Mother-in-Law Discipline Pt. 03


When David returned home from his mother-in-law’s it wasn’t like the last time. Mary was waiting for him, but even if she had wanted sex he wasn’t up to it. She put him to bed and applied cold packs to his battered organs. She coaxed the whole story out of him, how he came to require this punishment, the instrument she used, etc. Still emotional and ‘broken’ from his ordeal David just let it all out, every detail, including her “appreciation ritual” and his inability to control his arousal at the scent of Momma Ann. All the time Mary felt her pussy get wetter from more than her period.

It was the perfect lead in she needed. “Dear, if only you had told me all the details of her warning last time! We need a solution for this problem, because it seems clear that you will have to perform this service for her sometime in the future. But I think I may have found it.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Well, my friend Jenny told me about something she saw on the Internet. It’s a hard plastic tube that fits over the penis. She called it a chastity device, and it keeps a guy from masturbating or even getting erect. I thought it was strange and a little cruel, but we could get one and put it on you before you go over there. That should keep you from getting hard and having her repeat today’s punishment.”

“Would it hurt if I tried to get hard in the cage?”

“I don’t know, but it couldn’t be as bad as this,” she said indicating his bruised penis.

“I guess that’s true,” David said half-heartedly. “OK let’s get it.”

That was the answer Mary had hoped for, in fact, the device was already on its way. While they were waiting for it to arrive Mary excitedly shared with David all of the information she got from Jenny about how it worked for her and her boyfriend. David had to admit that the talk of bigger and better orgasms after a period of denial did sound appealing, and there was no mistaking the excited arousal in Mary’s voice as she talked about it. His mind was still focused on the idea of chastity as some sort of super foreplay, and less on what Mary was actually saying. She was using words like “symbol”, “trust”, “control”, and “sacrifice”; and she was pairing them with adjectives like “complete” and “deep”. He had quit listening to the words themselves and was reacting to her excited emotions and her praiseworthy tone for what he was agreeing to do, so it all sounded good. Mary knew he wasn’t paying that close attention, but it didn’t matter, she was being honest with him in general, if not in the specifics, he’d remember that later, even if she had to remind him.

The first week after the device arrived was spent wearing it for short periods, adjusting the spacer/locking pin and cuff ring sizes. David had to get used to doing a few things differently, sitting down to pee was one. But most important, no bending over from the waist; that risked really squeezing his balls painfully.

When the sizing seemed right, his time in the device was lengthened. First just at work, then soon all night and at work, with a break for teasing (but no cumming) in the evening. Evening breaks got shorter, she was tired, or there were activities with the kids that lasted too long into the evening. Sometimes unlocking was missed altogether, but generally he was out for checking, device cleaning and teasing every two or three days.

He had to admit the device had him thinking about sex more often, which he wouldn’t have thought possible before. Perhaps more importantly, and more to Mary’s purpose, his sex thinking seemed to always involve his wife. If he noticed a pretty girl and casually wondered what she would look like naked, it immediately got him thinking about Mary’s naked beauty and wondering if he would at least get some teasing that evening. Every sexual stimulus reminded him of his sexual need and that always led right back to the woman with the power to fulfill those needs. He also had to admit that when Mary allowed him an orgasm, it certainly seemed more powerful than most of the ones he had before. Just the same, it was damn tough at times, and it was about to get tougher.

He was so overwhelmed with the thoughts, feelings and hopes surrounding his chastity that he hadn’t thought about the fact that the device was originally intended merely to keep him from getting an erection when showing appreciation to his mother-in-law for her discipline. Again, this was precisely to Mary’s purpose.

It was Saturday night, “date night”, and David was pretty sure that Mary was going to unlock him and let him have an orgasm. But she’d delayed taking the CB off, and while orally pleasing her for the third time, his cock was bulging out the vent holes in the cage. When Mary recovered from her peak, she reached down and grasped his cock cage and balls; looking him straight in the eyes she said, “I’ll unlock you now and let you penetrate me on one condition.”

“Anything!” he answered with urgency.

“You cannot cum.” She pronounced it simply and slowly.


