Moroccan Vacation


The breeze off the Atlantic was welcomed with a smile. It had been a long day and now all she wanted was to sit still, enjoy the twilight on the terrace surrounded by bougainvillea’s and perhaps have another glass of wine. It was early and she had the hotel terrace almost all to herself.

As if he read her mind, a waiter appeared and she ordered another glass. She looked around she couldn’t believe she was actually here after all these years. She had finally come to Casablanca. Ever since she had heard Ingrid Bergman whisper “Play it again, Sam” she had been captivated by the mystique of the country. She remembered a line from another movie, ‘Patton’, when George C. Scott said that Morocco was the perfect combination of Hollywood and the Bible. She could hardly wait to start exploring all that she had read about and managed to glean off movies.

She was looking at brochures outlining different tours of the area when a shadow fell over her and she looked up expecting to see the waiter returned with her glass of wine. Instead there was a tall man with his back to the sun so that she had to shade her eyes with her hand to try to see his face. “I beg your pardon,” he said, “but I wanted to make sure everything was to your liking. My name is Chase Dumond and I’m the manager of the hotel … I like to introduce myself to all or guests.”

He had seen her when she checked in. The thing that first brought her to his attention was her voice. His back had been to her when she first spoke, but there was a softness in it that made him turn around. What he saw there made his chest contract and he was aware of a stirring in his groin.

At the registration desk was a beautiful young woman. She didn’t realize she was under scrutiny, so he took his time looking her over. She was petite, probably not much over 5’1″, her auburn hair was short and combed back to show a profile that was of cameo quality, her soft curves were far from voluptuous but were proportioned nicely to her size.

He immediately wanted to meet her, so a little white lie about introducing himself to all the guests came easy.

It took a few seconds for her eyes adjusted to the light then she saw that Chase held two glasses of wine, “Do you mind if I sit down,” he didn’t wait for her answer as he handed her one of the glasses. “Welcome to Casablanca, Miss …” She scooted up in her chair and responded “Clare Andrews”.

She lifted the glass to her lips and observed Chase Dumond over the rim. He sat down and casually stretched out his long legs crossing them at the ankles. He wore a very well tailored suit of a brown light weight wool and a silk tie and she couldn’t help but notice how attractive he was.

His face was slender with brown eyes that were so dark she almost thought they were black. His hair was dark and when he smiled he showed a row of white teeth that contrasted against his tan. He was tall and well made, even under the suit jacket she could sense his broad shoulders and chest, and the thought of being pressed against that chest came unbidden and was shocking to her.

It had been months since she had even noticed a man. She had just come off a big case that left little time for her personal life. Now suddenly there was an attractive man sitting with her on a terrace more than 3,000 miles from home and she was responding to him. More than responding, she was entranced by Chase Dumond good looks and casual self-assurance.

“I see you are looking at tour brochures. Do you know what you want to see?”

She chuckled, “Oh yes. I know exactly where I want to go and what I want to see. Of course there are some new places like the Grand Mosque that I’d like to see, but I can’t wait to visit the medina and the marketplaces. I’m looking forward to the bargaining with the shopkeepers. The larger things like the oriental rug and brass pieces I want to buy can be shipped home, the smaller things like Moroccan leather can be carried home in an empty piece of luggage I brought.”

He laughed, “It seems you’ll be needing a porter, not a guide.”

She continued as though he’d never said anything, “And I want to go to the ruins of Volubilis. I want to see the mosaics in the House of the Labors of Hercules and the House of Orpheus. I want to wander through the ruins, to walk where people in the third century walked.”

“I want to see belly dancers, and camels. I want to eat couscous and drink mint otele gelen escort tea …”

He laughed again, “I see you have already planned out almost your whole vacation.”

She blushed, “I’ve waited a long time to get here, Mr. Dumond, I can rest when I get back home … I’m afraid I am a typical card carrying, camera toting tourist.”

“Not so typical these days … after 9/11 I’m afraid the tourist trade from America has been almost non-existent.”

“I’ve been saving and planning for this trip for a long time. There was no way I could have put it off not even for a day.” Unwilling to let the conversation die quite so easily she added, “Tell me where are you from … I can’t seem to place the accent.”

“I’m from right here is Casablanca, my mother was Moroccan and my father was French. I grew up not far from here and went to school in Paris, something my father insisted upon. After graduating from the University I came back and started to work at this very hotel as a desk clerk. I worked my way up over the years and now I manage it.”

Before she knew it the twilight had become darkness and they had been talking for over an hour. They talked about their diverse experiences growing up, about the hotel, about her job as a paralegal. When she finally realized what time it was Clare asked him, “Could you recommend one of the agencies to guide me. It would be nice to have someone around who had a car and knew his way around.”

