Mother in Law Lust


This all started due to my car accident, I was driving home from work one windy and rainy Wednesday evening when a drink driver decided it would be a good idea to see if he could rearrange the panels of my car into a different order. My car (an old Volvo) had some minor damage but his new shiny Korean box ended looking like it had gone 10 rounds with a tank. Unfortunately my car was written off due to its age and the police prosecuted the drink driver who was also found to be uninsured.

I had to wait weeks for the money to come through from the uninsured driver scheme so in the meantime I had to get a lift into work. My in laws lived round the corner and my mother in law worked in the industrial estate as me but at a different company, as her shift started 30 minutes before mine but ended at the same time she gave me a lift, this also meant I was on time every day, which was not normally my strong point.

My name is Bob and I am 32 years old, 6ft tall, dark short hair, broad chest and arms due to my work as a warehouse man, apparently I looked a bit like a young Sean Connery, I could only see it the likeness if I squinted and looked into one of those fairground mirrors. My mother in law is called Sue and works at a wholesaler in the office, she is 57 years old, 5ft 7inches tall, slim with long dark hair, I had no idea of her true figure as she always wore long shapeless dresses that reached below her knee and did not cling to her figure at all. She had always been polite to me ever since I started dating her daughter Mandy 10 years earlier; we had got married 5 years after that. Mandy was how I pictured Sue was 25 years earlier with a cute face and a killer smile. Mandy was also a total prude, sex was in bed, turn the light off, under the duvet, missionary only and definitely no oral sex. She had also turned quite religious recently and started talking about sex being for reproduction only, not for fun.

One morning I walked the 3 minutes to Sue’s house and waited by the car; she came out looking into her handbag for her car keys with a disgruntled look on her face.

“Morning Sue, what’s up?” I asked.

She had on a new dress that went below the knee but a couple of the buttons at the front had come undone so I could see her thighs as she walked over, this was a revelation, she had firm thighs that looked unblemished, I got a woody thinking about them.

Oh and Sue could make a sailor blush. “Can’t find my fucking keys, I bet that useless twat of a husband of mine has got them,” she remarked.

She went back in the house and came out a couple of minutes later “Found them,” she said, “As expected Ray moved them.”

Ray and Sue had been married 35 years, Ray was an accountant and a very stiff upper lip type of man and had always been religious, Mandy and Ray had become more religious after Ray’s mum died, she and Ray had been spending more time together, Sue had told Ray that she wouldn’t got to church every week with him, but if he loved her then he would accept it or they would split up, he accepted it as I think he liked being married to Sue who did all his cooking etc and they both had a comfortable live with new cars every couple of years and a holiday to somewhere warm at least once a year.

We got into the car and as Sue put the car in gear her dress rode up and I could see her thighs again. She noticed me looking and didn’t smooth it down, I’m sure I saw a smile cross her lips. “You know Bob, since your car was rearranged we have spent more time together in past 2 months than we have in the previous 10 years, and I have enjoyed the company going into work,” she said as she patted my hand.

“I’ve enjoyed spending the time with a beautiful lady,” I replied holding on to her hand.

She blushed and giggled at the compliment and retrieved her hand, “I’m going to get Ray to come to you for tips on how to massage a lady’s ego.”

“If I was Ray, I wouldn’t let you out of bed,” I said.

“Bob are you hitting on me?” she asked in mock severity.

“Only because I know you would turn me down.” I replied smiling.

She looked thoughtful and smiled. We had arrived at the warehouse where I worked and I gave her a peck on the cheek as I left and went inside.

The day moved slowly and I thought about her thighs a lot, they looked so firm and silky, and then I got beeped at by a passing forklift for not getting out of his way.

Home time came and I walked out of the building and waited by the road, 2 minutes later Sue pulled up and I got in, I was disappointed to see that she had done all the dress buttons up so her legs were fully covered. We talked about how our days had gone and what we had planned for the evening, “Fuck all,” said Sue, “Ray is taking Mandy to bible group so I will be on my tod, watching shit telly.”

“I forgot about that,” I replied, “Fancy some company? You can watch telly around ours and Ray can pick and drop you off when he collects Mandy.”

She thought about it for a minute and said “It’s a date,” and smiled.

As she dropped halkalı otele gelen escort me off at home she asked “Shall I bring a bottle of wine?”

