Subject: More World Peace Chapter 2 All the usual disclaimers apply. If this material is illegal where you live, stop reading now ! The following is complete and utter fiction. It did not happen. These characters are not related in any way to an actual person or persons, either living or dead. Got it ? Good ! Nifty needs our donations to survive. Remember, men and boys. Donation before Masturbation ! http : // donate . Nifty . Org / donate . html Please send me constructive comments at hoo. Thanks, guys ! More World Peace 2 When our son, Raven heard “shower” he whooped, stripped off his boxer briefs and threw them at me ! Black and I watched his naked little 12 year old bubble butt climb the stairs. “Hurry up, Dada’s. I mean, Dads !,” Raven yelled over his shoulder. I lowered my voice and told my husband Black to not get too frisky in the shower. “No inappropriate behavior. I mean it, Black !,” Black turned to me and said he thinks Raven knows more about sex than we think he does. “You remember Mac, we decided not to put parental controls on the laptops.” “Did you check his search history ?,” I asked. “No, but maybe he found ours. Our subscriptions to Helix, Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher require our password. But each one of those sites have plenty of free stuff to pull you in,” Black said. “That’s true and our password is so fuckin’ easy to figure out,” I said. Mac&Black We walked into our master bathroom to find our cute naked son standing in our big, two shower head shower. Little dude was grinning ear to ear and rubbing his 3 inch spike with foreskin intact. Raven watched us closely as his two dads got naked. My acting career demands I stay in good shape and I have since my first science fiction role on a popular tv show when I was still a teenager. Black keeps fit with strenuous physical labor on our property. We were red hot for each other from the moment we met back in LA. The sex stayed strong in Denver and we still fuck like rabbits out here in the quiet country. When we fuck I try to keep the noise down but Black doesn’t seem to care. When I pushed down my boxer briefs, Raven saw my soft 7.5 inches and low hangers below a trimmed patch of pubes. “That’s big daddy ! Will mine….” Raven stopped. Black had stripped off his sweaty jockstrap and threw it at our boy, both laughing like crazy. Raven had a shocked look on his young face and when I looked at Black, I knew why. My husband was proudly displaying his 8 inch cut cock, hard as a fuckin’ steel rod, to our 12 year old son. I picked up my underwear and threw them at Raven to break the spell but this kid is hypnotized by hard Dick. Black was all smiles. The only thing to do is turn on the shower and start soaping up. Once the water temp was perfect, I squirted body wash into all of our hands. I was washing myself but almost immediately, Black and Raven were washing each other, running their soapy hands and fingers everywhere ! Black got down on his knees so our son could reach everything on his dad’s body. Black instructed Raven to wash his asshole as Black held his cheeks apart. Next it was ball washing and cock cleaning, with Raven istanbul travesti running his small soapy hands all over his studly dad’s most private areas. Our son looked so happy and excited. Can a 12 year old feel lust. Not sure. Not in any of my books. Raven looked over at me and pointed, “Dad has a boner too !” The kid was right, I had a semi going on the way to a full bone. What the fuck. I’m supposed to be the responsible adult here ! That’s when both Black and Raven attacked me laughing like mad men. Their soapy hands were all over my body and I tried to resist when my husband pulled my ass cheeks apart and told Raven to soap up my hole. “Get that daddy hole clean Ray, stick your finger in,” Said Black. I let out a huge moan then yelled, “Black ! That’s too much !” But I moaned again because Raven kept fingering my hole. I managed to turn around and Black instructed his son to soap up my big balls. I let out another moan that continued as Black stroked my hard cock just the way I like it. He used his thumb to rub my precum all over my sensitive cock head. He stuck his wet thumb in his mouth, got more and fed me my own precum which I live. So sweet. So sexy. Then I heard our son say, “Dad, I want some of that ! Black squeezed my shaft and a big gush of precum oozed onto His fingers. He told Raven to open up. I watched my husband make a big show of feeding my horny essence to our eager and willing 12 year old son. Oh fuck. This is happening ! He silenced my moan by sticking his hot tongue deep in my mouth. “Mac, we owe it to Raven to make this normal and fun. So follow my lead.” All I could croak out was,”Ok but don’t get carried away.” Black, declared,”Raven, it’s your turn to get washed. So bend over and spread those sweet cheeks, you hot little stud.” Black washed his son’s bubble butt with soapy hands while I steadied Raven’s body. I watched my husband stick his index finger in his mouth for natural lubrication. And I knew our young son was about to get a caring and his first finger fuck, under the guise of cleaning. But I was not expecting what I witnessed next. Black withdrew his finger and moved his handsome face in close to lick and tongue fuck tender virgin boy butt. OMFG, I can’t believe how erotic the scene in front of me is. I’m dripping sweet precum like a broken faucet. Raven was shaking and moaning. I know how he feels because Black eats my ass like a fuckin’ champ ! After a while, Black told our son to turn around and show us his boner. Black said, “That is a great looking hardon you got there son. We are very proud of you and your cock. And with enough jacking off and good nutrition, yours will grow much bigger like ours. ” My husband continued,”Hard dicks are for having fun but Ray, you gotta keep it very clean because you have a special cock with the right amount of skin at the tip ” I explained why his Dick looked different from ours and how he is the lucky one. Black took Raven’s small hand and guided our son in moving the foreskin back and forth, with his cock head popping out on each stroke. Father gave son instructions as Black used body wash to clean and kadıköy travesti jack our young son’s 3 inch spike. I could not help myself and I wanted to join Black in giving our