Mother and Son Incest, Swing Club Ch. 04


Mother & Son Incest, Swing Club #04

Jennifer and Jason, Brianna and Larry, and Sophia and Anthony expand their exclusive mother and son incest, swing club. They invite Kim and Michael, Violet and Tyrone, Vanessa and Ryan, Maxine and Charlie, and Sharon and Jim to join them.

“Let the incestuous, sexual, swinging party begin!”

Eight couples, eight mothers, and eight sons all willing to have incestuous sex with one another and forbidden sex with their sons’ friends and their mother’s friends. What are the odds of that? Life doesn’t get any better than this. Seemingly, believe it or not, mothers wanting to have incestuous sex with their sons are everywhere. Seemingly, believe it or not, there are as many mothers who want to have sex with their sons as there are sons who want to have sex with their mothers.

# # #

Author’s Note:

My way of taking you to school, I wrote this story because of all of the misconceptions of mother and son incestuous sex. I wrote this story because of all the misconceptions of women in general. Just because we want to have sex with our mothers, we’re not perverts. Just because we want to have sex with our sons, we’re not whores. We’re human. We all have the same wants, needs, and sexual drives.

If you read much of the incest stories that appear daily on Literotica, many of them are porn stories, specifically written for those men who want to masturbate instead of reading a quality story. Many of those stories have nameless and undescribed characters having sex, sex, and more sex. Lacking plot, character development, description, imagery, and tension, the reader remains at arm’s length. The reader will never feel the story or bond with the characters. Because I write erotica instead of porn, I write stories that are realistically believable. As the writer of MotherandSonTrueConfessions, and since I write personalized stories for fans, many of my stories are true.

# # #

Especially with those women we love, mothers, wives, girlfriends, sisters, aunts, and grandmothers, men have the tendency to place women high up on a pedestal. Especially inexperienced men that crafty women can use and control to their benefit, women have the tendency to use men’s naivete to their emotional, sexual, or monetary advantage. Yet, whenever men aren’t around, literally, there isn’t much that a woman can’t do on her own and without the help of a man. Newsflash. Stronger than you think, women aren’t as helpless as they want men to believe they are.

Some will be angry with what I write next. Yes, sorry but I’ll be writing about your mother. Some will agree with what I write next. Yes, what I write will personally pertain to your mother. Others, when thinking more realistically about their mothers, will know that what I write next is true. If you don’t believe me, just ask your wife, your girlfriend, or your wife and girlfriend.

Ready? Best you be sitting down while having something strong to drink. Trust me. It’s best that your mother leaves the room. What she doesn’t know, or know what you now know, won’t hurt her. Here goes.

Most mothers, one time or another, have thought about having sex with their sons. Shocking but true. Most mothers, one time or another, have deliberately flashed their sons their bras and panties, their naked breasts, their naked asses, and/or their naked pussies. Shocking but that’s true, too. In the way that most men have thought about their mothers naked and having sex with them, most mothers have had thoughts about their sons naked and having sex with them. Take a moment to think about that in regards to your own mother and tell me that the above written statement is not true.

When walking by your mother’s opened bedroom door and you saw her naked with her arms raised over her head and putting on or removing her nightgown, you thought you were lucky to see all that you saw of your naked mother. Then, when she pretended that she didn’t know you were home and was lying on her bed naked with her legs spread while masturbating herself, you thought that you were at the right place and the right time. Who’s the naïve one now? No doubt, she had planned to flash you her naked body all along.

She wanted to give you a naked show of her motherly body. She wanted to show you her naked ass, her naked tits, and/or her naked pussy. She wanted you to look. She wanted you to see her naked. Trust me. She was as sexually aroused to show you her naked body as you were sexually excited to see your mother’s naked body.

That’s not to say that your mother is a whore. She’s not. She’s human. At one time or another, we’re all horny. At one time or another, we’re all sexually frustrated. Sometimes, any port in a storm, if a son is the only voyeuristic man handy, then he’ll be the recipient of his mother’s naked exhibitionism.

Make sense? Now, don’t you wish you knew that your mother was deliberately flashing you before? Don’t you wish you knew that, at one time or another, your mother wanted beylikdüzü otele gelen escort to have sex with you as much as you wanted to have sex with her? Alas, if only you knew then, what you know now, would you have stripped your mother naked? Would you have had sex with your mother? Would you have had her blow you? Would have ejaculated your cum in her mouth and all over her face? Would you have made love to her? Would you have fucked your mother?

