Mother-In-Law Wakes Up


My obsession with my mother-in-law began when she was just my girlfriend’s mom. Susan is about 5’5″, 110 lbs., and is very thin but in great shape. Excellent muscle tone. She has shoulder length dirty blonde/reddish hair, dark green eyes, and a beautiful smile. A 47-year old woman with the body of a 25-year-old. She is a schoolteacher in a small town, and is well-known and respected by many. A very prim and proper woman Susan was, and her husband was also a highly respected town figure. My chances of nailing her were slim to none. What the hell would she want to ruin her life for over a fling with me?

My attraction to her began one night when I was over the house. She was in sweatpants and was ready for bed. I had watched a movie with my girlfriend and was on my way out the door. Susan was trying to reach for one of her cat’s toys which got lost under a table. She was on her knees bent over as I walked into the kitchen. Her ass looked absolutely stunning in those sweatpants as she reached under that table. I actually stopped walking and just stood there, admiring her ass for the first time. Damn.

I went home that night and thought more about Susan. I started picturing myself dry-humping her ass through those sweatpants. What curves she had. I wanted to drive my tongue right up there.

Time went by and before I knew it, it was summer. Lauren’s parents went on vacation and one day I was in charge of feeding the cats. I had a key to the house and one morning I dropped by. As I walked into the empty kitchen my mind went back to that night when I saw those sweatpants hugging that gorgeous round ass. So goddamn perfect.

I had the house to myself. My dick suddenly got very hard.

I fed the cats quickly and then walked upstairs to Susan’s bedroom. My breathing suddenly got heavy and my pulse raced. My dick was hard as a rock as I entered the room and looked around. My eyes went straight to the dresser drawer. I walked over and opened the top drawer. Silk panties, all colors and styles. I picked up one pair and brought it to my face, inhaling deeply. God what a scent. I pulled out my hard dick and placed the inside of her panties around the head of my cock and squeezed. I could already feel a slight emission of pre-cum. The thought of my cock resting where her panties touch her pussy drove me wild. The thought of her eventually wearing these panties after me jerking off into them drove me even wilder.

I opened the next drawer, still masturbating with those panties over me, and pulled out a bra. I checked her size: 34 a. Small but very nice. I dipped my cock into one of her bra cups. My cock touching where her nipples rest. I breathed into her panties again. That was all it took.

I shot a wad of cum so hard and thick that I almost fell over. I filled up most of her 34 a cup with my cum. I cleaned most of it out and left, dreaming of her wearing clothes with my cum on them.

Time went by. A few years passed of me fantasizing about fucking Susan. I had a few more sessions in her bedroom with the underwear drawer. I used one of her old t-shirts as a jizz rag. I stroked myself to a few home movies and watched her in her bathing suit on vacation. I jerked off to pictures of her from photo albums. I rubbed my cock on her lipstick stick. I even was able to get a pair of her panties out of the hamper, cumming very intensely into them. I did anything I could to get closer to her. But I knew it was just a fantasy that will never happen.

Lauren and I finally married. I had a mother in law that I wanted to fuck more than my wife. I found excuses at family gatherings to take as many pictures as I could, only to get them on my computer and jerk off to her sexy body and gorgeous face. Sometimes I felt guilty, other times I was too drunk with lust to give a fuck.

It all came crashing down last July. It was hot as hell out, and I knew the in-laws were out, so I decided to go for a dip in their pool. I had done this many times before. It was nothing new. No one was home. I thought about having a quick jack-off session with Susan’s underwear, but it was just too damn hot. Lucky I decided not to. Just as I jumped in the pool, a car pulled into the driveway.

I poked my head out and saw Susan by herself, coming up to the pool deck. “Hi. I had the feeling you’d be over here. It is awful out here, isn’t it?”

“Yes it is,” I thought, realizing for the first time that I had never been alone with her before. And here I am in just my bathing suit. I’m a skinny guy, and I didn’t expect any kind of reaction from her anyway.

“We were at the nephew’s baseball game, but I was getting sick from the heat. bizimkent escort I had to come home and lay down,” she said. “Stay in the pool, I’m going to lay down in the shade for a while.”

