her. For a moment she stood motionless and I could almost read her thoughts as she guessed my intent. She then gave me the most incredible of smiles and mouthed the word ‘later’ to me. With blushing cheeks she walked back to her desk, her gaze deliberately averted from mine. My heart was pounding in my chest, the distraction in my pants a tantalising promise at the wonders to come later in the day. I had no idea when she would give herself to me but I knew I would be more than ready for her when she did. Already a thousand temptations were springing to existence as I contemplated the best and most satisfying way I could pleasure Nadia’s delicious sexuality. I was lost in my desires when the phone beside me rang. My fantasies collapsed with the third distracting pulse and with great tesettürlü escort reluctance I was forced to return to the everyday world.

As it turned out, I had to endure a whole day of meaningless distractions as my workload grew. All I really wanted to do was to lose myself in pleasant daydreams of how best to sample Nadia’s many pleasures. As it was my day became lost in trivialities as I moved from one pressing issue to another. My work soon led me away from Nadia’s area of work and I am embarrassed to say that I had almost forgotten about her promise by the time the end of day arrived.

I was sorting out my desk, trying to make order from the mass of papers sprawled everywhere. Suddenly I was aware of a presence at the door. My first instinct that even though it was now well past the leaving time, that somebody had arrived to challenge me with yet another problem. A frown was forming on my face when I looked up only to find Nadia smiling down at me.

She was in my arms within seconds, my hands reaching down to the small of her back and pressing her body close to mine. The smell of her tanned skin filled my senses as I bent my lips down to hers. Her lips were so incredibly soft and sensual and I savoured every millisecond of their touch against my own. I could feel her soft body pressed up against me, the wonderful bulge of her breasts against my chest and the desirable feel of her crotch ground up against the instant hardness of my cock inside my pants. After several long and utter wonderful seconds of kissing, she tried to push me away. Her warm hands were pressed against my chest applying a soft pressure in effort to part us without force. I hung on to her latest kiss for another couple of seconds before I reluctantly agreed to her ministrations. Our lips parted and I stared into her beautiful hazel eyes while I waited for her pending words.

“Not here,” she whispered. Her soft breath was gentle against my face. I bent down to the side of her neck and gave her a quick kiss, knowing full well how she enjoyed being touched in that spot. “Follow me.” She gave a girlish giggle as I administered another couple of kisses, working my way down her neck and onto the open area above her blouse. I hid my disappointment as best I could, my eyes lingering on the sight of her hidden tits as she broke away from me. Immediately she turned to leave my office, but not before her one hand had grabbed hold of one of mine.

Nadia led me like an excited schoolboy, out into the main office before turning immediately left. Her one free hand pushed down on the handle of the door before her. She pushed the metal and the door moved open allowing enough space for us to enter into the Managing Director’s office and part time conference room. I nearly let out a comment as the realisation that Nadia wanted me to fuck her in this room. Fear leapt to accompany the butterflies in my stomach. If we were found to be in here after hours then it would mean both our jobs.

Nadia closed the door and stared at me with her large brown orbs. She was smiling, her eyes flashing with excitement. I returned her look mesmerised by her stunning beauty. How could I resist such a woman, regardless of her intent? Her hands strayed upwards reaching to the fastenings on her top. I watched on entranced. Nadia had such wonderfully large boobs, her nipples a thing of utter desirability. It was all that I could do to stand and stare as her black bra was revealed to me along with the tantalising amount of flesh now on display. Part of my mind was distracted by the large amount of glass in the wall beside us. If anybody was to stroll into the downstairs open plan office, then they would instantly be rewarded by Nadia’s ongoing striptease.

Her white blouse fell to the floor. For a second my eyes followed its progress as it moved through the air. Movement on Nadia’s behalf immediately recaptured my focus and I was rewarded by the sight of her skirt slowly freeing from around her slim waist. Black panties were revealed as like her blouse, her lower garment descended earthwards. Her underwear was evocative, a laced design suggesting transparency before stealing away the most important sight of her hidden muff. The material however was suitably tight enough to suggest the outline of her lower lips. The slight protuberance of her pussy hairs formed a slight triangular bulge in her panties which further stirred on my excitement.

