Mother/Daughter Honeymoon Cruise Ch. 03


Back at the table, Jenna was surprised it was taking her mom and Julia so long to dry off a shirt. They’d been gone for, like, ten minutes or more, and she was running out of things to say to David and Eric. She was also getting tired of her soon-to-be stepfather checking out her tits, so she was super-relieved when Julia finally came back to the table, looking oddly relaxed. The woman brushed past Jenna on her way back to her seat.

A musky odor hit Jenna’s nose. It smelled like sex; that unmistakable combination of sweat mixed with a woman’s natural lubrication. ‘What the hell were they doing in there?’ she wondered. Out loud, she said, “Is she okay?”

“She’s just finishing up,” Julia said as she sat down. Her eyes never left Jenna’s. “She’s really looking forward to your date tonight.”

The way Julia emphasized the word ‘date’ kind of weirded her out. She wasn’t going on a date with her own mother – that’d be crazy. Right? Didn’t matter if her mom was a total hottie – you don’t date your mother. Still, the room suddenly felt stuffy, and her clothing felt itchy and uncomfortable; she could feel her face getting hot. “It’s not a date. It’s a bachelorette party. We’re going clubbing probably,” she said. “Maybe we’ll find some Chippendale’s dancers.”

Julia nodded solemnly. “That sounds like fun,” she said, but her tone of voice was flat, as if watching male strippers was anything but.

‘Great,’ Jenna thought. ‘My new stepfather is an ogle-fiend, and my new aunt is a weirdo.”

Meanwhile, Lynne was finishing up in the family bathroom at the back of the hotel restaurant. Her shirt was dry, finally, and Julia’s nipple-petals would help her not embarrass herself in public, but they tugged at her nipples with every little movement. It felt like someone was pinching her nips with every little jolt, and she was intensely aware that it was Julia’s saliva formed the seal between her breasts and the silicone caps. It was almost like the smaller woman was right there with her, using her lips and teeth to tweak the nipples every time she moved, getting Lynne excited all over again even though she’d just come like a firehose.

And that was another thing…what was going on with her body all of a sudden? She’d come to Tampa to get married and go on her honeymoon to a man, but suddenly it was the women in her own family that was getting her all hot and bothered. First, it was that weird encounter with Jenna – her own daughter – back in the room. Then, her future sister-in-law dominating her into eating her out in a public bathroom? These were not the acts of a sane woman who was satisfied with her sexual choices.

But what could she do? The wedding was on, like it or not, and tomorrow she would be married to a man that was barely seven years older than her daughter – along with all of the unquenchable sexual stamina that implied. Craving pussy would have to be sublimated with the possible exception of threesomes – and Lynne was pretty sure David wouldn’t turn those down, if offered. It would just be a question of with whom…

She did her best to put those thoughts aside and finish washing her face. It wouldn’t do to go back to the dinner table reeking of Julia’s ejaculate, nor would it do for David to taste his brother’s wife on his fiancé’s mouth when he kissed her later, so she brushed her teeth for good measure.

Then, she straightened her tank and her skirt and looked over herself in the mirror. Her breasts were out there – way out there – on public display because she wasn’t wearing a bra, and no petals could cover the fact that they were swinging free under her shirt. Her shirt was low cut, and when she bent over, her breasts hung low, displaying a deep valley between them. Worse, Julia had taken her panties, leaving her feeling doubly exposed even. Her skirt was short; if it rode up her thighs at all tonight, she’d be giving all of these spring-breakers – and her daughter – quite the show.

Would Jenna check her out if that happened?

‘Stop it, Lynne,’ she thought furiously, as her ears burned. ‘She’s your daughter!’ Checking out Jenna’s compact tits at the dinner table had been the very thing that had started this whole mess, and it had to stop. These awful, nasty thoughts had…to…STOP!

She washed her hands one last time before grabbing her purse and walking out of the bathroom. Once outside, she paused. To her left lay a short hallway back to the hotel lobby. If she took it, she could nip upstairs and throw on a bra and a new pair of panties and put this weirdness behind her. There’s no way Julia would know if she was wearing underwear…and so what if she did? It wasn’t like Lynne, an investment banker with a high-powered Wall Street firm owed anything to a schoolteacher from Cleveland.

