Mother Daughter Relations


Author’s Note: I originally posted this story under the name zeke81. Time has passed and I’ve had several suggestions about improving this story so I am submitting this revised version. I have tried not to change the original plot of the story; I have simply tried to improve the content, structure, and grammar in the story. I do not intend this to replace the original version. I hope to use it as a gauge of how my writing has improved since the original story was posted. Please feel free to read the version posted under zeke81 and let me know which version you think is better. I always welcome constructive suggestions on how I can improve my writing style.



I used to be a very lonely man. My work in photography had me traveling a lot and working random hours from day to day. It was a big deterrent to my having a relationship with a woman or even having the time to go out in search of a quick one-night stand.

I was doing “self service” with the help of internet porn. I noticed that there were number of adult web sites that got girls by telling them they were going to be modeling. I know most of them are probably bullshit where they told the girl to be walking down the street or whatever so they could find her. I figured what the hell though; if nothing else I might get some new clients.

Anyway I decided to start my search at the mall near where I live. It didn’t take very long to spot a gorgeous young blonde. I snapped a few pictures from a distance and then introduced myself and confirmed that she was over 18. I invited her back to my studio to do some test shots.

“I can’t go anywhere without my mom’s okay first.” Lisa said.

My heart and my cock sank, that was until the girl ran over to an auburn haired beauty. They exchanged a few words then came over to me.

“My daughter tells me you think she’s model material.” Grace said.

“Yes I really do, in fact, I represent some women your age as well and you might have what it takes too.” I said.

“Well? What do you think mom?” Lisa asked.

You could detect the pleading tone in her words.

Grace looked at me then at the pleading look on Lisa’s face.

“We can check it out, but if anything funny happens we’re out, okay?” Grace asked.

“Oh thanks mom!” Lisa said.

She excitedly hugged her mom.

“Okay then, let’s go to my studio.” I said.

They followed me to my house and into my studio, which was a legitimate studio that I’ve been working out of for years.

“Okay, what do we have to do?” Lisa asked excitedly.

“Well, these are test shots so we’ll just shoot you in the clothes you have on to start.” I said.

For awhile it was a completely normal shoot. I’d position Grace and Lisa, snap some pictures and then change their pose. I was thinking hard about the best way to get them out of their clothes, and I guess the distraction showed on my face.

“Is something wrong?” Grace asked.

“What? Oh, no, everything’s fine, I was just thinking about a catalog shoot I have coming up. I really think you two would be perfect for it, but I can’t be sure like this.” I said.

“Why not?” asked Lisa.

“Well, it’s a swimsuit/lingerie catalog, a friend of mine is the designer and she wants me to find models that her new stuff will look good on.” I said.

“So why can’t you tell if we’d be good for the shoot?” Grace asked.

“Well, you’re fully clothed, for all I know you are both covered in scars or hideous tattoos. I can’t recommend someone for a job without being sure that they are right for the shoot.” I said.

“Well how about if we strip down to our underwear, could you tell then?” Lisa asked.

“Yes, that would probably work.” I said.

I had to bite the inside of my cheek to suppress a smile. They were taking the bait.

“Oh Lisa, I don’t know about stripping down to our underwear in front of someone we just met.” Grace said.

“Don’t be silly mom, we can’t get into the catalog unless he’s sure we’d be good for it and if we do get it a lot more people than just him will see it. Please.” Lisa begged.

Grace looked at Lisa, then looked at me. I was trying to look as professional as possible despite my excitement.

“Well I suppose it wouldn’t hurt anything, let’s do it.” Grace said.

Both women quickly unbuttoned their blouses and shucked them off; their pants were harder to remove because they were very tight. Their bras and panties were some of the largest industrial strength garments that I’ve ever seen, much too large and granny-like for such attractive girls. The excessively large area covered by the garments gave me the chance to try to get more off of them.

“Well, your legs, tummies, and backs look good, but your underwear is quite large and many of the items you’d be modeling are very small.” I said.

“How small?” a concerned Grace asked.

I grabbed a catalog off of a table.

“Well, here’s the catalog we shot for the last collection. As you can see the bras and bikini tops can get bizimkent escort down to a small patch covering the nipples, and the panties get much lower on the waist, much higher on the hip, and most are of the thong or g-string variety.” I said.

“So you need to make sure that our butts aren’t all dimpled and our breasts aren’t all covered in hideous moles or something like that then?” Grace asked.