He sat up and leaned his forearms on the table, “I decided over an hour ago that I would be your guide. I can’t think of a more pleasant way to spend tomorrow than showing you around Casablanca.”

“Mr. Dumond …”

“Call me Chase, and I won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.”

“Alright Chase, if you are sure …”, she said uncrossing her fingers. She added, “And since we are going to be spending the day together tomorrow, please call me Clare.” She pushed my chair back and started to stand.

He rose with her, “I will walk you to your room.”

“That’s not necessary.,.”

“Nonsense” he said walking around the table and taking her elbow.

They didn’t talk all the way across the lobby and up the elevator to her room. Clare was unexpectedly enveloped by the essence of him. His hand on the small of her back, the smell of him, the very nearness of him all unnerved her.

When they got to her room he said, “I’ll meet you in the lobby at 9:00 in the morning.” He then leaned down and brushed his lips across hers in the briefest of kisses. He said, “That’s something else I decided I want to do over an hour ago.”

She put her fingers to her lips and stared at him as he turned to go. She opened the door to her room and went quickly inside. As soon as she shut the door she began to tremble, “What?” Clare said to herself, “You’re a school girl now? One kiss and you tremble?” She shook her head chiding herself.

The next morning she ordered a croissant and café au lait from room service. While she waited on it she took a shower, she considered several outfits and discounted every one. “Why am I being so picky?” She surprised to realize that she wanted to look pretty … pretty for Chase. Clare sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at herself in the mirror. “You’re making too much out of this, old girl,” she said out loud to herself.

There was a knock at the door indicating room service had arrived. Clare put on a robe and let the waiter in with the cart. As soon as she had torn the croissant apart and buttered it she walked over to the closet again.

This time she chose a green cotton sundress. She put it on and looked at herself again in the mirror, “Not too bad, Clare.” She noticed how the material softly draped over every curve and the color brought out the jade color of her eyes. She smiled at the reflection. After eating her croissant while she was getting her make-up on and doing her hair, she slipped on a simple pair of sandals and went down to the lobby to meet Chase.

Chase broke into a smile when he saw he, “Good morning, Clare. I thought we would go to the souk first …”

“The souk?”

He smiled down at her causing butterflies in her stomach, “The marketplace.” He guided her through the lobby and opened the car door. He settled himself in the driver’s seat and smoothly pulled into traffic.

Clare sat there unable pendik escort to think of anything to say, almost unable to breathe. Luckily they arrived at the marketplace in very little time. As he led her into the twisting, turning alleyways of the souk she was astounded by the sights and sounds of it. There was a fragrance in the air Clare soon realized were spices, turmeric and saffron mingled with cumin and cinnamon. It was if the whole country were scented by spices.

The souk was everything Clare had hoped it would be. She first stopped by a shop no bigger than a horse stall where all manner of hammered brass and copper took up every square inch of available space and glimmered in the sunlight. After a brief haggling session she walked out with a bucket she thought could hold her magazines.

As Chase took the parcel from her he said, “You’re going to have to be much tougher with your bargaining … you were virtually robbed! Let me show you how it’s done at the next shop.”

And Chase was good to his word. The next shop sold Moroccan leather. He walked around until Clare saw a brief case she wanted. Then he went into action offering a third of what the shop owner was asking. They bickered back and forth for some time and then acting exasperated, he put his arm around Clare’s waist and steered her toward the exit. The shop owner came down the steps and relented somewhat on his price. Chase winked at Clare and began the dickering once more. In the end he bought the briefcase for half of the shop owner’s original price.

The afternoon saw Clare becoming a skilled bargainer as she went from shop to shop, necessitating Chase to make several trips to his car to deposit her purchases.

On the way back to the hotel Chase asked, “Did you enjoy yourself?”

“Oh, more than you could possibly know. And, it wasn’t just the shopping … the sights and sounds will stay with me for a lifetime. The water peddler with his wide-brimmed straw hat and brass cups, the dentist sitting there cross-legged on his mat patiently waiting for a customer, the musicians and dancers, the storytellers … it was so much more than I had ever imagined!”

“Well then, my services as a guide and errand boy were successful. Are you tired?”

“I’m too jazzed up to be tired! It’s a shame that a day like today can’t go on forever.”

“It’s lucky for you, then, that I made reservations at the Blue Parrot Café for dinner. Your day hasn’t ended yet.”

She gave him a radiant smile, “Oh Chase, that would be lovely!”

She was interrupted as they pulled in front of the hotel and the valet opened her door. Chase got out and gave instructions that the packages in the car be delivered to the concierge to arrange for shipping.

He took both of her hands in his, “You have time for a bath. I’m going to take care of a few things, then I’ll meet you in the lobby again at 7:00.”

She looked at him through her eyelashes, “I’ll be here.”