Cheekily she turned around from her and moved her hands to the fastener on her bra. Her deft fingers made türbanlı escort short work of the restraint and with seconds I was staring at the sight of the skin on her fully exposed back. Her breasts were so large that I could clearly see their outline from behind. I gave my hidden cock a quick stroke in an attempt to calm its desperate longing as I recalled the wonderful sight of the red welts surrounding her hardened nipples. Part of me wanted to rush over to her and yank down her panties before plunging my hard shaft into her moist love hole. I managed restraint however, eager to witness the next part of her teasing display. After a quick fondle of her wonderfully large bosom, Nadia’s hands vanished from sight. I wondered for a split moment if Nadia was sneaking a quick finger into the moistness between her legs. However this was not the case and surely enough Nadia’s fingers reappeared, this time reaching into the elastic securing her panties to her waist.

The beating of my heart seemed to double as Nadia slowly removed her black panties. Second by second, the slow downwards trace of her underwear revealed more and more of her exotic buttocks. Her bum was firm and wide with a deep shadow running between the roundness of her cheeks. At last her panties fell free and dropped down to her slender ankles. I could see the outline of her pussy lips nestled at the base of her bare buttocks. As if reading my mind, she teasingly bent forwards exposing more of her delicious lower lips to my sight. “Do you like what you see?” she inquired in a voice laced with sexual promise. “Let me show you,” I replied already reaching for my trouser zipper. A girlish laugh was her response as she straightened up and turned to face me.

Now the only thing Nadia was wearing was a teasing smile. With her womanhood on complete display to my voyeuristic appetite, I decided it was time to join her in the nude. My clothes were off my body in record time, my rock hard cock straining at a tight upward angle. She came to me then, with all her soft sensuality. The wonderful sight of her black haired pussy triangle neared my waiting dick and my fevered imagination wondered as to just what she would like to do first. She answered me by dropping to her knees, her open mouth moving up to my waiting cock. Moments later and her soft lips were descending around my shaft as her teasing tongue went to work.

I groaned out loud with the sheer mind blowing sensation racing up from my manhood. Nadia’s stimulus was that of an artist playing her trade. Her exquisite tongue traced its way along one side of my dick before flicking across my bell end. The next moment and she was working her way back down my shaft and onto to exploring my balls. Her warm hands cupper my testicles as she played with her mouth around my private parts. For my part, my eyes were firmly shut my brain obvious to all but the sensations Nadia was treating me to. Her stimulus was incredible, easily enough to bring me to my climax should I allow it. However I was desperate for the opportunity to sample her pussy again. With that now in mind I tried to coax her away from sucking strongly on my cock.

She resisted at first, her enjoyment too complex to allow distraction. However as I continued my urging she reluctantly agreed to my ministrations. I opened my eyes in time to see her mouth sliding off the end of my dick. Large hazel eyes stared up at me, impossibly beautiful. She gave a long lick of her lips with her tongue that only seconds ago had been at work around my shaft. Her orbs continued to hold mine as she slowly rose up, only to stop and allow my upright cock to slide inside gap between her ample breasts. I gulped as I fought to quell my rising climax. The sight of Nadia’s nipples so incredibly close to my dick was intoxicating beyond belief. For several seconds she rubbed up and down, cupping her tits to increase their friction against my knob. I knew I was on the verge of squirting my white explosion all over her chest and neck. Desperately I forced myself to hold back, trying to recall at the same moment all the other delights I would miss if I did so.

