Mother and Daughter Whipped Ch. 03


Nora’s mouth worked feverishly on Franz’s huge cock. She hoped that if she could make him feel good, the brutal whipping of the tied girl would stop or at least be lightened. Franz had turned slightly to the side so Nora could glance up at the naked body writhing in pain. She knew that Franz was especially unhappy with this young woman because her whipping was slow and very brutal.

Nora began to gently knead Franz’s huge balls as she worked her mouth on his cock. She alternated sucking the huge head while lashing it with her tongue and jacking it with her hand with bobbing her head and fucking him with her mouth. In spite of her horror at the brutal whipping the young naked woman was getting she herself was aroused and she could feel her own juices running down her thighs.

By now the young woman was over half way through her 39 lashes. The dark brown skin of her back which had been beautiful and flawless was now crisscrossed with welts and many of them had trickles of blood. Nora noticed that Franz was still watching her and not the whipping but he was listening intently to the woman’s whimpers of pain. Nora began to stroked his cock with her mouth following it with her hand so that he was stimulated every second.

Nora was surprised to feel how aroused she was and felt her own orgasm rising as she pressed her wet pussy into Franz’s booted foot. She ground her crotch onto his boot toe as she moaned and sucked his cock, taking it all the way to the back of her throat on some strokes.

Franz moaned and his cock seemed to swell even more and as she moaned and squirmed in her own orgasm his cock began to empty into her mouth. She sucked harder and swallowed as fast as she could. This morning his cum was bitter but she still liked the musty taste. Waves of pleasure flooded her body as her orgasm continued long past his and she continued sucking him until he was soft.

Nora realized that it had grown silent except for the quiet whimpering of the woman hanging by her wrists. The whipping was completed and she was taken down and carried away. Franz tucked his penis away and stood, leaving the topless and shaken Nora too weak to get up for several minutes.

Nora finally went into the hut and collapsed on the bed, not bothering to put her torn and battered blouse back on. She fell into a sound sleep. When she woke, she ate food she found on the table and when the guard who spoke English told her Franz was gone for a couple of days, she went to see her daughter.

The friendly guard let her daughter out and they walked around the village. Jodi wanted to know all that had happened and Nora told her very little. When they came to Franz’s hut they went inside and both stripped to the waist so they could check each others lashes. Their welts were fading quickly. Both women were healthy and only Nora’s single brutal lash that had broke the skin remained.

When they had spread the salve on each other they remained naked to the waist as they let it soak into the skin. Nora offered Jodi a cigarette and they sat opposite each other at the table smoking.

“I want us to get out of here as soon as possible, ” she said, “so when Franz comes back I am going to push him to finish our punishment and let us go. Can you prepare yourself for that? “

“Yes, Mom, ” Jodi said, ” I am so sorry I got us into this. It is all my fault.”

“Don’t worry about that now, I think we are both going to be so glad to be away from here that we will forget to be angry with each other.” Nora reached over to take her daughters hand.

“But Mom, you had to take his penis in your mouth. Wasn’t that terrible? ” Nora realized that as experienced and adult as her daughter acted she was still inexperienced.

“I will do whatever it takes to make this go easier and for us to finish with it. I will probably have to suck him again so don’t make a big deal and don’t get crazy. Endure the pain as best you can and let’s get this halkalı eve gelen escort over with.”

The two women continued to talk and Nora even admitted to Jodi that she had sucked her husband’s cock many times and had enjoyed giving him so much pleasure. She told Jodi that when his penis was in her mouth that she knew he was totally hers at that moment, much more so than any other time.

For several days they ate and slept and generally wandered about the area under the watchful eyes of the guards. Nora explored Franz’s hut and found a box full of whips and what looked like ivory and wooden male organs. One was carved from an elephant’s tusk and had intricate patterns carved into the sides. It was so slick and cool and perfectly shaped.

Nora had never used anything but her fingers to pleasure herself but that night in bed she slipped the ivory penis into her pussy. The patterns in the side provided perfect friction and as she worked it in and out slowly she realized that the ridges on top were perfect for her to angle into her cl it. Soon she began to orgasm hard as she stroked the ivory penis in and out of her pussy. She moaned and twisted he body on the bed and when she collapsed back she fell asleep with it still half way inside of her.

