Mother And Son


Let me explain a bit about this current story. One, it is as true as I can remember, and two it may offend some of the readers. Put yourself in my position and then see how you would react.

My wife and I have been swingers for several years now and both of us have made many permanent friends over the years, but swinging as in so many things is a couples world.

Recently, I had to have some surgery which put me out of sexual commission for a lengthy period of time, and even now some three months later there are complications which prohibit my sexual performance. During this time my wife has been very understanding, and has pleasured herself with a vibrator, my hands and mouth and a few of our friends have stepped in to fill the gap, ( no pun intended). But, Cheryl still needs regular sex and ideally from a large hard one which I can’t provide at the moment.

Our son Dave, who lives in another state has taken an extended leave of absence from his business up North and has come to Florida to help in my recovery and to spend some quality time with both his mother and me. Dave is in his early 30’s, about 6’1″ and 200 pounds and since his mother and I beylikdüzü escort are both slight in build it becomes more than obvious to friends and neighbors that Dave is adopted.

With that explanation, one night recently while I was going through my physical therapy exercises and Cheryl was using her little buzzing honey to get off, our bedroom door opened and Dave walked in on what was happening. Blushing and beet red he apolgized for walking in and said that he had knocked softly, but the buzzing of the vibrator must have drowned out the sound.

“That’s all right, honey,” Cheryl said. “What was it you wanted, you need not be embarrassed by what I’m doing as it is my own physical therapy although somewhat different from your dad’s”.

” I was just going to tell you that unless you needed me for something I was going to drive down to the video store and pick up a tape to watch in my room.” “Are you going to get on of those XXX tapes”, I asked as your mother and I enjoy them too and maybe we can all watch when you get back.

Dave backed out of the room and was gone in minutes. “Well, that didn’t seem to upset beylikdüzü eve gelen escort Dave too much do you think?” Cheryl asked me. “No, I think he was just surprised to see that you still have needs that are going unmet, and he was more worried about your reaction.”

When Dave got back in about 30 minutes, Cheryl had gotten her orgasm from her vibrator and I had finished my exercises, so we all adjourned to the family room to watch the tape.

The title of the tape was “Mother and Son” and while we all watched it together it soon became apparent that Dave was getting excited and his mother was noticeably rubbing her pussy through her shorts. When the movie ended and Dave got up to eject the tape he had an erection showing through his shorts that was too large to not notice.

Cheryl said, ” honey do you need some help to get that down or do you normally take care of it yourself?” Dave could hardly speak, but just nodded that he could use some help. With that, Cheryl slipped off her babydoll pajamas and her brief short bottoms and stood completely nude in front of her son.

Dave wasted beylikdüzü masöz escort no time in getting out of his clothes and looking to me for approval I gave him the high sign that it was okay to fuck his mother as both of them obviously needed it. As Dave laid his mother back on the couch he knelt between her legs and began to lick and suck on her labia until she was more than ready. Then he rose up over his mother and offered his penis to her for some sucking, but stopped almost immediately as he was about to cum and didn’t want a blow job, he wanted some pussy.

All of us adjourned to the bedroom so they could be more comfortable, and I could get my video cam out to record the first of what we hoped might be a more frequent happening.

Dave sank all of his rather large dick into his mother’s pussy until she had taken at least 9″ and their pubic bones were mashed together. ” Oh that feels so good, honey, please keep it up and faster please.” Dave didn’t need any encouragement in that department and he began to pound away until the headboard was rattling against the wall and Cheryl was holding his ass with both her hands so he couldn’t pull out too far. In less than 15 minutes the two of them came together with a loud cry and the cum spilling out of Cheryl’s pussy was staining the sheets. I ran to get a towel and when I got back they both looked a little embarassed, but wanted to go again.

Later that night Cheryl visited Dave in his room while I slept alone, but I was happy for them both.

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