“If you really want the job, I have to be sure we can shoot you in the garments we’re trying to sell.” I said.

“All we have left to take off is our underwear, and we’ve gone this far, we might as well just do it.” Lisa said.

The two women unclasped their bras, but before she pulled hers off Grace looked up at me.

“Could you shut off the video cameras?” Grace asked.

“We discussed this before we got started; the video cameras are here for your protection. After the shoot the tapes are yours to keep, and if you feel I’ve been unprofessional at any time you’ll have proof.” I said.

“Okay, I just don’t want them to end up on the Internet.” Grace said.

She removed her bra, and Lisa followed suit, then they both stepped out of their panties. Now fully exposed I had them pose front, sides and back so I could document their entire bodies.

“You both have large breasts, but what size are they officially so I can get the right size tops for the shoot?” I asked.

“We’re both a DD” Lisa said.

“Very good, I see that large nipples apparently run in the family.” I said.

“My three sisters all have big nipples, and Lisa’s four sisters all have them too from what I’ve seen.” Grace said.

“Do you see your sisters and daughters naked a lot?” I asked surprised.

“On no, it’s just that we all wear white T-shirts with no bras when we’re lounging around at home because big breasts can get pretty painful when constrained in a bra all the time. Some of the shirts are fairly thin.” Grace said.

“Okay, now I understand, for a second there I thought I’d stumbled across some weirdoes.” I said.

“Well, how do we stack up? Lisa asked.

“Well, I see one big problem on both of you but it can easily be corrected.” I said.

“What’s the problem?” asked Lisa.

“Look down; you’re both very hairy downstairs. Your blonde pubic hair doesn’t show up very well, but your mom’s dark hair does, and there’s no way you can tuck that much hair into most of those panties and bikini bottoms. Also many are sheer or semi-sheer and that much pubic hair would certainly show through and that isn’t desirable for a shoot like this. It’s not a problem though; all you’d have to do is shave your pubic hair off for the catalog shoot.” I said.

The two looked at each other and down at their own pubic hair.

“I’d be too nervous to shave myself down there.” Lisa said.

“Me too. I get nervous shaving my legs.” Grace said.

“Well this is just a suggestion, but if neither of you is comfortable shaving yourself down there, then Grace you could shave for Lisa, and then Lisa you could shave for your mom.” I said.

They both looked at me for a moment. Then they looked at each other.

“What do you think mom?” Lisa asked.

“Well…it would probably be easier to have someone do it than it would be to do it ourselves. Who better to trust with such a task than my own daughter? Have you got a razor?” Grace asked.

“You want to do it now? Wouldn’t you be more comfortable doing it at home?” I asked.

I really wanted them to do it right then and there, but again I had to try to appear professional.

“There are so many people running in and out of the house that we wouldn’t be able to do it without getting caught, and that would be a little hard to explain. It would be easier for us if we just did it here.” Grace said.

“Okay, if you want to do it here you’re more than welcome to. I’ll be right back.” I said.

I ran down the hall and retrieved my shaving supplies and filled a large bowl with warm water and returned to the studio. They were both very nervous.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“I’m fine. I’m just a little nervous.” Grace said.

“I’m a little nervous too, and I have no idea what to do.” Lisa said.

“Oh, okay, I’ll help you get started then. Lisa, you come over here, lie back on the coffee table, and spread your legs so that your mom can kneel between your them for the best angle to shave you from.” I said.

Lisa did as I instructed and Grace moved over between her daughter’s legs. I handed Grace the shaving cream and she squirted some onto her hand.

Lisa giggled and shivered as Grace put the cold shaving cream on her crotch and lathered it up. Grace began to delicately shave around her daughter’s pussy.

They had been following my directions so nicely that I decided to take a risk and see if I could take things to the next level.

“Lisa, you’re barely 18, out of curiosity has anyone ever been so close to your pussy before?” I asked.

“No, nobody’s ever been this close. A few boys have played bostancı escort with my breasts, but nobody has ever touched my pussy.” Lisa said.

“So Grace, when you left your house this morning did you even consider the possibility that right now you’d be buck naked, kneeling between your own daughter’s spread legs shaving her pubic hair?” I asked.

“I wouldn’t have ever thought anything like this would happen, in fact I can’t believe I’m doing this. Okay, you’re all done.” Grace said.

She took the towel and wiped the extra shaving cream away from Lisa’s crotch.

