Mother and Son Sleep Together Ch. 01


Mother and son sleep together in her bed.

A kind gesture of compassion that started as a son offering to help his mother merely to sleep became something depraved instead of something innocent. A night filled with sexual passion, perversity, debauchery, incest, and forbidden sex, a mother and son sleep together in her bed. Only, instead of sleeping, they had sex, illicit sex. Emma had forbidden sex with her son, William, and her son had incestuous sex with his mother.

Understandably, for some readers, and I get that, incestuous sex is their reality. For other readers incestuous sex is their fantasy. While for other readers, incestuous sex is their worst nightmare. With no gray area, either you like reading incestuous stories while sexually fantasizing about your blood relatives or you don’t. Whichever is your reason for reading my story, I hope you will enjoy reading my story.

Author’s Warning: This is a true mother and son incest story of graphic, explicit, incestuous sex as told to me by William about his mother Emma for me to write their story. Since their friends, relatives, co-workers, and neighbors are unaware that they share the same bed, with them not wanting to be ostracized from their community, their names have been changed to protect their identities. Everything else is true, however, and is as it actually happened.

Alas, having sex with a blood relative is not everyone’s cup of tea. If incestuous sex doesn’t sexually excite you but disgusts you, please read another story. I cater to those readers who have sexual fantasies regarding their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, aunts, uncles, cousins, mothers-in-law, fathers-in-law, sisters-in-law, and/or brothers-in-law. Thank you for opening my story. If you read this story, please vote for this story and add me to your favorite author’s list.

On the other hand, if a mother and son incestuous sex story sexually excites you, I’d take it as a huge compliment if you masturbated while reading my story. While reading my story, imagine Emma is your mother and you are William, her son. Imagine not only sleeping with your mother or father, but also imagine sleeping with daughter or son, your sister or brother, your aunt or uncle, your cousin, your mother-in-law or father-in-law, and/or your sister-in-law or brother-in-law. Again, all that I ask if that you vote for my story and add me to our favorite author list.

# # #

Introduction and a bit of background to Mother and Son Sleep Together

Since he turned 18-years-old, William has always been sexually attracted to his mother. Then, after his father left her for another woman, a woman not much older than him, he suddenly developed deeper, sexual feelings for his mother. With them always together and with him always horny, whenever he needed to masturbate, he masturbated over imagining his mother naked and having sex with him.

A normal sexual fantasy that is shared by many men his age, especially over a mother who is so beautiful and sexy. He didn’t understand why his father would divorce his mother to marry a young whore. If only he could marry his mother, William would. Only, no doubt, with her not sharing his incestuous, sexual feelings, his mother would want him to have his head examined.

Lately, he’s been taking a pair of her panties and one of her bras to bed with him. When he’s not sniffing her panties and feeling her bra, he imagines what it would be like to have his mother in his bed with him. With his mother modestly moral, he’s yet to see her in her bra and panties, topless, and/or naked. Tempted to put a hidden camera in her room to watch her dress and/or undress, with him having more respect for her than that, he can’t invade her privacy in that evasive and disrespectful way.

The most he’s done has been is to allow her to deliberately catch him masturbating. Knowing she’d be bringing up his laundry, he’d watch a porn movie on his computer while wearing his headphones. Knowing his mother was standing in his room watching him stroking himself and cumming, giving him some level of sexual satisfaction, exposing himself to her made him want to masturbate over her even more.

Now, with his father gone and with him alone with his mother, he walked around the house with a t-shirt, slippers, and pajama bottoms without underwear. Pretending that he doesn’t know he’s exposed, whenever his flaccid or erect cock makes a surprise appearance through the pee hole of his pajama bottoms, he always turned to face his mother. Instead of telling him that he’s exposed, she looked and sometimes even stared at his naked prick.

‘I wonder what she’s thinking when she stares at my cock,’ he thought. ‘In the way that I wish I could touch and feel her, I wonder if she wants to fondle and stroke me.’

He wished that his mother would reach out her hand and touch his cock. He wished that she’d fondle the head of his erect prick and stroke him. He wished that she’d take him in her mouth and suck him. He wished beylikdüzü otele gelen escort that she’d take him in her bedroom and make love to him before fucking him. At the very least, he wished his mother would expose herself to him in the way that he exposed himself to her.

