Mother and Daughter Fantasy Ch. 04


Just now I am sitting at the PC wearing nothing but a blue thong just wishing this fantasy that I am relating to you was true;

It starts with my sister Kath phoning me up to see if I am serious about having sex with Becky my 18 year old niece, her daughter. I tell her that I am desperate so Kath tells me to get to her house quick.

I arrive to be greeted by Kath with a nice long kiss and she tells me that Becky has just gone into the shower and “might” need a hand. Being a fantasy Kath’s bathroom door doesn’t have a lock on it, so I can march straight in.

Becky is standing in the bath as the shower is directly over the tub and she is only half covered by a shower curtain as I walk in.

“Shit Aunty Allison, you scared me.”

“Sorry Becky, your Mum never said you were in here and I need the toilet desperately,” I say.

By now I have got quite a good look at my horny little niece who is soaking wet. She is about 5 feet 6 inches tall with a lovely slim figure, but of course her proudest asset, like her Mum, is her fantastic tits, 36D and it is these I am staring at when she says, “Well if you are desperate you had better go.”

“Don’t you mind,” I ask.

“No, not as long as you don’t, me and my mates are always sharing cubicles when we are out.”

I am surprised but overjoyed, so as she continues to soap her wonderful young body, I pull down my jeans, slip my thong down and sit down on the toilet. Becky has her back to me now and I marvel at her wonderful arse, just longing to run my tongue all over it. As I sit on the toilet, I start to rub my pussy, whilst staring at my niece and as she turns her body under the flow of water, again I catch a sight of her beautiful breasts and lovely large nipples. I slip my fingers into my cunt and start to gently rub my clitoris (just as I am now) and everything within me wants her to turn round to see what her horny aunty is doing.

“Have you done yet?” she asks

“No,” I reply, “I’m not done just yet.”

I continue to masturbate staring at her and as she turns again, she catches sight of me out of the corner of her eye. Becky slowly turns her halkalı eve gelen escort head and can see fully what I am doing. I watch as her eyes focus in on my fingers slipping in and out of my cunt.

“Aunty Allison, what are you doing?”

“Sorry darling you’ve got such a nice body I couldn’t help myself.”

“Fuck I didn’t know you were a lezzie.”

“I like boys and girls Becky darling, it is just seeing you all grown up and naked was just too much for me and I wanted to make myself cum.”

Becky turns round fully now, the water still cascading down her body and as I catch sight of her glorious mound of pubic hair and the full sight of her boobs I start to ram my fingers into myself harder and harder.

“Oh Becky you are wonderful and I just want you to see me cum,” I tell her.

With that my orgasm starts and my cum starts to splash into the toilet bowl. Becky can’t take her eyes off my fingers and at the sound of my cum splashing into the water below me, she instinctively puts her right hand onto her left tit.

“Fuck Aunty Allison, I didn’t know you were this horny,”

I stand up and step out of my jeans and underwear and pull off my T Shirt, take off my bra and step into the bath.

“I think my horny little niece needs a hand, washing.”

I reach down and pick up the soap, soaping my hands completely before massaging Becky’s lovely tits. Her eyes close in ecstasy as I use both my hands on her, rubbing her breasts completely and paying particular attention to her nipples, which by now are very hard.

“Is that nice, darling?” I ask

“Glorious Aunty.”

I rub her tits for a good few minutes before moving down, running my hands over her lovely soft flat stomach and letting my fingers gently tease through her pubic hair. I reach the soft ripe lips of her pussy and ease my middle finger all the way along her crack. Becky lets out a little cry and a shiver runs through her body.

As I gently ease a finger into her I lean forward and tenderly kiss her on the lips. To my delight Becky responds, kissing me lightly. I slip halkalı grup yapan escort my finger further into her and feel her tense with excitement. She is lovely and wet inside and I know it won’t take much for her to cum. I kiss her a bit more firmly, opening her lips with my tongue and again she responds and I feel her tongue brush against mine. I ease another finger into her and start to finger fuck her properly, moving my other hand round to her arse to squeeze that whilst I do so.

After a short while, Becky is panting quite hard and says “Aunty Allison, you are going to make me cum.”

“That is what I want darling, I want you to cum all over my hand.”

I finger her a bit more forcefully, feeling her pussy open to me, then feel that sudden tightness as her cum starts to spurt from her body.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming,” she says.

Becky’s juices flow from her running down my fingers and hand and into the bath.

I don’t stop and also move my head down to start licking her fantastic tits as she continues to orgasm. As her orgasm comes to an end, she reaches down and pulls up my head and starts to snog me wildly.

“Your turn,” she says.

Then Becky reaches down and starts to rub my pussy with one hand and my tits with the other.

“Come on girl, make your old Aunty cum like mad,” I tell her.

Becky’s fingers reach deep into me and I move backwards and forwards in order to get a good finger fuck.

“Suck my tits,” I tell her. She responds by bending down and taking my left nipple into her mouth, sucking me wildly. Once again I can feel my orgasm rising and it isn’t long before my juices are flowing again.

After this I step out of the bath and help her out too.

“Let’s go to your bedroom,” I tell her and still wet we get onto Becky’s single bed.

Both of us are soon carried away with our lust for one another, kissing each other, sucking tits, fingering and licking pussies.

That is when Kath comes in.

“Well that certainly worked,” she says.

Becky sits up on the bed and for the first time realises halkalı masöz escort her Mum is still in the house.

“Shit Mum, did you know about Aunty Allison being bi?”

“Of course sweetheart, she told me how much she fancied you, and I said it was okay.”

Becky doesn’t seem shocked at all and just says,

“How do you like your baby now I’m all grown up?”

“You look fantastic Becky, in fact like Al I quite fancy you myself.”

I am behind Becky now and I put my arms around her and start to fondle her boobs.

“Fancy a suck of these Kath?”

“Too right!”

With that Kath gets on the bed in front of her daughter and starts to kiss Becky’s tits. From behind her I feed Kath Becky’s boobs and whisper into Becky’s ear, “Is that nice having your own Mum suck your tits darling?”

Becky just nods, throwing her head back in enjoyment. Kath continues to suck Becky’s boobs and I get off the bed and undress her whilst she carries on. Soon I have one of Kath’s big tits in one hand and one of Becky’s in the other and I am in total heaven. Kath then begs Becky to lick her cunt, telling her that she wants to feel her daughters tongue deep inside her. So Becky goes down on her Mum and is soon slurping away at Kath’s wet pussy. Meanwhile I go behind and start on Kath’s arse, so Kath lies on her side, so that I can slip my tongue up her arsehole whilst Becky fucks her with her tongue. Therefore Kath has sister and daughter lapping away at her 2 most sensitive orifices and it is therefore not long before her cum is flowing freely onto Becky’s bed. As she cums, Becky and me start to kiss open mouthed in order to taste Kath’s cum together, it is totally fucking wonderful.

Kath then wants me and her to make Becky cum again, so we spend the next few minutes licking her juicy cunt together until she can’t hold back and she fills our mouths with her warm juice.

Becky is exhausted after this and so, in my dreams, me and her Mum then put on a nice long lesbian show for her, finishing off with the two of us standing over her and both at once cumming all over her lovely young nubile body.

Afterwards Becky is full of questions and Kath and I tell her all about how this started and thus all about her Grandma. Again Becky is shocked but soon wants to know more and is obviously very excited about the thought of my Mum joining in too, but that, as you may have guessed, is another fantasy.

Opps time to cum in the toilet again, sorry got to go, Mmmmmmmmm!

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