And, yet…

‘No panties, all night,’ had been the petite redhead’s command, and Lynne knew it meant sleeping in the nude, at least from the waist down, in the same room as her daughter. It meant traveling innovia escort out to a club or some other place with the risk of exposing herself being a slip-and-fall or a bend-over-for-her-purse away, and that made her feel naughty, sexy, and horny all at once. Coupled with her daughter’s ‘idea’ for the two of them to go braless, and Lynne would be walking back to the table nearly naked.

She stared at the hall to the elevators for a long time; Julia wouldn’t know. She could even slip a pair of panties into her purse and put them on later, once she was out of the hotel. It would be easy. It would make her feel less submissive, less naughty.

But there was a problem with that plan. Her legs wouldn’t carry her that way. Sighing, she turned right, heading back into the restaurant, with the cool restaurant air chilling her swollen and still-soaking labia, and those damned nipple guards tweaking, tugging, and massaging her nipples with every step.

She walked out of the back area and plastered a smile on her face. Julia was the first person at the table to notice her; her left eyebrow rose fractionally, accompanied by a small smile.

‘She knows,’ Lynne thought. ‘Somehow, she knows.’

Jenna looked up at her next. She smiled, but it was forced. She was worried about something.

Lynne’s heart sank. ‘She thinks I’m a pervert,’ she thought. ‘And I am.’

Jenna was worried about her mother, but not in the way Lynne feared. She noticed right away that Lynne had washed her face, taking all of her makeup off in the process. ‘Strange. What happened back there?’ was what she thought, but she didn’t say anything. But, she was very relieved to be off the hook with the rest of the wedding party for a few minutes – doubly so to be out of the spotlight of David’s attention.

To her continued relief, the rest of the dinner wound down pretty quickly. Julia and the kids took off first. “I’ve got to get these two cleaned up and into bed; you boys have fun tonight.” She kissed her husband on the cheek. As she tucked her purse under one arm, she shot another significant glance at Lynne. “Have a wonderful night with your daughter, dear.” She added.

A few minutes after that, Eric put his arm around his brother. “Well, youngster, we best head out, too. We’ve got a busy night ahead of us.” He waggled his eyebrows. “But, don’t you worry, Lynne. I’ll have him at the chapel by noon come Hell or high water.” Then, he hustled his brother towards the front door without a backwards glance.

Lynne smiled and nodded, giving her cheek to David for a chaste goodbye kiss just before the two men walked off. When they were gone, she couldn’t bear to look her daughter in the eye. She ended up staring at her salad, barely-touched, and her wine glass that had been emptied a few too many times. Her cheeks felt hot; her palms were damp; her mouth was dry.

“Are you okay, Mom?” Jenna asked, startling her out of her reverie.

“Wha-what? Oh, yes. I’m fine. Why?” She couldn’t bring herself to raise her gaze to her daughter out of the shame she felt.

“You washed your makeup off.”

‘Because I looked like a raccoon after I ate out my future sister-in-law,’ was what she thought. What she said was, “I wasn’t liking the way it turned out. I tried a new base today, and it was a little patchy.”

“Oh. I hadn’t noticed.”

A long, uncomfortable silence passed between them.

For Lynne, she could hardly bring herself to believe that what had happened with Julia was real, and she feared that the way she’d felt about Jenna in the hotel room upstairs was too real.

For Jenna, she was getting really worried about her mother’s behavior. It was very much out of character, and she worried that she’d done something to offend. Worse, she didn’t want to tell her mother that David had spent the ten minutes while she was gone undressing her with his eyes. But, she could tell that something was bothering Lynne. She put her hand on top of her mother’s. “If you aren’t feeling up to going out tonight…”

Lynne looked at Jenna’s hand, covering her own. The touch was warm, soft, and gentle, but her fingers were trembling slightly. Her daughter’s tone of voice was both concerned and loving. She looked up to meet Jenna’s gaze and saw no judgment there. Her fear melted away. ‘I’m being an idiot. She’s my daughter; we’ll always be family.’

“I’m sorry, honey.” she said. “I don’t mean to worry you. Yes, of course we’re going out tonight.”

“Do you need anything from the room?” Jenna asked.

Lynne paused. She could go back up to the room, grab some panties before she embarrassed herself, and maybe talk Jenna into wearing bras again, or at least get rid of these torture devices that Julia had attached to her nipples. ‘I’m sure they’ll get better…’ she thought. Out loud, she said, “No. I have everything I need right here. Let’s go.”