A game that they sometimes play, especially when she’s been drinking, returning the favor of his exhibitionism with her exhibitionism, whenever she’s sitting across from him in the living room, she’ll flash him her panties. She’s always making her deliberate panty flashes appear unintentional and accidental. As if she’s Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, when she crosses and uncrosses her long, shapely legs, she’ll cross and uncross them slowly. He can’t count how many times his mother had flashed him her panties.

Instead of wearing a robe over her sexy nightgowns in the way that she used to do before his father left, she wore her lowest cut, shortest, sheerest nightgowns. Whenever she served him breakfast, she leaned longer and lower to give him a down-blouse view of her naked breasts. Whenever she sat across from him, she parted her knees enough to flash him her naked pussy. Only, satisfied staring and leering at his mother while exposing himself to her and masturbating over all that he had seen of her and all that she had seen of him, he was happy with that.

Even though he’d love to have sex with his mother, he can never see that happening. At the very least, he’d love to make out with her while touching her and feeling her everywhere through her clothes. In the way that he’d love to masturbate his mother, he’d love her to masturbate him. If only she’d suck his cock, he’d love to finger and lick her pussy. If only she’d make forbidden love to him, he’d love to fuck her. He’d love to make his mother his woman instead of her being just his mother.

Constant and continual masturbation is the only thing that helped his horniness and sexual frustration. He thought about getting his mother drunk and undressing her on the false premise of putting her to bed. A chance for him to see her in her panties and bra, topless, and/or even naked, he’d love to touch and feel her everywhere while she was so indisposed. In the way that he’d love to sexually seduce his mother, he wished his mother wanted to sexually seduce him.

# # #

Prelude to Mother and Son Sleep Together

Emma, William’s mother, frequently had trouble sleeping. Ever since her husband left her for a much younger woman, a woman half his age and a woman young enough to be his daughter, she hasn’t had a good night’s rest. Worried about his mother, the kind, caring, and loving son that he is, for her to finally get a good night’s sleep, William volunteered to sleep with his mother in her bed. As a last resort he’d do anything for his mother to get a good night’s sleep even if it meant him sleeping with her, especially if it meant him sleeping with her.

‘I wonder if she’ll go for it. I wonder if she’ll allow me to sleep in her bed,’ thought William.

Yet, unbeknownst to his mother, he viewed sleeping with his mother and in her bed as his golden opportunity to get his foot in her bedroom and his body in her bed. He viewed sleeping with her in her bed as his way to see more of her and perhaps, even have sex with her. Even though he sexually fantasized of seeing his mother topless or even naked while having sex with her, he never thought he’d ever see his mother topless or naked. He never seriously thought he’d ever have sex with her.

It all started when she confessed that the reason why she wasn’t sleeping was because she missed sleeping with her husband. She missed being held and hugged. She missed the cuddling and the spooning. She missed the touching and the caressing.

‘I’d love to sleep with my mother,’ thought William. ‘I’d love to hold her and hug her. I’d love to cuddle her and spoon her. I’d love to touch her while caressing her.’

Yet, with him possibly seeing something that he shouldn’t see of his mother and with their inappropriate touching and feeling, nothing is innocent when an adult son sleeps in the same bed with his MILF of a mother. One thing always leads to another and, before they knew it, she’d be stroking and sucking her son and he’d be making love to and fucking his mother. Nothing more than a sexual fantasy that he enjoyed masturbating to, he knew his mother would never take him up on his offer to sleep with her.

Unbeknownst to William, shockingly wicked, Emma wasn’t looking for sleep as much as she was looking for sex, incestuous sex with her son. Unbeknownst to William, she was as randy as she was sexually frustrated. Seemingly, unbeknownst to Emma, an incestuous formula for disaster, William was just as sexually attracted to his mother as she was sexually attracted to her son. Continually masturbating over imagining her naked and having sex with her, he lustfully desired sleeping with his mother in her bed.

When beylikdüzü rus escort a sexually frustrated mother who is sexually attracted to her son and a horny son who is sexually attracted to his mother sleep together in the same bed, neither will be getting any sleep. Once they started holding and hugging one another, she’ll become as sexually aroused as he becomes sexually excited. Once they cuddled and spooned, he’ll be touching and feeling his mother in places where he only imagined touching her and feeling her.