son sexual pleasure. I sat down on the wet floor of the steamy shower and I spread my young son’s tender cheeks snd proceeded to eat out his virgin ass hole. It did not take long for the Dick rubbing and ass eating to bring young Raven to a shattering dry cum marked by violent shaking and high pitched squeals. Both of us held and rubbed his body lovingly until our precious son came back to earth from his first orgasm. It was an epic dry cum and a wiped out Raven sat down on the shower floor and watched his two dads wash and rinse themselves. A small voice said, “Dad and daddy, it makes me feel good. Happy when you kiss. Do it here like you do when you think I’m not looking. Please !” No harm in that, I thought. Black pressed his tight body and hard cock up against mine, took my head in his hands and started to aggressively make out with me in front of our son. “Yes, like that !,” Raven exclaimed. He kept going, “You guys have Big Boners and you told me those are for Fun. So show me how Big Boys have Fun ! And what did you say about good nutrition would help me grow. Down there. You know. You said it. Practice and good nutrition. ” Black piped up saying in a serious father voice, “Some guys believe that if young guys swallow the sperms from the cocks of older guys, the younger guys will build muscle and grow their cocks. That way they become Big Boys faster.” Our son said in a firm voice, “I believe that’s true, guys !” Raven looked up at us and said in a very serious voice, “I wanna be a Big Boy ! Uh. Uh. Uh. Will you guys uh uh. You know. Help me ? Please ! Black smiled and did not hesitate for a second. He started stroking his big hard cock and pointed it at Raven’s innocent face. I was conflicted and paralyzed between responsible parenthood and LUST as I watched what was happening in front of me. Then I heard my husband say, “Son, if you want me to jack off my cock and shoot my daddy sperm into your mouth, you have to say these words. Dad, I want you to feed me your dad sperm. ” Raven did not flinch or hesitate even a second. He repeated every horny, sexy word in his 12 year old and determined voice. “Feed Me, Dad ” Oh fuck, I thought. Our son wants this. Wants it. Bad. Black said, “Good boy. We are so proud of you, you ng man ” He looked over and winked at me and smiled. “I want you to open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue to catch every drop of muscle growing and cock enlarging protein. Swallow my precious sperms as fast as you can son. ” “Yes, dad,” Raven responded. “And your other dad is going to back you up and help you out. Mack, get down behind Raven and use your fingers to hold his mouth open wide. And you can whisper instructions in his ear. You guys may need to suck out the last few drops of my semen. Don’t want that to go to waste ! It only took a few minutes of stroking for Black to start moaning and grunting and shouting, “I’m coming, boys, take my big looooaaad, son !” There must have bakırköy travesti been five strong ropes of cum that shot out of Black’s big cock and Into our son’s open mouth. I told him to swallow again and again and again. The semen that landed on his face I pushed into his mouth with my fingers. Raven had swallowed a bunch of dad cum but he licked and sucked greedily on my spermy fingers. I told our son we now needed to suck the last few drops of spunk out of Black”s Dick head. He should go first and I would bat cleanup on his dad’s Dick. I told Raven,”Use your lips and tongue and suction. Do not let your teeth scrape dad’s cock, ok ?” Our son kept his serious look and nodded yes to me. When he took the tender cockhead in his young mouth, Black moaned loudly. The same moan when I took my turn. I knew what was coming next. “Raven, now you get to find out if Mac’s cum tastes the same as mine. Are you ready, men ?” Yes, I’m ready, dad,” said Raven in an excited voice. You could see the boy light up when We referred to him as one of us men. Huge smile. “Me too,” I said. We’ve come this far. It feels good and Raven seems to be having a great time. Let’s go. Fuck I’m gonna blow a big hot creamy load into our young son’s mouth, held wide open by my naked husband kneeling on the floor behind Raven. “Come on, Mac, feed this young and horny stud, our fuckin’ cum hungry son.” Black said loudly, the words bouncing off the walls of the big shower stall. “Yeah, dad. I’m hungry. Feed me your cum. I want it. I need it, dad.” “Ok, young man, I’m gonna blast my sperms in your mouth and my spunk will slide down into your belly and mix with Black’s spunk. You are gonna get a tasty Daddy Cum Cocktail to help you grow up big and strong !” “Here it comes !!!!!” Four white ropes of splooge flew from my cockhead into young Raven’s wide open and thirsty mouth ! Black did not whisper. In a full voice he praised and encouraged our cum guzzling son and reminded him about sucking cock for the last few drops. Just like I had done earlier, Black scooped up my cum that decorated Raven’s face and fed it to the eager boy. The only difference is Black licked the remaining cum into his mouth and then snowballed sperm and spit into our son’s mouth. SO hot. I could see Raven was shocked at first. Not by the sperm and spit. He took that in stride. But I knew from experience that this insatiable dad was using his tongue to explore and probe every inch of Raven’s virgin mouth. But fuck if I didn’t see our boy tongue his dad back and aggressively suck his fathers tongue and bite his lower lip. Wow. Black leaned down and licked and sucked up blobs of my sperm that were on the floor tile. Black said nothing but pointed at more random drops of semen and made eye contact with our son. Raven knew just what to do. Without any hesitation, our sexy son dropped down and became a human Hoover vacuum cleaner, sucking up and licking up any cum drops Black pointed out. When they could find no more spunk, they tongue wrestled and moaned in each other’s mouths. Wow. Eventually they remembered me and brought me in for a tight hug and a three way kiss, Black and I lifting our amazing son up to our level. The hot water was cooling so we quickly rinsed off and used fluffy white towels to dry our naked bodies. Please send constructive comments to me at hoo. Thanks, guys ! Want more or is that enough ?

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