Mother and Son


Lira was a middle-aged woman married to the first and only man she ever dated. They had been married for almost twenty-five years and had two grown sons. The youngest was away at college, while the older brother was 24 and still living at home. After he graduated from high school he bounced around from job to job trying to figure out what he really wanted to do in life.

When they were little, both boys were very loving and close to their parents. Steve, the younger brother still was, but communication with him had been reduced to occasional emails, more frequent text messages, and rarely a phone call. Randy, on the other hand, had grown much more distant and would go for days at a time without speaking to her.

Her husband was openly critical of Randy and his lack of direction. His comments often lead to loud shouting matches between the two and end with one or both stomping off in a vulgar tirade. Lira had never stepped in to try and stop the shouting matches between her husband and son, and the one time early on when she did try to stand up for Randy, her husband turned his abuse on her and she left in tears. She never tried to help again. She was sure that Randy was resentful that she never helped him, and that lead to his isolation from the rest of the family.

Her husband lost interest in sex almost as soon as the second son was born. She could count the number of times they made love in a year on one hand, and for the past two years, they never had sex. She had a very traditional outlook and refused to go looking for another man to have an affair with and she was too insecure to seriously think about divorce.

When confiding to a close friend at work one evening over several martinis, her friend told her about a website where she could have someone call her to either have phone sex or just talk about things in general if that’s all she wanted. Lira put it out of her mind until one afternoon when she was at home feeling sorry for herself.

Her husband was out with friends at a sports bar watching football and Randy was locked away in his room where he generally stayed all day, until emerging later in the evening and going out without a word to his parents. She was halfway through a bottle of wine when she remembered the web site name and went to her computer to search for it.

She found the site quickly. It was a site for adult personal ads and had links to other similar web sites. It also offered a phone sex service that her friend described. She entered a credit card number and info, then typed in what she was wanted to hear on the phone.

“Middle-aged mother wants to listen to a young boy pretending to be her son fucking her,” she wrote. She paused for a long while trying to decide whether to go through with it, but finally hit “Send” and waited. A couple seconds later, she received a 6 digit code to enter on her phone’s keypad after dialing the 1-900 number provided for the site. That would then forward her to the person scheduled to make her fantasy come alive over the phone.

She went back to her bedroom bringing the wine with her and closing the door behind her. She thought about what to do next and decided to undress and make the call from her bed so that if it went well, she could masturbate and enjoy it more. She quickly stripped, but put a silk robe on just because. Moving to her bed, she took the cordless phone and dialed the 1-900 number. When instructed, she entered the code she was given online and waited.

After several clicks and a long silence, she began to wonder if she had been cut off. However, just then she heard a young male voice call out in a hesitant tone, “Hello?”

Lira couldn’t think of what else to say so she just replied, “Hi, young man.”

“Hi, young lady,” he replied.

“How are you?” she asked wondering if making small talk was the appropriate way to beylikdüzü escort start.

“Not good,” he replied. “My cock needs an experienced pussy and maybe an experienced ass. “

“ASS?” she replied incredulously. Lira was shocked at the sudden change in the conversation and the idea of anal sex.

“Oh, yes,” her young phone stud replied. “I love fucking a good ass.”

“No, I don’t think so. I’m still a virgin there,” she replied slowly. It was all make-believe she thought. There isn’t anything wrong with just talking about it.

“Oh mommy, I’ll be gentle,” he said.

“Oh,” she said, her mind still spinning.

Changing gears again, the boy asked, “Are you shaved? What you wearing?”

“No, I’m trimmed, and all I’m wearing is a robe and panties,” she answered. She didn’t think it would hurt to stretch the truth a little, and she was still a little shy to tell him she was really naked under her robe.

“Wow! Fuck!” he replied excitedly. “I’m going to push you to the bed on your back, then rip those panties off with my teeth. I can just smell the scent and taste the juice of matureness flowing out of mommy’s pussy.”

“Or mommy’s cunt!” she said trying to match his mood.

“Yes, I’m sorry, mommy, I meant your cunt!” he said apologetically.

Whether it was the last of the wine kicking in, or her normal inhibitions dropping by themselves, Lira was feeling nasty. “Oh, tell me what you’re going to do when you reach my cunt with your mouth?” she egged him on.

“I’ll find your little clit and swirl my tongue full of lust around it,” he answered.

“Fuck. Call me mom, you little boy,” she reprimanded. Lira felt her excitement building as she got more into her role.

“Mmmm… I’m flickering my tongue on Mommy’s clit,” he continued smoothly.

“Ahhhh… That’s my little boy,” she responded. Her hand was already between her legs and she pretended her finger was the boy’s tongue invading her.

“Feel my finger sliding deep inside Mommy’s warm, wet cunt. Inching along in search of her G-spot,” he resumed.