When Nora woke up, she felt the hard ivory inside of her and gently began to work it again as she quickly began to get soaking wet. An idea formed inside her head as she thought about how wet her pussy had been when Franz whipped her. Nora pleasured herself again in the morning when she awoke and by then had an idea to make the whipping of herself and her daughter more bearable. She explained to Jodi that day and her shocked daughter agreed to try her idea.

When Franz returned several days later he told her that he had other business to attend to and wanted to finish with her and her daughter. He told her to go prepare herself and a half hour later the two women went again to the whipping area.

Franz offered the women cigarettes again, this time French cigarettes which were longer and had white paper. They both smoked as they began to take off their blouses. When they were stripped to the waist, he examined their backs and was pleased to see mostly perfect smooth skin again.

It occur ed to Nora that both she and her daughter were standing naked to the waist in front of a dozen men and women and neither were embarrassed. So much had changed in the past few weeks.

Nora had assumed that she would be sucking Franz’s cock again while Jodi was whipped so she was surprised when they were both led to the ropes hanging from the crosspiece. Nora took a last deep drag and flipped the cigarette into the dirt as she raised her hands to be tied. Jodi followed copied her mother’s actions and soon both were tied with their hands stretched high over their heads. They were facing each other again and only by straining could they keep their bodies from touching each other.

Jodi and Nora were exactly the same height. Nora’s C cup breasts sagged only slightly and if she relaxed her leg muscles her nipples touched Jodi’s. They were almost nose to nose. Franz walked around them and reached in to fondle their breasts. He marveled at their similarities and gently rubbed their large aureoles and nipples until they were erect and puckered.

Franz took great delight in seeing them this way. He went over to the hut and Nora saw a woman come out. The woman was dark haired and light skinned and totally naked. “She will suck me today, you are the entertainment. ” Franz laughed as he opened his pants and sat down in his chair.

The man with the whip went behind Nora first. She heard the swish of the whip before she felt it. It burned across her shoulders but she realized that once again the whipping was lighter than it could have been. She felt her pussy contract and she ground her thighs together feeling the ivory penis she halkalı grup yapan escort had tucked inside herself. The second lash was lower and the tip wrapped around her leaving a stripe along her ribs. She felt her pussy get soaking wet and by grinding her thighs the ivory penis moved enough to stimulate her. Just having her pussy filled was enough to make her wild with desire.

Nora had decided that since she had gotten so wet and horny the first time she was whipped that this would be a good way to turn the pain into pleasure. After much thought she had asked her daughter if she had been wet and aroused when she was whipped. The blushing girl had admitted she was and Nora had given her a wooden artificial penis she had found in the box.

As each lash slowly found her bare back. Nora watched the dark haired woman sucking Franz’s cock and then found herself looking at her daughter whose eyes were closed. She squeezed the hard ivory inside her pussy and by the fourth lash she was having small orgasms, her body shaking with pleasure.

Nora felt her daughters hips moving too, and realized she was doing the same thing. Their sweaty nipples were rubbing each other as Nora thrust forward with the whipping and she could feel herself rubbing her daughter’s body. She didn’t want to be turned on by her own daughter and concentrated on the friction in her pussy from the hard ivory. In spite of herself, her daughter’s hard nipples and her own were rubbing and it felt very good.

Jodi started to orgasm also, and without thinking she ground her crotch into her mother’s. This was enough to push the hard ivory into Nora’s cl it and she began to moan and thrust against her daughter as she orgasmed. Both women were moaning and their hips were thrusting in rhythm against each other.

Franz realized that both women were turned on and he motioned to another man to start whipping Jodi. The two women both openly moaned as the whips kept cracking across their backs. Nora had a dozen lashes now. They were red welts that criss crossed her back and shoulders. Her back burned but she wanted to scream at the man to whip her harder. Jodi took four lashes before a huge orgasmic wave overcame her. For the next ten lashes applied very slowly to their sweating backs, both women moaned and whimpered and ground their bodies together. Nora no longer tried to avoid contact with Jodi, but welcomed it and twisted her body to rub their breasts and nipples together even more.

Franz was fascinated. When the women had both relaxed he signaled for the whipping to stop. He got up and with his huge cock bobbing in front of him he walked around their sweating bodies. Their backs were striped in red welts and sweat ran down their faces and bodies. Stepping close he gently wiped the sweat from their faces and then dried their chests, noting how hard and swelled their nipples were.