“Okay, Sue,” I said. “If you need anything, let me know.” Like my cock in your mouth, I thought.

“Thanks, but I think I’ll be napping.”

Ten minutes went by. I floated in the pool thinking about my options. My camera was home. I could have taken pictures of her as she slept. I was deep in thought when I heard the patio door open and close. I turned my head and saw Susan coming out of the house in a two piece bikini. Her small tits stood firmly out from her chest. I could see her tan, smooth, perfect skin glisten in the early afternoon sun. Her legs were long, full, golden brown objects of lust. I wanted to bite them. I wanted to suck her thighs.

“Taking a nap out here?” I asked.

“Yeah, there is a slight breeze coming in, and it’s nice in the shade up here.”

A few more minutes went by. I finally got out of the pool slowly and turned my head cautiously. She was lying on her stomach. Her ass looked so fucking good in the sunshine. Tan as hell, firm and tight, her bikini bottom barely hitting the crack of her ass, her cheeks poking out slightly. Her legs ran so long down the chair.

I crawled quietly a few feet. She did not stir. I moved inch by inch till I was right up close to her ass. My nose almost touched her tight, gorgeous skin. Her cheeks were perfect, and I wanted to grab them so badly. My cock was begging to be stroked as I put one hand a half an inch over her ass crack, not quite touching. My fingers dropped till I touched the fabric of the bikini.

A little more down.

One finger.

A little more.

So slowly.

My hand touched her ass cheek. I watched her and she did not move. I rested my hand a little more and squeezed her ass gently. I gripped it, my pinky finger rested on the crack of her ass, my thumb on her thigh. My other hand grabbed my cock and stroked hard and fast.

She stirred. My hand lifted from her ass so quickly I almost punched myself in the face. She flipped around and opened her eyes.

“What are you doing?” she asked me. Her eyes were half open, and she sat up on her elbows.

“Oh, you had a bug on your back. Looked like a wasp. It’s gone now.” My face was flushed and my heart hammered triple time.

“Ok,” she replied simply, and laid back down. Now she was on her back, and she fell asleep as soon as her head hit the reclined chair.

I went back in the house and sat down. I poured myself some iced tea and drank it too fast. My cock was getting hard again, and when I looked out the window of the kitchen to the deck, I could see her laying there. The tops of her small breasts could be seen, tan but not as tan as the top of her chest. I could see her hard stomach, great abs. Nice outtie belly button. Her hot fucking legs.

Twenty minutes passed. I went quietly outside to the deck again and stood over Susan as she slept. I knelt in front of her face. I put one finger on her lips. She did not stir. I applied a bit more pressure. She was sound asleep.

I moved in and tilted my head. I pressed my lips lightly to hers and kissed her for almost a full minute. I almost came in my shorts just from that. I looked at her tits and wanted to touch them. But I had a more enticing idea.

I pulled my cock out of my shorts. I wiped the pre-cum drip and angled my dick head toward her lips. I gently pressed the tip right against her precious mouth and felt the highest state of euphoria. I gently tapped it to her lips, ran it back and forth across her jaw, ran it up and down her neck. I was starting to get carried away.

I decided to rest my cock across her mouth and then pull away when I was ready to cum. I pressed it against her mouth again and stared at the rest of her body, feeling her mouth on me the whole time. Suddenly, I felt something different. I felt her mouth move. I felt moisture.

My head snapped back to her face. I could not believe it when I saw her tongue out, licking my cock. She took the head in and sucked hard, then spit it out. She then opened her eyes and looked at me.

“I was awake the whole time,” she smiled. “You want some more?”

I stood up, my dick still pulsing and sticking out of my shorts. She sat up and looked at me. Her arms reached around her back and she took her bikini top off. Her small breasts were finally out for me to see, after wanting them all these years, and they were just as nice as I imagined.

I sat on the chair with her, bostancı escort and she sat up. Without saying a word, I grabbed one breast and squeezed. She sighed as I rolled my thumb over her nipple. “Kiss mamma,” she whispered, and our mouths pressed hard against each other, my front teeth lightly banging against hers. My hand went right to those thighs, squeezing and rubbing as I sucked her tongue. She broke the kiss and went to my chest, biting my nipples, licking my stomach. Her hand found my dick, and as soon as she grabbed it, I felt the inevitable.