“Oh, you’re doing it so well, son. Mommy is biting her lips,” she said somewhat breathlessly. As he continued to describe his actions, Lira became more and more aroused and soon felt the wetness of her pussy covering her hand.

“Rubbing your spot, pressing it to watch Mommy writhing in excitement.”

“Oh, God,” she cried out softly. “Mommy is rubbing her clit right now, son!”

“Rub it harder, and harder, and harder,” he urged. “Think of my mouth eating your dripping mature cunt juices and my fingers fucking your pussy.”

“Oh!… Oh!… Oh!…,” she cried out in an increasingly louder voice. “Mommy is going to cum!… Fuck!”

“I love tasting your sweet juice, Mommy.”

“Oh God! That’s not enough! Fuck me, son. FUCK MOMMY!” she demanded

“Not just yet. I’ll start with kissing Mommy’s cunt and working my way up to her tits. I love sucking on her big Mommy nipples; biting them lightly,” he teased.

“Ahhhh… I grab your hair in my fist to make you go where I want you to go,” she replied.

“I don’t care. I know I’m making Mommy happy. I lick her neck all the way up her throat to reach her lips. Do you feel my cock rubbing up down on Mommy’s cunt to its way inside?”

“Oh! You know how to make Mommy feel good. I take your little boy cock and aim it to the right target. Here you are son. Here is Mommy’s cunt hole. Push your boy-cock inside it!” she said. Lira felt her lust taking over and her fingers were bringing her closer to the climax she desperately wanted.”

“I love the feeling of Mommy’s warm cunt around my cock. I push it in slowly, inch by inch to make the pleasure last longer. Just when I’m all the way in, I slowly start pulling it out. Making mommy want beylikdüzü eve gelen escort her son’s cock more!” he said with a hint of arrogance.

“Slap! Mommy slapped her son for being such a fucking tease!! bastard my husband must be on his way and my son will not get his mommy.

Boy:- Fuck! “pushing my cock deep in mommy’s cunt up to his hilt. Mommy!!

Mom:- Oh!! “mother fuck!!

Boy:- “Fucking mommy hard. Ah!! ah!! ah!! working my cock in and out perfectly in mommy’s cunt. Mommy!!

Mom:- fuck!! Oh!! oh!! oh!!oh son, oh son, oh son!! fill mommy with your cock and cum. Oh!!

Boy:- “Flipping mommy on her back, get on four mommy”.

Mom:- “Mommy is on her four’s. Looking at her son over her shoulder, son be gentle.”

Boy:- “Slap on mommy firm ass, Slap!!

Mom:- Fuck!

Boy:- “Squeezing it. Pushing my cock in mommy pussy hard in doggie style”. Oh mommy , oh mommy, oh mommy, am fucking you.

Mom:- Fuck!! oh!! harder, harder, harder. Fuck me fuck mommy, fuck slut mommy good. Ah!! ah!! ah!!

Boy:- “Mommy am about to cum, I am about to cum mommy, son is about to cum mommy!!

Mom:- “Oh son do not cum in mommy, You do not want mommy to get pregnant do you?

Boy:- “Flipping mommy on her back. Spreading her legs, watches mommy’s cunt”, Oh mommy you are fucking hot mom. “Son is putting mommy’s legs on her shoulder, Pulling her close”. Mommy I wanted to fuck you, fuck this pussy for years. Now am going to what I have always been wanted to.

Mom:- “Mommy is looking scared, w- what you wanted to do, what my son wanted to do? Tell me bastard.

Boy:- I wanted to wipe mommy cunt to make it dry, ( whipping it) now I wanted to place my cock, big, thick cock on her entrance ( placing it) and want to give it hard push deep in mommy’s CUNT!! ( thrusting it in).

Mom:- Bastard!! Fuck!! ouch!!

No , No, No your hurting me Bastard!! oh son!! oh!! oh!! oh!! son!! son!! fuck me.

Boy:- Ah!! mommy mommy mommy. “I am pulling out my cock, pushing it in… pulling it out… pushing it in…pulling it out N pushing it in…OH! mommy my cock slipped in your ass mommy’s virgin ASS!! mommy your ass is fucking tight.

Mom:- No!! take it out son.

Boy:- Oh mommy I can not.

Mom:- Fuck! take your mother fuck cock out you bastard. I do not like it. I do not like ass fucking.

Boy:- It is tight and am close to cum please let me fuck you in your ass mommy , It will not take long. Am about to cum oh…oh… oh mommy!!

Mom:- Bastard I told you I fucking do not like anal fuck. But you are not listening so am going to hang up…fuck your real mother mother fuck bye.

(she hung up phone, disappointed, frustrated. was fingering herself to cum but could not get in mood. She was going to cry when phone ran up)

Boy:- Am sorry.