An hour or so later, after walking through the cooling istanbul escort night air, Lynne doubted her sanity. The so-called ‘petals’ simply had to be some kind of sexual toy, designed to keep a woman horny all day long. Instead of getting easier to endure, the pinching, rubbing, teasing, and tugging had gotten worse from walking around the city. Her nipples felt engorged and incredibly sensitive, and her breasts felt impossibly full, aching to be pumped – or sucked – for at least an hour on each side. It was a feeling she hadn’t experienced since Jenna was a newborn, but there was no way in Hell she was going to ask her daughter to suckle again, even though the thought kept creeping into her suddenly wanton brain.

Jenna wasn’t making it any easier on her, either. She’d become especially touchy-feely tonight, always putting her arm around her mother’s waist, or holding her hand, or both. Her daughter’s nails weren’t especially long, but every time she moved her hand across her mother’s back or shoulders they trailed across her skin, leaving electricity in their wake. The last time she’d felt this kind of attraction to another woman, it had been Cassandra, way, way back in college, before Lynne had met Jenna’s father. Like Jenna, Cassie was soft, she smelled good, and she’d always been so frequent with the little incidental touches throughout the day in a way that men just…weren’t.

And then, Jenna leaned over and put her lips next to her mother’s ear. “Let’s try that one over there,” she said, pointing at yet another sports bar made over for spring break. There was a ‘Ladies Drink Free on Sundays’ sign in the window.

Lynne could barely hear her. The feel of her daughter’s breath on her ear lobes sent thrills down her spine; the pressure of her daughter’s hardened nipple pushing against the side of her breast was almost excruciatingly pleasurable. She closed her eyes, trying to hold back from taking from Jenna what the soaking heat between her thighs demanded. She wanted to grab her daughter’s head and pushed it between her legs, holding her in place by her hair as Julia had done to her in the bathroom until her daughter’s lips and her daughter’s tongue had brought her to climax over and over and…

“Mom? Are you okay?”

Jenna’s voice broke through the haze of need, snapping Lynne out of her impossible, immoral fantasy. “Yes, fine. I’m…just tipsy.” That might even be true – the two had been barhopping for a while now, and she was feeling lightheaded. She focused her gaze on the sports bar, packed with college kids her daughter’s age. Clearing her throat, she forced a smile. “Do you think there will be any male strippers in there?”

Jenna laughed. “Wrong time of the year for that. Who decides to get married in Florida over spring break anyway?”

“Ha ha. It looks fun, honey.”

Inside the bar, the music was loud, the crowd was boisterous, and half the people in here looked underage, to Lynne’s unpracticed eye. Most of the college boys were gathered by the three bars, filling up on liquid courage or challenging each other to drink. A lot of them were the frat-boy type: marked by expensive sunglasses, expensive shirts, and mostly-vacant expressions. Most of the college girls were out on the dance-floor, trying to out-sexy each other with their skimpy

outfits and their sexy dance moves. Most of them looked like straight girls play-acting at being lesbians to attract the boys’ attention, and even in Lynne’s advanced state of horniness, they weren’t selling it very well. Many would run their hands ‘over’ their ‘girlfriend,’ but they tended to hit the sides and the hips while missing the actual erogenous zones on a woman. Their pseudo kisses were open-mouthed, but without tongue, and their eyes kept sliding to the racks of boys around them, clearly waiting for one of them – any of them – to make a move.

‘Amateurs,’ Lynne thought. “I’ll get us some drinks. You find us someplace to sit,” she said to Jenna, and she angled for the bar. A lot of eyes were following her as she walked towards the nearest one, and she blushed despite herself. ‘Still got it, babe,’ she thought. And then, a moment after that, ‘Stop kidding yourself. These guys are so boozed up and horny they’d fuck each other if it was dark enough.’ That thought made her smile, and she slipped up to the bar.

Jenna watched her mother go, her own thoughts in turmoil. She hadn’t been able to shake the memory of her own mother checking out her cleavage at the restaurant. Her mom had been acting strangely – not at all like a woman about to be happily married tomorrow. In fact, if Jenna hadn’t known any better, she would have thought that her mom was on the prowl tonight…and not for cock.

Her eyes landed on her mom’s ass, barely concealed underneath her tight skirt, swinging from side to side with that wonderfully feminine sway that curves imparted. Jenna had always been jealous of women who had that classic kadıköy escort hourglass shape to them. Jenna didn’t have it, or, at least, not very much of it. She’d been an athlete all her life, and it had given her a tall, rangy body with much narrower hips and smaller breasts than her mother. ‘Boy hips and teenager titties…’ she thought, bitterly. That’s what Geri had said about her when she broke up with Jenna just before she graduated mid-term. ‘Stop thinking about her, Jen. Geri’s on the other side of the country right now.’

