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Subject: More World Peace Chapter 10 All the usual disclaimers apply. If this material is illegal where you live, stop reading now ! The following is complete and utter fiction. It did not happen. These characters are not related in any way to any actual person or persons, living or dead. Got it ? Good ! Nifty needs our financial support to survive. Boys and men. Remember. Donation before fty/donate.html Please send constructive comments to hoo. Thanks, guys ! More World Peace 10 We were super excited to enter their jet and hug Hunky Matt and cute Kit. Our boys were wound up about this trip to a Father / Son event and just being together again ! After take off, Raven said we should take off our shirts and show our hosts the progress we made on our arms and abs. Kit and Matt joined us shirtless. Raven said,”What about this guy ?” Black told our flight attendant, Blake, he did not have to be the odd man out. The fit young guy smiled broadly as he unbuttoned and removed his shirt, revealing the spectacular upper body of a 19 year old UCLA baseball player and business major. istanbul travesti When he made his solid pecs dance up and down, Raven and Kit whooped and asked if they could touch. “Of course !,” Blake said. After topless Blake served us drinks and snacks, Matt briefed us on the event He told us we would spend one night in a luxury hotel in Dubai in the high rise where Tom Cruise filmed Mission Impossible. “Next day we take a helicopter with Lil Nas, Jake Gyllenhall and Logan Lerman out to a desert oasis where the Prince has an amazing palace. High security. Men with ear pieces and guns. We’ll relax and swim and lay out during the day and consume only soup and energy drinks. At about 8 pm the party begins. The Sex will go until dawn. Most guests will depart but if the Prince and his son, Abbas want another night with us we’ll be asked to stay. But we will have to go further, get wilder. The Prince can get pretty kinky and raunchy. Oh, by the way, Abbas means lion. He’s 14 and very sexually experienced. Kit and Raven should make friends with him. If you know what kadıköy travesti I mean. The boys smiled and fist bumped. “There will be about 50 guests, fathers and sons from all over the world. They all speak English and all sons must be at least 12. There may be younger boys but they are only allowed to watch their dad and older brother suck and fuck.” Everyone has been tested for STI’s and signed a Non disclosure Agreement like we did. The Prince has said NO cell phones / cameras and his guards will shoot any paparazzi that get near us. Kit said,”Raven says he has been stretching and you guys have been practicing the DP. With dildoes. and you brought a double headed dildo ! That is SO cool. Dad can we get one ? And why didn’t we bring the twins to watch us at the party ?” Matt said yes to the double dildo and maybe next time for the twins. Matt said,”Glad you practiced guys. We should enjoy the Sex but we are really putting on a show for the Prince and we’ve gotta earn the millions he’s paying us. I’m making more on this than I made on my last two films ! And bakırköy travesti if we please and impress the Prince and Abbas, he can put in a good word of recommendation to the next event host. The grandson of the Sultan of Brunei who has twin 13 year old boys. That guy could pay us even more than we are getting from the Prince ! It was funny when our pilot came back to brief us and saw us all barechested. “I guess I’m overdressed for this flight !”, he said. As we laughed he took his tie off and unbuttoned the two top buttons of his shirt before returning to the cockpit. We landed in New York and transferred, wearing shirts, to first class on a flight to Dubai. In our amazing hotel suite we found gift bags with iPods and iPads loaded with games and movies. And I showed Black and Raven the pouches of high tech douche called Future Method. And the Prince gave each of us a squeeze bulb and Spunk Lube that looks just like the real thing. Raven said, “Dads you gotta clean out cause after you guys DP me and feed me, I brought the strap on so I can pound you. I bet the Prince will like that. And you guys can pee on me. That’s called the Golen Shower, right ? I’ll ask Abbas if he knows if his dad likes that pee stuff.” “Dads this is gonna be FUN !” More World Peace 10 Please send constructive comments to hoo. Thanks, guys !

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