“Sue, honey,” I whispered, my voice hoarse and thick, “I’ve wanted you so long, I think I’m gonna cum already.”

She smiled. “Kiss me while you cum, ok?”

I nodded, my eyes glazed over looking at her. She stroked me hard and fast and I buried my tongue in her mouth. Five seconds later, I erupted a huge load. Her hand never stopped; she kept up the rhythm and speed. As I was cumming, I darted my tongue rapidly around the inside of her warm mouth. Her hand never stopped till the jizz finally settled. I was out of breath. I broke the kiss and looked at her.

“Now I want you even more,” I said to her.

“Let’s go inside.” She held up her hand and looked at the load I blew into it.

She looked back to me. “Next time I want it in my mouth.” She kissed me. “And then in my pussy.” She flicked her tongue on my face. “Let’s go inside.”

As we walked into the house, she held my hand. I could not believe this was happening. She was so conservative looking, so proper…and that was what really turned me on about her. I didn’t think she had this in her. I was about to pound the hottest ass I had ever seen.

We sat on the couch in the living room and started kissing. We removed the rest of our clothes and stretched out on the couch, kissing and feeling and rubbing each other. “Oh, Tom,” she whispered to me, “I have never done anything like this before.” She cupped my balls and squeezed gently.

“Sue, I’ve been fantasizing about this for a long time.” I massaged her left breast and looked at her. “Always wanted you.” I rubbed her tan arms, kissed her shoulder, neck, chin, face. I then went down and put a nipple in my mouth, sucking gently.

“But I am your mother in law…why me?” Her fingers went deep below my balls and found my ass. She pressed her fingers lightly and kissed me hard on my chest.

“You have the body of a 25 year old, such a great figure, so attractive, you’re beautiful.” I rubbed her smooth legs. “I obsess over your ass.”

She smiled. “My ass? Really? You like looking at my ass?”

“I’ve yet to see it only because we are laying here. I love your ass. It’s so round, firm, tight. You’re so thin, too, but your ass isn’t skinny, it has definition.” I felt like an idiot, although my cock was raging.

She rolled over on the couch and stuck her ass in the air. “Like it now?” she asked. My voice was stuck in my throat. It was so round, firm, and perfect. I took my cock and started to slap it against her ass cheeks. I left a trail of wetness down the crack of her ass. I wanted to fuck her right here and then, but I had to wait. I kissed her ass cheeks and bit them gently. I dug my nails into them and squeezed hard. She moaned softly.

She then stood up and turned around. There it was, right in front of my face. She bent down and touched her toes, and I could see her pussy mound. She then backed up and sat on my face. I rammed my tongue right up her asshole. She squealed a bit in surprise, then she laid on top of me and began to lick and suck my cock.

I grabbed and squeezed her cheeks as I dug my tongue into her pussy. She started riding my tongue as she sucked me off. I could feel myself getting ready to cum again.

“Sue, baby, I’m gonna cum,” I said, never once letting up on her cunt.

“Fuck me with your tongue while you cum baby. Gonna swallow every drop of you, Tom. Fuck me with that tongue. Yes baby, yes. Cum in momma’s mouth.”

That did it. The jizz swelled and spewed in her warm mouth. She took my whole cock in, my tip hitting the back of her throat. As I was cumming, her ass pounded my face as she rode my tongue. I found her clit and pressed my tongue on it as she emptied my cock dry.

We stayed in that 69 position for a long time. I ate her pussy and asshole out and was in heaven. I came three times in her mouth and she had several orgasms as well. We were both surprised when we sat up and looked at the clock.

“Oh, God,” she gasped. “My husband will be home in an hour. Shit.”

I sat back on the couch and stared at her. I just could büyükçekmece escort not take my eyes off of her. I had shot four very powerful cumshots in the past hour and a half. My balls were working overtime. My cock was already getting hard again. I hadn’t been this horny and ready to go since I was a teenager.