“Shhh, trust me,” she said uşak escort softly laying her finger over his lips. “I know you’re very horny and you want to cum very badly. But it would please me a lot if you waited till next weekend. Will you do that for me?” She used her most seductive look, then added, “You know I always make it worth the wait.”

David couldn’t deny that. But it was just that he was so looking forward to this orgasm, he had already imagined a huge ejaculation spurting inside Mary’s tight, warm pussy. Now he would miss that. She wanted him to enter her without experiencing the “grand finale”. He wasn’t entirely sure he could hold out if he entered her. What if he agreed but had an “accident” and spilled it all inside her?

As if she could read his mind, Mary said, “If you do agree to fuck me without cumming, but you cum anyway, you’ll have to clean me up completely. What’s more, and I hate to have to say this, David, but you will understand later; I’d also have to tell mother. I think we both know she’d consider that as disobedience or at least disrespect to me.”

All of this would have spoiled the mood for David a month ago, but his lust was at such a high level that only the “little head” was getting any blood and all it knew was that it needed to feel pussy. He nodded his assent and was soon unlocked and buried in Mary’s wet love tunnel. His visible struggles to keep from ejaculating were making Mary hot, and she quickly crested with only a few strokes from David. Her orgasmic spasms and his pent up need almost put him past the point of no return, but he pulled out in time.

“That was great, David! And thank you for keeping your word!” She kissed him full on the mouth. Then she took a damp cloth from a tray on the bedside table and began to clean him up in preparation for reinstalling the CB.

“Why?” was all David could muster as his brain finally recalled that Mary had said he would understand later, so there must be more explanation to give him.

“Mother has made a request. You are perfectly free to decline, without any threat of retribution. BUT, I think it would be wonderful if you agreed because it would please her a lot and I know that would make it a lot nicer between her and us. It’s actually quite a compliment, if you think about it.”

David’s blank stare made Mary realize that she hadn’t actually explained anything yet.

“Oh, silly me, yes, well. Mother has a group of friends that meet occasionally. They are all older women, single and alone. I don’t know what they usually do when they get together, but Mother would like to entertain them with your oral services. Apparently she has been very satisfied with your pussy eating and thought she could make quite a hit with her friends if she offered them the use of your tongue. So you see, you have made quite an impression. Now, I’m OK with it, I know you aren’t going to leave me for one of these women,” she smiled at her own joke. “But I told Mother that it would be your decision, I wouldn’t oppose it, but I wouldn’t force you to agree either. Now that’s true, I won’t insist, but it really would mean a lot to me if you agreed. Things are going so well with Mother now, better than they have ever been.” Then as if as an after thought she added, “That’s why I didn’t want you to cum. If you agree to go to Mother’s next Saturday I want you to be plenty horny so you will do your best. After all these women aren’t models.” She omitted saying that if he was still horny he’d be more likely to agree in the first place. “And that’s also why I would have had to tell Mother if you came without permission a little bit ago. I promised her that if you did agree, I’d be sure you arrived very horny and anxious to please. Does it all make sense now?”

It all made a sort of sense to David, though he still had the feeling that he was missing some key piece of information.

“Sure, honey.”

Now it was David’s turn to interpret her blank stare as a request for additional information.

“Yes, I understand and sure, I’ll do it. Actually it’s kinda sweet thinking about these old ladies wanting to get off having someone eat them.” Perhaps it was his horniness, but David was actually warming to the idea. Eating his mother-in-law had excited him enough to land him in a chastity device so he wouldn’t get a hard on when he next did it. Maybe it would be like that with the other ladies too.

“Thank you, honey! And when you get back from her place next Saturday I promise you the biggest and best cum you’ve had in a very, very long time!”

The run up to next Saturday was a roller coaster ride for David. Sampling a wide array of pussies, even if unable to be fully aroused at the time, sounded like a dream come true on one level, and a lot of guys would agree. Then there was the chance that, despite his love of all pussies, he simply wouldn’t be excited enough with the old women to do a satisfactory job. He felt certain Mistress Ann would punish him for that; after all, he shouldn’t have agreed to entertain them if he van escort couldn’t do the job properly. He also realized that he didn’t even know how many women would be there. It could come down to a simple matter of physical endurance. Despite all of these reservations, he realized that trying to back out now would certainly result in punishment. He was doomed to go through with the event, no matter how it turned out; which increasingly seemed like it would end in the basement.

