More Public Orgasms

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I previously posted a story about my wife’s adventures using vibrators to discreetly orgasm in public places. I thought I’d post a couple of my early experiences of seeing the ladies orgasm in public places.

When adult movie theaters were in vogue, there was one I would frequent with some regularity. I was fortunate enough to witness a few enjoyable moments while in the theater. This theater was in a pretty decent suburban location and on the weekends would attract couples. Management didn’t really bother anyone too much as long as activity was confined to some masturbation play.

The first time I visited, I didn’t really experience anyone playing, but the next time, I happened to sit behind and a few seats over from a younger couple. I was mostly watching the movie, but happened to glance over and noticed her rhythmically squeezing her legs together. When I looked a little closer, I noticed that her partner had his hand between her legs. I also noticed that she was wearing a skirt and gartered nylons, which is always an enjoyable sight as well.

As I started paying more attention, it was apparent that she would get more excited when the action on the screen heated up. The leg action would increase with the sex scenes. Apparently, she enjoyed the group sex scenes, as during a time when there were two guys doing a girl on the illegal bahis screen, I noticed she seemed to get more excited. After a few minutes, her leg pumping started to involve her hips as well. Shortly thereafter, she squeezed her legs together and lifted her hips, and then her torso jerked forward a few times as she was apparently orgasming. I heard no sounds among the noise of the movie, but it was pretty apparent she had cum.

Another time there was an older couple sitting in front of me. I guessed they were maybe in their 50’s. During the movie, I noticed that she would get restless as the movie scenes would heat up. Not grossly so, but she would be moving around a bit.

I got up to get a beverage, and when I returned, I looked down and noticed that she had the controller to what I assumed was either something like a butterfly vibrator or perhaps just a simple egg vibe. That explained the movements, as she was vibrating herself. Near the end of the movie, I noticed her stiffen in what appeared to be an orgasm. At completion, I saw her grab the controller and turn it off. She looked satisfied!

There was another couple that visited several times. She was apparently the boss in that relationship as I experienced her belittling him in the lobby a few times. They would masturbate themselves during the movie, and while she illegal bahis siteleri would cover her lap with a jacket or sweater, she made him show himself. I did notice that if anyone got too close to them, she would make them move to another row away from people.

One evening, it was fairly crowded in the theater and there was really nowhere for them to go. They were sitting at the end of a row against the wall of the theater. I was watching the movie, sitting a row behind them and several seats down, when I heard a rhythmic tapping sound. I looked over and saw that she was rather rapidly rubbing herself and the movement was causing the foot of her crossed leg to bang against the sidewall. He leaned over and said something to her to which she replied, in a voice loud enough to be heard in what I would guess by most of the theater, “I’m having an orgasm”. That was interesting!

The one I enjoyed the most, however, was a young, good looking couple that came in and sat in the row in front of me. She was just a seat to my left. I noticed that she was wearing a below the knee skirt, but they didn’t look like they would be the type to play in the theater. During the movie, I noticed her fidgeting around quite a bit, seemingly uncomfortable. I thought she was not enjoying the movie and was wanting to leave.

Boy, was I canlı bahis siteleri wrong. After a while, as she continued to fidget around, I happened to glance down at her lap and noticed that she had gathered her skirt up to her crotch, exposing thigh high nylons and her panties. With that, she said something to her partner and obviously pulled her panties aside. He reached over and began fingering her as she leaned into his shoulder.

Apparently all the fidgeting around was actually her being quite sexually excited, as it took no more than maybe two minutes before she let out an audible moan and spasmed into what appeared to be a very strong climax. A beautiful sight to see. I was hoping maybe she was multi-orgasmic and would repeat the scene, but unfortunately shortly after her orgasm, they get up to leave. She looked a bit shaky as they walked out of the theater.

Unfortunately, those experiences became less and less common as the VCR era had begun, and folks would rent movies to watch at home rather than go to the adult theater. Between that and the desire for communities to ban them, the adult theaters pretty much disappeared. In addition, as time went on, apparently too many couples were bothered by single guys in the theaters and most established couples only sections. I was always respectful and kept my distance, but I did experience guys that made themselves quite obvious, which was unfortunate. Anyway, those days are long gone. Thankfully, my wife was willing to do the public orgasm thing for my enjoyment. I just wish that I could experience that again for old times sake!

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