“What on a school night? Go on then,” I replied. “See you about 7:30.”

7:30 soon came round and Mandy heard her father’s car horn, she gave me a quick peck on the cheek and heard her say, “Hi mum, yes he’s waiting for you inside.”

Sue came bouncing into the lounge holding a bottle of Chardonnay. She was wearing the same dress as earlier. I had changed into t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms.

“Look at you all relaxed,” she said, with that she went into the kitchen and I heard her open the bottle and pour 2 glasses of wine.

She sat on the sofa and I sat on the arm chair, and we put on some shit telly and talked about anything and everything, due to their holidays she had been to many countries and was familiar with their cultures and customs, she was a very interesting and intelligent lady.

We soon finished the first bottle of wine, I had bought another one and we soon got through that as well, soon she slurring her words and had to go to the toilet but had forgotten to do up the bottom buttons on her dress, when she lay down on the sofa and pulled her legs up I could see her thighs again and a peak of white near her crotch, which I expected to be a pair of sensible cotton knickers.

I kept peeking as she was talking bollocks until she shouted “Are you listening?”

“No, I’m looking at your legs,” I replied.

She giggled and said “I’m your mother in law behave,” but she never did the buttons up.

I smiled and asked if she wanted another drink, we had a gin and tonic and by now she was really slurring her words. I sat next to her on the sofa and she rested her head on my shoulder “I need to go to sleep,” she said.

She looked so peaceful and her lips glistened with moisture of gin and tonic, I tilted my head so my lips were level with hers and gave her a peck on the lips.

“That’s nice,” she said, just then I heard a car door outside and sat back leaning her over so she wasn’t on my shoulder and she didn’t wake up, in walked Mandy and Ray.

“Mother, look at the state of you,” said Mandy.

Sue woke up and apologised, pulled her dress down and was helped to the car by Ray who apologised for her getting drunk. I said there was no need to worry and she was a happy drunk, Mandy had a go at me about letting Sue drink too much. We went to bed and had a cuddle but my thoughts kept turning to Sue as I went to sleep.

The next morning I walked to Sue’s and waited by the car, she appeared a bit bleary eyed and asked me to drive as she didn’t feel that great. She was wearing a dress that had a big long zip from top to bottom. I thought how I would like to pull the zip down and see what was underneath but kept my thoughts to myself; she was very quiet on the drive in and kept nodding off to sleep. I woke her up outside her work and she asked me to keep the car with me and pick her up this evening.

She had perked up a lot by the evening and was back to her normal chatty self, “I’m so sorry about last night,” she said.

“No worries, it took all my will power to not take advantage of you.” I said.

She smiled and kissed me on the cheek and said “If only.” And then cut her self off.

We arranged to meet when Mandy and Ray went to their 2nd bible group of the week on Thursday. This time I went to their house and walked there with Mandy so Ray didn’t have to pick her up. We sat down and watched TV this time drinking soft drinks. Sue asked if I wouldn’t mind rubbing her feet as they were sore having spent half the day standing at a photocopier, she had on another dress from her collection, the 2 sides were attached with poppers, and came down to mid calf.

I sat on the sofa and she lay down with her head the other end of the sofa and she put her feet on my lap, she undid the bottom 2 of the poppers so she could bring the dress up to her knees, I started to massage her the base of her foot, her toes and balls of her feet, then started on her calves, she murmured her approval as my hands needed her firm and smooth calves, she gasped when I did the other one and she moved her legs wider which caused another couple of poppers to open. I was now rubbing up to her knees and she closed her eyes. The way she was laying meant I could see right up her dress to her crotch and she had on a pair of black knickers. Was it my imagination or did she have tinge of wetness in her panties? She didn’t object when I unpopped a couple more poppers, moved closer so her knees were on my lap and started to rub a thigh, she sighed as her legs parted a little bit more, and I undid some more poppers until the dress was undone to her stomach. She started to moan as my hands knead her thighs until my fingers were near the leg band of her knickers.

I didn’t touch her knickers and started to move my hands back down, I thought I heard a sigh of disappointment and then she realised how many halkalı rus escort poppers were undone, she sat upright and smiled at me and just said “Naughty,” as she made herself respectable.