Tell me. Think about it. If you knew then what you know now, what would you have done differently when you saw your mother naked while putting on or removing her nightgown? Would you have stood by your mother’s opened bedroom door to watch her dress or undress? If you saw your mother lying on her bed naked with her legs spread while her masturbating herself, would you have offered her your finger, your tongue, and/or your cock?

It makes sense to me. As a woman, I know. Albeit, I’m not the typical woman nor am I the stereotypical mother. I’m a whore. Nonetheless, as a horny and sexually frustrated woman, I’ve deliberately flashed my son numerous times. I showed him all that he hoped to see and wanted to see of me so that he could masturbate over all that he saw. Then, in the way that he masturbated over me, I masturbated over him. Suffice to write, we had sex not just once but numerous times.

# # #

Granted she wanted to be comfortable in her own home but, think about it. How many times have you seen up-skirt peeks of your mother’s panties? How many times have you seen down-blouse views of your mother’s cleavage and bra? How many times have you see up-nightgown peeks of your mother’s naked pussy? How many times have you seen down-nightgown views of your mother’s naked breasts?

Do you seriously think that all of those up-skirt panty peeks, down-blouse bra and cleavage views, up-nightgown naked pussy peeks, and down-nightgown naked breasts views were all accidental and unintentional? Did you never consider that some of those flashes were intentional and deliberately done? Did you not consider that your mother was as sexually aroused flashing you as you were sexually excited seeing what she was showing? Again, who’s the naïve one now?

Think about it. How many times has your mother walked around you in her panties and bra? How many times has she stood in front of the TV, the big bay window, or an open refrigerator door while wearing her short, sheer, virtually see-through, low-cut, and sexy nightgown? How many times has she sprinted from the bathroom to her bedroom topless or naked? How many times have you watched her do her hair while wearing just a towel as her towel ever so slowly slid down her naked body and collected around her feet? You tell me, were all of those flashes accidental or deliberate?

Think about it. How many times has your mother barged in your bedroom without knocking on the pretense of delivering your laundry and caught you masturbating? How many times has your mother seen your erect prick?

Right place at the right time, do you think your mother was lucky or unlucky? I dare write that your mother wanted to see your erect prick as much as you wanted her to see your erect prick. I dare write that she not only wanted to hear you cum but also, she wanted to watch you cum.

Think about it. Unless she was a virgin, your mother had a sexual life before she was married and before she was your mother. God only knows what she did in her sexual past with how many men. Just how many men did your mother stroke, suck, and fuck? Do you think your father was her one and only man who touched, felt, fondled, made love to, and fucked her naked body?

Her sexual feelings didn’t stop just because she’s married with children. There are still men who gets her motor running. Whether it’s strangers in the street, co-workers at work, celebrities on TV, friends of your father, next-door neighbors, or dare I write, even her son, your mother is human. It’s time you allowed her to climb down from her pedestal. She’s tired. She needs to rest. She just wants to have sex, perhaps, even with you.

Even though we may all have similar wants, needs, and desires, we’re hardly the same. As you can discern from chapter 4 of my story, even though all five mothers had sex with their sons, all five mothers had their own ways of having sex with their sons. In that regard we’re all different. Yet, it’s wrong to cast the same net over all men who want to have sex with their mothers and all mothers who want to have sex with their sons.

I continue to receive the same recurring e-mails.

“I wanted to have sex with my mother, but I was afraid.”

“If only I knew then that I know now, I would have made my sexual move.”

“In hindsight, I know now that my mother sexually wanted me as much as I sexually wanted her but, as if frozen in time, we were both afraid to make the first move.”

“My biggest regret is not having sex with beylikdüzü rus escort my mother. After she divorced my father, my biggest regret was not stripping my mother naked and having my wicked, sexual way with her beautiful, naked body.”

Do you remember your mother’s 45th birthday when her friends took her out to the CFNM strip club? How many strippers’ cocks did she stroke, suck, and/or fuck? Then, when she returned home drunk and looked at you as if you were a stripper while undressing you with her horny eyes, that was your chance to have sex with your mother but you didn’t. You froze. Even when she stripped herself naked in front of you, all you did was stare. What’s wrong with you?

