Mother in law working out at home

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Mother in law working out at homeMy mother in law was visiting us for some days.Anita was delighted by having her mother at home just for some days and I was also happy, or better I would say aroused, since Ofelia was a very hot mature lady. Now in her early sixties, she was a very fine piece of ass…On the second day, Ana called me to my office, saying she would go out for some groceries, but her mother would stay at home to get dinner ready.On early afternoon I finished all my paperwork and came back home.I got the car inside the garage and entered the house through the back yard door. I came to the living room, where I got a stunning view…My sexy mother in law was there, lying on her tummy onto the carpet and focused in reading a fitness magazine. She was wearing just tight spandex yoga pants and a sport bra. The TV was turned on and it was clear for me she had finished watching a workout video. I noticed some sweating drops on her tanned skin and it made her even sexier…Ofelia`s toned body was hot as hell…I got an instant hard on, as I stared at her firm round buttocks…I then slipped to the floor and straddled her thighs, very close to her nice butt. I leaned on her and whispered softly into her ear:“Do you want a back rub, Ofelia…?”My sensual mother in law did not even get surprised. I saw her smiling and said of course she would love to feel my hands on her back. I started at the backs of her firm thighs and Ofelia shivered as my hands went to work on her tired muscles. I rubbed her thighs with both hands, on each touch moving closer to that hot tight ass. Sweat was running down her shoulders and created a small puddle in the small of her back. That vision looked so sexy to me; that I felt my erection was growing even harder…I kept rubbing up her thighs, letting my thumbs run right into her crotch and hit her pussy lips. I was surprised that Mom never made a move to stop me so I kept at it. At one point I actually slid my hand right between her legs and intentionally rubbed her pussy with my fingers; but all she did was moan. My hard on now was aching inside of my trousers; all I wanted to do was rip those tight yoga pants and slam my dick into my mother in law sweet pussy.Her little puddle of sweat was too much to resist and I slid forward, leaning on Ofelia’s back bakırköy escort to lick this warm liquid with my tongue. I wedged my hard dick between her spandex covered ass cheeks. I savored the salty flavor and the aroma of this sensual mature lady.She seemed not to notice I had licked her back. I moved my hands and kept making the back rub. Each time that my hands went forward they hit her sports bra. She suddenly lifted her head and asked me if it would be better to unclasp her bra. I did not say anything, just opened the clips on her back.Ofelia stood with her head raised in the air and I could not help to cup her nice heavy boobs from behind. Her nipples got hard in two seconds.She moaned and closed he eyes; but she did not make any protest.I really wanted to see how far I could go before she stopped me. Ofelia pushed up on her elbows again, giving me better access to her boobs. She moaned out the words: “It feels so good, dear Victor…”I took advantage of the situation and ran my hands back to feel her nice erect nipples. My sexy mother in law was getting aroused by my touch.She moaned out again. Suddenly, her hips began a slow rock and undulation against my stiff manhood. I started to dry hump her ass as well. Looking back over her sweaty shoulder, Ofelia told me:“I am feeling your dick is hard enough, little bastard…” “And my damp cunt is running like a river right now…”I then grabbed the elastic of her spandex pants and pulled it down to her thighs. Her perfect round butt came into view and I thought I would come in my trousers right in that moment…I stood up to unzip my pants; but Ofelia also moved to her feet and she suggested we should go upstairs to her bedroom. She said Ana would still be at the mall doing some shopping after getting the groceries…I looked down and saw there was a large wet spot in the front of her yoga pants, where her pussy juices had soaked completely through. I followed her upstairs, watching her ass sway sexily as she climbed up.Once in her bedroom I moved close to her and took on her erect nipples in my mouth. Ofelia moaned as I licked it so hard.I pulled down her spandex pants down to her knees again.She was not wearing any panties, and her nicely trimmed bush came in sight. I stepped back to stare at that beşiktaş escort magnificent mature naked beauty.Ofelia smiled at me, reaching down her hand to