“Are you sure you’re done? There are a lot of tricky little places that are hard to get smooth. Did you get all the stubble around the lips?” I asked.

“Yep, I got them all. Her pussy is now kissably smooth.” Grace said.

To my surprise, her own surprise, and definitely Lisa’s surprise Grace leaned in and kissed her daughter’s pussy right on the lips and I snapped a picture of her tongue raking up between the lips as she pulled back. Lisa’s entire body quivered at the sensation.

Realizing what she’d done Grace pulled back with a shocked look on her face as she blushed bright red and covered her face with her hands.

“I can’t believe I just did that. I’m so sorry.” Grace said.

“It’s okay mom, it was pretty exciting. It’s your turn now.” Lisa said.

The two women traded places and Lisa began delicately shaving her own mother’s pussy.

“How does it feel to get your pussy shaved by your own daughter?” I asked.

“Surprisingly good. I like the sensation of the razor running over such a sensitive area, and this whole situation has my head spinning.” Grace said.

“Lisa if nobody has ever touched your pussy have you ever seen a pussy up close?” I asked.

“The only pussy I’ve ever seen is my own.” Lisa said.

“So you’ve never had a close up look at a pussy?” I asked.

“Nope, I can’t really get a good look at mine.” Lisa said.

“Well then, if your mom is willing you should take the opportunity to get a really good look at hers.” I said.

“Can I mom?” Lisa asked hopefully.

“Go ahead honey. You’re already between my legs…you might as well have a look.” Grace said.

As soon as she finished shaving her mom’s pussy, Lisa placed her hands on her mom’s inner thighs and began looking at the meaty pussy in front of her.

“Go ahead and kiss it like your mom kissed you.” I said.

Lisa leaned in and pressed her lips to her mom’s pussy.

“Oh wow…that felt good. Now gently spread it open a little bit and look inside.” Grace said.

Lisa carefully used her thumbs to spread open the folds of her mother’s pussy.

“I don’t see a C-section scar so I’d bet that the last time you were this close to your mom’s bare pussy was when you were born. Now that you can see what a pussy looks like up close what do you think?” I asked.

“It’s beautiful.” Lisa said.

She moved one of her hands between her legs.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“I don’t know. I feel all funny in my pussy right now.” Lisa said.

“Grace, didn’t you ever teach this girl about sex and what it feels like to be aroused?” I asked.

“I haven’t gotten around to talking to her about it yet.” Grace said.

“So you have an 18 year old daughter that knows nothing about sex. If the feeling she’s having in her pussy right now seems funny to her then she probably doesn’t even know how to masturbate. She’s going to learn about sex sooner or later. Do you want her running off with some boy who could do who knows what to her or would you rather she know how to masturbate so she can take care of herself and be safe?” I asked sternly.

“Of course I want her to be safe.” Grace said.

“Then why in God’s name didn’t you at least talk to her about masturbation?” I asked.

“I figured she’d pick it up on her own.” Grace said.

“Well obviously she hasn’t.” I said.

“What’s masturbating mom?” Lisa questioned.

“It’s a way to make your pussy feel really good honey.” Grace said.

“Like it feels right now?” Lisa asked.

“Yes like now, but better, a whole lot better.” Grace said.

“I like how this feels, if there’s a way to feel even better I want to try it. Will you teach me?” Lisa asked.

“Sure sweetie. Get in the chair over there, watch me, and do what I do.” Grace said.

Lisa sat and watched intently as her mom rubbed her own pussy. She started rubbing her own pussy.

“Is this right? It doesn’t feel very good.” Lisa said.

“Oh honey, here, I’ll show you.” Grace said.

Grace moved between Lisa’s legs and began rubbing Lisa’s pussy.

“Oh my, that does feel good.” Lisa groaned.

“Yeah, and you can stick your fingers inside while you rub it and it gets even better.” Grace said.

She slid her middle finger into Lisa’s pussy and Lisa moaned and her eyes rolled back in her head.

“Oh my god that feels incredible.” Lisa said.

“You should try it on your mom and she can tell you if you’re büyükçekmece escort doing it right.” I said.

Lisa began rubbing and fingering her mom’s pussy. They sat there rubbing and fingering each other’s pussies and moaning for several minutes.

“This is great, but I wish we had some vibrators or dildos or something so I could teach her that we have more options than just our hands.” Grace said.

“I have some; my old girlfriend left them when she moved out. I could get them for you if you want.” I said.

“Yes, hurry and get them.” Grace said.