Well, I can fix that. As a very talented (if I say so myself), creative writer, I can turn back time. I can write the story of you having sex with your mother, even though it never happened. I can make your mother and son story so believable that you’d think that it really happened. Just imagine all the sexual pleasure you’d receive masturbating over and again while reading the story that I’ll write for you. Contact me with your interest for all the sexy details.

In the meantime, all that I ask is that you vote for my story and add me to your favorite author’s list.

# # #

Continued from Chapter 03:

As if suddenly frozen in time, totally unexpected, it was a kiss that stopped everything. As if hypnotized and too mesmerized not to look, stare, and watch, all the sexual action ceased with Jennifer and Brianna kissing. Obviously shocked that the two women were kissing, French kissing, Jason, Larry, and Anthony watched Jennifer make out with Brianna. As much as Jason, no doubt, couldn’t believe that his mother was making out with Larry’s mother, clearly, Larry couldn’t believe that Jason’s mother was making out with his mother.

A sexually exciting sight to witness, to see, and to watch, not knowing who kissed who first nor caring, it didn’t matter? All that mattered was that two of the mothers were kissing and making out with one another while touching and feeling one another everywhere. Feeling and fondling one another’s breasts while fingering their nipples, they felt each other’s naked asses. They fingered one another’s pussies while rubbing each other’s clits.

Jason’s mother, Jennifer, and Larry’s mother, Brianna, were kissing. They were French kissing. As if they were a horny man with his sexually aroused woman, they were making out with one another. So hot, hotter than their sons could have imagined, as if the two women were horny men making out with two sexy women, they were making out while touching and feeling one another’s naked bodies everywhere.

Not to be outdone and joining in on the impromptu lesbian, sex party, Sophia moved between Brianna’s legs and fingered her pussy while licking her cunt. If kissing, touching, and feeling wasn’t hot enough, fingering and licking was much hotter. Not playing favorites between the two women, Sophia moved between Jennifer’s legs and fingered her pussy while licking her cunt. Going from one to the other, she continued eating both women while the women continued kissing, touching, and feeling one another.

Taking turns at lesbian sex, Jennifer ate Brianna and then, returning the sexual favor, Brianna ate Jennifer. Finally, a beautiful thing, in a threesome, tag team match of torrid lesbian, inspired sex, both women fingered and licked Sophia. Obviously, something they never expected to witness, stunned as much as they were sexually excited, Jason, Larry, and Anthony watched their three mothers having lesbian sex with one another.

“Oh, Jennifer, don’t stop. I’m ready to cum,” said Brianna mashing Jennifer’s pretty face in her warm, wet pussy.

Jennifer continued fingering Brianna’s cunt while licking her cunt.

“Oh, Brianna, don’t stop. I’m ready to cum,” said Jennifer mashing Brianna’s beautiful face in her warm, wet pussy.

Brianna continued fingering Jennifer’s cunt while licking her cunt.

Then, adding to the lesbian, sexual pleasure, when Jennifer and Brianna were kissing, feeling one another’s tits and sucking their nipples, Sophia was busy between their legs eating their pussies. While Jennifer was making out with Brianna, Sophia was giving Brianna oral sex. Then, while Brianna was making out with Jennifer, Sophia was giving Jennifer oral sex.

After five hours of having marathon incestuous and lesbian, swinging sex with mothers and sons, all three couples lay exhausted. Jason held his mother, Jennifer, while Larry held his mother, Brianna, and Anthony held his mother, Sophia. After having crossed the forbidden, incestuous line, no turning back now, what’s done is done. With mothers sexually intimate with their sons, sons sexually intimate with their mothers, and the women sexually intimate with one another, nothing would ever be the same.

Each man had sex with their mothers and with their mothers’ friends. beylikdüzü türbanlı escort Each mother had sex with their sons and with their sons’ friends. Then, something that was as sexually hot as it was sensuously unexpected, each woman had lesbian sex with one another. If having incestuous sex with one’s mother, having forbidden sex with their mothers’ friends, and their mothers having sex with their friends wasn’t enough, watching their mothers having lesbian sex with their friends was just as sexually exciting.