She looked at me. “Let’s shower together. I think we need one. We’re covered in each other’s cum.” She laughed. I was so turned on having never heard her talk this way before.

“Shower sounds good.”

She knelt in front of me and cupped my flaccid cock and balls in her hands. “Think you can get this up again?”

I looked at her and smiled. “With you? I guarantee it.”

“Good,” she said, and pressed her tongue hard against my pisshole. “I want you to fuck me in the shower.” She licked up and down my flaccid shaft. She then opened her mouth wide and put both of my testicles in her mouth. My cock rested on her face, and she rolled her tongue around my sac. She then pulled back and left a long strand of saliva connecting from my balls to her mouth.

I stood up. “Let’s go. We have less that an hour.”

We walked quickly upstairs. I watched her ass as I climbed up after her. I could see her little pussy mound glistening, nice and moist and ready. I couldn’t wait to fuck this woman. We got into the bathroom and she turned the shower on. Cool, refreshing water hit me as I got in first. It was a fancy shower, with a cube to sit down. She got in after me and sat on my lap, the water spraying us lightly, feeling wonderful. She faced away from me and grabbed my cock, sticking it in the air, the cold water not effecting it’s hardness. Her pussy lips found my hardness and enveloped the whole thing. God she was warm in there. And so fucking wet. I grabbed her tits as she rode me with her back turned to me. I squeezed her nipples hard and sunk my teeth into her back. She moaned and rode me harder. My cock felt great and had plenty of life left before the next wad would be blown. I wanted this to last as long as possible. She banged my cock harder and faster, her hips bucking. She rolled her head back and our tongues met briefly, then I started to fuck her harder and faster, and she had to turn her head away. As she met her orgasm, I held on, not wanting to cum yet. I felt her shiver as my dick grew even harder inside her cunt.

I pulled out and turned her around. I started to suck her tits hard and rough, biting the nipples and squeezing her small tits together, making cleavage that she normally did not have. “Oh, Tom, squeeze them hard,” she cried. “Bite ’em,” she almost growled as I got rougher. I grabbed her ass and dug my nails into them as I bit her nipples more. “Mmmm, Tom, fuck me again, please fuck me.”

I pushed her against the wall of the shower, the water hitting us both. I placed my cock between her legs and found her spot. She moaned loud as I pumped fast and furiously in and out of her hot, tan, amazingly tight little fucking body. “Jesus Christ Tom your cock feels so fucking good oh my god don’t stop.” As I fucked her I watched the water hit her tits. It was easy fucking her standing up, with us both being so thin. I palmed her ass with both hands and fucked her hard. My mouth went to her neck, sucking hard, leaving a mark. I was going to cum real soon. I slowed down and turned off the water.

I bent her over, her hands on the shower cube, and I started to fuck her doggy style. She moaned instantly and pressed back against me as I thrust in and out of her. Her ass looked perfect as I watched my cock fuck her. I reached around and put two fingers in her mouth. She sucked them longingly as I pounded her pussy. “You like getting fucked by your son in law?” I murmured to her. “You like being dirty like that?” She groaned an incoherent response with my fingers still in her mouth and my dick pumping her hard.

Finally I could no longer stand it. She was cumming again, and I knew I wanted to cum with her. I pulled her hair and pumped as I felt my cock ready to explode. “Cummin inside you cumming inside you,” I said over and over.

“Yes Tom cum in me honey cum in me yes.”

I stopped thrusting and stuck my cock as far inside her as I could go. I pulled her hair back hard as I felt the first twitch of cum shoot out of my cock and into her pussy. I felt her tremble against me as she also cried out in ecstasy. I emptied out my cum deep inside her, pulling her hair with each twitch of my orgasm. She licked my fingers as I came. We then dropped to the floor of the shower, exhausted.

We cleaned up and realized we had no time left. Anyone could be home at any minute. I was out of there in time that day, and was back the next day. We fuck at least once a month presently and it gets hotter every time. I love Susan and would do anything for her. My sex life with my wife is also hot, and I know a threesome would never happen, but then again, I never thought this would, either.

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