When Miss Ann opened the door he could see about two dozen elderly ladies in the room, all looking his way. His Mother-in-Law quickly ushered him off to her room, with an over the shoulder remark to her guests, “Be patient, ladies, I’m just going to get him ready for us. Go ahead and make yourselves comfortable.”

In her bedroom Miss Ann had him strip completely while she sat on the bed. “I see Mary has found a solution to your erection problem, good. While some of my guests would like to see you hard, others share my feelings. We are a group of dominant women who no longer have our regular partners or husbands, but still enjoy certain sexual activities from time to time, as long as we are in complete control. You know you will be providing oral service. Many are squirters like me, some just lose a little bladder control; you are to consume it all, is that clear?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“I won’t use this crop on you today. This is just for show, today.” Something about the qualifier ‘today’ bothered David, but it was way too late to worry about that now. Ann continued, “The ladies like that image.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” was all he could think of to say, and apparently it was all she wanted.

“Now let’s get you started with me. I know you enjoy it, as do I, and isn’t it nice that it doesn’t have to come after terrible punishment?”

Once again, “yes, Ma’am” seemed to be the only appropriate response, but this time there was a note of enthusiasm in his voice. It was good not to have to suffer before getting this opportunity.

Mistress Ann’s sparsely haired pussy invited his tongue into its folds with its intoxicating scent. He marveled once again how such an overtly sexual woman could have given up all penetration. Even though David appreciated that there was more to sex than intercourse, he still saw them as almost the same thing. She crested very quickly and didn’t squirt much at the end, but she seemed well pleased just the same. David imagined that she was getting off at least as much on the idea of being the hostess with the best entertainment for their group; which only increased the pressure on him to do his best, with each and every one of the ladies.

David was led back into the large living room, nude with the exception of his chastity cage. Miss Ann introduced him, even identifying him as her son-in-law.

“Ann,” one of the ladies called out. “I know we aren’t using it today, but why do you have the best part locked away? Some might at least like to touch it.”

“Now, Doris, you know how I feel about erect penises. When you provide our entertainment, feel free to leave the man completely uncovered. But in all honesty, this was not my idea. Our young man chose to wear this device to avoid giving offense with his erection.” “More likely to avoid a severe penis whipping,” a cheery voice in the back shouted out. “Wise choice, fella,” another voice piped in. Miss Ann just smiled and ignored the remarks. David’s penis tried to shrink up further inside his tube.

Miss Ann showed him where to get the trays of snacks and drinks, and encouraged him to be pleasant, even flirty with the ladies, but no false compliments. They were very interested in his chastity device and many giggled and asked all sorts of questions about it. He was also grilled about having been punished by Ann, and what for etc. It was humiliating, but also served as an ice-breaker, making him feel more comfortable with the women, and they with him. Enough so that most began to disrobe in the living room. It would be hard to find a more diverse group, while united in age and dominance.

There was a larger woman with a friendly and confident smile, her big legs spread wide showing her extensive pubes. Another looked like she just stepped away from baking cookies for grandkids, “who’s ready for something sweet?” her smile seemed to say. Yet another reminded him of a grade school teacher he once had, though he would never have imagined her bushy sex below her pillow belly.

A dark haired woman with a prominent mound looked like she could have come from the church choir when she stood over him while he stooped to pick up a fallen napkin. Another lady looked worried about her appearance, even as she bravely lay back and exposed her charms for him. A slim and very attractive woman had class and poise to spare and was quite at ease with the surroundings. He thought she must have attended many such gatherings.

A woman with a decidedly manly face calmly looked at him with the hint of a smile while she spread her nether lips. She was long past yalova escort fears about her looks and well versed in power over males. A fluffy redhead’s expression promised a fiery experience while large thick labia invited a penetration that would not be allowed. A slender platinum blond opted for light fetish wear, while her eyes promised to remove it.

