Mormon Sister in Law


Here I was fucking my nineteen-year-old sister-in-law, while my wife slept. How could I do this? Yes, she was hot and she had been coming on to me for a year now. How did this little Mormon girl seduce me? I have been married for six years to her sister since she was thirteen when I met her. She was always the pretty one, the one who always got her way. She lived with her mom most of her life, a strict Mormon who kept a short leash on her and her sister. She would come to visit her dad and her stepsister every other weekend and try to take in the stuff her mom would not let her enjoy at home. She always made me buy her a Frappuccino; even as a little girl, she was rebellious.When she turned seventeen she decided that she would not go to a Mormon college and her mother had an attack. She forced her to reconsider by telling her she would be cut off. Reluctantly she left for a university in Utah. I later would find out that she had a boyfriend during high school who she would jerk off and would go down on her from time to time. She was rebellious in high school too. After her first semester at BYU, she came to visit us and she was different now, she was a beautiful young woman. With beautiful 34 C breasts on a 5’7 frame with an ass that could hold a mug of beer on it while bahis şirketleri standing. When I walked in from work and saw her, I didn’t even recognize her. The look she gave me was not that of a little sister.I would later find out that she had gotten almost laid in college and she had questions. My wife proceeded to tell her about our sex life and what we did, making her curious and wanting to experience something similar. We decided to go camping, we brought Helen her younger sister along with us too, Helen was one year younger than Mandy. We all went swimming on the lake and I decided to head back to camp; Mandy had left earlier.When I got to the camp, I saw the sexiest thing I had seen in a long while. Mandy was sitting on her sleeping bag with her bikini pulled to the side, flicking her little clit back and forth. One of her tits was out and she had this beautiful nipple that was so light it was almost indiscernible. God she was fucking hot, I watched her play with herself, for what seemed like twenty minutes, but really was like two.I heard Julie my wife and Helen walking back to camp and was startled back to reality. I could have sworn she saw me looking at her, but she never looked up and disaster was averted. We all had a few drinks and her sisters had wine bahis firmaları for the first time. They seemed to really enjoy themselves and eventually, they all started to talk about boys and sex. I was asked some very daring questions which I tried to answer as technically as I could.That night in the tent I fucked Julie like I hadn’t in a few years, all I could think of was Mandy my sister-in-law’s pretty little pink pussy, and her beautiful tit.The next day all day long she kept finding ways to be near me and play around me, I could have sworn that she was trying to get my attention, I didn’t dare give her any attention, didn’t want to get killed there in the middle of nowhere. I survived this and it became just a good memory that I used in my sex life from time to timeIt was when her second year of college started that she called my wife and asked her if she could come and stay with us for a few months. She wanted to look into transferring to the local college. We would find out that she was being pressured into going on a mission and she was not one-hundred percent convinced she wanted to do it. So she figured she would try to make it on her own outside of her Mormon faith.My wife asked me if I would be ok with it and me being the good husband and brother-in-law kaçak bahis siteleri I was, I quickly accepted. She moved in and we soon found ourselves drinking together on the weekends, we would all watch movies together and drink a little. This led to her being more forward with me and my wife, she had been talking to my wife while I was at work about what guys enjoyed in bed. My wife told her how she enjoyed blowing me and how much I enjoyed it. She asked her about sexual positions and what I and my wife enjoyed. She seemed to be really curious about sex Julie would say.The next weekend I was out with my friends and when I came back home I saw that Helen was over and all 3 of them had been drinking, I could see two empty bottles of wine on the floor and a 3rd almost gone. I walked in and they were drunk, Julie walked up to me and gave me a big sloppy kiss. I could tell she was horny for some reason. Mandy and Helen then both walked over and gave me a kiss too but in a playful manner. At least Helen did, Mandy kissed me on my mouth, not dead on but she touched my lips. I was instantly hard, I brought over a fourth bottle of wine and we started chatting, when Julie excused herself to the bathroom, Mandy let it slip that they had watched porn together. Apparently, someone asked about it, and having not seen any before they decided to give it a chance, but they were not supposed to tell me anything about it. Before I could ask any further questions, Julie was back, and we all started watching some tv.

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