I retrieved a box of toys and handed Grace two dildos.

“Okay now honey, these are great for getting yourself off with, you just slide it in and out of your pussy like this.” Grace said.

She began sliding the dildo in and out of Lisa’s pussy.

“Oh wow, that feels incredible.” Lisa moaned.

“Now you try on me.” Grace said.

The two girls began vigorously fucking each other with the smooth metal dildos. Watching them was getting me so hot that I just couldn’t help myself.

“Now pull out the dildos and suck each other’s juices off of them.” I said.

They did it without any hesitation.

“Oh mom, your pussy juice is so tasty.” Lisa said.

“Yours is too sweetie.” Grace said lovingly.

“Since you both like the taste of each other’s pussies why don’t you lick each other’s pussies for a while?” I suggested hopefully.

“That’s a great idea. Lisa lay face down on top of me with your pussy on my face and your face in my pussy. That way you can lick my pussy while I lick yours.” Grace said.

They moved so that Lisa was lying on top of Grace. What an unbelievable site it was to see a mother and daughter engaged in a 69.

“Spread her pussy open and stick your tongue as deep as it will go, then lick her asshole.” I suggested to Lisa.

“Her asshole?” Lisa asked tentatively.

“Yes baby, mommy loves a good ass licking, I’m gonna lick yours too, see.” Grace said.

Grace licked Lisa’s ass. Lisa quivered and then returned the favor to her mother.

They 69’d until they’d both had orgasms then Lisa rolled off of her mom, crawled up beside her and they embraced. Grace kissed her daughter on the mouth and they both enjoyed tasting their own juices on the other’s tongue.

“Wow; that was incredible mom.” Lisa said.

“Yeah, that was my first time with another woman and I’m glad it was you.” Grace said lovingly clutching Lisa’s head to her breast. The box of sex toys was beside Lisa and she looked that direction for a moment; then reached into the box.

“Hey, what’s this thing?” Lisa asked.

“That is a strap-on dildo.” I said.

“What do you do with it?” Lisa asked.

“You strap it on then you can use it on your mom like a man.” I said.

“That sounds fun, can we try it mom?” Lisa begged.

“You want to fuck me like a man?” Grace asked.

“Yes, can I? Please?” Lisa said clasping her hands together.

“Only if I can do it to you too.” Grace said.

“Deal!” Lisa exclaimed.

Lisa grabbed the strap-on and looked at it.

“How the heck do you put this thing on?” Lisa asked.

“Here, let me help you with that.” I said.

I took the strap-on from her knelt in front of her giving me a nose full of her aromatic pussy for the first time as I strapped the harness tightly to her crotch. In the process the dildo slipped out of the ring so I picked it up and fitted it back into place.

“There you go. Play with each other’s breasts while you fuck her, it heightens the sensation.” I said.

Grace lay back on the table and Lisa knelt between her legs and using one hand to guide the end of the rubber cock she inserted it into her mom’s pussy eliciting a long slow moan from Grace.

Lisa slowly began thrusting her pelvis back and forth faster and faster as she rammed her mom’s pussy with the dildo.

Grace was happy as can be with 10 inches of rubber dick in her pussy and Lisa’s massive tits in her face. She played with and sucked Lisa’s tits as Lisa fucked her. Lisa was giggling almost non-stop as she enjoyed using the strap-on to fuck her mom. In no time Grace came to a screaming orgasm.

“That was incredible, but now it’s my turn to fuck you.” Grace said.

“Yippee, my mommy’s gonna fuck me. My mommy’s gonna fuck me.” Lisa chanted with girlish glee.

Grace and I both laughed at her childlike enthusiasm.

I un-strapped the toy from Lisa’s crotch and secured it to Grace’s.

“Now you be a good little girl and suck on mommy’s tits while she fucks you.” I said.

Both girls laughed wildly and Lisa bit down onto Grace’s left nipple as the first thrust went deep inside her. Grace fucked Lisa for all she was worth and Lisa came hard.

Again after completing their climaxes they climbed into a tender embrace and kissed and caressed each other.

“Wow mom you sure fuck good.” Lisa said.

“I wish there were a way we could fuck each other at the same time.” Grace said.

“There is a way that you can do just that. Try this baby out. You each take one end of it and then fuck each other.” I said.

I pulled a double dildo out of the box and handed it to Grace.

They decided that kneeling ass to ass was the best way for them to work the toy and soon they were rocking back and forth fucking each other silly.

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