Morning Glory

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All characters are aged 18 or over.

I was so tired, but again I couldn’t sleep. It had been the same for a whole week, in school I had been totally brain dead. But it was the weekend tomorrow and I couldn’t wait to sleep in.

But damn. I tried counting sheep, all the usual. Finally, desperate, I kicked off my covers and decided to masturbate, that always seemed to make me sleepy. So I got out my phone and looked at pictures of my sisters friends at school, real sexy.

I was soon hard and jerking my cock and then. Nothing. I must have just nodded off to sleep like that. It was a heavy sleep, a deep sleep with strange dreams but, thank god, I slept through till morning.

I woke up to a strange sound. Sort of like someone licking their lips, or sucking on a lollipop.

My heavy sleep-filled eyes squinted open to reveal, right next to my bed, my sister wrapped in her bath robe with her hand between her legs! And the sound…it was her hand. She was…and I was…butt naked!

Lying spread eagled on my bed, the covers still on the floor where I kicked them. I squinted down to my cock and sure enough I was rock hard with my usual morning wood.

I tried to lay totally still. This was crazy! My sis was just inches away from me, her eyes glued to my big stiff cock and her hand working furiously between her legs. I struggled to keep my breathing under control as her left hand slowly reached out over my body until it hovered just above my now leaking cock.

The squelching sound of her hand between her legs was growing ever louder as her other hand gently lowers itself onto my cock, where it took a very gentle hold. My precum rolled down my shaft and collected on her hand.

Then I felt her hand on my cock tighten and start to shake. Now I opened my eyes fully to see my sister’s whole body start to quake like she was possessed by some sort of devil. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and her face flushed bright red.

As she was in the throes of her orgasm her towel fell off her body and revealed to me her quivering canlı bahis body in all its beautiful glory. Her pussy was glistening all over with her juices, with two fingers firmly clamped inside her spasming cunt. She had a totally bald vagina bar a small strip above her clit, like a pornstar would have.

Her waist was small and tight…but her tits! I don’t know how to describe them. They were big, definitely bigger than I had imagined. But not just big, they were sort of pointy, they were pert and perky, not round and sagging like other girls. Her nipples were pointing up at a 45 degree angle, pinky and small, but I could see they were totally erect as her spasming body made them shake. She was stunning.

And damn, I couldn’t help myself. With her small hand still clamped tight around my throbbing cock. I reached out to her waist and pulled her hard toward me.

I saw her eyes open in shock and awe as I dragged her naked quivering body onto my own naked body. I could see the fear in her eyes but as soon as our naked bodies touched she immediately relaxed and started to gyrate against me.

I could feel her beautiful tits on my chest, her erect nipples poking into mine. Her face was buried into my neck and I could hear her moaning softly. Her hands seemed to be clamped; one inside her own pussy and the other onto my cock.

Fuck this was so hot. I’d always known my sister was hot and sexy, I’d even fantasised about her a couple of times, but this was too good to be true. Her cumming cunt was spilling its juices all over my hard cock and balls.

I could feel her spasming body start to relax and regain some control. Soon her flushed face was all over mine, kissing and licking me. She was fucking horny. Her hands unclamped themselves and soon they were roaming all over my body and cock.

She continued to jerk and kiss me as she whispered to me softly, “Oh my god bro, your cock is so big! Why did you never tell me?! It’s so hot, I just couldn’t help myself. Hope you don’t mind.”

“What? Are you kidding me? I’ve always dreamt bahis siteleri of this, but I never knew you were so hot and sexy, your titties really turn me on!”

“Oh yeah?” She laughed at me. With one last kiss she leant back so I got a perfect view looking up at her heaving chest. Wow, they were even better up close.

“That’s so hot!” I gasped.

“You don’t have to tell me, I can feel your cock below me! Have you ever…y’know..?”

“Had sex?” I dropped my head, “No. you?”

“Just once, but he wasn’t so big like you. Do you think, would you wanna…?”

“Fuck yes sis, I wanna fuck you so bad, you’re so fucking sexy I’m gonna bust a nut just looking at you!”

“You better not! I wanna feel you inside me!”

With that she lifted her hips off me and scooted her ass onto my thighs. She looked down onto my cock, “Oh my god bro, it’s like a fucking cucumber! This is gonna be so hot!” She took my cock in her hands, “Are you sure you want this?”

“I’m so sure sis. Please, just do it!”

With that she kneeled up above my cock and lined it up with her tight pussy lips. She ran my cock head up and down her slit and moaned deeply. Then she put it directly at the entrance to her little cunt and started to lower herself onto me, centimetre by centimetre.

I could see her body stiffen as she struggled to take all of me inside her. Neither of us spoke as she slowly but surely engulfed my cock with her tight flaming pussy until she finally had me all the way inside. She was struggling to breathe.

“Oh my fuck bro,” she panted. “That’s so fucking deep. It feels so good, oh my god I love your cock inside of me!”

She started rocking back and forth on top of me. I was in absolute heaven, transfixed by her beautiful body, her perfect pert tits rocking back and forth as her tiny shaved pussy struggled to take me inside of her.

Soon her pace increased and she really started panting and moaning.

“Oh yes bro, just there! Just there!”

Soon she was lifting herself off me ever so slightly and then slamming back bahis şirketleri onto me.

“Oh yeah sis that feels so good, just like that!”

She smiled a horrible dirty smiled at me, full of lust and desperation as she started to really fuck me. She was lifting herself four or five inches off me now before slamming back onto me, each time making a slap as her clit slapped into the puddle of our juices forming around my cock.

“Sis, fuck! You’re gonna make me cum sis! Stop! I can’t cum inside you! Sis!”

But she just kept on fucking me harder and faster and deeper.

“I want you to cum inside of me!” She wailed as she continued her relentless fucking.

“Sis I can’t! What if you get pregnant?!”

“I don’t care! I need your cum inside of me! It feels so good! Cum for me bro, cum inside your little sister!”

This had got way out of control. Her tits were leaping up and down, I couldn’t tear my eyes away and then I felt my balls tense up.

“Sis!” I shouted as my whole body tensed up and the greatest orgasm of my life tore through me, “I’m cumming!”

For a split second my eyes caught hers, where there was a strange mix of fear and thrill and lust and love.

“Ah!” The first jet of cum burst out of me and deep into my sister. Just then I felt her hands grab hard onto my chest as her own orgasm started. She stopped humping up and down on me as she again lost control of her body.

I could feel her quivering pussy clamp hard down onto my erupting cock, locking my pulsating cock deep inside her as our orgasms became one.

I practically blacked out for what t must have been a minute but felt like much longer, our two bodies shuddering and vibrating pleasure onto the other.

Eventually we came to, her face in mine we shared a kiss and she collapsed on top of me, my now soft cock still inside her.

“Bro, you’re the fucking best. I’ve never cum so hard in my life. The feeling of your fat cock exploding inside me was just so hot.”

“Likewise sis. Your body is so sexy, your tits so perfect, your pussy so pretty and tight.”

“Mmm. It’s yours brother, whenever you want me, I’m yours.”

And just like that we fell asleep in each other’s arms, our bodies still combined, and a beautiful relationship was born.

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