She got up and gave me peck on the cheek and stroked my face, “You really are the best son in law,” she said as she got up and went to get us another soft drink

“Anytime you want a massage let me know,” I said.

“Next Tuesday when they are at bible group,” she replied quickly.

Even though I got the money for my car, Sue said there is no point buying a car just to go to work in; I might as well get a lift with her.

For the next few weeks we spent every Tuesday and Thursday evenings with me massaging Sue’s legs and feet. One day she asked if I wouldn’t mind massaging her back, as it had stiffened up, I said sure but she would have to take her dress off to do it properly, she went upstairs and came down in a fluffy dressing gown, she asked me to turn around and I heard the dressing gown hit the floor and then I heard her lay on the floor, “Ready,” she called.

Sue was had on a pair of running shorts and a bra, she had a stunning figure, her hips weren’t wide and her bum didn’t look big at all. She was slim without being skinny and looked lovely, she had lay down with her arms by her side so couldn’t see her breasts. I had bought some massage oil and straddled her legs and started on her shoulders, soon she moaning “Just there,” or “A bit harder,” I then moved down her back and she reached behind her and unclipped the bra so I could do the middle of her back, this brought my chap to full attention. As I leaned over she must have felt it on her bum but didn’t say anything. I massaged her back and started to do her sides, she moved her hands to above her head and she pulled her bra out from underneath her, I was now stroking some of her breasts as I massaged her sides, I then moved down and started on her lower back, I rolled down the top of her running shorts so I could reach her cocksics, I rubbed her lower back and by now my cock was trying to burst free from my trousers as lowered her shorts slightly more, I could now see her bum crack and she asked me to pull her shorts right off. She had on a large pair knickers that covered both arse cheeks fully. I then massaged her thighs and calves before moving back up to her bum; I placed a couple of fingers inside her knickers and tickled her bum cheeks before playfully slapping her bum.

She giggled and looked at the clock, it was nearly 9:30, “Shit they could be back in a minute, turn around,” she said.

I turned around and she grabbed all her clothes and ran upstairs, she came back 5 minutes later in her dress looking very demure. “If you do that when I’ve had a few, I might not be responsible for my actions,” she said as she kissed me on the corner of the mouth.

15 minutes later Ray and Mandy arrived and I walked Mandy home, Mandy went straight to bed but my mind was racing and I did something I hadn’t done for years, I wanked into the toilet bowl thinking of Sue, my 8 inch cock seemed longer as it made quite a mess of the lino that I had to clean up before going to bed and not sleeping very well.

Nothing was said the next few days by either of us until Tuesday came round and Sue asked if I could give her another massage this evening. Of course I would be delighted and she said she would be round at 7, Mandy told me when I got home that the bible meeting would go on later tonight as it was some special day for something or other; I will admit that I wasn’t really listening.

Ray and Sue turned up at 7 and said they wouldn’t be home until midnight. Sue was wearing the dress with poppers again and we waited patiently for Ray and Mandy to leave, we waved them off and closed the front door. The tension was lifted when Sue asked me to get my massage oil and went into the front room, she had brought a bottle of wine with her had poured us a glass each. She sat on the sofa and we chatted as we cleared our glasses, she asked me for her massage, this time she undid her dress and stepped out of it without asking me to turn around and laid down on the floor, she had on a pair of high cut white panties and a lacy white bra.

I started on her legs and was soon rubbing her thighs which elicited a murmur of approval. I then moved onto her back and did her shoulders and lower back, she undid the bra and so I did the middle of her spine. And then started on her sides, by now my cock had now grown to its full length and was wedged in her arse cheeks as I massaged her sides and slipped a finger under breast brushed her nipple. This brought an “nnggg” noise and she lifted her body slightly on that side, I then slipped a whole hand under and cupped her breast. She then sank her body to the floor trapping my hand there. I kept playing with her nipple and her breathing got deeper and deeper,

I had to remove my hand as it started to go numb under the weight, so I did the same the other side until that hand went numb. As soon halkalı türbanlı escort as I got the feeling back I started on her thighs again, this time I put my hands under her knickers and massaged her bum cheeks.

She said “We can’t,” and sat up; she covered herself up with her bra and held it to her chest. “I’m really sorry, I shouldn’t have let it get this far,” she grabbed her dress and run upstairs. She came down 15 minutes later with all the poppers done up and sat down.

