More Tara & Robert

More Tara & Robert[ ]Ultimately, it was eleven days before Tara and I managed to get back together again, and in that entire time, I wore the chastity cage without a single complaint! So, not only was I ready for an orgasm, but I was feeling quite proud of myself for having gone so long without one in order to please Tara!At first, Tara acted as if she was no hurry to remove the chastity cage, but this was her teasing him more; which she loved doing very much!”I’m really surprised you never started begging me to let you out of the cage, Robert!” Tara was smiling as she said that. ‘I’m PROUD of you for that! Way to go!””It wasn’t easy!” He replied.”I’m sure it wasn’t!” Tara said.”But, that’s the whole point of this chastity thing! If it was easy, it wouldn’t be so much fun!”Robert agreed.They talked for a while longer as Robert squirmed inside, eager to be allowed an orgasm at last! Yet even then he refused to beg.But before Tara took bursa escort the chastity cage off Robert, once again she had him go down on her and service her pussy. As he was tonguing her dripping wet pussy, she causally let drop that she’d gotten fucked earlier in the day by someone she’d known before knowing Robert.He raised his head up and saw her eyeing him. She smiled. “I hope you don’t mind,” she said, grinning even more broadly than before. This meant, of course, that there was still sperm inside of her pussy from the other guy!”That’s okay, isn’t?” she said.”Yeah,” he replied. “Sure. No problem,” and then he immediately resumed tonguing her now very sopping wet pussy; and as he did, he could detect a slightly different flavor, and that, he knew, had to be that other guys load of cum; or at least that which hadn’t oozed out after words.In fact, now that he’d been made aware of her previous fuck, his excitement climbed ever escort bursa higher! She had at least four separate orgasms as he worked her pussy with his tongue, and then she gently pushed him back, sat up on the edge of the mattress, and reaching for the key to the lock on his chastity cage, she removed the entire thing. As she did, his penis seemed to grow like some sort of time-lapse film of a flower blooming. It didn’t get truly big, or huge, but it was as erect as he would ever get. Tara smiled down at it.”Okay,” she said, “now jerk off on my tummy! I want to see you come.”Robert obeyed without question, of course, and he stood leaning against the mattress,and between Tara’s wide-spread legs, and it didn’t take him long (it never really did) before he groaned out loud as he began to ejaculate his long pent up load of sperm—and they both watched as it spurted surprisingly far for his usual orgasms!”Uhhhgod!” He kept saying, as bursa escort bayan he rapidly emptied his balls across the silky smooth surface of Tara’s abdomen, that part just above where her dark and lusterous pubic hair was—and some of his sperm even landed across her curly pubic hair, and looking a lot like different sized pearls. The pleasure of the release was so obvious, that Tara couldn’t help but smile broadly and happily.”Now, wasn’t that worth the wait?” She asked, staring up into Robert’s face.”Oh yes,” he said, and it clear that it had been the best orgasm he’d ever had.”Good,” Tara said, replying. “Because your going to wear this thing a lot. This was just the first of many!”Hearing that sent a shiver, a thrill running through him. “I think that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had,” he added, which made Tara smile even more.”Oh god!” She said, still laying back on the bed, and propped up on her elbows facing him, she added: “Now we’ve at last found a good and proper use for that little penis of yours! I knew we would!”And true to her word, that was going to be the way it would go. But Robert wasn’t going to complain! Far from it.The End

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