Morning Wood


I wake up Saturday morning and notice that I’m awake before you for a change. Cuddling up to you, I decide to give you a great morning. I slide down your body until my mouth is over your morning wood. I look up at you as I lick from the base up to the tip, then wrap my lips around the head. I keep looking to see if you’re waking up yet, while I swirl my tongue around and flick my tongue against your head. I slide my lips further down your shaft and see you waking up. I suck harder and use my hand to massage your balls when you look at me moaning, moving your hand to my hair. I push your cock to the back of my throat and hold you there as long as I can. You start pulling and pushing my head as fast as you like. I suck harder, working your cock. I feel your fingers in my hair pushing my hair back to watch me. I keep the blowjob going trying to work up your orgasm.

Instead you tug my hair and my head off your cock. You get behind me, putting me on my hands and knees, ass in the air and you push your cock into my wet cunt. You slide all the way in, making me moan and spreading my legs wider for you. Then you start long slow, strokes, rubbing all over my body. I push my hips back against you, getting you deeper inside me. I feel you grab my hips tight, and you speed up, going harder. pendik escort It’s one of my favorite positions, and you know just how I like it.

You fuck me hard and fast. You wrap your hand around my hair and pull back. I’m yelling now, begging for more. You know me well enough to know I’m close to cumming. My pussy is dripping wet and you hear your balls slapping against my clit. You give my ass a few slaps before I scream that I’m cumming. You lean over my back while still fucking me hard and deep, and bite all over my neck and shoulders. I cum so hard when you play rough with me, and this orgasm is huge. I’m still trying to make it last when I feel you pull out. I start to turn around to see why, when I feel your cock against my asshole. You push firmly while rubbing my back and telling me to relax. I take a deep breath and groan when I feel you slide in, still turned on from my orgasm. You’re cock is so big that even though we’ve done this before, you start slow. You hold still and let me push myself back onto you, breathing fast and working you all the way in.

You grab my hips and pull me the rest of the way until you’re balls deep inside my tight ass. I shift my hips around, and you take that as your cue. You take long, slow strokes, letting me get used to the tuzla escort feeling. When you hear me moaning, you know I’m ready. You start going harder, and I love it. I’m talking dirty to you, begging you for more and moaning my approval every time you go deep inside me. Before you speed up, you reach over to the bedside table, and grab my vibrator. You hand it to me, and go back to thrusting hard, making my back arch and groan.

I take my vibrator, and start it slow against my clit. I’m already dripping wet, and instantly I’m on the edge of an orgasm. I take it away and turn it high, and slide it in my pussy. It’s such a tight fit with you in my ass and I feel so full. You groan loud as I put it in and go deep and hold for a second feeling the vibrator against your cock, before going rough. You speed up and go hard and deep. I scream your name as I cum hard. I scratch at the bed and thrust my hips back against you. You feel me cum immediately. My muscles clench on your dick and the toy and you feel it all. You grab my hips tighter to keep me still while you fuck me through my orgasm. My legs shake and my mind is a blur as my orgasm goes on.

Between me cumming and screaming it out, and feeling the high vibrations, you’re close to orgasm too. You lean down and wrap your arm kartal escort around me while still fucking hard, and tell me you’re going to cum. Still in my orgasmic haze, I hear you and begin begging for your cum deep in my ass. That seems to do it for you. You double your efforts, getting as deep as possible, shoving your hips hard and still feeling my ass gripping you, the high vibrations against the head and shaft of your cock, and hear me screaming your name and begging for cum. Your orgasm hits hard and you tighten your arm around me, throw your cock as far into me you can and bite down on my neck. I hear you groan as you bite down and I love it. I feel your body shaking and I shift my hips around to help your orgasm last and reach for the vibrator moving it slightly in and out to rub on your cock. You shoot spray after spray of cum deep inside me, biting harder after each one. As your orgasm is ending, I finally pull the toy out of my cunt, covered in cum and more of it dripping out of me. We both sigh loudly as I do, and you slowly pull your cock from my ass, still holding me tight, and fall to the bed on our side.

Once we catch our breath, I turn my head slightly, and say “Good morning babe” smiling contently. We ultimately decide on a shower together after a short recovery time. You make sure you tell me that you want me to walk around all day with your cum inside me, and that you’ll help, by adding cum to my pussy in the shower too. I smile to myself and think of what a lucky woman I am.

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