touch her mound.She put her wet fingers at my nose, saying:“Look, Victor… you make me wet every time you are close to me…”As I stared at her beauty full mature body, I stripped off my clothes and stood naked in front of her, sporting my huge eight inches’ hard dick.Ofelia looked down and she licked her lips. She then got down to her knees and grabbed my dick with her delicate hand. She then opened her plump red lips and started sucking my cockhead. I closed my eyes and moaned as she sucked me. I pushed forward, until she almost gagged on my cock…I thought I would cum instantly but I managed to hold back. But, all of a sudden, I felt the explosion as my urgent cum shot from my cock and filled my sensual mother in law’s throat. Ofelia swallowed all and she smiled at me. I helped her to stand up and she slid her spandex pant to her ankles and she kicked them out to a corner.She looked at me with lust in her nice eyes and lay on her back onto the bed. She spread her sexy legs and called me to get closer.I shoved my face between her thighs and started eating her sweet pussy.Mom began to moan loud as I enjoyed savoring her wet cunt.Her taste and aroma were extremely intoxicating, as I had my lips wrapped around her clit and was sucking hard and flicking it with my tongue. I also slipped two fingers inside her nice soaking wet mature pussy. Ofelia began writhing and thrashing about on the bed while I ate her nicely drenched pussy. She rocked her hips up to meet my face as she held my head with both hands pushed against her crotch…Her pussy juices were flowing freely as I licked her pussy. I looked up and saw her lust filling her beauty eyes. She looked at me and mouthed quietly she was going to cum…I kept my eyes locked on hers and my lips sucking on her clit with my fingers stroking in and out at a high rate of speed. Her whole body stiffened up as her orgasm finally ran through her body. Ofelia finally pushed me away as her orgasm subsided. We lay on the bed side by side and moments later I just passed out from relaxing.One hour later I suddenly awoke, as I felt my hard cock was inside of my beylikdüzü escort mother in law’s cunt. Ofelia had sucked me hard and had straddled me as I was still passed out. She smiled at me as she started rocking her body back and forth.I moaned with pleasure and reached up to take hold of her round firm tits. But Ofelia leaned down over me putting her hard nipples right in my face. I sucked them hard, as my sensual mother in law moaned in pleasure.I began rocking my hips, slamming my cock up to meet her downwardthrusts. I slid my hands down and gripped her firm tight ass as we fucked.I could feel her cunt was still very tight and I loved it.As we were fucking, I could feel her sweat falling on my body. It was sexy.My fingers were in the crack of her ass as I held onto her cheeks. My index finger felt her tight little rosebud. I pushed it a little and it slid in.Mom looked at me and she smiled. “Oh, yes…naughty boy, keep fingering my asshole…” She hissed.Ofelia’s body tensed up as her orgasm started and that caused her pussy muscles to tighten up as well and my cock started squirting deep in her.As I felt her orgasm subside, I tried to pull out but Mom sat down hard and kept my hard cock deep inside her cunt.“Not yet, dear Victor… I want to feel a hard dick inside me…” She said.Seconds later she collapsed on top of me. When we rolled to the side, I heard her breathing and knew she had passed out in my arms again.I got up to go to the bathroom. I looked down at her toned naked body and could see my own cum dripping out of her wet well fucked pussy. As I came from the bathroom, I started stroking my dick to get it hard. My sexy mother in law still had a third hole to surrender…But then I hear the sweet Anita’s voice calling me from downstairs…“Honey, I`m home…!”I picked up my clothes from the floor and rushed up to the main bedroom.In just a few seconds I dressed up again and went down to the kitchen. My sweet wife was there, smiling as she got ready a cup of coffee for me.Ana asked about her mother; but I said I had arrived just ten minutes before and I had not seen yet. My wife then went upstairs to the guest room.Some minutes later she came back and looked at me seriously.She told me she was worried about Ofelia. She had found her mother just lying naked in the bed and snoring. The mature lady had her mound glistening with fresh juices and Ana was thinking her conservative mommy had been touching herself until she came in her fingers…“I think Mom needs a real man to fuck her…” She murmured softly.Ana looked at me and she suddenly smiled with an evil grin…

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