Subject: More World Peace Chapter 15 All the usual disclaimers apply. If this material is illegal where you live, stop reading now ! The following is complete and utter fiction. It did not happen. These. Characters are not related in any way to any actual person or persons, living or dead. Got it ? Good. ! Nifty needs our financial support to survive. Listen up boys and men. Donation before masturbation fty/donate.html Please send constructive comments to me at hoo. Thanks , guys ! More World Peace 15 Raven looked over at me and Black before he crawled over and sat his plump Boy Butt into the lap of Arab Prince A., Our gracious host with a big brown dad Dick ! Our Boy said loud enough for all of us to hear, “My Butthole twitches. Not itches. Twitches Like it wants or needs something up in there. Can you help me ?” Prince hugged our fit son tightly and said, “Young one. I know exactly what your tight boy hole needs. Big Arab COCK !” Then Prince A. Said, in Arabic, “More World Peace !” He stood up, took Raven’s had and lead all of us downstairs. Black and I, along with Matt B and his sexy son, Kit. Walked naked downstairs following Prince, Raven and the awesome brown bubble butt of Abbas. Behind us were stars Jake Gyllenhall and Lil Nas. Completely naked and fully boned just like the rest of us. We entered a concrete dungeon with multiple leather slings and other sexual contraptions. Lil Nas secured actor Jake to a Saint Andrew’s Cross and started beating his ass with a wooden. Frat Boy style paddle. Sexy Jake was a bitch in heat ! Prince told the three boys, Kit, Abbas and Raven to get up on the Lazy Susan in the middle of the big wooden table. The boys were on all fours in a three way kiss, sexy asses out. Prince gave the Lazy Susan a spin and the dads watched as the 3 Boy naked Butt Buffet went around. Black and I, along with Matt B and Prince A took turns chowing down on the pink and tender boy Rosebuds in our faces. So fuckin’ istanbul travesti tasty ! With 4 dads and 3 sons, three horny dads were eating hot boy butt and the odd dad out listened to the lusty sounds of energetic ass eating. After the Salad Tossing, our host wanted to take it up a few notches. Prince had a riding crop and was now using it to warm up the young asses of Raven and Abbas. They took turns holding each other steady as the Arabian Prince and horny father rained blows down hard on boy ass. Apparently, Prince A attended a British All Boys Academy and the Headmaster and his riding crop took a keen interest in the Prince’s hot teen ass. Abbas was being educated in England, just like his father before him. That explains why they both speak perfect King’s English in a charming British accent. Very sexy on these sexy brown bodies ! Black and I had horny fun paddling and heating up the sexy butts of actor, Matt Bomer and son, Kit. When my hot husband and I bent over, they returned the favor. Jake G was now spanking the hard and shiny ass of the highly successful rapper, Lil Nas . I watched as Prince and Abbas put my son, Raven, facing down in a modified sling. Prince was kneeling behind Raven, eating his tight hole snd wearing only knee pads. Shiny precum was gushing from his cock head. Raven moaned lightly but continuously as the man ate his asshole out like a hungry dog while Abbas fed his hard brown cock to my boy ! Matt, Kit and Black and I traded ass eating favors. Kit’s hole was so fuckin’ tight and toned . I Cannot Even describe how tasty it is. Yum ! After the spanking and ass eating and Talented tongue fucking, it was a pleasure to watch our hot host, Prince stand and impale Raven on huge long and girthy, Golden brown Dad Dick ! SO HOT ! Now Jake G.was fucking the shit out of Lil Nas and Black and I were deep pounding stripper and actor, Matt B and his teen son, Kit. Dad and son moaned and grunted in pleasure. kadıköy travesti I heard Raven yell, “Dads, I need you to watch these guys ffff fuck me from both ends !” Then Abbas, the young lion shoved his teen cock back in and started skull fucking our sweaty 13 year old, hard and deep. That signaled daddy Prince to step on the gas to power fuck our pride snd joy. The energetic slapping and fucking and sucking sounds were intense snd very stimulating ! Go Raven ! Prince and Abbas were fucking our boy so hard and deep with perfect teamwork. One would go in when the other pulled back. After a while they switched off and young Raven got to taste his own ass juice. Fuck yeah ! Proud of you son ! I had a feeling and told Black we needed to get under Raven and check out his hard spike. I could swear his three inches had grown to 4.5. When the fuck did that happen ? Black and I could just tell the father and son team was about to blow their big creamy cum loads deep into our hot and sweaty young teen son. Prince grunted through his orgasm and when Abbas started jetting his sperms into Raven’s mouth hole, my son had to swallow hard to keep up with the aggressive flow of semen. Oh fuck ! Raven was writhing and moaning. And then it happened. As I moved in to suck my boy to his next dry cum, our son blew his watery teen spunk into my mouth !!!! This was our precious son’s first Wet Orgasm ! Fuck. As Black rubbed his son’s smooth ball bag and dug his index finger into our kid’s belly button, I leaned in and shared our son’s first watery load with Raven’s other dad. Tasty. When Prince A. and his son, Abbas withdrew their sated, cocks, Black and I helped Raven out of the upside down sling. And we kissed him deep with passion and pride ! I told our son to squat down over my open mouth, push out and feed me Prince’s huge and creamy load of spunk ! He got most of the hot cream in my open mouth. Good ass aim. Good boy !! All the other hot bakırköy travesti and horny guys gathered around to watch Raven push a big hot cum load out of his hot hole and a dad feed cum back to his teen son and kiss him and then kiss his other dad. Oh fuck. I’m now shooting my sperms onto the extended tongues of my son and husband. Hot as fuck. Family Bonding, for sure ! Then Raven and Kit run off and come back quickly with a Double Headed Dildo for Jake G. And Lil Nas to put up their Old Town Back Road. Lol. And Raven brought his harness with strap on dildo. He ordered Prince A. To get his fat ass in the leather Sling. Abbas squeezed lube on Raven’s 9 inch strap on Cock. Abbas was super excited his American friend was gonna fuck his dad’s horny hole ! After a rough fuck, Raven pulled out and Abbas put on the harness and strap on., Abbas aka Lion, roared as he threw a hard fuck into his royal father’s juicy ass ! On the black leather couch, Jake G and Lil Nas were on their backs, grunting and pushing to fuck themselves. Hard and deep. Then these two hot studs got up on all fours, ass to ass. Black helped them lube up and insert the huge Double Headed rubber dildo so the men could rock and fuck their hungry assholes. Black and I really, really enjoyed fucking the fuck out of handsome father and son, Matt and Kit. Tight and horny holes, side by side in black leather slings. So hot. After a wild fuck, Black and I climbed into the same well used slings and the dad and fit son returned the sexual favor ! Jake and Lil Nas climbed in the slings and yelled they needed to be rode hard and put away wet ! All of us pitched in and took turns fucking white and black ass. Prince, Abbas, Matt, Kit, Black and me, Mac and our son, Raven. “Is that all you got, you motherfuckers ?,” yelled Jake G. He was in a sex stupor and wanted. Needed more ! “You three boys, your hands are small. Lube up your hand and insert three and then four fingers in my ass. Do it, you horny little studs !”, said Jake. “Now, put your whole hand up my ass. You can treat me like your meat puppet. I’m fuckin’ horny and I need you to Fist Fuck Me ! More World Peace 15. Please send me constructive comments to hoo. Thanks, guys!

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