Of course, a given, no matter if their intentions were guiltlessly honorable, a mother and son’s innocently sleeping together quickly became more than just cuddling, comforting, and spooning. Their blameless hugging and holding while sleeping in the same bed together quickly turned into something more forbiddingly sexual. Their sleeping together turned into sex, forbidden and illicit, incestuous sex. A horny son had his wicked sexual way with his randy mother and a sexually frustrated mother had her wicked sexual way with her son.

# # #

Preview to Mother and Son Sleep Together:

A nightgown that she bought for his father but never got to wear, shocking him and sexually exciting him, albeit glad that she wasn’t wearing a flannel nightgown to bed, she wore her sexiest nightgown to bed. With only one button by her neck and two holes for her arms, it fit her as if she was wearing a cape that opened whenever she moved. Naked beneath, she played peek-a-boo while flashing her son her naked breasts and her naked pussy with her every movement. Never had he seen as much of his mother’s sexy and shapely body as he was seeing now.

‘I can’t believe I’m seeing my mother’s naked tits. I can’t believe I’m seeing my mother’s naked pussy. Doesn’t she know that she’s exposed? Doesn’t she know that she’s flashing me all that I wanted to sexually see of her?’

In the way that he constantly masturbated over his mother while imagining her naked and having sex with her, he no longer had to imagine what she looked like naked. He couldn’t wait to masturbate over all that he had seen of her now. Hard for him to believe, he couldn’t believe he was seeing his mother’s huge and shapely, D cup breasts. He saw her erect nipples and her symmetrical, dark pink areolas. If that wasn’t enough, he saw his mother’s blonde, trimmed pussy. Something he never thought he’d ever see; he saw his mother’s naked cunt.

‘Wow! My mother’s cunt. I can’t believe I’m seeing my mother’s cunt,’ he thought.

He stared at his mother as if she was naked and basically, she practically was.

“That’s such a beautiful nightgown, Mom,” he said giving him reason to continue staring at all that he could see of her nakedness through her wide opened nightgown.

He continued staring all that he had hoped to see of her through the sheer material before she closed it with her hand. Clearly sexually pleased that he noticed her sexy nightgown, she seemed sexually titillated that he appreciated all that he was seeing. Seemingly delighted by his compliment, while holding her nightgown closed with one hand, she looked down at herself before looking up to give her son a sexy smile.

While making her sexy flashes appear accidental, visibly, knowing that he could see as much of her as she wanted him to see of her, she had deliberately flashed him her nearly, naked body. With him her captive audience of one in her bedroom, a game they continued to play; indeed, she was sexually teasing him. As much as a son exposing himself to his mother is commonplace, a mother sexually teasing her son is nothing new.

Perhaps, she hoped that if she sexually excited him enough, he’d make the first, sexual move to take the onus of blame from her. Rather than her having to deal with the guilt, the shame, and the embarrassment of sexually seducing her son, no doubt, she’d rather place that guilt squarely on his shoulders. Obviously, even though she was complicit in the sexual seduction by wearing such a revealing nightgown, while preserving her morals, her modesty, and her reputation, she’d rather make her son out to the pervert than to make herself out to be the incestuous whore.

“Thank you, William,” she said while softly smiling at her son. “As a last resort and a desperate try, hoping to save our marriage, I bought this for your Dad,” she said with sadness. “Yet, with him staying with his young whore every night, I never got to wear it,” said Emma with anger. “He never saw how I looked in this sexy nightgown,” she said spinning around in front of her son as if she was a naked ballerina flashing him her nearly, naked body.

Then, not wasting any more time leering at one another and talking, they climbed in bed together; a mother climbed in bed with her son and a son climbed in bed with his mother. Yet, before she could climb beneath the covers, letting go of her nightgown to reach for the blanket, her nightgown fell wide open again. Nearly naked again, beylikdüzü türbanlı escort she flashed him her naked tits and naked pussy again. William stared at his mother’s naked tits and her naked pussy. He’ll be masturbating over seeing his mother’s nearly, naked body for the rest of his life.

‘My mother is so beautiful,’ he thought. ‘She’s so sexy. She has such a shapely body.’