A jovial Brit sat open legged, sporting ample breasts and bush. A very heavy set woman seemed to be taking some delight in imagining his oral service to her. He couldn’t help thinking she might enjoy smothering him as much as the pussy licking. Another lady’s face seemed to show either pity or perhaps just lack of respect for him; even so she raised a leg to show off the nest he’d be nuzzling.

There was no mistaking the disdain this woman felt for apparently all men. It was easy to imagine her whipping young boys for their natural sexual expression while threatening their castration. Others ranged from sensual and seductive to bright and perky.

After a time of serving and flirting with the ladies David was led back to the bedroom and told to stay there and he would be visited by those who wished to partake of his oral services.

His first “customer” was a retired school teacher. She was easily the oldest at the gathering. The skin on her thighs was loose, but she still had a fairly thick thatch of blondish gray hair on her mound. Despite her confident and dominant demeanor, he thought her face showed just a hint of concern, perhaps about her age or appearance. That touch of vulnerability moved him. He told her how much a pubic bush excited him. It was a genuine compliment. He would have said that even if so much hadn’t depended on his performance. It was just who he was.

He moved in gently, knowing that the aged skin was thin and could get abrasions easily by simple rubbing if too vigorous. She responded verbally and with hip movement. When his mouth began caressing the tender labia and knob of her clit she said softly, and very undominantly, “I’ll let you know when I’m about to cum, so you can switch back to fingers. I sometimes lose a little bladder control.” David just kept licking and nibbling, and when her warning came, he kept his mouth on her sex. He didn’t want to break the rhythm that seemed to be driving her over the top. He did get a mouthful or two of her golden nectar, but somehow it seemed worth it to ensure that this lady got her full orgasm experience. In any event, he felt sure that he had successfully scored with at least one of the women apart from his mother-in-law. David didn’t realize that he had just passed an important test.

His next visitor was younger and with thick, full inner and outer lips to her pussy. She liked to have them tugged on, and as things progressed and her excitement increased, that pulling would focus more and more on the inner lips. Near the end she liked having him use his mouth to pull the inner lips by suction. By changing his position a little he could also feel her stiff clit buried in the thick folds also being sucked into his mouth. When her climax came she bucked around, grinding her sex into his face. Afterwards those labia did seem flushed and full, maybe even a little swollen.

A larger woman with a big beautiful smile, and a girlish giggle popped into the bedroom. She lost no time in shedding her clothes and showing her ample curves. Her pubic mound was thick and extensive and was beginning to show some gray. Going on a hunch she might be a little ticklish David lightly touched her hair and glided over her bush and inner thighs. He was rewarded with a giggle and little squeal of delight. After a little play like that he began to gently part her bush to reveal the hidden treasures beneath. She came quickly and then very fast twice more as soon as his tongue began flicking her clit, and licking the length of her labia. When she had had all she could take, she gave him a big hug and kiss. Her ample body cushioned him and felt sweet. “Your wife is very lucky,” she said with her characteristic big smile.

A light skinned black woman was next. She lost no time in showing her thick gray bush, which was already parted away from her dark labia and glistening clit. “Show me what you got, white boy.”

Her fragrance was strong and David’s cock was trying to bulge out the vent holes in his cock cage because of the arousing aroma. Following her “no nonsense” lead, he went right to it, but still worked his tongue’s way toward her clit giving attention to the labia first. Although she said little, grunts and groans gave him the sense that he was on the right track with her. When her orgasm came she clamped enormously powerful thighs around his head and held him in place, almost making it impossible for him to breathe. Still, when she released him, the taste and smell of her made him want to go on, and do more; which was a good thing because she wanted his mouth positioned to help her “go to the bathroom” as she put it. He drank and drank from the powerful stream trying not to spill a drop. Finally it ended, and he licked her clean. “You did good, white boy,” she said with a deep throated laugh. “Yo wife’s got it made, don’t you worry.” David wasn’t sure about that last remark, but since it seemed positive he just said “thank you”.

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