Mother-In-Law Part 2


Mother-In-Law Part 2It started out as a pretty normal night. The mother in law was visiting again we have been having out affair for about a year now. My buddy was having a party the following night that the wife and i was going to attend. the following day the wife got called out of town for work emergency. So I planed on attending the paty by my self since the wife was gone. I got home from work around 5 that day. The mother in law was cooking supper. i walked she said hello gave me a little kiss on the check. As we sat and ate supper i asked if she wanted to come with me to the party tonight. She said yea that sounds like fun to get out have some fun. it was just before 9 when we where ready to go. She came out of her room with a short short skirt, high heels, and a tight tight t-shirt that hugged her 38DDD’s and said porn star across it. she looked at me and said do i look ok and she turned around so i could take the whole thing in. I told her she looked amazing and told avcılar escort her that when we got home she was in for it she laughed and winked at me. With that we headed out the door. The time was just after 2am everyone has left the party it was just the mother in law and my buddy and me. My buddy knew about me and my mother in law i tell him everything. He has been looking at her all night with pure lust. I was sitting on the sofa she came and sat right next to i leaned over and told her to suck my cock. She looked at me and said what in front of Kevin I said yes he won’t care any way he is in the other room cleaning. She unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock and went to work. Kevin walked in a few minutes later stood there and said damn i wish she was sucking my cock like that. I have seen Kevin naked before he was huge pretty damn big. I am 8″ thick his cock must be at least 9 if not more. I looked up and said pull it out she will take care of you. mother in law looked beylikdüzü escort up and said i never done two before. I told her tonight was her lucky night. i told her Kevin has a big cock. he walked up to us unzipped his pants and told her to take it out. She reached in and said good lord when she saw it. she took as much of it in her mouth as she could she went back and forth working each cock. we took her to the bed room striped her naked layed her on the bed. I went to town eating her pussy and Kevin worked her mouth making her gag and eyes water as her fucked her face. I told him to lay down and i grabbed mother in law and sat her down right on top of his big rod she let out a gasp as it went all the way in. I got behind her and was in the process of sticking my cock in her ass when she said easy i have never done a DP before. We worked her over for a good 30 min working both her pussy and asshole together. When Kevin said I want her ass. I told her to get on her hands and esenyurt escort knees. he got behind her and rubbed his big mushroom head over her tight asshole. She moaned and said take it slow with that fucking thing. He started to work his cock into her tight ass. After a few minutes he was 9 plus inches deep into her asshole. he started to work it a little faster a little more rough she was really load by this time screaming fuck fuck fuck thats to fucking big. he just laughed and said you are not going to get to stop now. She scream who said i want you to stop i want you to fuck me faster and rougher. With that Kevin was slamming her asshole like i never seen a asshole take it before. i was reaching under her rubbing her clit. She came a few times. by this time I had my cock deep in her mouth. Thats when Kevin pulled out and shoot a huge fucking load all over her ass and it was dripping down her ass and pussy. I stood up got behind her and with his cum as lube i stuck my cock deep into her pussy and pumped her till I was ready then blew my load deep into her wet hot pussy. She lay there all sticky and messy and said thanks that was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to her.

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