Mom:- Fuck! how dare you call me again? It is not policy of your company to call back. your company assured me in their terms.

Boy:- Oh yes but it applies to unknown people not for real mom son.

Mom:- What your trying to say Bastard?

Boy:- Mom! you are dumb, you called from home phone, I am not stupid not to recognize own phone number. You stupid mom.

Mom:- Son, is…is…is that really you? Fuck! Hey you are not going to tell a word to soul not even my husband, please I beg.

Boy:- Am not stupid, rest assured mom you are in safe hands but you have to…

( cutting him in middle)

Mom:- And do not dare think to blackmail me to do anything physically. I will rather go away than letting my son fuck his mother. I swear you will lose your mother forever. ( she began to cry).

Boy:- Fuck! mom, why are you crying for? Am not going to compel you to do anything, for fuck sake do not cry. All I beylikdüzü masöz escort want feel you, just this once, I promise. Mom your No can lead you to nothing but trouble, You will not even be thrown out but you will lose all the luxury you are living in.

Mom:- ( crying) Oh where the fuck I have got myself into. Ok, bastard get in my room.

( son steps in his mom’s room, where she is lying nude on bed)

Boy:- Fuck! mom, you are beyond my thoughts. ( stepping near to his mom, with hard cock, leaking cum) I will love you as you have always wanted.

Mom:- Bastard, you are not my husband and am very happy with my life and love. You are bastard son who lust for his mom, and do not think I will be your whore, fuck me and get over with it. Only fuck not love.

Boy:- Slut mom, get on your fours, I want that virgin ass.

Mom:- Yes what can I hope from beast.

( Son lubes her ass, and penetrates her)

Boy:- fuck!! mom you are so tight.

Mom:- ( clenching her teeth, and clawing sheets beneath her Oh!! fuck go slow!!

Boy:- (Leans forward and cups her mom’s breast letting her full weight on her for better and deep penetration) oh!! oh!! oh!!

Mom:- ( slapping her son’s hips in pain) fuck, bastard stop!! stop!! stop!! leave me!! Bastard!!

( Hearing car pull in driveway, of her husband)

Mom:- fuck, he is home, pull out of me.

Boy:- I can’t, let him witness.

Mom:- (moving herself forward to get her son’s cock out of her ass) Slap!! move you out my room, I will fuck you later.

Boy:- No.

Mom:- please ( pleading).

Husband:- Honey am home (calling from downstair)

Mom:- get out!! bastard. He is out there. ( scrambling her robe, as she bends to pick it up, her son full of lust, tries to push her cock in her) fuck! ( stands up and slaps his son).

Husband:- Honey? ( making his way to his room, knocking) Honey, you in there?

Mom:- ( pushes her son in bathroom and moves in too)

Husband:- ( Using his master keys to open her room, steps in) Honey?

Mom:- Am in here, bathroom taking shower. ( son grabs his mom by her waist and pushes his cock waiting to cum deep in her mom) ah!!

Husband:- what happened? you alright?

Mom:- y…ye…yes am o…ok..ok ho…h…honey ( stammering from thrusts of her son)

Husband:- You never take bath this time honey.

Mom:- (Now I do what you will you do Bastard) ( whispering to herself) I w…w…w…was cl…cleaning…cleaning room, so I got d…d…d…dirty.

Husband:- Why you stammering? what is happening in there?

Boy:- Oh mom am about to cum, am about to cum, am about to cum!! ( pulls out his cock and sprays at his mom ass)

Mom:- (Am being raped by my son , hard in my ass and he came on my ass my virgin ass stupid) (whispering to herself) am just playing with myself.

Husband:- You are behaving strange today.

Mom:- ( fuck you stupid) ( whispering to herself) yes you are right.

( stepping out of bathroom, smiling) Hey where are you going?!!

Husband:- To take shower.

Mom:- No!!

Husband:- What happened?

Mom:- Why do you want to clean yourself , you are not dirty yet ( letting her robe fell on floor, standing nude with dirty smile)

(she lies on her back on bed letting her husband over her so she can look has her bad son moved out her bathroom and kisses her, while waving her son to go out )

Mom:- Go!!

Husband:- what?

Mom:- Am asking you to go below my pussy.

( son steps out bathroom, makes his way to door but stops to look at her mom he just had sex with)

Mom:- ( Looks at his over her husband’s shoulder and wonders , Why the fuck he has stopped for? what he wants now to watch how her mom is getting to fuck again? or that she will ask him come double penetrate your mommy?) Get out you bastard!!

Husband:- What?

Mom:- I am urging your cock to get out and make your way in me.

Husband:- What has got over you today?

Mom:- ( watching his son go, relax’s, dismounts her husband and pulls sheets over her) Dear, am tired, we will do it later, maybe.

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