“Jenna? Oh my gawd, it is you!”

Jenna spun around, her stomach in her throat to see her ex-girlfriend, Geri, standing right behind her. ‘What are the odds?’ she thought, but she forced a smile. “Oh, wow, Geri! You look, uh, really good.”

That wasn’t a lie. Geri was rocking a black bikini top that was struggling to hold up her massive tits over a pair of denim cutoffs that really set off her narrow waist and her curvaceous hips. She’d dyed her hair blonde – platinum blonde, of all things – and she’d done her eyebrows to match. Her nose looked cuter than it had when she’d left Penn State last winter, narrower and with a little bob at the end, and she’d lost a few pounds somewhere along the way. She looked better than good, in fact. She was stunning in a way that made Jenna think of her mother. There was a reason for that, she realized. Confronting Geri in the flesh, her ex-girlfriend looked almost exactly like her mother. ‘My ex-girlfriend looks almost exactly like my mother. Freud would have a party with my messed-up brain,’ she thought.

She realized that Geri was staring at her, and that she’d missed something. “I’m sorry, what?”

“Spring Break?”

“No. Yes. Kind of. What are you doing here? I thought you moved away for your dream job in San Diego.”

Geri smiled, but her tone was condescending. “I work for a sunscreen company. Spring Break is our convention season. I’m here on business.” As she was talking, a tall, fiercely-Aryan woman walked up and put her arm around Geri’s waist, glaring at Jenna with sky-blue eyes rimmed with fire. The gesture conveyed a clear meaning to Jenna: ‘This one is mine; keep your damned hands to yourself.’

Geri put one hand over the other woman’s arm, running the tip of one finger along the tendons on the back of her hand. “Mostly business, that is. Jenna, meet Heidi.”

‘Heidi. How appropriate. An Aryan name for a Valkyrie-made-flesh.’ Jenna looked at her replacement with a more critical eye.

Like her, Heidi was both tall and athletic. However, where Jenna’s body managed a balance between lithe athleticism and womanly softness, Heidi was built with all of the aesthetics of an East German automobile factory: blocky, hard, and masculine. She had man-broad shoulders, heavy, overdeveloped muscles, and a hard edge to her chiseled face. The only thing about her that made her feminine at all was a pair of fake tits that looked like halved volleyballs perched atop her ribcage. She’d stuffed all of that into a bikini that used half the fabric it needed; the overall effect was intimidating, to say the least.

So, Geri had replaced her with Jenna 2.0, built bigger, stronger, faster, and with bigger tits. How…predictable. Jenna swallowed her disappointment and extended her hand to the other woman. “Nice to meet you. How long have the two of you been dating?”

Fraulein Heidi glared at Jenna’s hand like it was an invading Russian soldier, and Geri laughed. “Poor Jenna, trying to figure out how fast I replaced you. It was before we split, babe. Heidi recruited me to Tropic Thunder when she realized that I was worth better, and bigger, things.” This last bit, with special emphasis on the word ‘bigger’ was conveyed as Geri both reached up to run her fingers under Heidi’s bikini top to tweak the woman’s outrageously hard nipple while gazing dismissively at Jenna’s own, far smaller chest.

‘Oh, no, you didn’t,’ Jenna thought, fury rising up to choke out the shame she felt. Geri had always been like this; she could be the most caring, most loving lover in the world in bed, but in public, being liked and popular was far more important to her than being supportive of her intimate partner. Jenna spotted her mom coming back from the bar, with what looked like a pair of vodka cranberries in plastic cups, and her anger at the way Geri had treated her grabbed her better judgment, beat the crap out of it, and buried it in the backyard. She lifted her chin and used her full height to glare icily down her nose at Geri. “You aren’t the only person who’s moved on. I have a new girlfriend, too.” She turned on her heel and walked towards her mother, mouthing the words ‘PLAY ALONG’ the moment Geri and Heidi were behind her.

Lynne spotted her daughter in almost the same place she’d left her, talking to a pair of women, one young, short, and voluptuous, the other older, taller, and harder. Both of them wore bikinis that left very little to the imagination. For a moment, she felt a pang of jealousy, but she dismissed that thought quickly when Jenna turned towards her.

Her daughter looked upset, borderline angry. She was trying to hide it, but a mother knows how to tell, and right now, she could tell. A second later, Jenna mouthed the words, ‘PLAY ALONG.’

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