They arrived at the Blue Parrot and were shown to a table next to the stage. As Chase followed her to the table he was aware of the stares Clare received. It was no wonder, she had worn a simple black dress that hugged every curve and the high heels she wore made her hips sway provocatively.

He ordered for them both and then the lights went down in the restaurant while local musicians took the places sitting cross-legged on one side of the stage. As they began to play a woman took the stage dressed in a sequined tribal bra, matching skirt and hip belt. Her eyes were outlined in kohl and her graceful hands held finger cymbals.

She began by tapping the finger cymbals to the rhythm of her belly rolls, the dance progressed to hip bumps around the stage. Clare watched spellbound by the movements and music. She finished her dance with whirls that set her skirt flying and toppled into a backbend to the enthusiastic applause of the audience.

Their meal arrived and they ate with appreciation. Clare said smiling, “I didn’t know shopping all day could work up such an appetite.”

Chase looked at her with desire in his eyes, “I prefer to think of it as building my strength up for more important things.”

Clare didn’t say anything, but his words sent a volt of electricity to her very core.

They were strangely quiet for the rest of the meal, almost as if to acknowledge that rus escort polite conversation would take valuable minutes away from the rest of their evening.

On the way back to the hotel Chase reached over for her hand. Clare looked at him without smiling as he lifted her hand to his mouth and kissed it. The electricity hit her again and she was aware of the affect he was having on her. He said not a word to her when they got back to the hotel.

He walked her to the elevator and when the doors closed he took her in his arms. Lowering his head ever so slowly he kissed her, taking her lower lips into his mouth and nibbling it. He felt her shiver and she went up on tip toes, her hands slid up his muscled chest and then around his neck and she returned his kiss.

The elevator opened and Chase took her hand and led her to the door of his suite. There was no need for words now, they had communicated their longings and desires with a kiss, so when he opened the door there was no need to be coy. Chase picked her up and carried her into the bedroom, their eyes never breaking the bond that had formed between them.

He put her down just inside the door, “I’ve wanted to undress you since the first moment I laid eyes on you,” and his mouth came down on hers holding her lips captive while his hands went to her zipper. She was vaguely aware of her zipper being pulled down and the dress being pulled from her shoulders.

Chase bent his head kissing her throat and trailing down to the tops of her breast. Clare closed her eyes and held his head. As the dress slipped to the floor she was left standing in only her lace panties and bra. He reached around and unhooked her bra sliding it down her arms. “My God, you are beautiful,” he whispered just moments before he took one of her nipples in his mouth. Clare made a mewling sound deep in her throat as she unbuttoned his shirt.

Chase stood to allow her to finish unbuttoning his shirt and gasped as she stepped closer to him running her hands across his chest and finding his nipple her tongue went out and captured it.

He steered her toward the bed and when she felt it behind her knees she eased herself down on it. Her eyes never left Chase as he removed his socks and shoes and finally his pants, she could see the evidence of his arousal pressing boldly against his boxer shorts. She held up her arms to him and he lay beside her once again cupping one of her breasts in his hands and his tongue laving circles around her nipple on the other one. She arched her back encouraging him.

Clare had always had sensitive breasts and soon a small orgasm erupted from her. Chase was surprised and delighted as he looked into her eyes filled with desire. He bent his head to hers, kissing her while his hand found the tops of her panties and he began to pull them down. Clare lifted her bottom and her panties were quickly on the floor.

Chase raised his head as his hand ran up her thigh until it reached the curls between her legs. He cupped her mound as he said, “Look at me.”

Clare opened her eyes as his fingers slowly parted her nether lips. She couldn’t help the sharp intake of breath when his fingers delved into her and his thumb found her clit. She closed her eyes and reached for his cock. He scooted his hips away, “Not yet, little one. Let me see your eyes. I want to see the passion building in you.”

Clare did as he asked as her hips began moving. He could see the hunger building in her, threatening to consume her and he marveled at the rapture in her face when she finally came. His hand slowed down allowing her to drift back to earth. When Clare finally stopped quivering she murmured, “Please Chase … I need you to fill me …”

He supported himself in his hands, her hands encircling his biceps, as he slowly filled her. She felt like it was the first time … she felt him stretch her as he entered her. As they began to move together the sound of flesh on flesh filled the room mixed with her moans of pleasure. She waited for him to reach his climax and the came together. She saw the tendons in his neck stand out and his head fall back, she heard his growl as he emptied himself into her. Together the soared through the universe and were assaulted by colors neither one had ever seen.

He collapsed on her and his weight felt strangely comforting as she enfolded him in her arms. She kissed his jaw and throat and her hands caressed his back.

“Don’t leave me yet,” she pleaded with him. Chase rolled to the side and kept his cock in her. She fell asleep with that sensual bond still between them, and he kissed the top of her head before drifting off to sleep himself.

His last thought was of her smile. He felt he must bask in the glory of her smile again … maybe at Volubilus.

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