“What we are doing is wrong, I nearly let you do something we would both regret, I love you as a son in law but we can never be anything else. I can’t fuck you” She said.

I grabbed her hand and sat down next to her. “We can still hug though can’t we?” I asked.

She buried her head in my shoulder and laughed, “Of course you big stupid fucking dollop,” and hugged me close and kissed me on the cheek.

We sat for the rest of the evening like that until we heard the car pull up outside and then she went home with Ray.

Friday morning I waited outside her house as usual and she appeared wearing a coat as it had turned chilly now in October. She saw me and smiled and unlocked the car, she took the coat off in the car and was wearing a beige dress that stopped mid thigh, I expressed my approval with a wolf whistle and she just said “Behave or I’ll have to tell you off.”

For the next few weeks until the week before Christmas we sat at her house of a Tuesday watching TV and mine on a Thursday whilst Ray and Mandy were at their bible group. I would massage her feet and calves and that was as far as it went, If I strayed above the knee I was given slap on the hand, though these became less and less frequent until she let me rub her the outside of her thigh with no comeback, she always gave me a little kiss on the lips when were done.

We arranged to meet up on Christmas Eve as Ray and Mandy would be going to Christmas eve mass followed by midnight mass and wouldn’t be home until very late.

I arrived at her house at 8 with a bottle of wine and big smile, she let me in and gave me a big hug; she kissed me on the cheek and led me into the lounge. She was wearing a dark blue double breasted button up dress that actually fitted her, I held her hand and asked her for twirl which she did and was pleased when I said that I would if Ray wouldn’t.

We ate some peanuts she left out and drank one bottle of wine. We chatted as we watched some awful film on TV, at 10 o’clock she asked me for a dance, she turned the TV off and put on Frank Sinatra on the stereo. We danced around the living room respectfully at first and then we sort of moulded against each other, my hand found her bum and her hand tentatively ended up on my arse. I leaned forward and we had a kiss, it started as a quick peck on the lips but soon turned into a full on French kissing session. We stopped dancing and just kissed; we fell onto the sofa and resumed kissing.

I released the kiss and said “How far are we going to go?”

“Lets see what happens,” she said and grabbed my face and stuck her tongue as far down my throat as it will go, there was some heavy petting going on, I stroked her breast through her dress, she rubbed my thigh but stayed away from my crotch.

We lost track of time and heard a car door shut, we quickly separated and said at opposite ends of the sofa as though we had been talking.

Ray walked in and said “Happy Lords birthday,” he said.

“Merry Christmas!” Sue and I replied.

Mandy walked in and said “Happy Lord’s birthday,”

“Merry Christmas!” Sue and I replied.

Sue then said, “You’ll be here for dinner won’t you, how about 3 o’clock?”

Ray said “Mandy and I will at church 10 until 2.”

“I’ll come round when Mandy leaves and give you a hand with the preparation if you like Sue,” I said.

“Yes please,” she said.

We all said our goodbyes and went our own way, the next morning I got up and exchanged gifts with Mandy, I paid for her to go on a week long bible conference in February, and she bought me a DVD of The Passion of the Christ.

We arrived at her parents at just before 10, we exchanged Happy Christmases again and the Ray and Mandy were gone. Sue had put the turkey Ray had bought in the oven already, it was the size of a small West African country and they would be eating, turkey pie, turkey curry, turkey stew etc for weeks.

As soon as they had gone she led me by the hand into the lounge, she had one a blue and green knee length dress that flared out from the waist, it had a zip all the way up the back; she sat down next to me and said “Promise me, you’ll behave yourself when they are here.”

“Of course, I can’t promise I won’t when they are not though,” and leaned in and kissed her.

She responded in kind and soon we were all over each other. I stroked her back and unzipped her dress and half way down her back, she didn’t stop me, in fact it made her kissing harder, she didn’t stop me when I pulled the dress from her shoulders and kissed her bare skin, she didn’t stop me when I pulled the bra strap from her shoulder down her arm, and uncovered her breast, there was a little bit of sag but it was beautiful in my eyes, there was no objection when I sucked a nipple into my mouth, in fact she did the other side herself and guided my head to that one. She pulled my head back up and kissed me.

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