Franz patted dry their furry underarms, letting his fingers linger there and then he ordered that his men give them each a cool drink. As their breathing slowed and they recovered his fondled their hard nipples. Both opened their eyes and looked at him and at that moment both women wanted his hard cock inside of them. He continued rubbing their breasts and playing with their underarm hair as he saw that his touch was giving them a great deal of pleasure.

Franz was still in shock at what he had seen. He had whipped many women for his pleasure and never had anything like this happened. Stepping back he lit a cigarette and then came back close to them and held it to Nora’s lips. She took a deep drag and inhaled as he put the cigarette to Jodi’s lips. He continued to feed smoke to the two women as they recovered. Each would inhale deeply and then exhale just to the side of the others face.

Finally, he put the cigarette out and stood gently rubbing their breasts. He slid one hand down the front of Nora’s skirt and through halkalı masöz escort her soaking pussy hair. As his fingers found the end of the ivory penis, held tight by her undergarments he suddenly understood. He check Jodi and found the wooden implement.

“Is there anything else I can do for you ladies? ” he asked.

“Yes, ” Nora said, ” get on with the whipping.”

Franz was shocked but more turned on than at any other time when whipping a woman. He returned to his seat and motioned for the men to continue. As the dark haired girl took his cock into her mouth again he watched the first lashes strike the mother and daughter. Both of them resumed their hip thrusting and by the second lash were both moaning in pre-orgasmic bliss. His cock felt near bursting and then as both women began to move their bodies in full hard orgasm he saw that they were trying to rub as much of themselves against the other as possible.

The next thing that happened shocked him even more. Jodi pressed her lips to her mother’s and began to kiss her. Nora, shocked, pulled back at first and then leaned in to accept her daughter’s kiss. They both moaned and whimpered loudly as their tongues lashed at each other and their pussies ground together.

The whips continued cracking but both women were aware of only the pleasure they were receiving and not the pain. Both had welts that had wrapped around their bodies and left stripes on the sides of their breasts. As they kissed deeply Jodi began to spasm wildly in an uncontrolled orgasm. Nora was writhing in pleasure almost as violently.

It was too much for Franz and he began to cum in the young woman’s mouth. The lovely woman slid back to keep sucking on the head of his cock lashing it with her tongue as she used both hands to jack his huge cock into her mouth. Franz moaned loudly and had the hardest orgasm of his life as he watched to two whipped women making love from their tied position.

Jodi’s punisher stopped first. She had taken more lashes the first day. She continued to orgasm and kiss her mother deeply as she thrust her wood filled pussy into her mother. The loud cracks of the whip continued across Nora’s back and shoulders for several more minutes as she began to pant and cry out loud around her daughters lips.

Finally the last lash had been applied. The two women continued to kiss for over a minute but soon hung limply with their heads hanging down. Their punishers cut them down, and still topless and making no effort to cover their bodies they walked slowly to the hut.

Franz went inside several minutes later to find them asleep, totally naked in each others arms. He left them there and when he came back hours later they were still asleep. The two soaking artificial cocks were laying on the table.

Nora and Jodi woke many hours later. They got cleaned up and finding their luggage that Franz had finally brought to them, they dressed in clean fresh clothing. Neither wore undergarments because they were too sore. Nora chose a gauze blouse that she usually wore over another shirt, but because of her whipped back she wore it alone. Her breasts showed proudly and her dark nipples and aureoles were visible.

Franz came to her that afternoon. He told her that she was the most remarkable woman he had ever met. Her gave her a leather drawstring bag which he said was a present for her. There was a second bag which he said was for Jodi. Telling her that a truck would take them to the city that afternoon, he gently kissed her and told her goodbye.

Nora was shocked, wondering what had touched his heart. After he left she opened the leather bag and in it was the ivory penis and a box of the French cigarettes along with wooden matches. She peeked in Jodi’s and she had the wooden penis along with cigarettes and matches too.

Nora was pleased at her present and two hours later she had it in her purse as she and Jodi were driven to the city. They were sore of back and pussy, but Nora knew her life would never be the same. She was shocked that she was not sorry or felt damaged by the past two weeks experience.


Thank you for reading this story. I am sorry it took so long to write part three but I hope it was worthwhile for you. As always, feel free to email or leave comments with your thoughts.

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