Truth be told, never would the three couples be any closer than they were now. After sharing mothers and sons, and one another, it was as if each man now had three mothers, each woman now had three sons, and each woman now had three sisters, albeit bi-sexual sisters. Obliterating boundaries and preconceived notions, mother and son incestuous sex, swinging sex, and lesbian sex had a way of bringing mothers and sons closer together.

# # #

“I love you, Mom,” said Jason.

Jason reached out to hug and kiss his mother.

“I love you, Jason,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer returned her son’s hug and kiss.

“I love you, Mom,” said Larry.

Larry squeezed his mother’s perfect ass while kissing her.

“I love you, Larry,” said Brianna.

Brianna held her son’s cock in her motherly hand while kissing him.

“I love you, Mom,” said Anthony.

Anthony felt and fondled his mother’s shapely breasts while fingering her erect nipples.

“I love you, Anthony,” said Sophia.

Sophia slid halfway down the bed to take her son’s erect prick in her mouth again.

“I love you, Brianna,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer gave Brianna a deep, wet kiss.

“I love you, Jennifer,” said Brianna.

Brianna returned Jennifer’s deep, wet kiss with her French kiss.

“I love you both,” said Sophia.

Sophia kissed Jennifer’s cunt before kissing Brianna’s cunt.

“We love you, too,” said Jennifer and Brianna together to Sophia as if they were twins talking at the same time.

A marathon of swinging mother and son sex, Jennifer and Brianna held Sophia’s head in place while Sophia continued licking Jennifer’s and Brianna’s pussies in a sudden show of lesbian sex.

# # #

“Well, now that we all had sex with our sons, our sons’ friends all had sex with us, and we had lesbian sex with one another, what shall we do for an encore,” asked Brianna laughing while looking around the room?

Sophia laughed a dirty laugh while staring at her son and licking her lips.

“We can do this again, next week or next month,” said Sophia. “Now that we broke our cherries and obliterated the sexual boundaries of mother and son sex, and of lesbian sex, we can have incestuous sex with our sons, with your sons, and/or with one another any time we want. There’s nothing in the way to stop us from having our sexual fun whenever we want.”

Jason voiced his vote of approval to continue to have impulsive mother and son group sex, lesbian sex, and/or one on one sex any time they wanted.

“Next week sounds good to me,” he said with a shit eating grin while nodding his head. “I’d love to have sex with my mother, with Larry’s mother, and with Anthony’s mother again,” said Jason while staring at each mother as if undressing them with his eyes even though they were all already naked.

Jennifer looked at her friends before looking at their sons and gave them all a sexy smile and a naughty look.

“I have a better idea,” she said deviously smiling. “More is always better,” she said giving a dramatic effect with her pause while looking around the room. “We all have more sexy, horny friends, and hot friends, and, fortunately for us, they all have sons, hot and horny sons,” said Jennifer. “We should expand our mother and son incest, swing club by inviting more mothers and sons.”

Sophia looked at Jennifer and smiled.

“I can ask Kim if she’d like to join us. She’s hot and her son, Michael, is handsome,” said Sophia. “If they haven’t had sex already, in the way that she talks about him, gushes over him, constantly kisses him, and caters to him, I know that they want to have sex. With her always sexually teasing him and exposing herself to him while making her flashes appear accidental, they’d make the perfect addition to our little, select group of mothers and sons.”

Something she always had a habit of doing, Brianna raised her hand as if she was still in school.

“I can ask Violet. She’s gorgeous and I heard through the grapevine that her son, Tyrone, has a big dick,” said Brianna nodding her head as if she needed that extra bit of head movement to prove to her friends that Tyrone had a big dick. “Besides, it would be nice to make our select group of mothers and sons an interracial group,” she said smiling while nodding her head.

Jennifer returned Brianna’s smile and nodded her head in agreement, too.

“Perfect,” said Jennifer. “I’d love to add an interracial couple to our mother and son, incestuous mix. I’d love to suck and fuck a big, black cock,” said Jennifer with a dirty laugh. “I haven’t had a black cock in my hand, in my mouth, and in my pussy since I fucked the captain of the basketball team in college. With him 6’9″ tall, he had a huge prick, a 10″ cock, and I surprised him by taking it all in my mouth,” she said with a dirty laugh.

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