With another one of her teasingly naughty laughs, she broke contact from me and straightened to full height. I allowed her one passionate kiss before I guided her towards the large conference table that filled the room. She soon gathered an idea of what I had in mind and obediently mounted the wooden surface before spreading herself on her back. Naturally her legs were parted wide waiting for me to pleasure her body. tüyap escort At that stage I had only one desire in mind. Dropping to my knees at the very edge of the table, I started to plant a succession of quick kisses, up along her one thigh and onto her waiting pussy. The smell of her sex and the taste of her lightly coloured skin filled my senses as I stole upwards along her naked flesh seeking out her lower lips. Finally my questing was rewarded and I licked my way, lovingly so, up the contour of her pussy crack. Reaching her clit I gave it a playful fondle before returning to work on pleasuring the entranceway to her wet love tunnel. Her groans of desire and pleasure filled the office almost as if with the desire to bring on unwanted attention. The company premises should have been truly deserted by that time but there was always the unbidden chance that our activities would be discovered. I think that the fear of discovery was a stimulus to our love making. For my own part I could not remember a time when I had been so aroused as I was now. Nadia’s pussy was heavenly; the taste and scent of her sex filling my senses with raging desire.

Finally, it was too much to bear any longer. I had to fuck this gorgeous beauty. Parting my tongue from pleasuring Nadia’s love hole, I stood up and stared at the sight before me. Nadia was lost to the world, her eyes closed, her body arched in a rapture of bliss. Her large tits were an incredible sight on her bare body, her hardened buds straining towards the ceiling. Her legs were wide, her black triangle of muff hairs covered in sweat and love juices. Positioning my cock up to the entrance of her tunnel I stared downwards at her bare body which was desperately awaiting our union. I wanted to memorise every second of the coming moment when I finally penetrated her wetness. Slowly and with incredible restraint I moved the end of my cock to the base of her pubic triangle, teasing her lower lips with sliding movement of my bell end upon them. Nadia’s groans of pleasure grew and then it was simply too much to hold back upon.

As the rock hard shaft of my member plunged into Nadia’s pussy hole, an incredible feeling of euphoria took hold. The familiar sensation of the tightness of her pussy wall around my cock flooded my mind and I gasped at the feeling. Sweat covered my own body and I could see the rivulets tracing down my skin as I stared down at my midsection and our point of union. To see my cock shoved firmly into Nadia’s moistness was a sight I will never forget. Slowly I gave my first gentle shove of my cock, deeper into the depths of her pussy. She was so incredibly wet and deliciously tight; a perfect fuck. I looked up at her beautiful face, lost as it was to the rapture of our lovemaking. Slowly I started to pump away inside her pussy, savouring every thrust my cock made. She was simply so incredibly gorgeous and I wanted to fuck her forever and a day!

All that had gone before had stimulated me too much and I am ashamed that I came too soon. How I wished that we could have gone on to enjoy some more erotic adventures in that office. A thousand times after the event I have conjured up ways in which our love making could have been expanded. The unfortunate truth was that my passion overcame me and only minutes of pumping away inside Nadia’s wet love tunnel, my white explosion was upon me and I was carried momentarily to a place of utter pleasure. As my climax took me I could feel Nadia coming also. The tight wet grip of her pussy on my sperm shooting dick contracted and released in quick succession as orgasm racked through her body and senses.

In the aftermath of our sex, I could hear her soft pants for breath coming as if from some great distance. It took a moment to realise that it was my own blood starved brain that was casing this effect. Slowly I fought to recover my own breathing. Finally I withdrew my cock my Nadia’s unbelievable gorgeous pussy. How I wanted to ride her again. However, with the return of some sanity I knew that we really were pressing our luck my staying in this office. Without a word I moved over to collect my clothing, aware at the same time of Nadia clambering up from her position on the table. Her long legs swung off the side and she dropped down to the ground. I looked up only to receive a wonderful smile of affection before my eyes stole down for a last fleeting look at her large tits and pussy triangle. Her pubic hairs were stained with both my white spunk and her love juices and yet it was still a wonderful sight. Even sated from my sexual desires, I still found the sight of her exposed womanhood an immense attraction. Likewise seeing her bum presented to me as bent down to retrieve her clothing, sent a shudder of passion coursing through my senses before reeling into my recovering brain. I knew at that very moment that this event had done nothing to satisfy my desire for Nadia and how, in the very near future, I would need to screw her once again.

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