As if William had never seen a naked woman before, he stared at all that he could see of his mother and all that she was deliberately showing him. Acting embarrassed while making her flashes appear accidental, he’d have to be dimwitted not to know that his mother had been sexually teasing him by deliberately flashing him her naked breasts and her naked pussy. Obviously, taking her time getting settled in bed and before turning off the light, she wanted him to see as much of her nearly, naked body as he wanted to see of her nearly, naked body.

‘I’ll be dreaming of my mother’s D cup, naked tits and her blonde, trimmed, naked pussy,’ he thought.

# # #

Afraid to sexually and inappropriately touch his mother, William stayed on one side of the bed while Emma stayed on her side but closer to the middle of the bed. As if she was his newly married, virginal bride on her honeymoon, with them never having had sex before, she looked over at him with sexual arousal and smiled. As if he was the eager, new groom, he looked over at her with nervousness mixed with sexual excitement and smiled. Not knowing how to proceed, a new sexual experience for him, he didn’t know what to do.

He was in bed with his mother. He was finally in bed with his mother. Something he had always imagined while masturbating, the first time in bed with his mother, he had never been in bed with her. Something else he had always imagined while masturbating, he already saw her naked tits and her naked pussy. Just as he thought he’d never sleep with his mother, he never thought he’d see as much of her naked body as he had already seen.

There was a long, uncomfortable silence before she spoke. Her words penetrated the darkness as if she her voice was an aethereal voice from Heaven beckoning him to touch her, hold her, and hug her. Fearing what he might do if he accidentally touched some part of her that he shouldn’t, he was afraid to touch his mother. Indeed, he’d love nothing more than to touch, feel, and fondle her naked tits while pulling, turning, twisting, and sucking her nipples, but not wanting to prematurely ruin things by rushing things, he waited to see what she’d do.

He had plenty of time. They had all night. The last thing that he wanted to do was to make her think that he was an incestuous pervert with only one thing on his mind instead of being the good and understanding son that he wanted her to think that he was. Even though he wanted sex and was hoping for sex, not wanting her to think him he was perversely twisted, he couldn’t allow his mother to know that he was sexually attracted to her. He couldn’t allow her to know that he wanted to have sex with her.

“Are you afraid to touch your mother,” she asked turning her head to him in the dark? When he didn’t answer her, she asked him another question. “Why are you afraid to touch me?”

He looked at her through the darkness as if he was dreaming and couldn’t believe he was in bed with her.

“It feels weird being in bed with you, Mom. I feel as if I’m a usurper in trying to fill Dad’s role and taking his place in comforting you,” he said.

She laughed a melodious laugh.

“A drunk and a womanizer, your Dad wasn’t much of a husband,” she said reaching out to touch her son’s shoulder. “Don’t be afraid to touch me, Billy. I’m cold,” she said feigning a shiver. “Hold me. Hug me. Spoon me in the way that your father used to do. I need the comforting feel of a man,” she said turning away from him to turn on her side for him to spoon her.

William eased himself closer to his mother. He was close enough that he could feel the heat of her beautiful body. Finally, in bed with her after they finished a bottle of wine, William turned to her and wrapped his arm around his mother’s slim waist. Instead of resting his hand on her nightgown, with her nightgown still in disarray, and with nowhere else for his hand to go, he rested his hand on her naked stomach. He was as shocked as he was sexually excited to touch her naked skin.

With nowhere else for them to go, Emma’s rested her enormous breasts on William’s forearm and on the back of his hand. Other than hugging her while fully dressed, while squishing her bra clad breasts against his muscular chest, the first time coming in contact with his mother’s big tits, he couldn’t believe how big they were. He always knew his mother had big tits, of course, but he never had the true sensation of them until he felt the heavy weight of them resting on his forearm.

Without even touching and feeling her breasts with his upraised hand, he could feel how soft, firm, and heavy her breasts were. His Mom had hugely shapely, D cup breasts. Without sexually touching her, feeling her, and/or fondling her, he couldn’t believe how sexually excited he was by just spooning his mother. As if his forearm was her bra, she supported her breasts on his forearm while the heel of his hand rested inside of her opened nightgown and on the top of her exposed, pussy mound.

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